IAHF List: This is a Christmas message of hope. It begins with a quote by James Allen Francis, but concludes with a very personal message from me, to all of you. I hope it helps you all somehow. I wrote it as your friend, as someone who prays for all of you every night before I go to sleep. You are in more than 80 nations world wide, and our strength, aside from using sulfur and other herbs and supplements that were gifts to us from our Creator, is that we will never stop fighting evil as a group. May the Lord richly bless us all in the coming year!
Your Friend,
John Christopher Hammell
Sand Dollar Farm
Point Roberts Washington, America
One Solitary Life:
He was born in an obscure village,
The child of a peasant woman.
He grew up in still another village,
Where he worked in a carpenter shop
Until he was thirty.
Then for three years
He was an itinerant preacher.
He never wrote a book,
He never held office.
He never had a family, or owned a house.
He didn't go to college.
He never visited a big city.
He never travelled two hundred miles
From the place he was born.
He did none of the things
One usually associates with greatness.
He had no credentials but himself.
He was only thirty-three
When the tide of public opinion turned against him.
His friends ran away.
He was turned over to his enemies.
And went through a mockery of a trial.
He was nailed to a cross
Between two thieves.
While he was dying,
His executioners gambled for his clothing,
The only property he had on Earth.
When he was dead,
He was laid in a borrowed grave
Through the pity of a friend.
Twenty centuries have come and gone,
And today he is the central figure
Of the human race,
And the leader of mankind's progress.
All the armies that ever marched,
All the navies that ever sailed,
All the parliaments that ever sat,
All the kinds that ever reigned,
Put together have not affected
The life on Earth
As much as that
One solitary life.
-James Allen Francis

My Health Freedom friends:
In a world gone mad, is it really possible to beat the ruling elite at their own game? Can the Bilderberg Group and the Committee of 300 really be outwitted, or are we to all be beaten into the ground like tent pegs following their fast approaching economic crash and microchipped like cattle and literally forced into total and complete slavery?
Fear not! Re-read the message above by James Allen Francis, for the victory has ALREADY been won (!!!) It was won by our Lord on the cross. If you follow Him, He will guide your steps, as he has been guiding mine now for nearly 57 years.
11 years ago, after reading Strategic Relocation by Joel M. Skousen the book shown above, I pondered numerous geopolitical trends, considered numerous possible long range threats to my survival, attempted to brainstorm all sorts of possible nefarious scenarios from earthquakes to hurricanes to crime statistics to nuclear war to economic collapse, to all the many N.W.O efforts to satanically control us, and considered numerous possible places in North America to relocate to, and chose this gem of a small town located just a hop, skip and a jump away from Vancouver, the largest city in Western Canada. (See this National Geographic article "Almost Heaven, Almost Canada" for more info. Check out our Home Grown Food Coop!!
Check out our local alternative currency, altready in use and in place even BEFORE the Obamination crashes the dollar!
Would you like to join me here? I'd be happy to help any of you if you'd like to relocate. We've got salmon, dungeness crab, deer, blueberries, apples, pears, cherries, organic gardens, lots of backyard chickens, goats, cattle.... you can catch all the drinking water you need on your roof and filter it into free food grade plastic drums that are given away by a fish processing plant in Bellingham, and I can show you how to set this up...
You can live in a town where no one locks their doors because theres almost zero crime, you could even leave the ignition key in your ignition and no one would steal your car because no one is going to take a stolen car through the border...
Don't LIKE the border? Easily bypassed! You can just walk from Point Roberts into Canada anywhere along Roosevelt road, or down on the beach.... at low tide you can walk a mile offshore, and loop into Canada before the tide can come back up, and you can drive your car on that tidal flat to bypass checkpoint charley.... trust me, I scoped this place out good before moving here in case I ever needed to escape over the line. No one here is "trapped" by the Fedstapo, even though they run checkpoint charley (the US border crossing into the Point.)
This is the country on the edge of the biggest city in Western Canada, you can ride horses in the street here, and we have miles of hiking and mountain bike trails, but if you get bored, you can be watching the Canucks play hockey, live, in just a short 45 min drive into the "Big Soak" or you can take in live theater, or eat in a world class restaurant in Gas Town... Vancouver was voted "the world's most livable city" by British expats who have lived all over the world. Anywhere in Vancouver you have amazing views of the ocean and the mountains, so don't feel trapped by the concrete jungle, plus theres Stanley Park, the largest urban park in North America.
Point Roberts is an extended family, everyone here knows everyone, or close enough. Its a place where neighbors still help neighbors, a place that is still very much like the 1950s in a lot of ways and we like it like that. If your house were burning down, even people who don't like you would help put out the fire, because they know next time it could be THEIR house thats on fire. (We have a great volunteer fire department.)
What drew me to this unusual exclave disconnected from the rest of America, and the rest of the state of Washington? A woman who today is a Pipe Carrier, a medicine woman and sun dancer who engages in frequent vision quests who was a refugee from "Winterpeg" as many jokingly refer to that frozen wasteland officially known as Winnepeg Manitoba. Part Cree, part Irish, Candace was fired from a job for refusing to go along with the ethnic cleansing (via vaccinations) of native people she was counselling in life skills.
Candace was actually put into a "quit or be fired" situation. Being a person of unusual integrity, she quit rather than be a party to the commission of genocide. You can read her story here.
Candace and I raised her two kids from another marriage for many years, but we weren't right for each other (both being part Native, part Celtic we were just too volatile for each other), God bless her, she finally found the right guy for her, another Pipe Carrier, a wonderful guy named Rick Travena, but I sometimes find myself reflecting on her because it was Candace who initially drew me to this beautiful place and the thought of having to leave here rips my heart out, but I know I'm not safe anywhere in the world really, but especially not in North America due to being on the red list of people to be executed prior to martial law, which I feel is not far away.
Have a look at this photo:
Historian Alexis de Tocqueville once said of America "America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” Do you think it is a good thing that America has degenerated into a place as decadent as Rome was just before it fell? Nazi Germany was also as decadent as America has become just before they lost WW2.
Homosexuality ran rampant just before the fall of the Roman empire, that is a historically proven fact:  See this from the UK Daily Telegraph:

Fall of Roman Empire caused by 'contagion of homosexuality'

A prominent Italian historian has claimed that the Roman Empire collapsed because a "contagion of homosexuality and effeminacy" made it easy pickings for barbarian hordes, sparking a furious row.

(Please read the whole article at the link above.... now you understand why there is a huge move to encourage homosexuality, its part of a deliberate effort to weaken us, to weaken our military, to get us all divided up so we can be more easily conquered.)
Take a close look sometime at the historical parallels between America today and life in Rome just before the fall of the Roman empire.
Our current President is a gay, communist who has been publicly exposed as having been a cocaine using male prostitute who was very proud to possess cocaine while servicing older men in gay clubs in the Diamond Head area of Honolulu while he was a student at the exclusive Punahoe prep school during the late 70s. (Don't take my word for any of this, its all true, please read this article.)
He very clearly has an arranged "marriage" that is a lie, and I even wonder if his girls are his own flesh and blood because it is very possible that they may not be, they could just be "props", part of the New World Order's illusion intended to deceive a sheep like populace of morons who were stupid enough to vote for this degenerate clown.
This genocidal killer's entire life has been a lie. He was literally created by  CIA Central casting, genetically engineered and probably microchipped from birth to play out his current role as a villain on the world stage.
He is clearly one of the most evil, most devious leaders in world history, rivalling such evil "gems" as Caligula, Nero, Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot in his immorality. It is well within the technological realm of possability that there are people sitting inside Fort Meade at NSA HQ joysticking this bastard's every move from a bank of computers per the wishes of the Bilderberg Group, putting thoughts directly into his demented brain.
He has very clearly quite arrogantly turned his back on our Creator, mocking our Creator by clearly preferring to get his jollies by sticking his (likely diseased) unit into male orifices failing to grasp that they are intended to be "exit only." Reggie Love, Bath House Barry's "body man" has been one of the Obamination's gay lovers since he's been in office- see
It would not surprise me at all if he and Biden were pedophiles who the elite are holding blackmail photos of. After the shocking photo shown above was taken, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the six degenerates in it didn't engage in a full on orgy that was photographed for black mail purposes, because this is how deep into the gutter America has descended under this satanic piece of shit's commie reign of terror.
Homosexuality is very much a part of the New World Order's eugenics agenda, so it is being heavily promoted, pushed as part of a relentless culture war intended to weaken, subvert, and destroy America. Our youth are being sacrificed on an alter to satan via an "educational" system that is very much a part of the intentional subversion of not only our Constitution, and of our Christian underpinnings as a nation, but also of our very spirit.
We are being softened up for the big culling that will happen after the economic collapse, following which the plan is to round up and microchip all the survivors as a condition for having food.
Americans must pay attention to what happened recently in Cypress where the bank runs that will happen here have already been happening.... it is a barometer for what will happen SOON right here in America, and when it DOES, most of you on the IAHF list won't be ready because you never gave any serious thought to any of this, did you? You're ignoring this as you drive around and walk around the mall buying frivolous Christmas presents for people who don't need anything, aren't you?
How many of you have ever lived without electricity or running water for an extended period of time in a cabin where you had the stark choice of chopping firewood and building fires in a wood stove, or literally freezing to death?
I lived that way for two years once in an abandoned cabin on the shore of the Bay of Fundy on Moose island, near Eastport, Maine where I was a student studying yacht design and boatbuilding in the early 80s. I lived heavily off the land while living in that cabin, hunting deer, catching salmon, digging clams, harvesting seaweed, sea urchins, lobsters, foraging for wild apples, blueberries....
I've survived hurricanes at sea in small boats when I used to deliver yachts up and down the eastern seaboard, and I can tell you that there are no athiests in a small boat at sea in a hurricane.
How many of you feel proud to be an American today? My father was of "the greatest Generation." He was a war hero who fought in the Pacific during the second world war where he was a frog man, one of the forerunners of today's SEALS. He helped train the original seals back in '63 when JFK created them.
He must be rolling in his grave, recoiling in horror by the shock of how communism is currently taking over and destroying America via the person of Barrack Obama, a gay, illegal alien who was born in Kenya and whose birth certificate was clearly photoshopped.
The so called "Supreme court" even allows this scam, and worse to go on as this evil genocidal killer seems to have free reign to remove all senior military officials who oppose his wishes that they be willing to fire on ordinary Americans under martial law. He is purging all of these people from the top ranks and has recently been firing Generals, Admirals and other officers in droves if they fail to go along with the satanic N.W.O population control agenda and plans to scuttle American sovereignty as they seek to crash the dollar so they can merge us with Canada and Mexico in order to create a carbon copy of the EU collectivist dictatorship here in North America.
He ordered the Navy to attack the Philippines first with an earthquake, then with a typhoon because they
A) Were dragging their feet on joining the Trans Pacific Partnership
B) Their population was "too high"(due to Catholic opposition to abortion) so they "needed culling"
C) Because the NAVY has been wanting back into the Philippines since being booted from Subic Bay in the 90s, and because they want to counter the Chinese who have been doing a lot of recent saber rattling over the oil rich Spratley Islands and also over some Japanese islands called the Senkakuskus. China will soon put an aircraft carrier into the area around the Spratley Islands.
D) Because they needed a disaster to force the Philippines to take out huge bank loans with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund as a way to destroy the sovereignty of the country since they intend to force them into a carbon copy of the EU in SE Asia as a prelude to the creation of the global totalitarian state. These tactics are lifted straight from the pages of John Perkin's expose "Confessions of an Economic Hitman."
As all of this evil swirls around us, most Americans almost seem oblivious, as if in some sort of stupor. Well thats no accident. The elite are trying to literally alter our DNA via chemtrails, and they're literally trying to chip us from the inside out.
Don't take my word for it, read this about the Bio Appi.... Its no accident that most people just ignore you if you try to discuss the reality of chemtrails as a form of genocide.... people are already being covertly "rewired" via the chemtrails, so they just ignore you when you try to explain that we're all undergoing massive biological attack and there is a need to take sulfur and other measures to detox so we can maintain our critical thinking abilities and not act like a pack of sheep sleep walking towards the cliff...
I sent this out as a test. I wanted to see how many of you would read all the way down to the end. If you did, please let me know in an email because I am curious. I am especially curious to know if you read this article or not.
If you did, I'd like to know if you'd like to help me spread the word, because its a sign to me that you really care about whats going on in the world that you read this far. I am going to start organizing conference calls so we can all work as a group to spread the word faster about this information and how we can protect ourselves from being chipped from the inside out.
I have been breaking my back shipping literally thousands of pounds of sulfur all over the world, as one person, working almost alone. I need help, I'm one guy working mostly alone, I'm not Atlas! I can't do this without people starting wholesale accounts to help me get sulfur out to the masses before we all end up being chipped, covertly.
We can stop them! If you'd like to help me in any way, please call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time or shoot me an email at jham@iahf.com  If you'd like to move to Point Roberts to be part of our self suffient community of anti N.W.O rebels, please let me know, serious inquiries only! Don't waste my time if you're not serious about moving here! I am screening all applicants carefully. If you want to move here, please tell me what makes you think you'd be a valuable addition to our community. You could just move here, you sure don't have to answer me on this, but if you want to connect with ME, I need you to, because I need to know who you are for what by now I think should be obvious reasons...
Let me know what you are doing to wake up friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to the need to take sulfur, and whoever has been doing the most to help will win a free 55 pound drum of the world's best organic sulfur!
Friends, soon your cash won't be nuthin' but trash, soon you'll be wish you moved to a place like Point Roberts. Soon you will wish you'd stocked up on at least 100 lbs of sulfur 00 lbs of sulfur because it will be worth its weight in gold when that day comes soon when you won't be able to buy ANYTHING with your dollars. Have you thought about what you will do, where you will go, what you will eat when the supremarket store shelves have been swept bare and stop being resupplied due to martial law?
The Fedstapo is planning for it, thats as plain as the nose on your face: See "Homeland Security Under Investigation for Massive Ammo Buys"er Investigation for Massive Ammo Buys"
Don't you think you'd like to move to Point Roberts NOW, while you STILL CAN??? 
The thugs and riff raff in Bellingham can't easily get here, because they can't come through the border, they can only get here by light aircraft or private boats because theres no ferry connecting us to Bellingham, our county seat.
Don't you think it would be wise to stop up on sulfur now, while you still can? I intend to move out of the country ASAP, and when I do, theres NO GUARANTEES I"ll keep this business going... If I move, I might just bring my remaining sulfur with me, so if I were YOU, I'd put in some LARGE ORDERS NOW!!!