Oklahoma Tornado, Massive Destruction From Tornado in Moore, OK.... HAARP + CHEMTRAILS Used to Unleash This Bomb....
How Can We Best Protect Ourselves? Why is Weather Being Used as a Weapon Against Us? Memorial Day Analysis by IAHF
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Are you constantly fighting the "battle of the bulge"? I went from 250 lbs to 190, reversed a prediabetic condition that threatened to nuke my pancreas to the point where I would have had to start shooting up insulin if I hadn't learned to get my blood sugar levels under control, and to lose weight and keep it off. In this alert, I will show you exactly how I achieved this success which you can duplicate!
With weather being used as a weapon, our air, water and soil being contaminated via heavy metals being sprayed by chemtrails, all of us need to learn new ways to safeguard our health in the face of UN Agenda 21 efforts to cull the human herd....
Anyone who has ever used a bellows to pump oxygen into a woodstove knows that you can accelerate combustion by pumping oxygen into a fire. When you ingest my organic sulfur twice a day by drinking it, you make your cell membranes more porous so that oxygen can flood into them to accelerate fat burning, which you can catalyze via thermogenesis by starting your day by eating two good fats such as coconut oil and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil while simultaneously flooding your cells with oxygen.

MSM makes cell wall permeable, allowing water and nutrients to freely flow into cells and allowing waters and toxins to properly flow out. The building blocks of the body, amino acids are all sulfur binders and play a major role in the production of hormones and enzymes, which regulate the body’s activities.
MSM is known to relieve swelling, inflammation and pain sustaining cell flow, allowing harmful substances and excess fluids to flow out while allowing nutrients to flow in. MSM supplies the sulfur required by the body supplies the sulfur required by the body to help bind protein molecules together for essential process such as fat metabolism, immune function, energy production, development or the central nervous system, and health of the kidneys, brain, heart and retina of the eye.
Sulfur also helps create the antioxidant amino acids that contribute to helping the liver excrete toxins. It also may help promote healthy ligament, tendons, heart valves, skin and all connective tissues.
You can literally SEE the improvement in your cellular health if you drink sulfur water twice a day by taking a flash digital photo of your face before starting on sulfur, save it to your hard drive, then take another photo in 6 months and compare! Fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet go away! es, wrinkles, crows feet go away! You will be smiling a lot more as you neutralize acid caused by stress thats dumped into your small intestine, and the more you smile and laugh and laugh, the more endorphins (natural pain killers) your body produces to help you stay on top of your game!
See Freeobesitysolutions.com a site I built as a public service. I recommend you get a glucose meter, monitor and log your blood sugar levels while keeping a food diary. Supplements such as chromium picolinate, cinsulin, and benfothiamine can help lower blood sugar levels, and so can exercise. The feedback you'll get from the meter will help you improve your food choices so as to eliminate sugar and fast acting carbs that cause spikes in blood sugar.
By switching to a paleo diet of clean protein from grass fed beef, wild salmon, good fats, and organic, biodynamically grown vegetables and low glycemic fruits, and by exercising sensibly you will find the pounds melting off, and you will add years to your life while vastly improving the quality of your life!
I urge all of you to make such efforts to improve your health, because we're at war with an evil ruling elite who are making concerted efforts to kill and injure us through a variety of covert means discussed fully below:

All of us must develop an ability to understand what is really going on in the world today outside the mainstream news spin via which our would be overlords seek to manipulate our minds, and to weaken our immune systems by spraying us with incredibly toxic levels of heavy metals which are being used for weather modification, and to alter conductivity of the earth's atmosphere so that scaler (microwave) weapons such as HAARP will "work properly" for mind control, weather modification, food control, and people control.
Once we fully understand what is happening, and why, we can take steps to protect ourselves!
This alert contains a lot of new information to help protect your health. Please forward it widely, and discuss it with friends and family this Memorial Day weekend, so more people can learn the truth!
The massive tornados that just flattened Moore, OK killing 24, and injuring 377 had a peak sustained wind of 210 MPH.
Weatherman Scott Stevens provides us with a penetrating analysis of the recent killer tornados in Oklahoma, showing us through in depth analysis of satellite photos how these killer tornados were man made via manipulation of weather systems via chemtrails and microwaves.
There is a bipartisan movement against UN Agenda 21 in the USA, and I encourage all of you to learn more about this and to get involved in the fight back by urging your county or city to remove itself from ICLEI, the UN NGO group that is pushing this evil agenda.
Watch this excellent lecture by Rosa Koire in order to best understand this scam!
Join forces with Tom DeWeese of American Policy Center to derail Agenda 21!
Just by being healthy, and by taking steps to keep up your own health you can help derail the UN's population control agenda! Ingesting organic sulfur twice a day is the easiest single thing you can do to help thwart the NWO population control agenda!
Its the easiest way to detox all the heavy metals which Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock MD warns us is causing a massive increase in cancer, Alzheimers diesease, Morgellons disease, asthma, allergies, depression, mental illness and other serious health problems!
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Have you been drinking sulfur water for 6 months by now? Do you have any before and after photos you'd like to share with me that show the improvement in your cellular health? If so, please email them to me at jham@iahf.com and let me know if I can post them on www.sulfurforhealth.com
Do you have a testimonial you'd like to share regarding how my sulfur has helped your health? If so, please email it to me and let me know if I can share it also. Nothing is more basic to good health than to ingest a substance that helps flood your cells with oxygen while taking out the trash!
Please alert friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to the information in this article! They need to know that their health is undergoing a massive covert assault, but that there is something they can do to protect themselves!
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