Are You Fit Enough To Defend Yourself When Martial Law Comes? How Sulfur Can Help You Unglycate Your Cells & Lose Weight!!
Don't Get Stuffed Into a Concentration Camp.... They Have Them Ready For Us... Watch This Report If You Don't Believe It!!
IAHF List: Take a look at the Centers for Disease Control Map Showing the Explosion of Obesity and Diabetes in America.  On this map we see the trend from 1985 through the present, state by state, as Americans get fatter and fatter and have more and more heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and diabetes....Shocking, isn't it?  
Far too many of us are starting to resemble the porkers displayed in the photos above, and not enough of us even approximate the shape of the fitness models shown above, but once you learn how to use Sulfur to lose weight, you're going to get into the best shape and best health of your life, and be better able to kick NWO ass when TSHTF (and thats coming soon, so pay attention!)
In this alert I'm going to teach you how you can easily and successfully lose weight, the easy way! I used the information I'm going to be showing you to go from 250 lbs down to 185, and you can achieve similar results once you know how. Want to transform yourself so you go from too closely resembling the people in these chairs to looking more like that fitness model? Well now you can!
(If you are too busy to read this whole alert, but just want my weight loss info, please skip to the bottom past all the martial law alert stuff, but please come back to it, you need to realize whats going on!)
Once you know how to use it, My Sulfur will help you look great this summer at the beach, and also be as prepared as possible for martial law which could easily occur in October prior to the next planned election, or at any time leading up to it. What I am saying is not hype, unfortunately, and I'm taking my own advice. I'm working out hard in an effort to get into the best shape of my life, here is why:
In my last alert, I told you about the Department of Homeland Security/ Immigration and Customs Enforcement contract for 450 Million rounds of .40 caliber ammo. Clearly the Feds are anticipating martial law... They intend to disarm all of us, and kill anyone who stands in their way. Obama is the next Hitler, don't believe it? Read his E.O., below....
Read up on Obama's recent Executive Order issued March 16th which even a Democrat attorney who has analyzed it has called "martial law lite".
I told you about the swing gates DHS recently installed here at the Point Roberts (WA) Border crossing which they can use at any time to close off the road coming into my community, blocking anyone from entering, including trucks full of food to resupply the local supermarket.
In my last report I told you that on March 7, Secretary of Defense Panetta announced before a Senate Committee that the US Military is now taking direction from the UN.
What could be driving the coming martial law? The Rio + 20 Conference scheduled for Brazil at the end of June is one thing. This conference will all but end America as we know it, and it will vastly accelerate the globalists plans to force us under the thumb of the UN and it will accelerate their population control plans via UN Agenda 21 which we must all work very hard to stop!
Listen to this erudite discussion of what all this means for all of us.... its deep, and you need to hear it! This is all about how the globlists are pulling out all stops, this summer, to destroy our sovereignty. This is a discussion of the Brundtland Report.... which was really written by Maurice Strong- a man who has stated that he believes in Capitalism for himself and his friends..... and socialism for all the rest of us who he wants to enslave via the "common future" our would be globalist tyrants have in mind for us.
In 1968 they decided that man was the enemy of the planet.... all of us are "the enemy".... in '92 they were starting to lose traction in the media, but they fabricated ways to keep pushing their Agenda leading up to Rio, so they created this document called "Our Common Future" (Written by David Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, and other genocidal criminals of their ilk.)
This is a scam, intended to destroy all our last remaining freedoms....we either submit to what the econazis demand, or we get labelled as "criminals" but we are NOT POWERLESS to fight back! I got the anti Agenda 21 Action Kit from this link  and am using it. I am actively involved with a local group in my county to stop Agenda 21 here, and we all need to do the same throughout the rest of the country, or America will be over, and we'll find ourselves enslaved to the UN. Do you want Codex vitamin restrictions shoved down your throat? I don't either!! If you want your health freedom, you better FIGHT for it, and it helps to GET IN SHAPE to do that...... (read on! help is on the way!)
The other big thing driving Martial law would be Senate Ratification of the UN Small Arms Treaty.
We can't let this happen! The second amendment is vitally important to back up ALL of our freedoms including our freedom to use dietary supplements! Go here to help stop the gun grab!
Also join Gun Owners of America which closely monitors all threats such as this and makes it easy to fight back! At this site you can read about how GOA has exhorted the Supreme Court to repeal Obamacare which also attacks Gun Owners!
I'm not going to mince words here. We are at war against our criminal government. We are at war against traitors with a genocide agenda, who are on the verge of plunging America into Martial Law under all kinds of false pretenses.
When martial law arrives, it will be survival of the fittest. The fat slobs shown in the photos above will have much less chance to survive than those people who have made the effort to become as FIT as possible, and also as PREPARED as possible!
You can do what I did: use my sulfur (the best MSM in the world) to unglycate your cells, allowing insulin to carry in glucose. Here is why you are having trouble losing weight even though you have been working out: Sugar molecules cross link with collagen to make your cell walls TOO THICK for the hormone insulin to carry in the glucose you need to FUEL your cells so you will have lots of ENERGY!
Get sulfur, and take it twice a day in water to unglycate your cells! My sulfur, which is biologically active (unlike most MSM sold on the market today) will make your cell membranes more permeable so insulin can carry in the glucose and so oxygen can also flood into the cell. Your mitochondria will then produce energy once they have enough oxygen. (When cells produce energy in an anaerobic environement, one byproduct is LACTIC ACID, and that makes you feel SORE!!)
Sulfur is a great way to get 02 into the cells. ATP is energy for the cells, but you need 02 to produce it optimally! Glucose burned without sufficient oxygen causes CANCER!!
When your cell walls are overly THICK and insulin can't bring in the glucose that you need, it gets DUMPED into your ABDOMEN and stored as FAT!! Thats what happened to those poor guys in the photos at the top of this article who look like crap! Thats whats happened to LOTS of us in America as the Obesity/ Diabetes epidemic spirals out of control!
You can help yourself, and everyone around you to beat the NWO planned genocide if you just give them this information! We're up against demons who want us to consume vast quantities of SUGAR and FAST ACTING CARBS, so DON'T do it!
Stop eating sugar, and fast acting carbs! Start monitoring your blood sugar, see this site I created to learn how... Use supplements such as chromium polynicotinate and l-glutamine to lower blood sugar levels and stop carb cravings.
Start eating good fats.... that will help convert your body from a glucose burner to a ketone burner and you will start burning your own body fat if you do, and thats GOOD!
Good fats include cultured butter, and coconut oil. Eating FAT doesn't make you fat, eating carbs and too much protein (which breaks down into glucose) does. I eat 8 tablespoons of coconut oil every morning along with a couple raw eggs and some chia seeds. This helps me rev my metabolism so I burn ketones, so I burn my own body fat.
Read Primal Body/ Primal Mind by Nora Gedgoudas.... She is inspirational and there is a wealth of very good info in her book! Eat lots of green leafy veges and lay off bread, crackers, cookies, ice cream, cake, beer.
Kettlebells are a very good exercise that doesn't take more than 10 minutes a day, Nora Gedgoudas swears by them, and so do I! Walking, cycling, swimming and gardening are also good forms of exercise. Taking my Sulfur will help you prevent getting a buildup of pain causing lactic acid because flooding oxygen into the cells is what keeps lactic acid from being produced. (Lactic acid is generated when cells produce energy in an anaerobic environment.)
You'll be glad to know I've been working out the bugs in my sulfur shipping operation. Finally I'm getting a lot faster! My apologies to anyone who has been frustrated by slow shipping, but I'm now getting the hang of it. I'm now using Avery Labels, I've got a helper, and I'm ordering larger shipments so I don't run out so fast.
Soon I hope to have enough stock ready that I'll be able to ship orders the same day they arrive! I've got a large order coming next Tuesday, and about a third of it is already sold. If I see an ordering trend in the next few days, I'll put in another order immediately for more stock!
Remember- in addition to getting sulfur to help you lose weight, it will also chelate all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us for population control purposes from aircraft, so be sure to lay in a good supply in case I stop selling it and leave the country!
Remember: In a martial law situation, the chemtrail spraying is likely to increase dramatically, so you not only want to have survival food on hand, but you don't want to run out of sulfur! And if martial law never comes, you can always use it to simply optimize your health, so you win either way! Please mass forward this, and please encourage more people to sign on to the IAHF list.