Pope Francis (L) is a Mouthpiece for David Rockefellers "Club of Rome" Which is Pushing a Malthusian Eugenics/Genocide Agenda on All of Us Via the UN's Treaty on Climate Change which is being written by the UN's IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change, which is pushing "Geoengineering" (chemtrails) as a supposed "Final Solution" to cull the human herd while pretending to be "protecting us from so called "Climate Change")
Your Help is Needed to Monkeywrench This Evil Agenda by mass forwarding this alert and by supporting Michael Murphy's latest anti chemtrail film "An UN conventional Shade of Grey"!(After watching the trailer- Please buy an advanced copy and make a donation to help him be able to complete the film.)
The photo in the Middle is the Altar to Satan inside UN HQ, its called "the UN Meditation Room" This room was paid for by the Lucifer Trust, which changed their name to the "Lucis" Trust to try to disguise who they are. I have seen this room with my own two eyes and wanted to run from it because it exudes a sinister vibe. I wouldn't be surprised if satanic ceremonies involving blood drinking and child sacrifies were made inside this room. The UN no longer allows the public in it since its been exposed, now they're trying to cover it up. Learn all about this Satanic Altar here and here.
The photo on the right shows a woman's back with very deep skin lesions caused by weaponized parasites such as callembola that are being sprayed on us via Chemtrails. These weaponized parasites are laying eggs inside of us and when they hatch people get these horrible skin lesions. The elite are using nanotechnology to tweak these parasites in a bioweapons lab at Stanford University. (at this link you can watch a youtube exposing this which even shows the patent #) They have found a way to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs, to strip us of our humanity and to turn us into microchipped zombies who they can control and we must stop them!
IAHF List: Bernie Suarez of Activist Post has written a great article 

Pope Pushes Malthusian Elite Agenda In Historic Call For New Global Order

Please read this article, and following it, in the comments scroll down to my comments. I expanded a lot on what Bernie said. He briefly touched on the topic of Geoengineering, but I expanded on this topic greatly in my comment by alerting people to the fact that both the Vatican and the UN engaged in coverups when they held rigged conferences on so called "Climate Change" in which they engaged in rampant censorship intended to bolster their evil agenda which comes straight from David Rockefellers "Club of Rome"
Neither the UN's IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) or the Vatican would allow climatologists on all sides of the so called "Climate Change" issue to present their data, which means they EXCLUDED the Heartland Institute because they have respected climatologists, including some from NASA who indicate that the planet has actually been in a 17 year cooling trend, and the only "global warming" is ocurring as a direct result of Geoengineering (chemtrails) which is ostensibly intended to PROTECT US from "global warming" by spraying billions of tons of toxic heavy metals (especially aluminum oxide) into the biosphere, supposedly to act like an "umbrella" to shield the earth!
The REALITY however is that the Vatican/UN/ Club of Rome are ACTUALLY LYING to us about the REAL reason for the Spraying! The REAL reason is population control! By spraying billions of tons of aerosolized aluminum, barium, strontium, cobalt, arsenic, ethylene dibromide, molds, viruses, mycoplasma, and weaponized parasites tweaked in a bioweapons lab via nanotechnology, the elite have conned the masses who mindlessly accept the mainstream news spin in which we're supposed to practically "worship" Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) and we're supposed to buy this BS that he's somehow a "great humanitarian" and "true ecologist" who is "taking on the greed of the corporations" to "transform the world."
If you have been conned by that spin, you will quickly see through it to see the truth if you read Suarez article and my comments following it.
The first thing to do is to help my film maker friend Michael Murphy to complete his third film exposing Geoengineering/Solar Radiation Management (aka "chemtrails".) His third film,
"An UN conventional Shade of Grey"de of Grey" 
has not been completed. He needs us to watch the trailer at the link above and to purchase one or more Advance Copies and to donate to his efforts.
When this film is complete, we can send it around the world to millions of people to ask them to educate their elected officials to the fact that the UN Climate Change Treaty is actually a population control/eugenics scam that originated with David Rockefeller's "Club of Rome" and they're manipulating the Vatican and the UN to push their evil agenda on the people of the world who are being set up like bowling pins!
Have them watch these 4 documentary films about chemtrails:
1. "What in the World Are They Spraying?"
2. "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"
3. The trailer for "An UN conventional Shade of Grey" (And urge them to buy advance copies/ make donations to is can be completed.)
4. Also show them the Italian documentary with English Subtitles titled
"Chemtrails- The Secret War"Secret War"
If you or they are Catholic, and decide due to this alert that they can't continue to listen to the lies being promulgated about Pope Francis, tell them to check out The St. Pious The 10th Society  This splinter group rejects the apostasy so common in the Vatican and rejects Catholic "modernism" because it is destroying the church.
I had a very good conversation with Louis Tofari in their headquarters today, and he was VERY OPEN to all I told him about the Satanic UN and the Satanic Pope Francis collaborating to be mouthpieces for the Club of Rome's Genocide Agenda. Unlike most Catholics who have been hopelessly brainwashed into walking in lockstep with the Pope, Tofari was very openminded and he clearly sees through the spin in the mainstream media!
HOW YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, COWORKERS and OTHERS within your Sphere of Influence can avoid getting early onset Alzheimers, Cancer, Morgellons Disease, Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Pneumonia, TB, Severe Depression, Asthma, Allergies and other ailments from the billions of tons of toxic heavy metals and other crap being sprayed on us by the billions of tons from aircraft:
1. You need to be drinking organic sulfur mixed in water twice a day to reestablish the sulfur cycle in your body! My MSM is 60% more effective than the most commonly sold brand (Opti). Mine works much better because it is not contaminated with Silicon Dioxide, an anti caking ingredient and flow agent used to flow powdered supplement mixes into capsules so the filling machines won't jam.
My sulfur WILL clump up because it DOESN'T HAVE any silicon dioxide which BINDs with it to NEUTRALIZE it! So, don't waste your money on Opti brand which is often private labelled under a slew of other companies names, its the most widely sold  MSM in the world, but it doesn't do a good job of opening up cell membranes so oxygen can flood into the cells, pushing the toxins out because you can't grow crystals with it, when you try, you get an indisdinct BLOB, you don't get these well formed crystals that were grown with mine in the bottom of my blue coffee cup- see
These very distinct, well formed crystals grown using my sulfur do a GREAT job of opening up cell membranes allowing OXYGEN to flood into the cells, pushing the toxins out, and neutralizing all the toxic heavy metals that we're breathing into our lungs every day!
Sulfur forms a sulfate of almost anything it comes into contact with, and since its a mineral that MUST exit the body, will pull out all the Aluminum (so you won't get Alzheimers) and it will pull out all the barium, strontium, cobalt, arsenic so you don't get cancer! It forms a sulfate of all of them, thus "Aluminumsulfate, Bariumsulfate, etc) and  pulls them out so we're not made sick by them!
(To protect against the Weaponized Parasites including Callembola and others so we don't get Morgellons disease, and so we're not being turned into non reproducing cyborgs, here is what to do:
1. Drink Sulfur water twice a day for the reasons cited above.
2. Detox your bowel using Herbalist Richard Schulze's 5  Day Bowel Detox which you can read about in this free booklet "The 5 Day Bowel Detox"
and by reading his "Quick Start Guide"  which outlines the dietary component that goes with doing this detox.
(Download the Quick Start guide so you can start purchasing the organic fruits, raw garlic, and raw ginger that you will need once your detox products arrive so you can start this Bowel Detox immediately! I will also send you a laminated copy of the "Quick Start Guide" so you can just wipe it clean with a sponge if you spill water or juice on it in your kitchen. You will need a high speed blender such as a Vitamix to do this detox.)
When I did this detox, my energy level shot up by 70% and I went from needing 8-10 hrs of sleep per night, plus cat naps during the day to only needing 4-5 hrs of sleep!
Why this transformation? Schulz's Intestinal Formula #1 and Intestinal Formula #2 plus his "Super Food Plus" worked well synergistically to do what even regular colonics wouldn't do: they caused me to elimate many pounds of deeply impacted feces that had been putrifying in my colon for decades, holding within it residue from toxic Rx drugs that I hadn't taken in decades, and also holding within it residue from toxic boatbuilding chemicals such as Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Acetone, Fiberglass Resins and Hardeners, toxic wood dust from running stuff like Teak through a thickness planer, etc.
 I had no idea this deeply impacted waste was even IN my colon til I got it out! I thought I "must have" the world's cleanest colon due to going once a week for colon hydrotherapy, but my girlfriend convinced me to try Schulze's protocol saying to me "How do you know your'e not being ripped off by colonics?
How can you be sure they're really even doing a good job of getting out the most deeply impacted stuff? I think Schulzes protocol might work a lot better, and for much less money!
Well, I never would have believed it, but she was RIGHT!!

If you order these 5 Day Bowel Detox formulas from me at the links above, I can walk you through the detox because I've done it myself along with all of Schulze's other detoxes (liver/gallbladder, kidneys, and blood.)

By doing this Bowel Detox, your sulfur can work that much BETTER since by eliminating the putrifying impacted waste from your colon you are alkalinizing the body, you are removing the acidic condition in which all diseases thrive, and you're enable to more FULLY oxygenate your cells, so you will get MORE from your sulfur if you ALSO do this 5 day bowel detox!
Doing the Bowel Detox will help your sulfur do far more since you're now not needing it to counteract all that impacted feces which you really need to JETTISON from your body if you are serious about not being sickened with Morgellons disease , Alzheimers, Cancer or other ailments beiing caused by Chemtrails.
OCTOBER = COLD SEASON- With Chemtrails added to the mix, we need to do MORE to protect ourselves since our immune systems are already UNDER ATTACK via chemtrails!
I useEchinacea Plus, just a dropper full in a glass of water twice a day really protects me because it contains garlic mixed with echinacea and this boosts killer T cell production and Macrophage production so your immune system is TURBOCHARGED and ready to DESTROY all invading disease organisms.
See this link for description of Echinacea Plus and to order!
I also use Magnascent Iodine because 96% of people in North America are deficient in iodine and have impaired thyroid function as a result! When your thyroid is deficient in iodine, you don't make enough thyroxin (thyroid hormone) then all your OTHER glands are negatively implacted (see the list of all glands in the body here!!)
One of the glands that is negatively impacted is your Pituitary, and another is your Pineal Gland which must function properly or you won't be able to fully access both hemispheres of your brain and your cognition can be impaired!
Magnascent iodine will also kill bacteria and funguses that enter your body from chemtrails! It is also a good way to stop inflammation. I use a dropperful in a glass of water when my sinuses are clogged! Magnascent iodine is superior to Lugol's because it is not so dose specific. You won't need a doctor's supervision to use it because it is water soluable, any that your body doesn't need is just excreted through the kidneys.
When your thyroid gland becomes sluggish due to insufficient iodine, your metabolism slows down and this is a huge cause of metabolic syndrome, obesity and type 2 diabetes!
So protect yourself more fully by adding Magnascent iodine to your order!
HOW ANYONE CAN SAVE BY PUTTING IN A BULK 10 or 20 Lb Sulfur Order (the price drops to $32/ lb with 10 lbs, and to $22/ lb when you buy 20 lbs)
Call several friends, and have them come to your house to watch the documentary films discussed above! This will make them aware of the danger we're under as we are being massively sprayed via chemtrails! Show them the additional info in this alert, and you will have no problem pooling your money to be able to afford a 10 or 20 lb sulfur order!
Several of my European customers have especially been doing this as it helps offset the higher shippng charges!
If you do a combined order of sulfur and other products, don't order from my site, email me a list of what you want (to jham@iahf.com) and I will figure out what your shipping charge would be as I have more experience now in knowing how many products I can pack into the different size shipping containers. I can then email you the most economical shipping quote.
I am going to be attending the IABDM Conference in Nashville TN October 9 and 10 where I will be giving a lecture and running my booth.
This is an organization of biological dentists who remove toxic amalgam fillings, and also Naturopaths.
They are in the midst of conducting a 3 month study on my sulfur to evaluate it for effectiveness in chelating Mercury and removing it from the body. I am very excited about this, expect a good outcome, and when the study is complete, I'll post the results on the website.
The lecture I'll be giving at the conference will be an expansion of the information available in this paper that I wrote, in case you're interested!
(Please see the other info in my Resources section here where you will find a treasure trove of valuable scientific information about Sulfur and its healing properties!
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Please encourage more people to watch the documentary films discussed above and urge them to see my archived e-alerts here so they can learn about detoxification in the face of the massive biological assault we've come under from chemtrails!
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