John with "Bear" back                                            One of the "Hive Like" Cities our would be
home (will be back by                                                Controllers plan on forcing us into
January 23 am in                                                       If they can FIRST turn us into Cyborgs
Philippines now)                                                         By altering our DNA via chemtrails..... this doesn't have to happen!!
IAHF List: I left North America on December 14th, and have extended my stay here in Asia longer than expected so barring any unforseen accident hope to return home to Point Roberts on January 22nd.

Anita has been back in my office all this time skillfully handling orders.

In this alert we will explore the Tooth/Body Connection, something I learned about from the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, a group which has almost completed doing a very useful scientific study which proves the efficacy of my sulfur for chelating mercury and other toxic heavy metals including stuff being sprayed on us via chemtrails.
I will be posting the data from this study on the Sulfur for Health website soon! It has already been helping me to get many new wholesale accounts from the ranks of Biological Dentists and Naturopaths as I gave a lecture for continuing education credits about the detoxification effects of organic sulfur at the IABDM conference in TN a few months ago.

If you read my last alert you would have read about my plan to smuggle bibles and also copies of Tortured for Christ by pastor Richard Wurmbrand, Founder of Voice of the Martyrs into the war torn region of North Catabato, Mindanao, Philippines. Wurmbrand survived 14 years of torture in communist prisons in Romania merely for practicing his faith. I was riveted by his book which you can get for free here.

I was in North Catabato for nearly a week at the start of my trip and had help from a friend who I converted from Islam to Christianity. During my time there I brought even some radicalized Muslims to Christ. Copies of this book "From Saul to Paul" helped me to do that. I was unarmed, with only my faith and the power of prayer to shield me from harm. As you can see from this video, it is a very dangerous region where three Muslim Separatist groups are in a state of perpetual war against the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines). That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Some people wondered why I wanted to do this including my secular humanist brother who was brainwashed to accept a Marxist/Globalist world view via getting a Masters degree in Urban and Regional planning through an Ivy League University (Penn).

My brother has been conned into thinking of UN Agenda 21 as a "good thing" as he has swallowed the Club of Rome's "Green Agenda" hook line and sinker, as have many other Americans who fail to grasp how our would be controllers have set us up for global control and genocide via numerous vectors that I've been striving to expose, especially chemtrails.
(I thank the Lord every day that I was forced out of university decades ago by illness, due to this lucky twist of fate, I was never brainwashed the way my brother was, and it was this lucky break that enables me to do this outside the box thinking which is helping thousands world wide!!

More on this topic of UN Agenda 21 and the Green Agenda below as Michael Murphy needs our ongoing help to complete his latest film "An UN Conventional Shade of Grey" which rips the lid off the UN's Gobal control scam and sets the stage for us to launch successful lawsuits globally to stop this satanic world control agenda. We must especially contribute towards the completion of this film given the fact that Obama wants to become the next Secretary General of the UN

In Mindanao I  realized I could have been captured by Muslim separatists and either held for ransom or decapitated for smuggling bibles, but I wasn't. I had to test my faith this way because when you do, it helps you in other ways in your life. It always helps to do things in order to have a closer conscious contact with Creator. For this reason I have also spent time in native american sweat lodges and have done vision quests on the top of a mountain for 4 days and 3 nights with no food or water, just some bear root to chew to stimulate saliva. I am part native american, and know fully that if not for my Narragansett ancestors, my Scots ancestors never would have survived when they sailed to what today is the State of Rhode Island. 
My grandmother and Aunt were proud members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and my ancestors helped settle the states of Rhode Island, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, and Georgia. My father was one of the men tapped by John Kennedy to create the Navy SEALS in 1962. He was one of their forerunners as an officer in Argus Unit One from the second world war, and we must work together to NOT have a THIRD because it could kill us all!

Sulfur for Health and IAHF aren't just "businesses" in my view as I share so much of myself through both. I couldn't do what I do if not for my faith, it helps me stay on course with multiple goals, including a long range goal to some day have my own Homa Farm and healing center where people can come and have health vacations.
It will be here in the Philippines where I am now. (At the link above you will see a video about
Om Shree Dham homa farm in NSW Australia, it truly illustrates the power of Agnihotra which transmutes chemtrails and which helps reestablish the Schuman Resonance Frequency of 7.83 hz that I discussed in this previous alert. 
With all of your kind assistance, we will create a Naturopathic healing center modelled on the Om Shree Dham homa farm. It will be a place where burned out people can take health vacations in an idyllic south seas beach front area, a place where there are waterfalls, and good mineralized volcanic soil for growing nutrient dense veges!
It will be a place where people can reclaim their soul, where people can commune with our Creator and find that elusive inner peace! I'd love it to be here on Camiguin, the Tahiti of the Philippines. (If you have deep pockets, and can help my fiance and I build this dream, please email me at Where there is a WILL there is always a WAY!!! (Especially if you pray, while reaching out to others of faith as we both do.)

On this trip I have been in both the Philippines and Japan where I spent 12 days. Some highlights of my time in Japan were a visit to a traditional Japanese Onsen (geothermal spa) out in the countryside away from Tokyo and on New Years day we visited a Buddhist Shrine which was thousands of years old. I had many meals in a Japanese home where we were guests, and we celebrated New Years eve there, eating cross legged seated on tatami mats at a low table where our host cooked the meal right at the table. Experiences like these help shape a person for the better!!

They help you to learn who you are, and what your core values are, and knowing these things can help you survive and defeat the Satanic N.W.O. while helping everyone around you to do the same!!  
All of us, around the world, must do things to increase the Schuman resonance frequency of  7.83 hz (the same frequency emitted by our planet as it spins in space ) because the satanic UN is trying to destroy this God given healing frequency via a variety of means especially the spraying of billions of tons of toxic heavy metals, weaponized parasites that cause Morgellons disease and which are biologically microchipping those who fail to detox via using organic sulfur and other means of detoxification discussed in previous alerts.

(NOW would be a very good time to revisit this amazing lecture by a German Biologist who documents all I've been telling you about the weaponized parasites being sprayed on us!! Please SHARE this info in the new year with family, friends, neighbors who are in DENIAL and who are doing NOTHING to protect themselves!! We are NOT POWERLESS to fight back!!

Tomorrow I'll be having lunch with a remarkable Filipino who has been strategically installing Chembusters of the sort designed by Don Croft all over key areas around the city of Manila and elsewhere in the Philippines to protect against man made typhoons and geoengineering. I know an equally remarkable person in BC Canada who has installed over a thousand chembusters and Holy Hand Grenades around the Province of British Columbia to protect against Microwaves from Cell Towers, GWEN towers, and from geoengineering. Anyone can build a Chembuster from plans like this and they will help to protect an area several kilometers in circumference from chemtrails. (Doing morning and evening Agnihotra will also create a huge area of protection around a farm or area around where you live.) We can totally counteract our would be controllers plans for world domination if enough people fight back this way and via detoxification!

Otherwise, we will all be enslaved as our DNA is altered and we are literally converted from human beings to a new species of cyborg in which our brains and bodies would be hijacked by the ruling elite which seeks to be able to terminate any of us at will. I realize all of this sounds ridiculous and absurd, but you won't think so if you read this book by Elana Freeland  (and hear this interview of her discussing "Chemtrails, Transhumanism, Morgellons" which documents all of it, or if you watch these documetary films by Skizit Gesture, a Morgellons sufferer who has figured a lot of this out.

I hope to be back home in Point Roberts by January 23rd, but if you really need me to call you about something extremely important, I can TRY but its not easy interfacing by phone with North America, much less other countries when travelling by phone. Best way to reach me right now is via email at  Anita is handling all orders while I'm in Asia, and if you really need to talk with me either email me or leave a mssg on my office machine and she will relay the mssg to me.

Kindest Regards to all of you in what will be a GREAT New Year, the Satanic NWO notwithstanding!! The GOOD NEWS is that the Victory over Evil has ALREADY been won!!
All we have to do is hang in there and DETOX via organic sulfur and the other methods discussed in this alert and in my archives!! 
Each one, teach 10, each 10 teach 100, each 100 teach a thousand, each one thousand, teach a million! Please snowball this alert! Share it with everyone within your sphere of influence, and don't forget to pray!! 
Now is the time to wake up that neighbor, that relative, that family member, that coworker so we can all fight back together as a team of freedom fighters all over the world!

Please repost this to your site, and let me know! Anyone can sign on to the FREE IAHF/ Sulfur for Health double opt in list at this link, scroll down to sign up menu!!
Please encourage more people to come aboard! We are not powerless to fight evil!! The only thing we have to fear is FEAR ITSELF!! (Please watch this famous speech about that on youtube and sear this message very deep into your cerebral cortex so you will never be controlled by the Club of Rome!!

Your good buddy John, STILL ALIVE and Kickin'
currently in the Philippines.
PS Be sure to brush your teeth and gums with sulfur, it prevents periodontal disease and gingivitis while chelating mercury and removing it from your body!!
I do this after every meal and also floss!! Please grasp that every tooth in your body is connected via acupuncture points and meridians to corresponding internal organs such that anything that impacts a given tooth or a given organ will impact what it is electrically connected to.... be sure to watch this fascinating lecture "The Tooth/ Body Connection" by Dr. Dawn Ewing, Exec Dir IABDM, the person doing the scientific study on my sulfur!! 
(It would really help me a lot right now if you bought 10 or 20 lbs and get HUGE savings! The 20 lb quantity won't be available much longer as soon that pricing will only be available to those who qualify as wholesalers and group buyers, so get that $22/ lb pricing while you STILL CAN AND STOCK UP!)