(L) Hillary Clinton at a $100,000 A Plate Fundraiser Organized by the Rothschild Banking Family
She is the Ultimate Corporate WHORE! She's In Bed With Monsanto, So is Bill Gates Who Pushes Vaccines while openly admitting he is a eugenicist in this TED talk who wants to use vaccines as a way to cull the human herd.
Hitlary, Gates, Soros, the Rothschilds (and other Banksters who Hitlary is in bed with) are Genocidal Killers and Committed Communist Globalists devoted to the total destruction of American sovereignty and to the rise of the Satanic New World Order! Both Hitlary and Gates are Total Puppets of Big Pharma and the Banksters. Both are Eugenicists and Satanists. The Gates Foundation has contributed to Clinton's campaign just as Monsanto and all the banks have. All of this was very thoroughly exposed by Julian Assange of Wikileaks via the gigantic data dump discussed in this previous alert!!
Anyone Who Values Their Access to Dietary Supplements Won't Vote for Her (unless they're totally myopic) Because She and the Banksters who own her are Pushing a Globalist Corporate Takeover of The Planet intended to kill large number of us then turn the rest of us into into Microchipped Slaves for the Oligarchy- Ditto for Gates who is developing a contraceptive microchip to keep women from having babies, while he admitted publicly in his TED talk (above) that he is using vaccines to cull the human herd! It wouldn't surprise me if Hitlary, Gates, the Rothschilds, Pope Francis, Soros and other globalists devoted to culling the human "herd" and to eugenics have engaged in child sacrifices because they're certainly evil enough to have!
(In case you are unaware, Pope Francis is openly endorsed by the Club of Rome which was created by the Rockefellers for the purpose of culling the human "herd". See IAHF's complete expose of Jorge Bergoglio ("Pope Francis") here! He was ushered into power by a group of satanic cardinals who staged a coup inside the Catholic Church that was warned about by the late Fr. Malachi Martin who witnessed satanism inside the Vatican where he was an advisor to four different Popes, but he fled the place and wrote several books and made numerous radio shows in an effort to warn the world that the Catholic Church (indeed all mainline Christian churches) have been heavily infiltrated by the dark side.
While pretending not to push for passage of the sovereignty destroying Trans Pacific Partnership ("TPP") Hitlary actually IS pushing for this job destroying initiative intended to make us complete SERFs, total SLAVES on the Banksters long desired Global Totalitarian State in which the last vestiges of our deeply cherished FREEDOMS as espoused in the Bill of Rights are to be from us! In the Town Hall debate you just watched did you notice how she paid LIP SERVICE to "respecting the second amendment right to bear arms" while simultaneouly double talking as she listed her many plans for GUTTING it??? This is typical of the sort of double talk she constantly engages in, and it stands in marked contrast to Trump's matter of fact, "tell it like it is" honesty !
If she is installed on us via the rigged polls, the controlled media, and the rigged voting machines, then moves on our guns, we will have a second American Revolution and a huge number of communist traitor double talking politician terrorists who are doing all they can to DESTROY AMERICA and all of our cherished freedoms, including our right to access the dietary supplements of our choice will die!
She has a long history of flip flopping on the issue of TRADE, check it out and alert your friends, family everyone within your sphere of influence because if this whore gets installed on us, not only will the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 be deleted, but so will our whole COUNTRY!
IAHF List:In this brief video, we see traitorous communist enemy Obama states "We all look GREAT, the END of the REPUBLIC has NEVER LOOKED BETTER!"
Clearly the Oligarchy that installed Obama on us intends to install Hitlary on us in order to usher us COMPLETELY into the New World Order, and to finish off the intentional destruction of America that Obama did so much to accelerate.
A wise man sees whats going on, and takes steps to protect himself or herself, a fool sticks their head in the sand and PRETENDS theres "no such thing" as chemtrails, and that there is NOT eugenics agenda being played out around us. We all MUST protect ourselves via detoxification, and we all MUST stand by Mr.Trump who is heroically doing what he can to attempt to save this Republic from the Oligarchie's evil efforts to destroy it.

This is textbook Hegelian Dialectic, divide and conquer stuff, and I applaud the black people who see through it all, people like Luis Farrhakan who endorses Trump because he realizes that Obama has worsened the lives of people in the inner city ghettos since taking office, being all talk, no action, and the same with Hitlary who is in fact a huge racist!
Farrhakan expresses much very simple wisdom when he calls Hitlary a whore, and Trump an honest man in the video above, and he is 100% correct when he says Trump is wise- VERY wise to carefully vet all Muslim refugees coming in to this country, because if we don't, we could be setting the stage for our own destruction (which is of course what Hitlary, and the Banksters who own her WANT!!) Being a Muslim himself, Farrhakan has great credability when he says this!
                           FAIR WARNING- GENOCIDE ALERT!!!
Regardless of the outcome of this rigged so called "election" the ruling elite clearly have a genocide agenda that will roll on, and we can expect nothing but an INCREASE in the chemtrailing as they seek to seriously cull the human herd, and to hijack our natural biology and to turn it synthetic!
Are you doing all you can to detoxify yourself? Don't you think it makes good sense to strengthen your immune system to detoxing your bowel so you can jettison the thick wall of mucoid plaque thats been building up on the walls of your colon throughout your entire LIFE, BLOCKING your optimal intake of nutrients from the food you eat and the supplements you take???
I am AMAZED and STUNNED by the complacency of so MANY of you! You take sulfur, which is good, but ITS NOT ENOUGH!! To REALLY protect yourself PROPERLY you need to MAKE THE EFFORT to DETOXIFY ALL of our organs of elimination, BEGINNING with your bowel! Then, if you are really smart, you will go on to ALSO detoxify your liver/gallbladder, your kidneys, and your blood!
WHY is this smart? We are all breathing in the WEAPONIZED PARASITES that were TWEAKED using nanotechnology in a bioweapons lab at Stanford. We have the patent numbers on some of the tweaked microorganisms that were designed to screw up some of our most important biological processes, such as our RED BLOOD CELLS ABILITY TO CARRY OXYGEN throughout our bodies! The elite have found multiple ways to wreck our Ph in order to ACIDIFY our bodies in order to WEAKEN us, to make us all very susceptible to EVERY SORT of degenerative disease especially cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, and Morgellons!
Do you want Full Blown Morgellons? Far too many of you are literally ASKING for it by NOT DOING ENOUGH to detox, and I say that even if you are at LEAST doing the BARE MINIMUM which is to drink at least two glasses of sulfur water per day at a dose of a teaspoon per hundred pounds of body weight twice a day! 
"DEPLORABLE LIVES MATTER" (This MOCKS Clinton and her handler George Soros who funds "Black Lives Matter"! (Hitlary is actually a HUGE racist, see the text of this speech she gave at the Goldman Sachs $100,000 a plate fundraiser for her in which she called blacks "A Bucket of Losers" who she clearly saught to politically USE just as Donald Trump has accurately stated!! Black Lives Matter is  funded by genocidal killer George Soros who is using it to foment civil unreset that could lead to martial law (which the Oligarchy wants for population control purposes!) Soros, the Obamination, and Hitlary have been doing all they can to get this country divided up. The Motto of the Globalists is "Ordo Ab Chao" (Order out of Chaos, where THEY CREATE THE CHAOS in order to tighten up the level of societal control as their goal is to microchip us all!)
Anyone who orders 10 or 20 lbs of sulfur within the coming week or who buys the 3 products necessary to do Herbalist Richard Schulze's bowel detox will get a FREE red, white and blue button that reads "Deplorable Lives Matter!" The button mocks Hitlary KKKLINTON (Who mocked all Trump supporters by calling us "Deplorable".
I hope more black people will realize that at a 100,000 a plate fundraiser held by Goldman Sachs for Hitlary, she her TRUE COLORS when she referred to black people as "a basket of losers". She made very clear that it were her intention to USE black people to get elected! (See the transcript of her Speech from the October 9th entry on Jim Stone Freelance!)
I wore two of these buttons to Mass today because I knew they'd really bother the ultra liberal Priest who also worships satanist Pope Francis, who is the ultimate Globalist whore this side of Hitlary who he is very much alligned with. Pope Francis is openly endorsed by the Club of Rome which was created by the Rockefellers for population control purposes. The Vatican is directly involved in pushing geoengineering on the planet, and held a censored conference on climate change in which they refused to allow anyone representing an organization such as the Heartland Institute to present contrary data that would expose the global warming for what it is, a SCAM!
  Clinton is the TRUE deplorable of course, she is truly a lying racist whore from hell, in a recent fundraiser hosted by Goldman Sachs, she gave a speech in which she referred to black people as "a bucket of losers". So this is what she REALLY thinks of black people who she is very happy to USE to "win" what will obviously be a heavily RIGGED "election", but we CAN overcome the rigging if A) enough people turn out for Trump (who is his own man and who is NOT in bed with the Banksters and all the Corporations the way she is) and if enough people help to AUDIT the vote, something I plan on doing!
There are gigantic crowds at HUGE Trump rallies that fill stadiums while Hillary has trouble getting 200 people into a high School gym. Right now most of the polls are rigged, Trump is actually WAY ahead, but the Oligarchy rig the polls because they're terrified that they won't get the voter turnout they need unless they do!
It makes me sick when I think about it, but my niece (Hillary Hammell) has sold her soul to satan (please join me in praying for her.. She is a total tool of eugenicist Bill Gates, and she was even named after the Satanic Corporate Whore on the left above, and as an ignorant millenial who has no knowledge of the evil the Clinton's have done, will probably be voting for her namesake, but maybe she'll sit on her hands and not go to the polls like a of Bernie people. My niece Hillary had straight A's all the way through High School,perfect SAT Scores of 800 Math/ 800 Verbal, Straight A's through Yale University and she won a Gates fellowship which gave her a full ride through University of Washington Law School where she also got Straight As.
It really saddens me to think about it, but Bill Gates now pretty much OWNS my niece, she has become his SLAVE, (just as Hitlary is a SLAVE to the Rothschilds, all the OTHER Banksters and to all the Corporations, including Monsanto and all the OTHER drug companeis) is deeply. My niece is deeply committed to assisting with Bill Gates satanic globalist eugenics agenda as a legal expert on women's reproductive rights.
I'm just glad I'm able to do what I can to counteract satanic commie N.W.O. genocidal scum like the two people in the photos above, and their many deluded, misguided minions (including my oldest brother's daughter, my niece Hillary Hammell) because with the current American election, we are truly seeing the ages old battle between forces of GOOD and forces of EVIL come to a HEAD, RIGHT NOW- right before our EYES and we each have to decide which side we're on- then take action to FIGHT BACK AGAINST EVIL, and HITLARY & Her Oligarchy controllers = the EPITOMY of EVIL!!
(Below I provide several very EASY steps you can use to help fight evil and I need all of you to mass forward this alert and to post it to more websites, lets snowball this so we can remain FREE and not be ENSLAVED!!! I have had attempts made on my life, and what protects me the most is when people mass forward my stuff, and urge your friends, family, and everyone within your sphere of influence to subscribe to the IAHF list at www.iahf.com and to take the advice I provide seriously by ACTING on it, you MUST take action to protect yourself- please see the simple steps below!!! )
For me, choosing sides was very easy!
Orthomolecular medicine, a suppressed alternative treatment mode iin which I balance the concentration of natural substances that are normally present in the human body (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, hormones and herbs) saved my life after mainstream psychiatry almost killed me over 30 years ago!
As one of the lobbyists most active in the campaign to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, and as the first whistleblower in the world to get people aware of the UN Codex international threat to health freedom, I have no illusions about what would happen if Hitlary KKKLINTON were installed on us via the Banksters. (At the video at the link above you will see Hitlary KKKLINTON praising a former KKK Grand Cyclops, Senator Robert Byrd, who was her main mentor!)
We MUST do these things, it doesn't take long, and we must enocourage MORE PEOPLE to do them, or we won't be able to stop the Oligarchies plans to block our access to high potency vitamins and minerals and the most innovative supplements available on the market today, we won't be able to stop their multiple efforts to cull the human herd, to hijack our natural biology and turn it synthetic, and to turn us all into non reproducing androids, biologically and or physically microchipped slaves!
1. Go to www.vinpocetine.org and fill out the form letter to defend consumer access to vinpocentine, a safe natural cognitive enhancing substance that FDA is attempting to railroad off the market to protect pharmaceutical profits! FDA is testing our resolve here to fight back! With just a few mouseclicks you can put this form letter on the FDA comments website while simultaneously sending it to your senators and congressmen, and to six friends!  Understand that this form letter also requests an extension on the FDA Comments period on their NDI Draft Guidelines which threatens to DESTROY the dietary supplement industry in 102 pages of utter BS!!
2. IAHF expanded on LEF's form letter to totally SKEWER the NDI Draft guidelines, and I will be sending out another alert that will ask you to copy MY comments and to post them on FDA's comments webite, but I will do hat separately because I'm not sure how many of you will read this entire alert since its so long, much less act on it! So you better understand the NDI Draft Guidelines and how this threatens to blow DSHEA out of the water, please read this well researched article about FDA's latest effort to destroy the natural products industry.
3. Jettison the thick layer of mucoid plaque that has been building up on the walls of your colon throughout the course of your whole LIFE!! Unless, and until you do this by following the information in this alert, you will not be able to properly absorb the nutrients from the food you eat or the supplements you use, your immune system will be compromised, and you will be a SITTING DUCK for the N.W.O.s numerous vectors of attack especially their efforts to kill you with chemtrails and to hijack your internal biology to turn it synthetic so you can be biologically chipped and turned into a non reproducing cyborg! This is not a joke, nor it it science fiction! You don't want to get full blown Morgellons, trust me! I get calls and emails every day from people whose lives are a living hell due to this man made disease! If you read the info in the aforementioned alert, you will realize that you need to read Dr. Schulze 5 Day Bowel Detox, his Quick Start Guide, and you will need to buy these 3 products (See list below) to detox your colon and to jettison your mucoid plaque which will enable you to increase your energy by 70%! (I've done all of Schulze's detoxes and will be your guide! This was the BEST THING I ever did for my health in my whole life!)
1. Intestinal Formula #1
2. Intestinal Formula #2
3. Super Food Plus
4. Buy 10-20 lbs of sulfur to save money by buying in bulk, (do a group buy with some friends if you must and can't afford to do this by yourself, but DO IT because I could get whacked at any time, or be driven out of business by economic collapse! I've had numerous attempts on my life over the years for doing my health freedom work and people I've worked closely with have been assassinated. Don't assume it will never happen to me, because I've had Federal Marshals right here on my doorstep in Point Roberts, and I've had FBI visits due to my efforts to keep us all free. I am regarded as a "threat to national security" simply because I oppose the Club of Rome's genocide agenda and because I'm helping everyone live a long time and the elite hate this because all the entitlement programs are bankrupt, and the Banksters would much prefer that we "usless eaters" die long before our 65th birthdays! So we must do the OPPOSITE of whatever those smarmy SOB's want! Got Sulfur?
4. Get active in the Trump campaign and join me in doing "doorbelling" to awaken sleeping mo-rons who might otherwise vote for all of our destruction by voting for Hitlary not realizing how evil she really is! I will send a FREE  "Deplorable Lives Matter" button to anyone who buys 10 or 20 lbs of sulfur and, or who buys the 3 items listed above needed to really guard against getting full blown Morgellons disease from the weaponized parasites we're all breathing in to our bodies from the chemtrails!  *** (I can help you on the shipping price if you call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific) Questions? 1-800-333-2553 H&W Toll Free North America)