Reactor 4- Building Listing, Roof Blown Off, Spent Fuel Pool on 4th Floor, Reactors Now Too Hot to Send People In, (10X the Lethal Dose of Radiation) Can't Send in Robots to Remove Fuel- The Technology Does Not Exist to Use Robots in This Level of Radiation....One More Magnitude 7 Earthquake and This Building Could Collapse, If Spent Fuel Pool Collapses- Entire Northern Hemisphere Will Be Contaminated
IAHF List:

Well I like my cells, they come in handy and I don't want them burning up from inside! They help me think, they help me breathe, they comprise all my internal organs including my heart, lungs, brain, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, they make up my whole BODY- and I don't want any HARM to come to them, the last thing I need is cancer!  I don't WANT cesium 134, cesium 137, or iodine 131 particles attaching to them from holes left by mineral deficiencies..... so I am taking a pound of sulfur per week! I want all the holes in my CELLS FILLED SOLID with ZERO SPACE for these radioactive particles which the US Geological Survey says are now coming down in rainfall all over America from Fukushima.
Radioactive tunafish  with 10 times the background level for cesium radiation have even swum across the Pacific to our shores from Fukushima and if you eat tuna, you are eating cesium right now! You are also eating it in fruits and vegetables as well as in meat and other food, and you are drinking it in water! You are breathing it, especially if you are a runner or cyclist! It is in US milk in levels 2000 times higher than EPA Maximums!
By taking high doses of sulfur, I'm not only protecting myself from radiation and from toxic chemtrails, I have been healing nerve damage from surgery from when a tree fell on me in a tornado when I was 16. Beyond that, I consider this a damn cheap insurance policy for WHEN that spent fuel pool inside Reactor #4 collapses..... which it will.... the moment there is another Magnitude 7 Earthquake in Japan....(there have been two magnitude 6 earthquakes there this past month, and a huge rise in Earthquake activity world wide, so it's only a matter of time- a seismologist at University of Tokyo predicts there is a 70% chance of another magnitude 7 earthquake in the next 4 years.)
(Currently there is 10x the lethal level of radiation round the Fukushima reactors. They can no longer send in workmen, it's too dangerous! They also can't send in robots to remove the nuclear fuel because the necessary technology does not exist for even ROBOTS to work around that level of radiation! The roads around those reactors are too cracked to get firetrucks anywhere near them..... It is a DISASTER waiting to happen as Marc Sircus all too accurately warns us in his latest alert.

I don't know about you, but I can see the writing on the wall. In my previous alert, I reported that the real reason for chemtrails is to turn us all into non reproducing androids via the nanotechnology they are spraying us with which is literally rewiring us to change our resonant frequencies and turning us into a different species because the ruling elite want us to be non thinking robotic slaves! (Raise your hand if you want to be turned into an android slave, I sure as hell don't, so I'm not LETTING them damage me with chemtrails or with radiation!
I am taking a LOT of Sulfur, Magnesium, Spirulina, Zeolite, Vitamin C and other nutrients to protect my cells from radiation and from toxic chemtrails. I want those HOLES in my cells that RADIATION could attach to FILLED UP SOLID with sulfur so NO Radiation will be able to attach when Reactor #4 collapses and that Spent Fuel Pool comprised of 135 TONS of nuclear waste spills out all over the ground causing a nuclear holocaust, a gigantic nuclear fire that no one will even be able to get NEAR to even ATTEMPT to put out! Think I'm exaggerating the danger? Read this!!
Please alert your family, friends, and neighbors! An MD on the IAHF list recently bought 10 lbs of sulfur for himself and a lot for his family members in different parts of the country. He is wise! He sees the wisdom of being prepared, being fully aware of the dangers we're facing!
If you want to buy sulfur at wholesale pricing, I will sell you 10 pounds for $320. inc shipping to anywhere in the USA, if you live outside the US I must charge shipping (email me to ask). If you want 10 lbs, you don't order that via the Sulfur for Health site, it's not set up for those orders. You would order via the IAHF paypal button here.
If you want more than 10 lbs, I can improve the pricing, email me for inquiries at  Remember- most MSM on the market is adulterated with silicon dioxide that they use in the filling machines and it makes that sulfur biologically inert. So does quadruple heating sulfur to 486 degrees which the 3 biggest manufacturers do. That destroys the sulfur crystals.It is gross overkill! Mine is only heated to 271. You don't want it heated any higher, and you definitly don't want it contaminated with silicon dioxide!
If you have any doubts about MSM you bought somewhere else, put some in a shot glass or clear glass with hot water. Let the water evaporate. Do you have crystals? Are they BIG crystals? If not, better get the RIGHT sulfur, the stuff that WORKS. If it doesn't grow big crystals, it will not work well in your cells, it won't do a good job of opening up your cell membranes so oxygen can flood in and so wastes can exit! We are under biological assault, if you have any doubts, don't take chances on the MSM in your health food store or on any MSM when you don't know how it was manufactured. Most on the market is sub standard garbage! Mine is not!
It will even reduce facial scarring over time (12-18 months.) It will give you the highest energy level you've ever had, while neutralizing acid from stress by alkalinizing your gut! That will help you be very calm and grounded, even in the face of these very troubling times we're living in! It will also increase your libido dramatically, and if you work out, it will help lessen the impact of lactic acid buildup, since lactic acid is caused by not getting sufficient oxygen into the cells! I've been working out a lot lately wanting to get into the best shape I can before the shit hits the fan! Do your family members have sulfur? Your friends? Neighbors?  Got enough sulfur?