IAHF List: Please go here, read the article, and watch the video embedded in it. You will gain some real insight into what all of us are up against if you do, and it will help you alert friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, anyone within your sphere of influence to the ruling elite's genocide agenda.
We now have Fox news warning us about UN Agenda 21implementation via Obama's government policies. This will help you to more fully understand the Wild Lands Project, and how the elite are trying to destroy our private property rights and to turn America into a communist nation of slaves.
In this previous Alert, I provided documentation that NASA is part of this genocide agenda, and that a concerted effort is underway to weaken our immune systems, to shorten our lifespans, and to turn us into microchipped slaves.
In a shocking slide show presented in July 2001, titled “Future Strategic Issues- the Future of Warfare”  and written by their Chief Scientist, Dennis M. Bushnell, PhD, NASA has openly announced their intention to kill off the human race, announcing that we are to be “replaced” by robots and cyborgs- see http://stopthecrime.net/docs/nasa-thefutureof-war.pdf  See the in depth analysis of this threat at http://stopthecrime.net/
Please ponder this information in light of the new information discussed above about UN Agenda 21. Now do you see why billions of pounds of toxic heavy metals, nano fibers, mycoplasma, dessicated red blood cells, and antibiotic resistant bacteria are being sprayed on us every day by aircraft?
Now do you understand why rates of cancer, Alzheimers, Morgellons, and other diseases are skyrocketing?
Now do you see why I have been pleading with all of you to reach out to educate everyone around you to the need to detox so as to protect yourselves from this evil?
One group that "gets it" is Open Heart Ministry  in Bellevue, Washington. A group of people in this church just pooled their money and bought 20 lbs of sulfur from me at the discounted price of just $22./ lb (plus shipping.) I wish all churches were as aware as these people are. They actually understand what is really going on in the world today. They are very open to all forms of holistic health and healing. It is refreshing to me to communicate with people like this!
Keep in mind that most of the MSM on the market is Opti brand, and it is almost biologically inert because they overheat it to 486 degrees 4x, which is gross overkill, and it is also contaminated with silicon dioxide which deactivates it. Silicon dioxide is ground up quartz, and it should not be used anywhere near MSM because when it comes into contact with it it combines with it and neutralizes it. Silicon dioxide is used as an anticaking ingredient and flow agent to stop filling machines from jamming when powdered supplement products are flowed into capsules, but it should not be used in any plant manufacturing MSM powder.
My sulfur is different. It is not damaged by heat. You can grow crystals with it like the ones shown the photo below of my favorite coffee cup:(You can't do this with Opti brand.) Its the crystals that enable sulfur to work properly in the cellular matrix of your body- they help open up cell membranes allowing oxygen to flood into the cells to PUSH OUT all the toxins being sprayed on us by chemtrails, and the sulfur then binds with the heavy metals to safely remove them from your body!


Could you form a group of people within your own church or other organization to make the effort that these people are making to awaken the people around them and to get this same sort of group buying power to really help people detox with sulfur? Sure you could, if you tried and cared enough the way the people at Open Heart Minstry do! I hope more people WILL try to do this, because it is what is necessary.
If you own a health food store, are an alternative practitioner, or own some other retail establishment, or have organized a group of people within an organization such that you could make more than a single purchase, I will wholesale the world's best organic sulfur to you for just $22./lb if you buy 20 or more pounds. (Contact me at jham@iahf.com, give me your website, show me some proof that you can move the sulfur.)
If you are an individual, I will sell you 10 lbs for the discounted price of $32/ lb. with free shipping via the IAHF paypal link.
If you would like between 1-4 pounds at a time the cost is $40./ lb, and you can sign up for monthly autoshipping also as an option if you would like. Use this link and scroll down to order.
Please forward this alert! Most people don't realize there is a massive effort underway to cull the human herd, to weaken our immune systems, to shorten our lifespans. Please carefully read all information above so you will really be able to explain to more people whats going on! Sulfur is our best means of detoxification! I have been helping people get off every Rx drug you can name just be reestablishing the sulfur cycle in their body!
Athletes especially love it because it keeps them out of oxygen debt, but it helps anyone to have an increased energy level while also lowering stress levels by neutralizing the acid caused by stress thats dumped into the small intestine!
How do you think I stay sane while pumping out the sort of information contained in my alerts? Its depressing stuff, but when you ingest sulfur, you smile and laugh a lot more and that creates endorphins. They say laughter is the best medicine! If you find yourself feeling really bummed out by the genocidal actions of the New World Order, your best defense is to LAUGH at them by taking sulfur! 
It will also help you beat your allergies and lose weight this summer!