Listen to the Album "Sons of Liberty- Brushfires of the Mind" by Jon Schaffer While Reading This Timely Alert..Please Forward Widely

These Songs Really Need to Be Widely Listened To:

1 - Jeckyll Island
2 - Don't Tread On Me
3 - False Flag
4 - Our Dying Republic
5 - Indentured Servitude
6 - Tree Of Liberty
7 - Feeling Helpless
8 - The Cleansing Wind
9 - We The People
IAHF List: Our second amendment right to bear arms is the cornerstone of our Constitution, and America is the light of the world. We will never let this light be extinguished by tyrants, especially under false pretenses
If you value your  ongoing access to high potency vitamins and minerals and to the most effective dietary supplements, you must join the Revolution because if America is merged with Canada and Mexico as the ruling elite are actively trying to do by collapsing the dollar through deficit spending, the FDA has already created the framework to create one harm-onized set of food and drug regulations for all 3 countries: the Trilateral Cooperation Charter. Our corrupt congress of whores has refused to give us oversight hearings on this scam due to being bought off by Pharma.
Canada is rapidly harm-onizing to the totalitarian European Union which is like a re-creation of the old Soviet Union, and now our would be rulers seek to create a carbon copy of this nightmare right here in North America. Americans and Canadians must support this lawsuit against Health Canada.
The communist usurper who is trying to destroy our nation on behalf of the banksters, the Bilderberg Group and the United Nations will not succeed in bringing us to our knees. Need an AR-15? Get one here.
Please join me in praying for these courageous sheriffs who are openly refusing to kiss the Nazi Usurper's and Feinstein's traitorous asses by refusing to enforce all illegal Fedstapo gun control dictates..... Urge your own sheriff to join them, see this site!
We must assist Senator Rand Paul in his efforts to thwart Senator Feinstein's evil efforts to destroy our second amendment. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is an evil traitorous piece of crap. He has caved on the filibuster. Call his office and give him hell via 1-877-SOB-USOB  (Capital Switchboard). Also call your own Senators and demand that they stand with Senator Paul against the Filibuster Deal (they still need 67 votes and if we fuse their phone lines we can kill it, and defend our liberty.) Join Campaign for Liberty to get their alerts if you're not already a member.
Never forget that the United Nations contains an alter to Satan directly inside their headquarters. I have stirred up a major awareness campaign inside the Apostate Trinity Lutheran Church here in Point Roberts by pointing this fact out to the Church Council, and to the 3 Apostate Pastors (all Obamatronic UN lovin' anti gunner communists.) One of the pastors has quit the church along with his evil wife, and I am doing all in my power to awaken the congregation to the rampant apostasy of the other 2 who don't have a leg to stand on.
If you are a Christian, and belong to an Apostate Church which openly endorses the UN, please join me by telling the truth about the UN to everyone you know at Church and in your community. Don't let any pastors or Church Council people attempt to tell you satan "does not exist". The New Age movement has radically infiltrated all churches, especially the 501 c-3 ones which are nothing more than extensions of the Orwellian police states, but you can find private churches in people's homes if you seek them out. I did.
A time will come in America when it will be just like in Communist China where Christians are imprisoned and brutally tortured unless we take our country back now, which we can do!!!
As the first person in the world to ever blow the whistle on the UN's genocidal Codex Alimentarius plans via an article in Life Extension Magazine in 1996, I might not have long to live.
If you stop hearing from me, it would be because I was killed by the dark side for sounding these alerts. I have been told by a guy who quit his job at FEMA after having a tour of the concentration camps that I am on the red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law so I won't continue to be able to provide leadership against the satanic New World Order.
This guy himself is on the list, he was told both of us were by a friend who used to work with him in the FEMA office in DC that is tasked with implementing martial law. He was added to the list after quitting FEMA because he knew too much, and because he'd survived two tours of Vietnam as a Ranger who had had extensive survival training, and they didn't want him around to provide leadership. They also obviously don't want me around.
The FBI has had a file on me since the day I was born due to my father's "Q" Clearance. (He was the world's foremost expert on the internal guidance systems of ICBM's and shipborn anti missile systems, and had a duel career as an Electrical Engineer at Bell Labs and as a Captain in US Navy Intelligence. He was a true patriot, one of the "white hats" who hated the CIA and who risked his life to defend our Constitution. I feel his presence in my life every day even though he died in '92.
You can help protect me by forwarding this alert widely, and by encouraging friends, family, co-workers to sign on to the IAHF lifeboat list here and by buying sulfur here.
I am sold out right now, but another 55 lb drum will be delivered on Monday. I hope you all help me sell it out before it arrives by UPS, if you do, I will order 4 more drums to help us all stock up!We can expect the chemtrailing to get much worse as the NWO goes into high gear! (If you haven't yet seen the footage shot by the pilot of a Fedex Aircraft of 2 Air Force KC 135 Tanker planes that almost collided with him as they had not filed flight plans with the FAA, please go to this link!
As we continue to descend into the evil New World Order's maw, sulfur will have barter value along with bullets, weapons, food, organic seeds, toilet paper, and other survival supplies. We oppose an evil genocide agenda, and the dark side are on the run!
Americans will never kiss the ass of the Obamination and his minions. We will never kiss the ass of the Satanic United Nations and their Codex genocide plans. Please alert family and friends to the evil efforts to kill us with chemtrails, show everyone this site.
The antidote to the toxic heavy metals, dessicated red blood cells, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and other crap being sprayed on us in the name "stopping global warming" is sulfur. Sulfur forms 146 different chemical compounds, it safely chelates all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us by turning them into sulfates which can't remain in the body because sulfur is a mineral that is not stored.
You don't want ethylene dibromide, arsenic, barium, strontium, cobalt, mercury, aluminum or any of this other crap in your body causing cancer, Alzheimers, Morgellons disease, heart disease, asthma, allergies or any other health problems when you can so easily remove it!
Sulfur is found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, collard greens.... I eat them all every day in bone broth, a mineral rich soup that I encourage all of you to make! I encourage all of you to join the Weston A. Price Foundation where you can learn how to make all kinds of nutrient dense foods so you can have a very strong immune system. This will help you to be strong so you can defend your life and the lives of your family.
An article I wrote about UN Agenda 21 was just published in the Winter issue of the Weston A. Price Quarterly Journal, but a better article that I also wrote can be found on Kim Hartke's website, please read it here and please add your comments!

The answer to 1984 is 1776.
If you appreciate this naked, in your face response to Senators Feinstein's and Reid's evil tyranny, kindly send a hefty donation to IAHF which I can use for my own preparations or else please make a large sulfur purchase!
If you purchase 10 pounds or more ($320 for 10 lbs with free shipping within the USA) I will send you complete info including a youtube video on how to build a simple hydroponic growing system that you can use to grow food indoors inside your house or apartment (or outdoors in a greenhouse), complete with a list of materials you will need to build it that you can easily purchase at Lowes for about $100. (not including grow lights which you would buy separately, but I can tell you where to get those too along with the best heirloom seeds.)(I have built this system, and can help you build one just like it!) (Its remarkably easy!!)
I will also recommend the absolute best natural fertilizer comprised of all 99 minerals found in seawater to use to rapidly grow food in this system, and a couple of great books that will teach you amazing things about nutrition that I have never told you before!
I give a hefty discount on 10 pounds or more, if you are interested, please let me know at and I can give you a shipping quote no matter where in the world you are, just let me know how many pounds you want.
(If you live in America, you can send your $320. for 10 lbs (free shipping) via this link. Some customers are selling some of what they buy, and this can help you recoup what you paid while helping protect others from the genocide.
Remember- most MSM on the market is biologically inert due to being quadruple heated to 486, but mine is made differently, its only heated hot enough to boil the water used in the distillation process which you must do to purify it (about 286 F), but any hotter is overkill and it won't grow crystals if overheated! Mine works, as you can see from the crystals shown in this photo, and its the crystals that enable it to open up cell membranes so oxygen can flood in and so wastes can exit.
Please give this some serious thought: what will you do for food when the shit hits the fan and martial law is declared? All the supermarket shelves will be stripped bare. You won't be able to travel without running afoul of TSA goons at highway checkpoints all over the place, and they'll be looking to force you into the 800 concentration camps Obama has waiting for anyone who refused to be microchipped. The US Army has this video want ad via which they've been hiring the guards for these so called "internment" camps. Will you take the mark, or will you obey the Lord and refuse to be inventoried like cattle? Be sure to read up on countermeasures for implanted chips and directed energy here.
Prayer is in order. It will help you sleep better and be a lot more grounded. So will taking sulfur which neutralizes the acid caused by stress as it is dumped into your small intestine. If enough Americans join the Revolution, the Obamination and his evil New World Order minions will be driven into the sea, vanquished, squashed like cockroaches as they run from the bright light of truth.

Please forward this, there is safety in numbers!  Please pray, every day, and urge all your friends and family to listen to the Sons of Liberty Album a this link, its inspiring!