David Rockefeller's "Club of Rome" Was Created in 1968 For Population Control and World Control Purposes.....Now they VERY OPENLY Endorse Pope Francis on Their Website......................
IAHF List:
As Chemtrail spraying keeps increasing, we now have reports that in Oregon they're even spraying Lithium on us as the New World Order genocide machine goes into high gear!
The Sulfur based amino acid Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant in the human body. Scientists now feel that boosting glutathione levels is the treatment of choice for detoxifying carbon monoxide poisoning, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform and other types of poisonous compounds, chemicals and gasses.
While it is VERY EXPENSIVE to buy in liquid form for purposes of nebulizing into your lungs to protect against chemtrails, (4 fl oz for $50.) THE GOOD NEWS IS that if you INGEST ENOUGH SULFUR, YOUR OWN BODY CAN MANUFACTURE ALL THE GLUTATHIONE YOU NEED from the amino acids L-Glutamine, and L-Cysteine!! (See this Diagram of Glutathione Synthesis.)
(As an ADDED BONUS Sulfur ALSO strengthens the mucosal lining of your small intestine allowing you to manufacture all the ANTI STRESS B VITAMINS your body needs DIRECTLY inside your body via your Enterocyte cells!! (Read this brief explanation from NIH of how healthy enterocyte cells help you not have leaky gut syndrome which keeps you from properly absorbing all the nutrients you eat from your food or from supplements!)
(Now are you starting to understand why I'm SERIOUS when I say we can WRECK Big Pharma in the stock market if enough people learn this stuff and become their own doctors the way I'm teaching you to be!! I not exaggerating when I tell you that I have been helping people get
OFF every single toxic Rx drug you can name just by helping them reestablish the sulfur cycle in their body so that oxygen can flood the cells, pushing toxins out, and by learning a few other basic and very simple things about detoxing!)
(Sulfur can thus be an important part of healing and SEALING a leaky gut, and it is terrible how many people suffer from this serious medical problem! Hell, I used to, til I cured myself by changing my diet to cut out sugar and fast acting carbs and by increasing the good fats as well as organic veges!
Homemade bone broth can help heal and seal a leaky gut, and from the broth we get all the minerals we need to make all the amino acids our body needs, so see this PREVIOUS ALERT and start making your own bone broth as I do, its ROCKET FUEL for HUMANS, now even professional athletes like my main man Kobe Bryant of NBA Stardom have caught on to this health secret!
(For help with healing and sealing a leaky gut read "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" by Natasha Campbell McBride, MD, she cured her son of autism by this means and figured out a solution for ADD, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar illness, etc in the process.
As the N.W.O goes into high gear, all of our stress levels are increasing exponentially, so I stay calm and grounded, neutralizing lactic acid caused by stress and full to bursting with stress nuking B vitamins by gobbling MASS QUANTITIES (3 Tablespoons) of sulfur per day, plus I nebulize it into my lungs by mixing it with distilled water for added protection! I will give THIS FREE NEBULIZER to anyone who orders 20 lbs of sulfur by the end of October. (US orders only.)
(If you can't afford a bulk 20 lb order by yourself which allows you to pay just $22/ lb instead of $40 for the world's best MSM which does a 60% better job than Opti brand in opening up cell membranes so tons of oxygen can flood your cells, show this alert plus plus "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" to a group of friends, neighbors, etc, and you won't have ANY PROBLEM finding some people to go in on that money saving bulk order with you, a growing number of IAHF list subscriber are doing JUST THAT, especially customers overseas in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and other parts of Europe who need to use group buying power to offset the higher cost of shipping to them!!
For added insurance, just to make DAMN SURE I never get Morgellons disease and so I don't get biologically chipped via the weaponized parasites like Callembola that are also being sprayed on us, I also keep my colon squeaky clean by using Intestinal Formula #1 and #2, and thats AFTER I have now done herbalist Richard Schulze's complete Bowel Detox which I strongly encourage all of you to do because when I did it my energy level shot up by 70%, and I went from needing 8-10 hrs sleep per night to only needing 4!!
Since its now fall and cold season is back, I also regularly use Super Echinacea Plus which has added garlic because it jacks up your macrophage and killer T cell activity for the purpose of nuking into oblivion any cold virus that comes anywhere near my body! I especially recommend this if you're going to fly on a plane with all the recirculating air as I just did on a trip I just got back from to Tennessee.
If you haven't yet watched the trailer for "An UN conventional Shade of Grey" and if you haven't yet bought at least one advance copy to assist in the direly needed completion of this all important film, you really need to, post haste to give us a CHANCE to monkeywrench the JUNK SCIENCE driven UN Climate Change Treaty which promises to radically increase geoengineering and the spraying of billions of tons of toxic aerosols into the biosphere ostensibly to "save us all" (!!!)
(Totalitarian Dictator Pope Francis who blocked all honest discussion at the Vatican's Climate Change Conference, refusing to allow the Heartland Institute to present their contrary data, intends to shove this sovereingty destroying UN Climate Change Treaty down the throats of the people of the world as a highly dubious so called "Christmas Present" unless enough of us band together to expose this crime in progress!)
(I have bought SEVERAL advance copies of "An UN conventional Shade of Grey", PLUS I've DONATED additionally to the making of this film. Keep in mind that film maker Michael Murphy is one of my wholesalers.
He uses sulfur himself to detoxify, and in this alert I have a TON of NEW information that I've never shared with you before including many things that I learned in the process of delivering a lecture that I just presented to a group of Biological Dentists and Naturopaths in NashvilleTN where I had a booth at the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine Annual Conference.
(Go back to the top and re-read what I told you about how you can manufacture all the Glutathione plus all the B vitamins your body needs right in your own body JUST BY INGESTING ENOUGH SULFUR!!
(This was stuff I learned during my efforts to prepare for the lecture I gave in Tennessee. I had to check all my facts carefully because it was presented to a group of medical professionals who were receiving continuing education credits for hearing my talk.) The IABDM will soon complete a three month study they're doing to evaluate how effective my sulfur is in chelating mercury and I'll report those results to all of you the moment I have them.
David Rockefeller created "The Club of Rome" in 1968 as his engine for destroying the sovereignty of all nations for the purpose of imposing a UN driven global totalitarian state on the masses under false pretenses, and now, RIGHT HERE ON THE CLUB OF ROME WEBSITE we see these eugenicists walking in LOCKSTEP with the Vatican as they whole heartedly endorse Pope Francis, a man who even this Catholic website is calling the ultimate heretic!!
(I add this layer of facts because some really angry Catholics got pissed at me for circulating THIS article in a previous alert quite correctly calling Pope Francis a Malthusian genocidal killer, and they had the nerve to try telling me it was nothing but "unfounded anti pope propaganda" but I beg to differ, the facts speak for themselves and it is time all Catholics quit this evil satanic church en masse, and that includes ME!
I am going to have someone shoot a video of me making a statement from the pulpit at the church I have been attending, and when I do, I hope all of you will help make it go viral because this clown named Francis seriously needs to be exposed, as even this Catholic website has done in their in depth dissection of "Team Bergoglio" as they  document the undeniable fact that this satanist was voted in by a group of satanic Cardinals who themselves are highly documented heretics!!)
Here are some random thoughts for all of you to ponder beyond what I've already  provided above.
1. When the economic collapse somes, and its on its way by design, will you be able to survive where you are right now especially if you currently live in or very near a large City?
2. If you are in or near a large city, and you don't yet have one or more contingency plans, shouldn't you consider seriously putting one together?
3. A few people have moved here where I am from the IAHF list. If any of you have an interest in Point Roberts, please contact me. It would be better than most places in the USA for survival for a variety of reasons such as our Home Grown Food coop but I have contingency plans that go beyond North America due to my unique personal situation demanding it.
4. When I moved here many years ago, it was partly with all of this in mind that I chose this location. I read this book which some of you might find valuable even though it is not perfect.
STRATEGIC RELOCATIONThe North American Guide to Safe Places by Joel Skoussen.
5. For those of you who live in large cities but lack resources, it might be helpful to consider joining an Intentional Community, I lived in this one once called "High Flowing Community" in the mountains of Virginia when I was forced underground due to goons trying to kill me back in Florida when I was pushing for Congressional Oversight on Codex after witnessing crimes committed by unelected FDA bureaucrat Beth Yetley at UN Codex meetings in Germany. We had a division of labor at High Flowing, a place surrounded by lots of other intentional communities in Floyd County VA where we even had our own local currency so we weren't forced to use FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes.) You can learn about other intentional communities at this site. One might be right for you if you need to relocate away from a city.
6. Good heirloom seeds will be worth their weight in gold when TSHTF. I really like this organization "Seed Savers Exchange" which is preserving heirloom seeds and encourage more people to join them.
I was lucky to learn a lot about survival from once living without electricity or running water in a cabin on an island in the Bay of Fundy in NE Maine for two years where I lived off the land, and I also have a lot of survival experience from years of doing professional yacht delivery jobs up and down the eastern seaboard when I was younger. I've survived hurricanes in small boats at sea. I realize most of you have never had these kind of experiences, but its never too late for anyone to learn the sort of skills I acquired by trial and error and from growing up with a Navy SEAL father who saw a lot of combat and a Scoutmaster who survived two tours in Nam as a Green Beret.
While there is no single book to own, if I had to recommend just ONE book to people with no previous rural living experience, I'd recommend this classic by Carla Emery:
The Encyclopedia of Country Living
Prayer is in order, folks. Serious prayer because the N.W.O. is rapidly accelerating their timetable RIGHT NOW, and the writing is on the wall!
I hope none of you have ANY illusions about what this UN Treaty on (so called) "Climate Change" means from a sovereignty and freedom destroying perspective. Please take this online course to understand the danger of UN Agenda 21  and join Tom DeWeece's mailing list, he was the first whistleblower in the world against UN Agenda 21, and the stauchest crusader against this communist, private property rights destroying scam which the Pope and Club of Rome are trying to shove down our throats along with the fraudulent "Climate Change" Treaty.
If you have friends, family, neighbors, coworkers who are still asleep regarding the massive level of biological assault we've all come under from geoengineering/solar radiation management, please show them these films:
"What in the World Are They Spraying"? and "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" and also please watch the Italian documentary "Chemtrails- The Secret War"Secret War"
Please show them my archived e-alerts with all the valuable info they contain about detoxification, and please encourage more people to sign up here to receive these.
Advocates for Cellular Enhancement will be my new company, and I am almost ready to unveil a new website that will combine the mission of IAHF and SFH into one. This new site will be a vast improvement over my existing websites and will make ordering sulfur and my other products much easier than it is now.
Our mission, should you chose to accept it, is to join us in destroying the pharmaceutical industry and the UN once and for all along with the tyrants who think they own us. They are terrorists, and we have no use for their evil which we are NOT POWERLESS to oppose! They want to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs, and they're actively trying to do that, but if enough of you help me awaken everyone within your sphere of influence, they will fail!
We must SEE TO IT that they fail!
Begin by insuring that you PROTECT the TEMPLE of your own body by detoxing with sulfur, and with my other products that were carefully selected to work synergistically with it!
As I keep building ACE, I'll keep providing you with more and more FREEDOM TECHNOLOGY like these fine detox products, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, I'll be your guide to help you understand how our would be masters think so you will NEVER lose your FREEDOM!
I come from a very long line of freedom loving people. FREEDOM is in my DNA. My Scots ancestors REFUSED to be SLAVES to their British overlords who swooped in and attempted to force them to be SERFS on their own land, but they flipped them all the BIRD and split for Amsterdam, but didn't want their kids growin up speakin' Dutch, so they ROLLED THE DICE and sailed aboard a tiny wooden ship for what today is the tiny state or Rhode Island.
There, if not for the Narragansett people who taught them their fishing, and agricultural techniques, none of them would have survived. No one can tell by looking at me that I have even a drop of native blood and by now its about as dilute as Avogadro's number, almost homeopathic, yet I feel it in me, and know my heritage. Theres a restless spirit in me driving me to seek out solitude, vast wilderness areas where I can feel as one with Creator where I can feel free and not hemmed in by the likes of David Rockefeller, the Club of Rome, and the Vatican.
Get to know some native people who are in touch with their cultural traditions. I know many, and learn from them all for they have much wisdom, muct to teach us all about survival, and about what it means to life FREE in an UNFREE world.
Before he passed away, I was friends with Russell Means who started his own country, the Republic of Lakotah. He had a lot of pride and I respected him. We can all learn a lot from people like Russell, and also from my friend Arthur Augustus who started his own virtual Country, the Sovereign Earth Alliance. I encourage all of you to get on his mailing list. He is a unique talent, a suvivor's survivor, and an amazing outside the box thinker with an IQ thats unmeasurable.
Arthur lives in Nevada but doesn't have Nevada plates on his vehicle. Since he has established his own Virtual Country his plates say "SEA" on them and no one messes with him because he has learned how to truly live free in an unfree world. I find people like him to be very inspiring.
If you appreciate the information in this newsletter, please remember to delete the unsub link that accompanies each of my newsletters at the bottom before forwarding it, and please urge more people to sign on via the menu on this page. Tell them to put their email addy in and hit "enter", the autoresponder instantly emails them a link they must click on to complete the subscription process. Theres safety in numbers! As one person, I can't do much, but all of us, together as a group can totally monkeywrench all the NWOs most evil plans for world countrol. They're not NEARLY as slick as they THINK they are!