Sulfur Crystals Growing in My Favorite Coffee Cup on the Table Where I Bag Up All The Sulfur I Ship Worldwide
These Crystals Are What Enables My Sulfur to Open Up Cell Membranes To Flood Your Cells With Oxygen
These Crystals Are Also What Enables My Sulfur to Bind With All the Heavy Metals Being Sprayed on Us By Chemtrails
Following My Surgery on December 21, I Won't Be Using ANY Painkilling Drugs because all pain = some cells cry for OXYGEN
.... I'll Only Be Drinking Sulfur Water- This Will Blow My Surgeon's Mind....I Guarantee He's Never Witnessed Anything Like This Before I Predict He'll Become a Customer Because His Patients Will Recover Much Faster From Surgery With Sulfur & Will Be Able to Drive A Car Much Sooner (2 days after surgery instead of 7 which is how long you have to wait to drive when They Put you on Dangerous, Addictive Drugs Such as Oxycontin or Vicodin which makes it unsafe to drive.No one needs these pain killing drugs. Hell, no one needs ANY prescription drugs, I have been helping people get off every Rx drug you can name just by improving their cellular functioning by getting oxygen into the cells, and wastes- OUT. If enough people realized this, we could bring the world's biggest investment industry to its knees- we could totally DESTROY BIG PHARMA and the world's FDA's along with it.
IAHF List: An article of mine about UN Agenda 21, the UN's blueprint for population control, will be published soon in an upcoming issue of the Weston Price Journal. Please see this guest blog that I wrote for Kimberly Hartke, the Weston Price Foundation's publicist on UN Agenda 21 & Chemtrails, and please add your own comments following it!
There is one spin piece in the comments by a guy named Jay Reynolds who is probably a CIA troll. His mission in life seems to be to attempt to do spin against Dane Wigington, Michael Murphy, Clifford Carnicom, Will Thomas, myself, and anyone else who attempts to educate the public about chemtrails. His inane comments fly in the face of all evidence including this "smoking gun" patent US Patent 5,003,186
"Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming". Right in the patent they state that they are spraying aluminum and thorium oxides.
His comments also fly in the face of this information "Government Documents Link Global Warming To Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology"  
As Christmas approaches, I'd just like to sincerely thank all of you who have been buying sulfur which will help me to have enough money to pay for my expensive surgery on December 21st, and to visit the Life Extension Foundation in Ft.Lauderdale, while helping all of you to protect yourselves from the toxic heavy metals, dessicated red blood cells, antibiotic resistant bacteria and other crap being sprayed on us via chemtrails like those observed by the pilot of this Fedex aircraft who almost had collisions with the two Air Force KC 135 Tanker planes that you can see in the video footage he shot from his cockpit as he communicated with Air traffic control which had no knowledge of these military planes even being in his airspace! You can clearly see the chemtrails turn to red (5:35 mark), most likely dessicated red blood cells.
Life Extension Foundation will be publishing an important article that will put global support behind this Canadian lawsuit  that must have American (and world wide) support, or health freedom in the US and Canada will be completely destroyed due to the mechanism of the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter and the fact that Obama is collapsing the dollar intentionally to usher us into the CFR's long desired NAU Collectivist Dictatorship.
LEF will have a draft of this article in advance of my traveling to protect my life while I'm on the road. If we don't win in Canada, Canada will be harmonized to the EU via the CETA trade agreement, and the remaining third of products that still are on Canadian health food store shelves will be removed and the supplement industry in Canada will be totally destroyed.
Obama is obliterating the dollar to the point where total fiscal collapse is rapidly approaching. His Bilderberg/ CIA handlers want him to destroy America so they can have their long desired collectivist dictatorship just like in the EU which was originally conceived by the Nazi High Command in the waning hours of WW2. (The same powers that created the EU want the NAU and a world government.)
Your ongoing support for this trip is badly needed. Please continue to buy more sulfur or to make donations to IAHF via this link.
My last day for shipping sulfur prior to going away for 10 days will be next monday, December 17th. I have another 25 kilo drum on the way via UPS, but due to a shipping delay, it won't arrive til the day I leave, so if I run out between now and when I leave, you'll just have to wait til I return on December 28th to get your sulfur.