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IAHF SUMMER WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC: Help Fitting Into That Bathing Suit:
It is a shocking statistic, but if the current rates of obesity and diabetes continue, fully one in every three people will be diabetic by the year 2050 according to the Centers for Disease Control. This is not just happening by accident. The ruling elite want you to die, preferably before your 65th birthday because all the entitlement programs are bankrupt. This trend is not just happening by accident. There are people who WANT you to GET FAT , GET DIABETIC! Have heart attacks, strokes, cancer, Alzheimers-- and start pushin' up daisies!
I think about this when I work out, because I realize all of us are at war against the Bilderberg Group, the UN, and their stooges in government who aren't telling us the truth about anything!!
I was on track to become a statistic when I was up around 250 lbs. I got down to around 190, then put some of it back on, so now I'm trying to go from around 210 back to 190. As I discuss weight loss with you in this alert, I'm striving to take my own advice and to keep everything I'm telling you in mind myself- I hate hypocrisy. All of us are fighting this "battle of the bulge" together! This way, we WIN, and the NWO--- LOSES!! I like that, and hope you do too!
Sulfur can help, and so can other supplements that I'll also tell you about in this alert! I'll be discussing a few different strategies in this alert.
There is evidence that obesity and diabetes are risk factors for Alzheimers and also Cancer as well as the world's number one killer disease: heart disease, so we all have a real incentive to hack some of the flab off our bodies using any weapons at our disposal!
None of us needs to become a UN Agenda 21 statistic, and as you have seen from my previous two alerts (HERE) and (HERE) we're all undergoing massive biological assault from chemtrails and radiation which sulfur protects us from. The intention is to turn us into a new subservient species, non reproducing android mind controlled slaves via radiation and nano fibers in the chemtrails to alter our DNA, to alter our response to the Schumann healing frequency of the Earth to throw us out of sync with our Creator. We are in the midst of an epid battle between good and evil, and this "battle of the bulge" we're all in is part of that.
When we're undergoing this massive stress, we dump acid into our small intestines. Acid triggers the "fight or flight" response, and we reach for comfort foods which is the exact wrong thing to do, but we do it anyway! So, how can we neutralize this acid so we don't reach for comfort foods, for carbs which temporarily make us feel good by raising seratonin levels but in the long run are killing us? We must neutralize this acid by taking sulfur which alkalinizes our guts by opening up the cell membrane, allowing oxygen to flood in, and allowing insulin to carry glucose in to be burned as fuel so it won't be stored around our bellies as fat!
Understanding this one fact about how to reverse glycation is the first key thing you MUST understand if you want to lose weight, the second we'll get to in a minute!
So I think about this when I'm running on the treadmill, going for power walks, swimming hard laps, swinging a kettlebell, making my food choices, and taking my supplements. Taking sulfur helps me work out longer, to burn more calories because it stops lactic acid buildup which causes pain! Pain is caused by the absence of oxygen! That lactic acid build up is what causes you to get off the treadmill you're trying to stay on, so take sulfur before, and after every workout! 
My goal with this alert is to fix two simple concepts deeper into my mind that can help me, and all of you, attain our weight loss goals so we can work AGAINST this New World Order genocide agenda which will be accelerating due to the Rio + 20 Conference starting this June in Rio where the intention is to set the stage for finishing off our national sovereignty and totally enslaving us to the UN! You've been introduced to the first concept: glycation, we'll examine this some more, and we'll also look at the second concept, thermogenesis- below.
I'm Hoping the Christian Bookstore He Works In Will Become A Sulfur Wholesaler
I'm Hoping He Will Soon Be An Inspiration To All Who Meet Him There-
Here Are The TWO SIMPLE CONCEPTS I'm Teaching Him- Myself- & All of You!
Like many of you, mycousin has been struggling with his weight. In his early 40s, he is up around 250 and works in a Christian bookstore. My goal is to work with him, to help him transform his body, and to teach him the things I've been learning in the hope that his boss, (my other cousin's husband) might become one of my sulfur wholesalers. We could end war and drastically reduce crime on this planet if more people just drank sulfur water every day! It helps anyone who uses it to feel very calm, mellow and grounded.
It helps kids get off ADD medication, and adults get off all medication. There is only one disease- cellular malfuction. Sulfur helps your cells function optimally by flooding them with oxygen and by taking out the trash.
My hope is that in time my cousin will be able to teach all of this to others who come into that store, and that all of you will be able to as well!  My cousin knows all about UN Agenda 21, and he follows all aspects of the NWO as closely as I do. He teaches me things all the time. He realizes all of us are in the midst of this epic battle and that this battle to maintain and preserve are fitness is part of that battle. So, lets get started!!
To rip the flab off your body, the first thing is to learn to use these powerful weapons through which you can transform your health and your life. My goal in teaching you to use these techniques is to keep you from having a heart attack, a stroke, from getting cancer, Alzheimers or other disease. This battle is very personal to me, here is why:
My brother Rob was only 64 when he passed away, but he could be any of us. He was crawling under his bed one morning looking for his shoes while getting dressed for work when BAM! Like you snap your fingers, my brother was gone! He bled out instantaneously from a massive aneurism. His heart literally exploded! 
He'd been under a massive load of stress from an hour and a half commute (and other huge stressors), but he wasn't eating or exercising properly, and he didn't know how to help himself--- his type A workaholism caught up with him- he wasn't "sharpening the saw" by taking time out to work on his health- so he never reached retirement. He was a poster child for UN Agenda 21 NWO genocide.
He died exactly when they wanted. Just before he would have retired, he EXPIRED...... right on schedule...leaving behind a grieving family that includes me. When I heard the news, I was in shock. The sudden, unexpected death of a family member can be a very hard thing emotionally. i walked around the block for a half an hour trying to process the news as the wind whipped the tears away from my face. He was a good brother- the best!
Well I don't want my brother's fate to be mine or to happen to ANY OF YOU! So...... what do we do?
1. Get on the scale! Weigh yourself! Write that number down in a notebook that you are going to start keeping a log in! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! So the first step is to see where you are. Get a glucose meter and start logging your blood sugar. Learn how to do this at this site.
2. Step 2- If you think you are at risk of a heart attack, stroke, or might have become diabetic- go to a doctor and get a physical. I can't possibly know where all of you are, my guidelines are very general, they can help you, but you all need to help yourselves!
3. Start reversing GLYCATION so that the hormone insulin won't keep being BLOCKED by insulin resistance from carrying the glucose your cells need for FUEL from being carried into the cells! Glycation is a  process whereby your cell walls become OVERLY THICK. When this happens, and insulin is blocked from carrying glucose into the cells, it gets STORED AS FAT around your midsection!
So.... what to do? Your mission is to STOP GLYCATION by making your cell walls more permeable so you don't have so much insulin resistance! You can do this by taking SULFUR! Healthy people need to take a Teaspoon per hundred pounds of body weight twice a day, a half hour away from other supplements, while hydrating continuously to flush out toxins! Half your body weight in ounces of water per day! I weigh about 200, so I drink 100 ounces or a gallon of water per day!
When you do this, if you are using a glucose meter, you will see your serum blood sugar levels drop! There are supplements you can take such as chromium polynicotinate that can help lower blood sugar along with sulfur! L-Glutamine can help stop carb cravings and balance blood sugar. This is very helpful if you are hypoglycemic like I am. Hypoglycemics suffer from mood swings caused by sharp fluctuations in blood sugar levels that can cause extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety, mania, and irritability.
By following the 6/12/12 rule for limiting carb intake during your 3 meals you will lose weight if you also are cognizant of the need to limit protein intake too because too much protein converts to glucose. See info at this site.
Along with sulfur, taking Benfothiamine, a fat soluable form of the B-vitamin thiamine can also help reduce glycation and lower blood sugar levels. This article from Life Extension Foundation talks about that.
Along with stopping glycation, the second thing you must do to rip that flab off your body is you must create thermogenesis to increase your metabolic rate! By raising your body's temperature you become a very efficient fat burning furnace!
Thermogenesis is defined as the production of heat, especially through metabolic processes. Imagine your body as a furnace. You want to burn calories as efficiently as possible! Have you ever operated an incinerator? We had one in the house I grew up in and used to burn paper trash in it. It always burned the hottest when we could get oxygen into it, and I would open the damper for that purpose so the flames would really roar and it would not produce as much smoke. We want to achieve the same result via the right combination of foods, spices, herbs, and supplements necessary to really produce heat so we can burn calories efficiently!
This is not rocket science, when you ingest sulfur, you put oxygen into the cells that help increase your metabolic rate, this helps you burn up your food better so it doesn't just turn into fat! Eating fat doesn't make you fat! Eating carbs makes you fat! Eating good fats synergistically creates thermogenesis and is like pouring gasoline on a bonfire! When you combine good fats such as coconut oil and cod liver oil, you create thermogenesis!You can get good coconut oil anywhere, but the best cod liver oil is Green Pastures. Get their cod liver oil/butter oil blend, it is one of the best thermogenic products out there and it has helped me with my weight loss, also with my cognition!
Certain herbs also create thermogensis including cayenne pepper, curry, cardamon, cloves, and cinnamon! Read this article "Burn Body Fat With Herbs & Spices" 
Cinnamon also helps lower blood sugar, so it is very good for diabetics and prediabetics. I was pre-diabetic when I was 60 lbs overweight. I did not want to have to start shooting up insulin, realized I had been nuking my pancreas, realized I only had one pancreaous and that it has to last the rest of my life...... so I started changing my eating habits, and started logging all exercise and food intake, see this site I created to help you do the same.
Some supplements that will really help you with weight loss along with the info above:
1. Sulfur- to get oxygen into the cell, get wastes out, increase thermogenesis, and stop glycation. Take other supplements a half hour before or after taking sulfur so they won't interfere with sulfur and vice versa.
2. Benfothiamine- The fat soluable form of the B vitamin thiamine helps stop glycation by penetrating cell membranes. It also helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It protects your bodies cells and tissues against glycation and bioxidative stress. Benfotiamine also blocks the activation of the transcription factor known as nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kB), which is implicated in numerous inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Helps maintain healthy endothelial function to protect cells from damage caused by high glucose levels. Especially helps protect endothelial, retinal, kidney and nerve cells.
3. Chromium Polynicotinate Helps lower blood sugar and insulin levels, the key to the anti inflammatory weight loss diet. The reason people are overweight is that their inflammatory state has put a "lock" on their fat loss metabolism. Chromium helps remove that lock by decreasing inflammation, thus unlocking enzymes that aide in fat metabolism. Chromium also helps normalize blood lipids such as triglycerides.
4. L- Glutamine  This amino acid will lessen your carb cravings. It serves as an energy source for your mitochondria, and helps protect you from stress when you exercise, using it will help you get through the work outs you need to lose weight!
5. 7 Keto DHEA- Illegal in Canada and in some countries, this natural metabolite of DHEA increases thermogenesis to help with weight loss when combined with an exercise program. It also helps with memory retention and in boosting mitochondrial optimization.
6. Fukothin-  
fücoTHIN is a proprietary blend of fucoxanthin, derived from seaweed and a virgin, cold-pressed pomegranate oil. The blend, called Xanthigen™ utilizes uniquely effective means for extracting fucoxanthin from seaweed and then blends it with the highest quality pomegranate oil in unique proportions in order to create a patent pending formula.
Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid, a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radical damage. It is the pigment that gives brown seaweed its characteristic color and also participates in photosynthesis (the conversion of light into energy). It is found in several different types of brown seaweed.
fücoTHIN supports metabolism including that of white adipose tissue, without stimulating the central nervous system.  fücoTHIN is particularly effective at “burning” visceral fat, composed of white adipose tissue. Visceral fat is the fat surrounding the internal organs, and specifically the double layer of fat flanking the stomach, called the omentum. (This is specifically different from subcutaneous fat which lies just below the surface from the skin and is more often deposited in the hip and thigh regions.) An excess of visceral fat leads to the "pot belly" or "beer belly" effect, in which the abdomen protrudes excessively.1  In a Japanese Study, researchers determined that supplementation with fucoxanthin dramatically reduced the abdominal fat of mice.1
1.  Maeda H et al. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005;332; 392–397
Exercise for weight loss- Anything you do is better than sitting in a chair! Get out and walk, run, swim, bike, hike, use a kettle bell, lift weights, get on the treadmill, the elliptical trainer, the stationary bike, do some gardening, just get outside away from your computer!.... keep a log.... if you get sore, soak in epsom salts combined with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide which you can get here along with your sulfur.
As soon as the coconut sugar and honey are available from Mestiza, I'll let you know. It will help you make your sulfur more palatable. In the meantime, try putting a couple drops of food grade peppermint oil on your tongue, or some regular honey! That will mask the bitter taste. If you reestablish the sulfur cycle in your body via regular use, over time the bitter taste will disappear and won't bother you.
I reached that point a long time ago. It is definitly worth it to stick with the sulfur, the health benefits of feeling far more energy, more grounded, and a much bigger libido are definitly worth the minor inconvenience of the bitter initial taste, especially when you have the satisfaction of knowing it is helping you lose weight, while also protecting you from toxic chemtrails and from Fukushima radiation. Remember- I will be leaving on June 14th, and won't be back til the 25th, so please get your order in right away if you want some before I go away!
To help stop the diabetes/obesity epidemic that threatens to impact one in every 3 people by 2050, please widely forward this to more people and please repost to your website! Anyone can sign on to the IAHF email distribution list via this site at no charge.
5% of the proceeds from each sulfur sale are going towards making a badly needed sequel to this Health Freedom Film that I was in 6 years ago. We need a new film to get congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico- the mechanism via which FDA intends to destroy health freedom in North America by ushering in restrictive Codex dictates. We can stop this if enough people help IAHF!