Cheek Lesion ­ Note Tiny White Specs//    Cheek Lesion Callus Underview ­
                                                                                     Note Cat's Claw-like Features
                                                                                     or Tentacle and to left, Blue Fiber
IAHF List: Please go here  where you can view much larger images of the photos shown above of skin lesions caused by Morgellons disease caused by the toxic nano fibers and antibiotic resistant bacteria being sprayed on us by chemtrails from aircraft for the purpose of snuffing out huge numbers of us so that our would be overseers can initiate the population control measures they hope to foist off via UN Agenda 21.
The bad news is that we're all undergoing massive biological attack that is causing Morgellons disease as shown in the photos above, but the good news is that we're not defenseless against it. Clifford Carnicom has provided us with extensive documentation about this awful disease via his article "The Greatest Crime of All Time".
The bad news is that the Illuminati is triggering a huge rise in every kind of degenerative disease via this well documented chemtrail spraying program which our illustrious government is directly involved with (even the US Airforce is involved with this effort to killa nd maim us under the guise of "protecting us from global warming") but the good news is that a growing number of people are signing onto the IAHF list and are ordering sulfur and taking other measures to detox that they're learning about here.
The bad news is that evil seems to be taking over at every turn, everywhere you look, but the good news is that the victory has already been won because of a guy who was the son of our Creator and who died for us all and who taught us how to successfully fight evil by loving each other, by turning the other cheek, by helping everyone around us at all times so that we can share our positive energy, strength and hope with those around us so it is possible to smile through the shit storm and feel joy regardless as described by my main man C.S. Lewis in his cool book Surprised by Joy.
I refuse to let the evil bastards who are spraying this crap on us bring me down, thats why I take my sulfur twice a day and pray all the time. Thats why I go to church and sing hymms, it grounds me along with sulfur, it helps me to get down on my knees and tune into the healing vibe coming to us all from our Creator who gave us the sulfur, the herbs, and the vitamins.
I am part Narragansett, and feel as much at home in the Sweat lodge as I do inside a church, but I say to all of you on the IAHF list that we are the remnant, we are the watchmen on the wall- and we are living in very difficult times, but we can also reach out to our friends, family and neigbors and awaken them and say unto them you do not have to get Morgellons disease from chemtrails, there is a solution, there is a way to protect yourself from this NWO planned Death from the Sky.
We have been warned by
As the first person in the world to ever blow the whistle on the UN's planned Codex genocide via an article in Life Extension Magazine in 1996, I know exactly how the FDA intends to do us dirty, they have an evil scam called the FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter. Many of you have heard me talk about this scam before, and some of you have signed this petition against it. (If you haven't signed, go ahead and sign it now, the more people who do, the more we put the "Butchers of Rockville" on notice that if they don't stop their shit, we're gonna eventually retaliate by marching on their HQ with guns, knives, sledgehammers, chainsaws, crowbars, pickaxes, and any other retaliatory instruments we can think of for the basic purposes of taking out all the terrorists who inhabit the place if they don't cease and desist.
This especially includes the chief FDA terrorist Margaret Hamburg, who as I've told you before is the daugher of the former President of the American Eugenics Society.
Now you know why attempts have been made on my life for trying to warn all of you about what is going on. Now you know why a government "clean up crew" was once sent to my rented house in Hollywood Florida for the purpose of shufflin' me off this immortal coil, but you know what? Death is not what people think it is. How do I know? Simple. I was dead once. I was dead for nearly an hour when I was 16 years old, so I do not fear it. I do not fear it because it is just going from one dimension into another.
I was dead due to a tree falling on me in a tornado when I was camped for the night while on a canoe trip thru the Fulton Chain of Lakes in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York.  I had no pulse for nearly an hour and the trail guide almost gave me up for dead because he could not revive me by doing CPR, but I chose to return to my body.
I came back, because my time here on the planet was not up, I had to return to complete my mission of destroying the terrorists at the FDA. I had to return to warn you all to protect yourselves from the mist from the air, from the chem trails, from the Butchers of Rockville at the despicable FDA goons, those moronic cretins, those tools of Big Pharma, those jumping jacks, those sperm breathed vassals of the demonic Illuminati tools who inhabit places such as the US Con-gress.
I understand why my native ancestors did not trust them, did not want to make treaties with them, and I also understand why my Scots ancestors refused to become indentured servants on their own land and why they fled their English oppressors risking death to sail in a small ship to what today is the state of Rhode Island.
It takes courage to oppose evil, but all of you on the IAHF list have "the right stuff", all of you are good people, you are doing the right things, you are calling your friends and neighbors on the phone to let them know that you will be forwarding my alerts so they can realize whats really going on and you are encouraging them all to sign onto the IAHF list so as to be part of the remnant that will not only survive, but THRIVE despite the Obamination and his New World Order string pullers who are trying to grind us all down to nuthin'.
Together, we will transcend these smarmy dinks, these low life varmints from the FDA and all the other elements of coercion. Together, we will learn all about detoxification and purification and more and more people will start going into the sweat lodge to gain that strength that comes from communing with Creator, from returning to source, from tapping into that chi energy that vibrates from the rocks and trees and herbs and from the sea itself from which all life has sprung via the hand of Creator who made us and gave us life.
In this alert I told you of the Hopi elder who warns us all that we must unite against the death mist from the air, that we must all unite and come together against the NWO and not let anything divide us, we can't be divided by race or religion or anything else, we must all love each other, we must all regard each other as brothers and sisters as we combine our energies to fight this evil- please re read it here.
Two good friends of mine are pipe carriers and sweat lodge keepers, and I have benefitted a lot from the prayers said inside the sweat lodge and also from inside the white man's church. I don't care what religion or lack thereof you are, but I do care about all of you because this evil we are all up against tries to divide us all up and we can't let that happen.
So many of you have been forwarding my alerts and buying sulfur that I decided to delay my trip abroad in order to try to sell another couple hundred pounds or so before flying this coming Wednesday. So if you want some extra to use for barter purposes and to give to your pets, your dog and cat should have it to to protect them from chem trails (you just mix it in with their food) go ahead and if you are American order here.
If you are Canadian or from some other country please email me to ask about shipping costs and I will give you a different link from the one above to order via paypal.
So far I have shipped Sulfur all over the US and Canada, to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and all over Europe. We are going to destroy the Illuminati bastards the old fashioned way, ANY WAY WE CAN, and have FUN while doing it too!! The only drawback to taking sulfur I tell people is that it might make you too horny. Cool
If you consider that a drawback, and would rather get genocided, don't order any, but if you don't mind having an abundance of energy to be able to enjoy your life with despite these low life rat shit bastards efforts to take us all out---- then ORDER NOW BEFORE I FLY ON WEDNESDAY, because I'll be gone for 10 days and you won't be able to protect yourself or your dog or cat or horse or other animals if you don't have enough!
The reason I am going abroad is to make damn sure we get this wonderful coconut honey and sugar over here to North America to make the sulfur sweeter. If you can, please send me a donation to help me cover the cost of my obscenely expensive air ticket and other travel expenses to the Philippines. Flipping the bird to our would be overseers the way I do is expensive, but with your generous donations, it become way easier and way more fun!
If you hate paypal and don't want to buy your sulfur via the web on a credit card you can also buy it the old fashioned snail mail way or make a donation that way by sending a chekc or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA, but I might not have time to process your order before flying on Wednesday if you do it that way, althogh I sure as hell will give it the old "college try."
Please forward this massively and repost it to more websites!! The life you save could be your OWN!!! Anyone can sign onto the IAHF website via this link.