IAHF List: I have new information below which ties in with "From Chemtrails to Pseudo Life- The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology" by Sofia Smallstorm from this recent alert.
Those who fail to properly detox will be altered, their biology will be turned synthetic, and once that happens, you're done like dinner!
Once you allow your cells and internal organs to be taken over by the stealth "microdust weaponry", the weaponized parasites that were tweaked in a bioweapons lab using nanotechnology being arrayed against us via chemtrails, you will cease to be human, you will literally be turned into a non reproducing, biologically chipped android. If the weaponized parasites start hatching inside you're body, they get charged by electric fields in your environment, like from the wiring in your house!
Do you realize what this means if you allow this to happen by failing to detox sufficiently to protect yourself? It means the elite can shut you down any time they want by biologically chipping you turning you into a T.I. a targetted individual such as Magnus Olsson.
It means they can remotely induce a heart attack or stroke, cancer, or any number of other life ending means of taking you out, and they can also torture you by subjecting you to excruciating pain such as electric shocks, or demonic voices, til you blow your brains out, which is what they want! Hell, all the entitlement programs like Social Security are bankrupt, so they just want to robotize us and enslave us so they and their progency can have this planet for themselves!  They could even force you to drive your car into a tree to kill you and your family, they have done this to people!
To fully appreciate the degree to which we are undergoing a massive biological assault that threatens to rewire our bodies, turning our biology synthetic, turning us into non reproducing microchipped androids, please take the time to watch this video by Morgellons sufferer Skizit Gesture "Morgellons- Our Unnatural Future"
Also this one "Morgellons- Time Release Implant"  In both you will see examples of the specific weaponized parasites being sprayed on us, which we have all been inhaling deep into our lungs.... these man made creatures are taking up residence inside our internal organs, travelling in our bloodstreams, putting us at risk of getting full blown Morgellons disease which can go systemic in your body, totally incapacitating you to the point where you can't work, you can't feed yourself, you can't pay your bills.....driving an increasing number of people to suicide!
From this leaked NASA document we can see that the elite don't want us to live to age 65, they're trying to kill us, maim us, tortuture us and to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs and they have the technological ability to actually do these things.... but we're NOT POWERLESS to stop them!
In "Morgellons- Time Release Implant" some very valuable information is provided that we all need to thoroughly understand in our quest for detoxification and protection:
1. The Normal ph value in a healthy person is 7.35 to 7.45  Values above and below these numbers cause disease and may be the key to activating Morgellons, so you must ingest sulfur twice a day to maintain that perfect ph of 7.35-7.45 to avoid catalyzing the weaponized parasites and turning on Morgellons so it starts literally taking over your body and all its organs making them synthetic by literally plasticizing them!
2. The materials that cause Morgellons are carefully engineered and encapsulated so they can go through the environment. They are small enough to go through a cities water filters. You could ingest hundreds at a time. Morgellons patients have illegal implants which release, and continue generating materials over time.
Their body fluids are replaced with gels laced with DNA which generate fibers. Morgellons is a modern government torture weapon every bit as painful and as unjust as the rack was during medieval times. The Morgellons gels, fluids, fibers, and bugs were designed in bioweapons labs and have been heavily documented---- for example see these videos...
3. When in the intestine, the implants swell to the size of a golf ball, then BURST, spraying our insides with weaponized parasites that invade our bloodstream, and all internal organs including our brains and it is IMPERATIVE that these implants be REMOVED from the intestine (!!!)
We all need to do a systematic bowel detox to get these implants out of our bodies to prevent from getting the full blown Morgellons disease! The goal of the people who created Morgellons is to REPLACE our natural biology with MAN MADE SYNTHETIC biology so that we can be totally controlled, biologically microchipped!
As crazy as I know this sounds, you will really start to fully appreciate the danger you are in if you watch both videos shown above.
Yesterday I had a call from a contractor who was working at a construction site overlooking the ocean north of San Francisco where every day he would see the chemtrails roll in until the whole sky was nothing but a grey haze.
He had a bad upper respiratory tract infection, and he called to talk about chemtrails and detoxification. He told me he'd just gotten back from driving cross country, and almost everywhere he was he saw nothing but a chemtrail haze and he was horrified by the implications of this massive biological attack we're all coming under!
We talked about UN Agenda 21, the multi vector attack we're all undergoing via forced vaccination, chemtrails, GMO Foods, and pharmaceutical drugs.
I mentioned that California is a N.W.O test zone where people are especially under attack now with recent passage of SB 277 which forces mandatory vaccines with no exemptions allowed on school kids, and I discussed how California is threatening to become the first state where ADULTS could be force vaccinated too (with criminal penalties for those who refuse.)
We talked about the chemtrail induced drought in California, and about how all the small farmers in the San Joaquin Valley are being driven out of business as Giant Agribusinesses are buying up that land and planting it with Monsanto's GE seed, the only thing that will germinate despite all the alumunim oxide being sprayed.
Clearly the elite don't want us to be able to eat anything but GE food, thats why they're passing legislation to block us from even being allowed to label GE food at the state level. At this rate, it will someday be illegal to even possess heirloom seeds or to grow your own food!
For this reason, I encourage everyone to rebel against the system by joining Seed Savers Exchange, and also the Weston A. Price Foundation via which you can learn how to prepare nutrient dense foods such as bone broth and saurkraut which are both very good for healing and sealing a leaky gut so you will be able to properly absorb the nutrients from the food you eat.
I told him how Morgellons disease was created by tweaking parasites using nanotechnology to weaponize them in order to alter all of our biology to make it synthetic so we can be turned into non reproducing cyborgs, and I sent him this video showing that Morgellons was patented by Stanford University in Palo Alto CA. I also sent him this documentary film "From Chemtrails to Pseudolife- The Dark Side of Synthetic Biology" by Sofia Smallstorm.
He was struggling economically and wondered how to pay for the sulfur and other detoxification products (Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, Super Echinacea, Super Food Plus, Magnascent Iodine I recommended, and I suggested he buy 20 lbs in bulk at $22/ lb, then sell half of it to family, friends, guys he works with to help defray the expense. He did this, and I have a growing number of foreign customers who also do this to defray the expense of shipping.
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 1. What in the World Are They Spraying? by Michael Murphy
2. Why in the World Are They Spraying? by Michael Murphy
3. Trailer for "An UNconventional Shade of Grey" by Michael Murphy, which he needs help to complete, please make a donation towards completing this film which must be finished in time to influence the UN Climate Change Summit at the end of December this year! Murphy makes a valid point "How can we know anything about whether the planet is warming, or cooling unless we STOP GEOENGINEERING which is adversely impacting our climate?" He warns us that we must stop this UN Power grab which threatens to destroy all national sovereignty via legal action, and we need this film to protect ourselves, so please contribute to it as I have and please urge more people to as well!
4. Tanker Enemy- "Chemtrails the Secret War"
5. Direct people to this leaked NASA document "Future Strategic Issues- Future Warfare 2025"
People can learn here about the Transhumanist agenda to cull the human herd and to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs, the future is NOW! Morgellons is a man made disease, its being sprayed on us right NOW. All the toxic heavy metals, viruses, molds, and weaponized parasites are being sprayed on us for the purpose of killing and injuring us, and we must take steps to detox or we will pay the consequences! We documented the patent on Morgellons in this previous alert. The patent is held by Stanford University.
5.  From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (FULL LENGTH VIDEO)
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7. Direct people here so they can arm themselves for detoxification with sulfur and my other products!
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