Help Needed to Drive Big Pharma Out of Business And to Wreck the N.W.O.s Genocide Plans!! Start a Wholesale Account
And Help Me Get Tons of Sulfur Out to the Masses!! I Can't Wreck the N.W.O.s Genocide Plans Without More Help!!!
IAHF List: The sulfur crystals shown above in my favorite blue coffee cup can't be grown with most MSM sold on the market today because most of it is Opti brand which is overheated crap that is almost biologically inert!

My sulfur grows these crystals as you can easily prove to yourself! They enable the sulfur to open up cell membranes so oxygen can flood into the cells, pushing the toxins out!

Do you truly love and value good health? Do you love being calm and grounded, yet energized and out of oxygen debt? Are you good at explaining things to people in a simple, effective way?

Have you ever run a business that was rewarding because of all the happy people reporting great results from doing something as simple as drinking just a couple of glasses of sulfur twice a day? I can't clone myself, but I can help some qualified people to set up wholesale accounts.

I won't let just anyone do this, you must qualify, and I will screen applicants, but if selected, I will guide and assist you in building a very good, and enjoyable business if you are chosen- and you will have the satisfaction of helping me bring the world's biggest investment industry to its knees, while destroying the UN's genocide agenda!

I need more people to wholesale my sulfur and also to sign up for autoshipping and to purchase large 10 lb orders so I can really pump this stuff out to the masses! My goal is not small: I want to drive the world's biggest investment industry, BIG PHARMA totally out of business by assisting as many people as humanly possible to pump their cells full of oxygen, which pushes the toxins out, because by doing this, people are restored to good health and can GET OFF every toxic Rx drug currently on the market!

I also want to destroy the N.W.O.s evil UN Agenda 21 population control plans by providing far more people with the information and sulfur they need to detox all the toxic heavy metals and other chemicals being sprayed on us via chemtrails, and there is no better way to monkeywrench the elite's evil plans than to turn the masses on to drinking sulfur water! Typhoon Yolanda ("International name Haiyan") was sicked on the Philippines as documented in this previous alert. They were attacked for several reasons:

1) The US Navy wanted a way back into the Philippines since being asked to leave Subic Bay back in the 90s, so they used HAARP technology to cause the typhoon to give them an excuse to go in to provide humanitarian relief for a disaster that they caused.One reason they want back in is due to the Chinese saber rattling over the oil rich Spratley Islands (Philppine territory.)

2) The elite wanted to punish the Philippines for not joining the Trans Pacific Partnership (NAFTA FOR SE Asia.)

3) The elite want to break the Philippines economic back as part of an effort to force them into a carbon copy of the EU collectivist dicatatorship in SE Asia, so they caused a disaster to force the Philippines to take out huge bank loans with the World Bank, and International Monetary Fund. This evil nation breaking strategy is solidly discussed in John Perkin's book Confessions of an Economic Hitman which I encourage you to read!
If you are an American, and fear helping me due to fear of the IRS attacking you, just read this info and move past all that unecessary fear! HOW TO KEEP 100% OF YOUR EARNINGS (Watch this video!) Watch this speech by former IRS Special Agent Joe Banister who quit his job once he realized he was violating his oath to uphold the US Constitution! (And read how a Jury acquitted him of all bogus charges when the IRS attacked him for attempting to teach others what he's learned!) Read of these legal victories over the IRS Tyrants!  

Read this about how you can force the IRS to give you the MASTER FILE they have on you by going through the Freedom of Information Act... I have done this.... they had my Strawman living in Puerto Rico as a way to rope me into their fraud, but I served notice on them informing them that I, the flesh and blood John Christopher Hammell am NOT my strawman, so I'm not under their jurisdiction..... got a letter back saying I don't exist!!! You can do the same thing- see this!!
Had ENOUGH of the New World Order's crap?? Want to do some serious DAMAGE to their population control plans?
Are you fearless, and good at explaining things? Do you love helping everyone around you? Do you want to enjoy really good health, and helping others to do the same? Are you a people person, and a leader? Do you have sales experience? If you apply, and qualify, I  will help a select group of people to set up wholesale accounts so you can help me get the world's best sulfur out to the masses!
If you don't have time to do this, but still want to help, you can set up monthly auto shipping here so you won't need to remember to order, your order of between 1-4 lbs will come automatically each month!

If you have some extra, you can always give (OR SELL) some away to loved ones, to family, friends, neighbors, coworkers while encouraging them to sign onto the FREE IAHF EMAIL DISTRIBUTION list where they can read hard hitting non mainstream uncensored news reports like this one! You can show them my archived alerts here, and enourage them to subscribe by going here and scrolling down to the sign up menu!

If you want to save some money, you can order 10 lbs here with FREE SHIPPING (US) (Scroll down to link) and if you are interested in setting up a wholesale account, you can call me at 1-800-333-2553 toll free N.America, and if I choose you for my team, I will guide you in every aspect of setting up a successful business! I can tell you where to get white, food grade plastic cannisters if you don't want to sell using ziplock bags, I can tell you where to buy an accurate digital scale, and so much more!A rising tide raises all boats--- theres is an unlimited supply of customers out there, and I need help to reach them!

I can help you with all the info you'll need to generate good advertising information that works, and together we can drive the Pharma Cartel out of business by helping the multitudes to enjoy perfect health by pumping their cells full of oxygen, driving the toxins out! Nothing is more BASIC to good health than this!

Think of all the fun you will have helping people to lose weight, get more energy, and to get off all the dangerous, toxic drugs out there! Think of the immense satisfaction you'll have in helping to DERAIL UN AGENDA 21 by providing people info such as this about detoxification!! Think of the satisfaction you'll have in helping protect people from Fukushima radiation!

Friends, I can't do this alone! I NEED AN ARMY!! So I'm reaching out for a few good men and women, a few highly motivated people who care enough about those around them to help me reach out to the masses!

If you are too busy, I understand, selling sulfur isn't for everyone, but you can ALL STILL HELP by simply signing up for monthly autoshipping of 1-4 pounds, or by ordering 10 lbs.... or by assembling a group of friends who will reorder regularly as a few have done in which case I'll give you wholesale pricing of $22/ lb.

Remember- theres a lot of CRAP on the market that is almost biologically inert. Optibrand sulfur is being private labelled as other stuff and theres a lot of other unreliable crap out there too that you don't want to touch with a ten foot pole regardless of price because its like flushing money down a toilet when sulfur has been quadruple overheated to 486 F, and when it has been contaminated with silicon dioxide which neutralizes it by chemically combining with it! (This anticaking/ flow agent should NEVER be put anywhere NEAR Sulfur given how reactive it is, yet OPTI clearly contains it as evidence by the fact that it flows freely and does not clump up when exposed to moisture....

Someone asked me for "independent 3rd party proof" of all of this today, and I just laughed! I told him he could prove it to HIMSELF easily enough just by buying some Opti, and by buying some of my sulfur. Mix a teaspoon of each in a glass of hot, unchlorinated water and see if you can grow crystals like the ones shown in my blue coffee cup (Photo above) with any but mine.
Then drink the Opti before going to sleep, notice that it does not keep you awake, thats because unlike mine, it does not do a good job of opening up cell membranes, so its not helping the oxygen to flood into the cells, so its also not pushing toxins out! It really doesn't have much effect at all beyond a laxative effect, mine is different, which is why so many people reorder and are buying 10 lb orders and setting up autoshipping!
(I don't drink caffeinated beverages, only sulfur water twice a day!)

People see the valuable information I send out in my alerts, and they are signing up in record numbers to be on the IAHF LIST here!!
An increasing number of endurance athletes are buying my sulfur in record numbers because it keeps them out of oxygen debt!

 Theres all kinds of ways you can help, as you can see! Never forget: We have an all knowing, all loving Creator who gave us the herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, digestive enzymes and probiotics for our use, and no man can ever take them away!! My life was saved by orthomolecular medicine, and by the Power of the Lord, I am helping as many people as possible to have the same chance to heal that I have had!

Big Pharma is about to be destroyed, and along with those smarmy bastards the UN, Bilderberg Group, Committee of 300, FDA, IRS and other elements of coersion will also soon be tossed into hell where they belong! I am the sort of person who is willing to die for his causes, and I'm building an army here folks! I only want people who have no ego issues, and who are fearless and willing to fight like hell for the truth! Want to have a successful business selling sulfur?

Email me your experience and qualifications. If you own a health food store, or are an alternative practitioner, or other retailer let me know how much sulfur you think you could move.
If you have sales experience and can build a website, you can sell sulfur, so if you want to build a business, and think you'd be a good addition to the Sulfur for Health Army, please call me at 1-800-333-2553, toll free N.America, H&W Pacific time...
Please snowball this after first remembering to delete the unsub link at the bottom, and may the Cartel bastards be driven off the planet once and for all!!!! You can vote with your feet against 'em by signin' up for autoshipping or by buying a 10 lb order here right now!!!