(L) Diagram Above: The Schumann Resonance Frequency of 7.83 Hz, the Healing "Pulse" of Planet Earth Which the Ruling Elite are Deliberately Disconnecting Us From In Their Evil Efforts to Control Us!!

In this alert you will learn how to reconnect with this healing frequency of 7.83 hz which can be used to create a microbiome which purifies the air, water, and soil where you live, transmuting chemtrails so they won't harm you!!

(R) Diagram Above:  The Ancient Vedic Healing of Arts of Agnihotra and Homatherapy Blast a Channel of Schumann Resonance Frequency (7.83 hz) 12 km above the Agnihotra Fire to Transmute Chemtrails, to Protect Our Air, Water, and Soil from Contamination, and...
To keep us from being biologically microchipped via the genetically engineered Morgellons parasites being sprayed on all of us (see another diagram re the physics of how Agnihotra works- how it creates the Schumann healing frequency and tons more info below)!!
Go here to see specific examples of individuals from around the world   who have healed themselves of numerous ailments by performing Agnihotra/ Homatherapy!! (I was truly inspired by reading these true stories of healing by ingesting Agnihotra ash and hope you will be too!)
The Schumann Frequency of 7.83 hz,is the frequency of the Earth, the frequency of a mother's beating heart which is the first thing all of us first heard at the moment of our birth! It is the LOVE Frequency, the ultimate tool of healing ever given to us by our Creator.
You might want to listen to the uplifting sound of Schumann Resonance (7.83 hz, the "heartbeat" of planet Earth), in this youtube as you read this alert- that way none of this will harsh your mellow!!
This 7.83 hz Schumann frequency, combined with detoxing with sulfur and my other healing substances is our best TOTAL protection from being sickened and biologically chipped via the genetically engineered Morgellons parasites (including Carambola) being sprayed on us by aircraft!
(I just emailed this info to film maker Michael Murphy because I want it included in his third film exposing geoengineering ("chemtrails"), which he is in production on now, called "Who is Spraying?"
In 'Who is Spraying?" I wish Michael would be naming the miscreants responsible for Chemtrails and Morgellons disease
(US Patent # 6245531 B1 "Polynucleotide Encoding Insect Ecdysone Receptor")
(Go to the US Patent Office Website and put the patent # and name shown above into the search box, you will see that Stanford University created the Ecdysone Receptor Switch that created Morgellons disease by genetically engineering several parasites that are boring deep into our lung tissue, especially carambola-- the flesh eatin' bacteria that feeds on corpses ...)
The guilty culprits responsible for unleashing the unholy satanic genetically engineered Morgellons parasites into our lungs via chemtrails include:  
Stanford University,
Rheo Gene,
the C.D.C. ,
the US Dept. of Energy (runs the climate research facility "A.R.M")
(Numerous universities are associated with it...)
Bill Gates (Mr.Eugenics)....
the US Military,
the UN,
The Banksters.... especially Banksters of America,
(the most evil bank on the planet)
and the 13 most powerful families in the world comprising the satanic Illuminati Council- (Heres the one for the Rockefellersellers, but read 'em all!)These 13 cretinous, heavy inbred pack of gutless swine are the very same evil morons who think they will succeed in turning us all into microchipped, non reproducing cyborgs!
They think they will succeed in killing 9 out of 10 of us via UN Agenda 21, Codex, and all eugenics scams connected to it including forced vaccination, ge foods, carninogenic food additives and such poisons as glyphosate, aspartame, chemtrails,  morgellons, war, and implanted chips!) BUT ..... they WON'T!!!

(They won't because it would have to happen Over my DEAD BODY, and I won't let 'em piss an inch, neither will Michael- neither of us takes prisoners!!!)
(Micheal Murphy, the film maker who made "What in the World Are They Spraying?", "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" and who is now about to bury the bastards responsible by making "Who is Spraying?" (currently in production) is one of my sulfur wholesalers!!
He uses my sulfur and other products to fully detox all the crap being sprayed on us via chemtrails!
I am sure that after he reads this, he will also join me in using Agnihotra- Homatherapy as ADDITIONAL means of self protection!)
In addition to detoxifying myself by ingesting sulfur and these other products, I am now ALSO protecting myself from being biologically microchipped via Morgellons from Chemtrails by also performing the Ancient Vedic Healing techniques of Agnihotra, Homatherapy which help me reconnect with the "Heartbeat" of the Earth (The Schumann Resonance Frequency of 7.83 Hz which the ruling elite have been deliberately trying to cut us off from in order to make us all sick, and to control us!!
I will help you to understand how to keep from being cut off from the life giving Schumann Resonance Frequency in this e-alert! See this physicists simple explanation of the Schumann Resonance Frequency, Agnihotra, and Homa Grown Food-- there is real science behind this and its not nearly as complicated as it might first seem- this is THE ANSWER to thoroughly protecting ourselves from chemtrails, and I just sent this to film maker Michael Murphy!
The  Blue Green, and Red Lines in the Diagram on the left represent the Schumann Resonance Frequency of 7.83 Hz Theta Binaural beat emitted by Planet Earth.
The ruling elite seek to CUT US OFF from this life giving frequency, but in this alert, I will show you how you can keep this from happening!
This SAME FREQUENCY (7.83 Hz) is the FIRST SOUND heard by a new born baby as it is emitted by a mother's beating heart (!!)
It is the "LOVE" Frequency, it COUNTERS STRESS while PROMOTING HEALING and is a GIFT to us all from our CREATOR!! The Schumann Resonance Frequency has Profound Healing Powers as you'll see from this Alert!! 
The Elite Seek to CUT US OFF FROM THIS LOVE FREQUENCY of 7.83 Hz via a variety of means that we all MUST LEARN to avoid being CULLED and to avoid being turned into Non Reproducing Cyborgs- Microchipped SLAVES!!

The Diagram on the Right Illustrates how we can use the Ancient Vedic Purification Systems of AGNIHOTRA and HOMATHERAPY to GENERATE the Schumann Resonance Frequency of 7.83 hz and to blast it up 12 km or more to create a MICROBIOME that TRANSMUTES (NEUTRALIZES) CHEMTRAILS!!
By detoxing using sulfur and my other detox products AND by practicing the ancient vedic healing arts of Agnihotra and Homatherapy we can totally protect our air, water and soil from contamination by chemtrails and we can keep from being poisoned and biologically chipped via the genetically engineered parasites that cause full blown Morgellons disease!
See the diagram below more clearly at this site! A  resonance channel of 7.83 hz is created up to 12 km above the Agnihotra fire, and it transmutes chemtrails to purify the air, water, and soil around your yard or farm!
This ancient vedic healing technique even alters the weather in good ways! I saw a video of a physicist from the UK who was initially skeptical of Agnihotra until he and his wife tested it in a desert region in India where they moved!
After doing Agnihotra for several weeks, the only place it would rain in the whole draught stricken desert region was directly over their house!
Aided by the Schumann resonance frequency created by doing Agnihotra, with this Agnihotra induced rain, they proceeded to grow a profusion of fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and green plants much to the astonishment of everyone in the whole area!
They then taught the technique to area farmers! We need draught stricken Californians (where chemtrails are causing the man made draught) to take note!!
I need ALL of you to take note because we can protect ourselves from being poisoned and biologically chipped by Morgellons to join me in practicing this!
(I have been doing Agnihotra now for a week and am already seeing far more birds come to my yard than previously due to creating the Schumann resonance frequency, plus I feel a greater since of well being! I am purifying my air, the rain that falls on me, and my soil (I have an organic garden.)

(See the diagram above more clearly at this site.)
Friends, I know its not psychologically easy to learn about this stuff, but its better to KNOW than NOT KNOW and be a SITTING DUCK!!
Its also not as HARD to learn about it when you are ALSO being provided with solid SOLUTIONS that are very POSITIVE, and LIFE GIVING!!
What you're about to learn here will help you not only to DIRECTLY COUNTER the satanic pond scum's efforts to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs, but they will ALSO help you to achieve SUPER ABUNDANT HEALTH DESPITE the BANKSTERS despicable efforts to kill us, sicken us, weaken us, and enslave us!
The sunrise today, April 27th 2015 occurred at exactly 5:04:04 to the second at 556 Boundary Bay Rd, here in Point Roberts WA, USA.
Five minutes before this I built a fire of dried cow dung, and ghee in an inverted copper pyramid like the one shown here in Bruce Johnson's youtube, and exactly at 5:04:04 am I began singng the ancient sanskrit Agnihotra sunrise prayer: "Sooryaya Swaha Sooryaya Idam Na Mama" then with my right hand I dropped a pinch of polished organic rice mixed with ghee taken off the palm of my left hand into the fire.
As if on cue, birds began chirping all around my area, it was cool! Then I began the second half of the mantra "Prajapataye Swaha Prajapataye Idam Na Mama"
(Then I added the second pinch of rice mixed with ghee to the fire)
That concluded this morning's Agnihotra, this evening I will perform a nearly identical ceremony (with a slightly different evening mantra) exactly at 7:16:29 (the exact times are off a table that I printed out on my computer after putting in my exact street address, if I lived a mile away the times might be a minute different).


The best way you can help defend my life, and Mike's (along with doing Agnihotra and Homatherapy which helps protect EVERYONE from chemtrails, is to first delete the unsub link that accompanies this alert at the end, then mass forward this article to more people who you should encourage to sign up for these e-alerts here !
And to see my archived e-alerts HERE!!
You can also help protect us by posting this alert on your website, and by helping me get speaking engagements- both on the radio and in person! Powerful people want both of us DEAD!
The more people following our info, the more PROTECTION we have from the jackals because if anything were to ever happen to EITHER of us, a HUGE number of people would know WHY, and it would only make things HARDER for the ruling elite to foist their scams off on the masses!
We are both on the red list of people to be executed just before martial law, which all of us are going to PREVENT from happening by utilizing the techniques of Agnihotra and Homatherapy discussed below and by making everyone within our sphere of influence realize that we could end war on planet earth if everyone drank just two glasses of sulfur water per day!!
Sulfur neutralizes acid caused by stress thats dumped into our small intestine, it gives us energy via oxygenation, we can keep from getting gum infections by brushing our teeth and gums with it,  Sulfur protects us from all forms of inflammation including arthritis and allergies, it keeps athletes out of oxygen debt by neutralizing lactic acid, it jacks libidos sky high while also speeding brain speedSulfur prevents cancer and other degenerative disease by helping us maintain an optimum ph of 7.3-7.4 It helps us detox so we'll never get full blown Morgellons disease!  
Sulfur can also be mixed with Agnihotra ash thats been ground fine using a mortar and pestle, the ash will add the 7.83 Schumann Resonance Frequency to the Sulfur to convert it to SUPER SULFUR that can do MUCH MORE to transmute toxins from chemtrails!
I am donating 10% of current sulfur sales to helping Morgellons sufferer and professional singer Paula  Gallo get to Michael Chapala's clinic in Mexico for treatment.
Michael Chapala has cured himself of full blown Morgellons via a variety of means shown on his site, especially by a powerful electromagnetic pulsar that you can see on his site!
Paula Gallo deserves your support because she has been making a huge effort to educate everyone about Morgellons which she has been courageously living with for far too long!
Here is Paula's song about Morgellons:
"Small Girl in a Mighty World" (see her perform it with her band, the 5 O'Clocks, HERE!
To show your appreciation for the huge database of treatments that have helped Paula (including my sulfur and iodine) that she is freely sharing with anyone who needs it, and to show appreciation for her song "Small Girl in a Mighty World" (about Morgellons) please buy 10-20 lbs of sulfur if you can here!  
(I will email Paula's database to anyone who makes a 10-20 lb purchase, or who qualifies for a wholesale account and who buys 50-100 or more lbs!)
I am earmarking 20% of these sales towards helping Paula get to Mexico for treatment! I give her free sulfur and other products because she is semi disabled by her illness.
As you can see, IAHF/Sulfur for Health aren't just another "vitamin company". We really care about the people around us and strive to help make this world a better place! We identify serious threats to humanity, but also provide postitive solutions such as the ones I've provided here!
SFH grew out of International Activists for Health Freedom, my consulting and lobbying firm for the dietary supplement industry.

Our goals moving forward including building a much better website, and also building a biodynamic/ homa farm in the South Pacific where we intend to also create a naturopathic healing retreat where people can take health vacations and learn from us about health and healing! This effort is underway even as I type this!
Please help IAHF/ SFH reach more people! Anyone can sign on to our double opt in email distribution list by going here and scrolling down to the sign up menu!
I was inspired to write this alert by singing this Scottish hymn from the 1600s "How Can I Keep From Singing?" in church yesterday, it is a really uplifting song that I sometimes find myself humming when I start feeling discouraged by all the stressful things going on in the world today.
Doing Agnihotra and Homatherapy along with praying helps me feel much more calm and grounded in the face of all evil occurring in the world today. Agnihotra and Homatherapy do not conflict with any religious belief system or lack thereof.
Along with detoxing with sulfur and my other detox products, I hope you will join me in practicing this ancient Vedic healing art: Agnihotra and Homatherapy because we can not only protect ourselves from chemtrails by transmuting them with resonance, we can also protect our neighbors!
If enough people in California could see this, we could stop the draught there that is being caused by chemtrails!
***You can get all your Agnihotra and Homatherapy Supplies from Copper Works in Madison Virginia, and tell Richard I sent ya!
Regardless of your personal belief system, I think it would uplift literally anyone and help you to have the courage to directly counter evil and to also help your neighbors do the same! Questions? I can be reached at 1-800-333-2553 H&W toll free North America, or via 1-360-945-0352. (Pacific time)