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Featured Artist Full Album Stream: 
Listen to "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä" CD in it’s entirety!  Featured Artist Page
HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS "Clavicle 1:0" video from the "Tria Prima Diabolica" Enhanced MCD!!
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BATHORY "Bathory" CD  $11.99
The legendary Debut, one of the starting points for True Black Metal & a Must own in ALL Metal Collections!.
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DEAD83           APOSTOLUM "Anedonia" MCD
DEAD184         APOSTOLUM "Winds Of Disillusion" CD
DEAD108         AVSKY "Malignant" CD
DEAD79           AZRAEL "Act III: Self... Act IV: Goat" 2xCD
DEAD41           AZRAEL "Into Shadows Act I: Denial" CD
DEAD118         AZRAEL "Obdurate / Unto Death" CD
DEAD173         BAHIMIRON "Rebel Hymns Of Left Handed Terror" CD
DEAD117         BAHIMIRON "Southern Nihilizm" CD
DEAD185         BITTER PEACE "Opus II" CD
DEAD140         BLEEDING FIST "Bestial Kruzifix666ion" CD
DEAD195         BLEEDING FIST "Deaths Old Stench" CD
DEAD150         BLEEDING FIST "Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus" MCD
DEAD147         BLOOD CULT "We Are the Cult of the Plains" CD
DEAD65           BLOOD RITUAL "Black Grimoire" A-4 Hardback Digibook CD Lim. Ed. 3,000
DEAD62           BLOOD RITUAL "Black Grimoire" CD
DEAD125         BLOOD STAINED DUSK "Black Faith Inquisition" CD
DEAD109         BROWN JENKINS "Angel Eyes" CD
DEAD100         BROWN JENKINS "Dagonite" CD
DEAD144         BROWN JENKINS "Death Obsession" CD
DEAD137         CANIS DIRUS "A Somber Wind from a Distant Shore" CD
DEAD181         CANIS DIRUS "Anden Om Norr" CD
DEAD113         CELESTIAL BLOODSHED "Cursed, Scarred And Forever Possessed" CD
DEAD182         CHASMA "Codex Constellatia" CD
DEAD177         CHASMA "Declarations of the Grand Artificer" CD
DEAD99           CORPUS CHRISTII "Rising" CD
DEAD187         DARKCELL "Nightmare Document Part 2" CD
DEAD81           DODSFERD "Fucking Your Creation" CD w/ MORIBUND Comp CD Lim. Ed. 3,000
DEAD128         DODSFERD "Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow" Digi CD
DEAD152         DODSFERD / MORTOVATIS "Until Your World Go Down" CD
DEAD88           DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Merciless Hammer of Lucifer"/"Crusaders…" 2xCD
DEAD205         EMPIRE AURIGA "Ascending The Solarthrone" CD
DEAD114         EMPIRE AURIGA "Auriga Dying" CD
DEAD78           FEAR OF ETERNITY "Ancient Symbolism" CD
DEAD84           FEAR OF ETERNITY "Funeral Mass" CD
DEAD67           FEAR OF ETERNITY "Towards the Castle" CD
DEAD95           GODLESS RISING "Rising Hatred" CD w/ 2 bonus
DEAD101         GRIMBANE "Let The Empires Fall" CD
DEAD87           HACAVITZ "Katun" CD
DEAD71           HACAVITZ "Venganza" CD
DEAD127         HIEMS "Worship Or Die" Digi CD
DEAD151         HORDE OF HEL "Blodskam II" CD
DEAD129         HORDE OF HEL "Blodskam" CD
DEAD82           HORNA "Ääniä Yössä" CD
DEAD170         HRIZG "Inferno" MCD
DEAD111         I SHALT BECOME "Requiem" CD
DEAD64           IN MEMORIUM "From Misery… Comes Darkness" CD
DEAD130         IN MEMORIUM "Lost To Antiquity" CD
DEAD55           INFERNAL LEGION "Your Prayers Mean Nothing" CD
DEAD209         INFERNUS "Grinding Christian Flesh" CD
DEAD28L         MASOCHIST "History" Enhanced 2xCD Lim. Ed. 3,000
DEAD112         NASTROND "Muspellz Synir" CD w/Slipcase
DEAD162         NECRONOCLAST "Ashes" CD
DEAD123         NECRONOCLAST "Haven" CD
DEAD105         NECRONOCLAST "Monument" CD Re-issue with Bonus Track
DEAD98           NECRONOCLAST "The Plague" CD
DEAD143         NOCTURNAL FEAR "Metal Of Honor" CD
DEAD122         OCTOBER FALLS "The Womb Of Primordial Nature" CD
DEAD131         OLD WAINDS "Death Nord Kult" CD
DEAD159         PSYCHO "Pain Addict Pigs" CD
DEAD132         RUINS "Cauldron" CD
DEAD149         SATAN'S HOST "Assault Of Evil... 555" DVD
DEAD92           SATAN'S HOST "Burning The Born Again... (A New Philosophy)" CD
DEAD102         SATAN'S HOST "Great American Scapegoat 666" CD
DEAD46           SERPENS AEON "Dawn Of Kouatl" CD
DEAD94           SPEKTR "Mescalyne" MCD
DEAD174         THRALL "Vermin To The Earth" CD
DEAD217         VARDAN ""Despicable Broken Hope" CD
DEAD22           WINDHAM HELL "Reflective Depths Imbibe" CD
DEAD56           WINTER OF APOKALYPSE "Solitary Winter Night" CD

DEAD52PLP     BLOOD RITUAL "Black Grimoire" Picture LP Lim. Ed. 400
DEAD74PLP     CATACOMBS "In the Depths of R’lyeh" 2 x Picture LP Lim. Ed. 400 ($5 each LP)
DEAD44PLP     INFERNAL LEGION "Your Prayers Mean Nothing" Picture LP Lim. Ed. 400

A-Z LIST 2 OF 3           
SP018              A PERPETUAL DYING MIRROR "Towards the Constellation View" CD
LSS08              AASGARD "Nekriki Mistagogia" MCD
CRYO01           ABITABYSS "Requiem du Secteur Primaire" CD
DG034              ABOMINANT "Triumph Of The Kill" CD
DG047              ABOMINANT "Warblast" CD
DG061              ABOMINANT "Where Demons Dwell" CD
COY54              ABORTED FETUS "Goresoaked Clinical Accidents" CD
EXR019            ABSEMIA "Morbopraxis" CD
METAL014        ABYSMAL DEPTHS "The Pain Shows in Dead Woods" CD
LUST14           ACCEPTUS NOCTIFER "Amores De Oficio" CD
29A012             ACCURSED CHRIST "Through The Fringe Of Life" CD
RSRCOL001      ACCURST "Fragments of a Nightmare" CD
TP026               ACID SPEECH / PESTICIDE "Corrosive Warfare" CD
PBR1003          ACRID "Amalgamate" CD
Dusk002           ACROSOME "Dementia Praecox" MCD
BPR029            ADHUK "Rituals of Personal Universe" CD
VMIS001           ADMORTEM "Ad Extremum Supplicium" CD
IS002                ADNAUSEAM "Lives Of Lies, Despise And Demise" CD
GOLD011          ADVENT "The Dawn" CD
CURSED004      ADVERSARY "We Must Be In Hell" CD Single
PRG33039         AETHERIUS OBSCURITAS "Fekete Orvossag Black Medicine" CD
TP014b             AHRIMAN "The Early Years" Digi CD
IPR006              AIGRO MUCIFELAM "Lost Sounds Depraved" CD
UR005              ALLFATHER ODINN "Allfather Odinn" CD
EMF023            ALTAR OF GIALLO "Grind Musick For The Ghouligans" CD
PRC39              ALUNAH "Call of Avernus" CD
SCP035            ANACHRONAEON "As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies" CD
SEED017          ANAL VOMIT "Gathering Of The Putrid Demons" CD
MSR004            ANCESTRUM "Spells By The Northern Wind" CD
DMP032           ANIMUS MORTIS "Atrabilis (Residues From Verb & Flesh)" CD w/Slipcase
DMP009           ANIMUS MORTIS "Thresholds of Insanity" CD
BEY9911          ANTHROPOFAGUS "No Waste of Flesh" CD
EXR024            ANTIGAMA "Discomfort" CD
PTCD11            ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM "Abi In Malam Pestem" CD
PTCD8              ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM "Immortalis Factus" CD
PTCD14            ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM "Recovering The Throne (Tribute Album)" CD
APH001            APHOTIC "Aphotic" MCD
APH002            APHOTIC "Under Veil of Dark" MCD
IFP012              APNEA "Silent Cities" MCD
ILIAD037           APOCRYPHAL VOICE "The Sickening" MCD
AngeL002         APPARITION "Nemesis Divina" CD
ROK011            ARAS "Hemaseye Andooh" Digi MCD
PP1172             ARCHAEON "Vanitas" MCD
OLD29              ARCTIC FROST "Exclusion Of Hope" MCD
DARK11           ARISE FROM THORNS "Before An Audience Of Stars" CD
TOR045            ARKHA SVA "Odo Kikale Qaa UIV" CD
TOR046            ARKHA SVA "Odo Kikale Qaa VIVILV" CD
HELLS028         ARPHAXAT "Loudun La Maudite" CD
DMP040           ARS DIAVOLI "Pro Nihilo Esse" CD
EMF027            ARS INFERI "Sacrophagia" CD
GR016              ARS MACABRA/COSMIC EKPYROSIS "Nil Sine Deo" Split CD
SEED011          ARS MANIFESTIA "The Enchanting Dark's Arrival" CD
BSP015            ARS MANIFESTIA "The Red Behind" CD
GEBEER08        ARTISAN "Na Beiste Bho'n Talamh (The Beast Out Of Earth)" CD
AR01                ARUM "Occult Cataclysm: The New Era Rises" CD
SAPCD001        ARVET "Aijna" CD
MCR007            AS LIGHT DIES "A Step Through The Reflection" CD
BMC55533        ASCHMICROSA "Incubus Black Metal" CD
SMP003            ASGUARD "Dreamslave" Digi CD
PRC40              ASS "Work Sucks / Speed Krushes" CD
PT0001             ASSAULTER "Boundless" CD
METAL019         ASTARIUM "Atenvx" CD
LEP065             ASTRAL "Filicetum Lunare" CD
RZD059            ASTRAL ROOT "Voices From the Void" CD
NE018              ASTROFAES "Dying Emotions Domain" Digi CD
NE019              ASTROFAES "The Eyes of the Beast" Digi CD
PEST026           ATER ERA "Beneath Inanimate" DigiCD
SLAIN003          ATHOS "The Awakening of Athos" CD
PIL004              ATMAN "Djirli Ika" CD
SMR010            ATMAN "L'Assassí de Venus" CD
WAR049           ATOMTRAKT "Nuklearchtype" Digi CD
SOM048           ATROX "Terrestials" CD
AOTD001          ATRUM INRITUS "Prognatus In Vorago" Digi CD
KUNST006        AU SACRE DES NUITS "Anti Human" CD
RAZOR01         AURA NOIR "Live Nightmare on Elm Street" CD
SP024-09          AUTUMNIA "O' Funeralia" CD
BAPH115          AVE SATHANAS "Religion of Pity" CD
DG066              AVENGER "Bohemian Dark Metal" Digi CD
MWR08            AVSKED "Livets Ironi" CD
AP019              AVSKED / SCHLAFLOS "Split" Digi CD
TOR047            AVSOLUTIZED "Mot Din Svarta Angest" CD
DG025L            AZURE "King of Stars - Bearer of Dark" CD
MWR004           BARD BRANN / EKOVE EFRITS "Key To The Kingdom Of Shadows" CD
PKR023            BEAST, THE "Fixed by the Devil" MCD
BEER007          BEEF CONSPIRACY "Hung Drawn and Quarter-Poundered" MCD
IGC028             BEELZEBUL "The Black Return of Leviathan (20 Morbid and Insane Years)" CD
DCD5               BELLUM / RHUNE "Vinland Rising" CD
DIFFD1002       BELTANE "The Fire Of Becoming" CD
GS025              BERKOWITZ "Skyth" CD
UCR070            BESATT "Demonicon" CD
Seven037          BESATT "The Unholy Trinity: Part 1 - Unfather" CD
OCR10              BESTIALIZED "Annihilating the Judeo Christian Generations" CD
BR03                BEYOND FATAL "Sanctuary In Misery" CD
CBS004            BEYOND YE GRAVE / DOOMGUARD "Ave Satan Morituri Te Salutant" Split CD
NEP18              BHAOBHAN SIDHE "Gas Chamber Music" CD
GOAT008          BLACK ACHEMOTH "Revealing The Somber Powers of Hell" CD
SE005              BLACK ACHEMOTH "Under The Veil Of Darkness" CD
OME008           BLACK ANGEL "Apocalyptic Rehearsals" CD
ET06                 BLACK ANGEL / EVIL (SVK) "Infernal Rituals" Split CD
OAP100            BLACK AUTUMN "The Advent October" MCD
HOD003            BLACK DEATH "Chronicles Of Hellish Circles" CD
AM007              BLACK DEMENTIA "Hyperborean Call" MCD
UCR071            BLACK HORNED "Dark Season" CD
POP012            BLACK OMEN "Sinphony" CD
MHP05             BLACK SHADOW "Call Of The Death" CD
OCR21              BLACK TORMENT "Ten Years of Blasphemy" CD
MOON053         BLASPHEMY RITES "Hideous Lord" CD
MACD049         BLAZE OF SORROW "Eterno Tramonto" CD
BMR013            BLESSED OFFAL "Blessed Offal" CD
RSR0204          BLODFEST "Lejres Fald" CD
HLVTR3            BLOOD DEVOTION "Defile Of Innocence" MCD
PR003B            BLOOD HAMMER "Post-Apocalypse Trilogy" CD
DR1                  BLOOD OF CHRIST "Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm" CD
MWR013           BLOOD RAIN "De Vermis Mysteriis" CD
MOON040         BLOOD THIRST "Let Him Die" CD
RSR0187          BLOOD THORN "Genocide" CD
PTM01              BLOODOLINE "Storm & Brilliance" CD
UER011            BORN OF SIN "Let It Begin" MCD
AMR018            BOSSE "Visions of the End" Slim Wallet CD
DARK17           BRAVE "Searching For The Sun" CD
BP013              BUIO OMEGA "Planet Of Tombs" CD
D0180               BUNKUR "Nullify" CD
MR1015            BURIED GOD "Dark Revelation" CD
OR043              BUTCHER ABC "Butchered at Birth" MCD
MB014              CALES "Savage Blood" CD
RSR0210          CALL OV UNEARTHLY "Blast Them All Away" MCD
CAMPO01         CAMPO DE MAYO "Campo de Mayo" CD
LUST19            CAPITIS DAMNARE "Ex Regnum Spiritus In Manifestus" CD
SE005              CARCARA / ETERNAL VIOLENCE "Resistencia Do Metal Satanico" Split CD
AMR013            CARRION WRAITH "Carrion Wraith" CD
ASCD003          CAULDRON BLACK RAM "The Poisoner" Maxi EP Digi MCD
HELLS119         CEMETERY LUST 'Orgies Of Abomination" CD
SC042              CENTURIAN "Non Plus Ultra" CD
KP010              CEREBRAL TURBULENCY "Germ of Erorr" MCD
MIM7329D        CHALICE "Celtic Cross/Shiralee + Text" Long Sleeve  (L, XL)
MIM7329C         CHALICE "Celtic Cross/Shiralee + Text" T-Shirt   ( L, XL + Girly XL)
MIM7329           CHALICE "Chronicles Of Dysphoria" CD
MIM7329B         CHALICE "Chronicles Of..." Long Sleeve T-Shirt  (M, L, XL)
MIM7329A         CHALICE "Chronicles Of..." T-Shirt  (Girly Only !)
WRAITH007       CHAOS MOON "Origin of Apparition" CD
LWAY034          CHAOSCRAFT "Procreation Through Disaster" CD
CH001              CHRIST HATE "Christ Hate" CD w/ Slipcase
NEP16              CHRISTFIGHTER "Satan's Perversion" CD/Booklet in Plastic Sleeve
RR70                CHURCH OF MISERY (USA) "Minstrel of Mourning" CD
PC028              CLAIM THE THRONE "Triumph And Beyond" Digi CD
DR04                COLD BEYOND, THE "Deadspeak Vol. I: Tales Of Fire" CD
METAL017        COLDBLOOD "Chronology of Satanic Events" CD
LDRF015          COMPOS MENTIS "Fragments of a Withered Dream" CD
ME007              CONFLICTING THEORIES / SAPOSMITTZ “Apocalypse Theory” 10"MLP
DEMOCD04      CONSCIOUS "In Masses May We Conquer" MCD
W3.71274          CONTEMPT "The Secret Around Us" CD
HWP007           CORPUS DIAVOLIS / TOTAL SATAN "Split" Digi CD
DSR063            CORPUS MORTALE "Fleshcraft" CD
Pestis002          COTARD DELUSION "Le delire de Negation" CD
Echo007           CREST OF DARKNESS "Evil Knows Evil"  CD
THR121            CRIMSON "Fading" MCD
DG024              CRIMSON MASSACRE "The Luster Of Pandemonium" CD
TE044               CRISIS "Like Sheep Led to the Slaughter" CD
NSOL009          CROSSWRECKER "Black Flame Divination" MCD
PWD004           CROWN OF FALLEN HEROES "Forging A New Hope" CD
Seance005        CROWNED "Vacuous Spectral Silence" CD
OAP083            CRYFEMAL "Malicioso Sonido Putrefacto" CD
BSR013            CRYFEMAL "With The Help Of The Devil" CD
DHR023            CRYPTIC "Once Holy Realm" CD
NTR011            CRYPTIC THRONE "Apocalyptic Extermination" CD
RR78                CRYPTICUS "The Barrens" CD
CRYO02           CRYPTIK HOWLING "Vitium Intus" CD
WAP010           CRYSTALLINE DARKNESS / MALDICAO "Mascaras de Odio" Split CD
Trust030            CULT OF OCCULT "Hic Est Domus Diaboli" CD
PC071              CUNTSCRAPE "Papsmear Campaign" CD
PC059              CUNTSCRAPE "Thrush Bang Mania" CD **
APEX4             DAGON "In Desolation Per Nefandum" CD
PRG38035        DARK CELEBRATION "Phlegeton" CD
BMP008            DARK FAITH "Storm of Hatred and Anger" CD
DG294              DARK FAITH "Terrains Vagues" CD
METAL029        DARK FLIGHT "Closure" CD
AMR011            DARK FLIGHT "Perfectly Calm" CD
PEST006          DARK LEGIONS "Satänic Deströyer" CD
INFKOM04        DARK MANAGARM "Victorious March" CD
OCR38              DARK MORBID DEATH "Satanic Kills" CD
NN16                DARK PARANOIA "Emptied By Necessary Apathy" CD
AngeL009         DARK PLAUGE "Perverse Devotion" CD
LA137               DARK PROPHECY "Darkness, Empire Prophecy" CD
BMP010            DARK PSYCHOSIS "Obsessed By Shadows" CD
CM8284            DARK TRANQUILLITY "Lost to Apathy" MCD
DFL4724           DARKEN "Darken" MCD
FPR009            DARKEST GROVE "Pain and Suffering Shall be Known" CD
LA149               DARKNESS OF HELL "Under the Flag of Hate" CD
NN12                DAWN OV HATE "Death d'Hivern" MCD
UNREST022      DAYGLO ABORTIONS "Here Today Guano Tomorrow" CD
UG025              DEAD FOR DAYS "Creating Murderous Domain" CD
OR080              DEAD INFECTION "Corpses Of The Universe" MCD
BTOD0217        DEATH DIES "The Sound Of Demons" CD w/ Slipcase (Ex-EVOL!)
VIRUS004         DEATHMOOR "Opus Morte III" CD
BSR12              DEATHROW "Desolating Cosmic Intuition" CD
BFD011            DEBAUCHERY "Dead Scream Symphony" MCD
OR041              DECAY "Mutilating... Gutting" CD
AP030              DECAYED / DARKNESS "United in Blasphemy" Split CD
Valse016           DEEP-PRESSION "Void Of A Morning" CD
DCLXVI04         DEFINITION SANE "Psychodelirium" CD
D0104               DEFORMITY “Superior” CD
HELLS129         DEIPHAGO "Into The Eye Of Satan" CD
BGPS002          DEMON REALM "A Legend of Power" CD
SMP001            DEMONIC CHORALS "Powers Of Immortal Hatred" CD
PRU004            DEMONIC FOREST "Frost Strength" CD
HT013               DEMONIC SLAUGHTER "Dark Essence" CD
STI005              DEMONOMANCY "Supremacy through Intolerance" CD
HHR012            DEMONTUARY "Of The Fallen" CD
AP021              DESCENDING DARKNESS "Blutrausch" Digi MCD
DTSR022          DESECRATION "Reincarnation Of Eternal Suffering (1991-1995)" CD
PP024              DESOLATE "Sanity Obliterated" Digi CD
Abyss026         DESULTOR "Masters of Hate" CD
DTM022            DEVASTATOR "Morbid Force" CD
OCR23              DEVASTATOR "Nocturnal Slut" CD
BM.C55543       DEVATHORN "Diadema" CD
SMS054            DEVATHORN "Diadema" CD
LWAY025          DHAMPYR "All The Dead Dears" CD
DG045              DIABOLIC "Chaos in Hell/ Possessed By Death" CD
KBR014            DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLES "Manifesto of Death" Digi CD
INF696-01         DIABOLIKAL HOLOKAUST "Diabolikal Holokaust" CD
BAPH136          DIABOLOS "The Three Mothers" MCD
Hammer13        DIAGON "Satan Mit Uns" CD
Spear5              DIAMATREGON "The Satanic Devotion" CD
ISO1437            DIECOLD "Rest in Hell" CD
NCM06             DIMENTIANON "Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum" CD
EPR040            DISFIGURED CORPSE "Mega Ultra Intergalactic Core" CD
BR005              DISFIGUREMENT "Soul Rot" Digi MCD
BMR001            DISJECTA MEMBRAE "Taedium Vitae" MCD
NPR073            DISMAL EUPHONY "Lady Ablaze" MCD
POSH041          DIVINE RAPTURE "The Burning Passion" CD
MACD034         DODKULT "III: Domini Ascensionem" CD
LUST10            DOMINI INFERI Devil Cult" CD + Video Clip **
PGR004            DONN THE PHILOSOPHY "Horns Curve Into Broken Circles" CD
TOR018            DOODSDREK "Doodsdrek" CD
PRC08              DOOM'S DAY "The Unholy" CD
AP05                DRAUGEN "Among The Lonely Shades" CD
PTCD4              DRAUGUL "The Voyager" CD
PRO010            DRAWN "Plan Be" MCD
BMC66614        DRUNKARD "Hellish Metal Dominate" CD
HWP010           DUX "Vintras" CD
ADLM19           DYING EMBRACE "Era Of Tribulation" CD
UG027              DYSCRASIA "Septical Stomach-Pumped Remnants" MCD
NRR043            ELECTRO NOMICON "Unleashing The Shadows" CD
PEST020          ELHAZ "Goetic Experience" Digi CD
OAP103            ELIMI "The Seed" MCD
ELI02                ELIWAGAR "Fjellfolk Saga Fra Forntiden" Digi CD
NAGA009          EMANCER "Twilight and Randomness" Digi CD
HELLS073         EMBALMED "Exalt The Imperial Beast" CD
DSR069            EMBLAZONED "The Living Magisterium" MCD
METAL018        EMPTINESS SOUL "Three Days" CD
BMP004            EMPTY "A Source Of Hollow Essence" CD
BHP013D          END "III" Digi CD
OAP059            ENDE "Whispers Of A Dying Earth" CD
Nation011         ENDLESS BATTLE "Brotherhood Of Hate" CD
OAP040            ENFEUS LODGE "Enfeus Lodge" CD
NMBR004         ENOID "Dodssykus" CD
RVR14              ENOID "Livssyklus" CD
BS025              ENOID "The New World Murder" CD
AKR014            ENSEPULCHRED "The Night our Rituals Blackened the Stars" CD
W3.71245          ENTER MY SILENCE "Remote Controlled Scythe" CD
LDRF009          ENTER SELF "Awaken In Agony" CD
D0120               ENTHRAL "Subterranean Movement" CD
ILIAD038           ENTITY, THE "Salt" MCD
MACD056         EPITHALIUM "Ausrottung" CD
HDR023            EPITIMIA "Faces of Insanity" CD
TE043               EPOCH OF UNLIGHT "The Continuum Hypothesis" CD
IFP005              ERATOMANIA "Mental Suffocation" MCD
AOP016            ESKAPI "Välkommen till (O)verkligheten" MCD
SIN01               ETERNAL "Satanic Templars of the Dark Age" CD
TEEG               ETERNAL GREY “Kindless” CD 
Abyss039         ETERNAL HELCARAXE "Against All Odds" CD
SHR004            ETERNAL NORTH "Children ov the Cold" Cardbord Sleeve MCD
DSR064            ETERNAL REST "Prophetic" CD
DCLXVI02         EVERWINTER "Final Victory" MCD
BR014              EVIL DARKNESS "Malignant Supremacy" CD
HWP025           EVIL ERUPTION "True Evil Never Dies" CD
EG001              EVIL GOD "Deeds Of The Antichrist" MCD
DLCD0001        EVIL INTENT "Lemuria" MCD
IFP007              EVIL PALACE "Born In Darkness" CD
ED03                EVISCERATE "Beneath Dying Skies" Digi Sleeve MCD
XC001              EXCOMMUNICATED "Skeleton Key" CD w/ Slipcase
NC082              EXORCIST "Chossing the Exorcist" MCD
BR013              EXTREMELY ROTTEN FLESH "The End" CD
RCR017            EZURATE "Eve Of Desecration" CD
Thor043           FAAGRIM / ZWARTPLAAG "United Wolfish Hordes" CD
DG075             FAITHXTRACTOR "The Great Shadow Infiltrator" CD
FERLY043         FALL OF THE GREY-WINGED ONE "Aeons Of Dreams" CD
BPR032            FATAL CASTRATION "Perishan Grinder" CD
OR003              FEARBRINGER "Double Faced Corruption (2000/2001 Demos)" CD
METAL011        FECUND BETRAYAL "Depths That Buried the Sea" CD
PP010              FERMENTO "Insignia" CD
DTM026            FERMENTO "Recipe For Cremation" CD
DSR066            FEROCITY "The Sovereign" CD
Abyss034         FESTER "A Celebration of Death" CD
ATTA060           FETID ZOMBIE / NECRONOMICON BEAST "United in Defiance" CD
SCP087            FFERYLLT "Achanterez" CD
WFP002            FIEND "Black Abhorrent Metal" CD
AOP007            FIEND "Freezing Funeral Serenades" MCD
UER022            FIMBULTYR "Gryende Tidevarv" CD
HT019               FLAGELLATED SERAPH "Beyond Salvation" Digi CD
PEST023          FLAGELLUM DEI "Order of the Obscure" CD
HWP019           FLAMEN "Supremo Die" MCD
BEER001          FLESHART "Art Brut" MCD
DSR042            FLESHROT "Traumatic Reconfiguration" CD
BM.C55535       FOMORII / WIATR "Split" CD
GOK011            FOR RUIN "December" Digi CD
VSR08              FOREST OF DOOM 'In Time Comes Glory and Obscurity" Digi CD
BR14                FOREST OF THE SOUL "Restless In Flight" CD
PG004              FORGOT "Burning Down" CD
PRG44042        FORNACE "Pregnant is the Night" CD
HLVTR1            FOURTH MONARCHY "Amphilochia" Digi CD
TE040               FRANTIC BLEEP "The Sense Apparatus" CD
BPR040            FROST "...From The Dark" CD
UCR010            FROZEN ILLUSION "Blown Away" CD
UCR003            FROZEN ILLUSION "Hatespawn" CD
OAP104            FROZEN OCEAN "Vanviddsanger" MCD
HDR018            FUNERAL FORNICATION "Pandemic Transgression" CD
DR2                  FUNERAL PYRE "Funeral Pyre" Digi CD
MYS002            FUNERARIUM "Noces Chimiques" CD
UCR0471          FUNERARIUM "Valley of Darkness" CD
EMF030            FUNEREAL MOON "Rape Of Holiness" CD
PC007              FUROR, THE "Advance Australia Warfare" CD
KP021              G.O.R.E. "Never Sober Level" CD
CM8068            GATHERING, THE "In Motion" DVD
SIN03               GAUNTLET / CONTAGION BLACK "Split" CD
ADP073            GENERICHRIST "House of Ill Repute" CD
DV001              GERMANEN BLUT "Wandelnd In Der Einsamkeit Abgrundtiefer Gedanken" CD
VIHA003           GHREMDRAKK "Je m'exalte" CD
AP009              GOAT HORNS "Magician of Black Chaos" MCD
HT009              GOAT TYRANT "The Summoning of Three Demonic Rituals" CD
FBR002            GOATCRAFT "All For Naught" CD
ER26                GOMORRAH "Gomorrah" CD
PP014              GOREALITY "Perverse Depraved Indifference" CD
TSR015            GOREHOG/VENEREAL DISEASE "Are Coming To Get You" Split CD
LF004               GOREOPSY "Co.-Ed Killer" CD
SCP069            GORMENGHAST "Resist Or Serve" CD
BM.C55544       GRAB "Plague" CD
SOLCD001        GRAIL "The Morning of Disillusionment" CD
BPR012.2         GRAUEN PESTANZ / MIASMA "Into The Fire Of Isolation" Split CD
HELLS056         GRAVEWURM "Blood Of The Pentagram" CD
HELLS104         GRAVEWURM "Infernal Minions" CD
NSP032            GRAVFERD "Demonized" CD
HELLS016         GRENADE "The Howling Damned" CD
KR13                GREY "Sisters Of The Wyrd" CD
PRG49045        GREY SKIES FALLEN "The Many Sides of Truth" CD
Thor029           GRIM DESTROYER "Might And Majesty" CD
SSR001            GRIM LANDSCAPE "Satan Leads My Sword" CD
BEH16              GRIMNESS "Trust In Decay" CD
BMP012            GRIMUACK "Goetica Summa" CD
BMC66634        GROMM "Cold Old Thorns" CD w/Sticker
MSR007            GRONDHAAT "Humanity: The Flesh For Satan's Pigs" CD
MR089              GURKKHAS "A Life Of Suffering" CD
HAU003            GURU OF DARKNESS "Mater Meretrix" CD
SLEAZY018       GUT "The Cumback 2005" CD
PPR001            HACAVITZ "Hacavitz" MCD
CURSED2018    HACKSAW TO THE THROAT "Tear My Eyes Out..." CD
RR77                HAEMOPHAGUS "Atrocious" CD
RSR0185          HALLOWMAS "The Road to Hallow's Eve" CD
LSS05              HARZA "War" CD
W3.71254          HATE THEORY "Hate Theory" CD
LA097               HAVOC "Elimination Process" CD
NYKTA17          HAYRAS "Sombre Destin" CD
BAPH118          HEADMEAT "Destructive Entitlement" MCD
BAPH130          HEADMEAT "Mass Sociogenic Illness" Digi CD
NAGA011          HEIDEN "Obsidian" CD
HH85                HEIMDALLS WACHT "Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metal" CD
HH83                HEIMDALLS WACHT "Ut De Graute Olle Tied – Deel 1" CD
Death060          HEKSERI "Hekseri" CD
BURN001          HELCARAXE "Children Of Ygg" CD
REG047            HELCARAXE "Triumph and Revenge" CD
HELL001           HELLEWACHT "Euvele Daeden" CD
SP043              HELLLIGHT "...And Then, The Light Of Consciousness Became Hell..." CD
HIH98               HELLWAFFE "Worship Of Anxiety" MCD
MZ02                HELLWITCH / STORMING STEELS "The Twin Bestial Forces" Split CD
FERLY041         HELVINTR "A Desastrious Collaboration of Coldness and Despair" CD **
PRG48044        HERETICAL "Daemon Est Devs Inversvs" CD
BAPH126          HIDDEN "Alexisstar Morphalite" CD
RSR0204          HIDDEN "Dead Land Energy" CD
RSR152            HIDDEN "Spectral magnitude" CD
SP012-07          HIEROPHANT "The Tome" CD
WRAITH003       HILLS OF SEFIROTH "Fly High the Hated Black Flag" CD
WW1                HILLS OF SEFIROTH "The Neglected Ancestry" CD
BEH13              HINDVIR "Roth Cingetos Taxonaria" CD
FBR001             HINSIDES "Universe Aspire In Mysticism" CD
AV104              HJARNIDAUDI "Pain.Noise.March" Digi CD
AWP001           HOARSTONE "Hoarstone" CD
DHR034            HOLOCAUSTUM "Crawling Through The Flames Of Damnation" CD
HPGD111          HOLOCAUSTUM "In The Fields They Bled" CD
MSR002            HORDAGAARD "Kveldskved" CD
GR018              HORDES OF DECAY "The Kings Will Be Ready" CD
IBDC037           HOTH "The Black Goddess Return" CD
BIH38               HUMAN FILTH "Damned With Satan's Might" CD
PRC18              HYBREED CHAOS "Dying Dogma" CD
Abyss022         HYPERBOREAN "The Spirit Of The Wolf" CD
NAGA005          HYPERBOREAN DESIRE "...V Kruhu Veskerenstva..." CD
FOTA001          IAD "Penitentiam Agite" MCD
PWD005           IBERIAN WOLVES "Europa" CD
BTOD1228        ICETHRONE "See You In Valhall" CD
DK039              IMAGO MORTIS "Una Foresta Dimenticata" CD
SE004              IMPERIUM INFERNALE "Primitivo" CD
ARCD025          IN AETERNUM "Dawn of a New Aeon" CD
ARMCD004        IN AETERNUM "No Salvation" Digi MCD Lim. Ed.
IDR001             IN BATTLE "Soul Metamorphosis" CD
STTW002          IN DEATH I BECOME "Black Wings, Grey Skies" Digi CD
K88                  IN ETERNA "In the Dark" CDr
OAP099            INFAMOUS "Of Solitude And Silence" CD
EISEN034         INFAUST "Blutbad & Melancholie" CD
DR03                INFERI "The End Of A Weak Nature" CD
OLD35              INFERIS "In The Path Of Malignant Spirits" MCD in Gatefold cardboard sleeve
OLD34              INFERIS "Surrendering Honors To The Black Arts" MCD
CBS004            INFERIUS TORMENT "Your God Liar" CD
F001                 INFERNAL "The Infernal Compendium" CD
HYMN001          INFESTUM "Infestum" MCD
OLD24              INFIDEL "Bloody Horns Of Wrath" MCD in 7" Packaging
DG055              INFINITUM OBSCURE "Sub Atris Caelis" CD
OAP013            INHUMAN HATE "Merciless Misanthropic" CD
DCLXVI01         INIMICAL/SECT "The Other Gods/ Wrath of the Lost" Split CD
OAP92              INSANE VESPER "Abominations Of Death" CD
BMC66651        INVASIVE COMMAND "Ride... Invade... Kill... Conquer" CD
SMR006            ISOLATION "Striding On The Path Of Nihil" MCD
AV224              JANVS "Nigredo" Digi CD
VAP015            JENKEM "I'm Glad You're Dead (The Complete Shit)" CD
Qayamat03       KALKI AVATARA "Mantra For The End Of Times" MCD
FIRE013            KAMARA "Tämäkin Vielä" MCD
MIM7338           KARI "Pilot" CD (Kari Rueslatten ex 3rd & The Mortal)
EMF008            KARNARIUM "Tänk På Döden" CD
MWR014           KARPATHIA "Urheimat - The Call Of Ravens" CD
GSR027            KATHONIK "Demonic Horde Rising" CD
TDG019            KENAZ "Resurgence Nordique" CD
BAPH108          KHISANTH "Forseen Storms Of The Apocalypse" CD
EP024              KHORS "Winter Stronghold" DVD
PRC13              KILL WITH HATE "Voices Of Obliteration" CD
DG065              KING "Forged By Satan’s Doctrine" CD
KH001              KLADOVEST "Kladovest" Digi CD
AMR019            KLOR "Klor" Digi CD
LWAY027          KOLP "The Valley Of Plague " CD
CRYO03           KORPIUS "Apocalyptic Vision" MCD
PG005              KOSA "Evilabsorption" CD
PRG40049        KOZELJNIK "Null: The Acheron Of Multiform Negation" MCD
HPP003            KOZELJNIK "Sigil Rust" CD w/ Slipcase
TP033               KRAMPUS "Graveyard Blowjob" CD
NME003            KRASHING "Disinterment 1987-1993" CD
BGR009            KRIEG / GRAVECODE NEBULA "Split" 7" EP
AngeL006         KRIGERE WOLF "Sacrifice to Valaskjalf" CD
PS37                KRUK "Endkampf" CD
DG081              KULT OFENZIVY "Nauky Ruznic" CD
AngeL011         KVALVAAG "Noema" CD
ASA017            LABATUT "Yeomanly" CD
VIRUS003         LASHBLOOD "Philosophy Of Self-Flagellation" CD
BSR2001          LAST TYRANT "The End Of The Holy Legacy" CD
SCP062            LAST WAIL "The Tale Of Endless Night" CD
MACD053         LATHSPELL " Impious Incantations" CD
AOP014            LATITUDE EGRESS "To Take Up The Cross" CD
ESCD047          LEAD HAZE "Black Water Path" CD
LA141               LIGHT OF DARK "Satan World War" DVD
LIGHT005          LIHPORCEN "Illuminate" CD
DWP011           LIKBLEK "Likblek" CD
FI045                LIKLUKT "Bay Of Kings" CD
TE044               LILITU "The Delores Lesion" CD
Dusk007           LILYUM "Nothing Is Mine" CD
AOP028            LIVSNEKAD "Nostalgisk Katarsis" CD
DSTK7554        LONG VOYAGE BACK "Long Voyage Back" CD
COY58              LORD FUCK "Exquisite Gutteral" CD
OR004              LORD VAMPYR "De Vampyrica Philosophia" CD
DTD002            LORDAMOR "Lordamor" CD
Trust028            LORDS OF BUKKAKE "Desagravio" CD
FI047                LOST LIFE "The Cur(s)e Of Karma" CD
DR004              LUCIFERS HAMMER "The Mists Of Time MMXIV" CD
PG012              LUCIFUGUM "Xa Heresy" Digi CD
SCP068            LUDI OSENI "Vosstanie" CD
AOP027            LUGNASAD "Smell Of A Grey Sore" Digi CD
GOLD012          LUNA AD NOCTUM "Dimness Profound" CD
FR020               LUNGORTHIN "Morgrom" CD
NAUGHT017      LUTOMYSL "Overcoming Babel" CD
AMR017            LUX DIVINA "From The Tomb To Nature's Blood" CD
HDR028            LYCANTHIA "Oligarchy" CD
METAL020        LYCANTHROPY "Dead Silence" MCD
Thor001           LYCANTHROPY'S SPELL "Forest Of Misanthropy" CD
Abyss007         MAAX "Dawnbringer" Digi CD
SP019              MAGAN "Nathicana" MCD
PRC14              MAGISTER DIXIT "Maze Of Thousand Ways" CD
MR083              MAINPOINT "Heaven/Earth" CD
KUNST013        MAL ETRE "Torment" CD
AD002              MALEDICERE "Leave Only What Is Fit To Burn" CD
HMP026            MALHKEBRE "Revelation" CD
BTOD0318        MALIGNANCE "Regina Umbra Mortis" CD
SHR008            MALIGNANT INCEPTION "Black Death" CD
SHR009            MALIGNANT INCEPTION "Path to Repression" CD
HWP008           MALMORT "Vox in Excelso" CD
ABP031            MANDATORY "Ripped From The Tomb" CD
NE014              MANIAC KILLER "Amusing Anecdotes for the Depraved" CD **
FIRE024            MANITOU "The Mad Moon Rising" digi CD
EDP011            MANTAK "Diabolical PsychoLust" CD
IGC010             MANTUS "Deep Hypnosis Trance" CD
VKR17031         MAPLE CROSS "Next Chapter" CD
TDG012            MARBLEBOG / DRAUGURZ "Split" CD
REG003            MARTYR "To Confirm When Destruction Comes" MCD
DG077              MASADA "Hideous Rot" MCD
MA0001            MASOCHISM "Masochism" Digi MCD
LA132               MASSACRE MUST BEGIN, THE "T.M.M.B." CD
MOON066         MASSEMORD "Notes Of Antihate Profound" MCD
MOON068         MASSEMORD "The Madness Tongue Devouring Juices Of Livid Hope" CD
BR012              MASTURBATION "Putrified Vaginal Infibulation" CD
RZD066            MEDIEVAL WINTER NIGHTS "Eternal Thoughts of Mad Shadowed Soul" CD
RAW1002          MEGIDDO "Subterranean Empire" CD
BAPH105          MEMORIAL "Enter My dragon" CD
LEP071             MEPHISTOPHELES “Modern Instinct’s Purity” CD
GR022              MEPHORASH "Chalice of Thagirion" CD
IPR003              MERESSIN "The Baphomet's Call" CD
SOM050           MERIDIAN "The Seventh Sun" CD
LA103               MICTLAN "Donde Habitan Los Muertos" CD
SCP084            MIELLNIR "Incineration Astern" CD
FMIRZA            MIRZADEH "The Creatures Of Loviatar" CD
BLKFLM005       MOAT "The Sun is Destroying Us All" CD
HELLS083         MONGREL'S CROSS "The Sins of Aquarius" CD
Pestis004          MOON MISTRESS, THE "Silent Voice Inside" CD
MHPCD023        MOONREICH "Curse Them" MCD
DG069              MORBID EXECUTION "Vulgar Darkness" CD
OCR25              MORBID GOAT FORNICATOR "Nuclear Vaticano" CD
NCM03             MORD "Imperium Magnum Infernalis" CD
SMR019            MORD'A'STIGMATA "Antimatter" CD
DG063              MORDBRAND "Necropsychotic" MCD
FMPCD002        MORDGRIM "Flesh And The Devil" CD
MOON070         MORDHELL "Suffer In Hell" CD w/Slipcase
BMM025           MORNINGSIDE, THE "Moving Crosscurrent Of Time" CD
SPR07              MORS VINCIT OMNIA "Opprobrium" CD
IBDC007           MORTIFICY "Burn and Suffer" CD
NME05             MORTIFIER "Darkness My Eternal Bride" CD
MR082              MOSHQUITO "Worlds End" CD
IGC033             MOTOR "5 Years of Satanic Rock" CD
MR097              MUCUPURULENT "Soulreaver" CD
MV0001            MUERTE VILLA "La Conquista" MCD
HH81                MURW "Kanker" CD
COKE02            MY TORMENTS "Atrocities" CD
UER038            MYHRDING "Myhrding" MCD
ASCD006          MYRDDRAAL "Surrounded By Unlight" CD
BAPH120          N.C.O. (NEPHENZY CHAOS ORDER) "Pure Black Disease" CD
REG070            N.I.L. "Neglect.Forgot.Remember" Digi MCD
DH016              NA RASPUTJE "Early demos (1998-2003)" CD
HMP023            NADIWRATH / PRETEEN DEATHFUCK "Throne Of Desecration" CD
AV108              NAHAR "La Fascination Du Pire" CD
IPR001              NAHASH "Nocticula Hecate" CD w/SlipCase
OCR17              NAHUAL "Apostasy Act" CD
MIPCD013        NAHUAL "Massive Onslaught from Hell"  CD
ASF015            NAHUAL "The Scaffold Of The Dead" CD
EXOB008          NAMTARU "The Plague Of Namtar" MCD
DCR020            NARGOTHROND "Doctrine Of Lies" CD
DHR024            NATASSIEVILA "Iter Lethalis" CD
CBS001            NATIVE IN BLACK "At The Mystic Gates Of Eternal Winter" CD
ARCD024          NATTAS "At Ease with the Beast" CD
UER040            NATTSMYG "Fylgja" CD
PEST017          NAZARENE DECOMPOSING "Demonic Inquisition" CD
BRP01DVD       NEBIROS / OSCURIDAD "Legiones Bajo Tierra" DVD
DR004              NECROABORTION "Brutal Misanthropy" CD
Muerte001         NECRODAMUS "No Rest For The Wizard" CD
IBDC039           NECROGOD "The Inexorable Death Reing" CD
FI043                NECROMASS "Calix Utero Babalon" CD
DK069              NECROSADISTIC GOAT TORTURE "Armageddon Shall Come" CD
DWP036           NEFANDUS "Reality Cleaver" CD
PRC07              NEGATIVA "Chaos in Motion" MCD
Dusk014           NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR "Natura Mortis Sonoris" CD
ECR001            NEKRASOV "Into The No Mans Sphere Of The Ancient Days" digi CD
ECR002            NEKRASOV "The Form Of Thought From Beast" CD in Cardboard Sleeve
MHPCD032        NEMESIS IRAE "Eradikate Kampaign" CD
WRAITH010       NENAVIST "Nenavist" CD
Hammer07        NEPHILIM / KLANDESTYN "Split" CD
MHPCD029        NEPTRECUS "L'aube Du Declin" CD
HB05                NETHERMANCY "Weakening Divinity" CD
HDR017            NETRA "Mélancolie Urbaine" CD
RP173              NEVEL "Teloorgang" CD
DG051              NEW PLAGUE, THE "Insatiable" CD
CURSED2019     NEW PLAGUE, THE "Shackled and Enslaved" CD
DG042              NEX "Zero" CD
DARK21           NICODEMUS "The Supernatural Omnibus" CD
LWAY017          NIEDERGANG "Delirium Aeternum" CD
DTD001            NIGHT MUST FALL "Dissonance Of Thought" CD
BLR080             NIGHTFALL "LYSSA / Rural Gods & Astonishing Punishments" CD
NCM05             NINNIXU "Collection" CD
Abyss014         NOCTIS IMPERIUM "Nihil" MCD
HW016              NOCTURNAL AMENTIA "Hec Regnum Meum Est" CD
DTB035            NOCTURNAL DEGRADE "Hymn To Eternal November" CD
EAR012            NORDHEIM "Nordheim" CDr
NMBR003         NORDIC WINTER "Threnody"  CD
OAP014            NORDLYS "Til Pest" CD
EPP013            NORDVARGR "Helvete" Digi CD
SCP064            NORDVERG "Crimson Dawn" CD
SLAIN005          NORTHERN BREEZE "Sailing To The North" CD
GOI-01              NORTHWIND "Viento Del Norte" CD
MIP021             NOSTALGIA "A412 Devil Music Vol.2" CD
NAUGHT114      NOVAE MILITIAE "Infliction of the Divine" CD
HELLS124         NUNSLAUGHTER "Angelic Dread" 2xCD
REG048            OBJEKT4 "Mindscars" Digi 2xCD
EXR023            OBLITERATE "Tangled Ways" CD
WWP001           OBLOMOV "Communitas: Deconstructing The Order" CD
RNP001            OBLOMOV "Wishing The Renaissance" MCD
CUT021            OBSCURANT "Lifeform: Dead" CD
BT04                 OBSCURE VORTEX "Was Einst War" CD
DEATH39          OBSKURE TORTURE "Worship the Beast" MCD
REG051            OCCULTUS "Inthial" CD
REG042            OCTAGON "Death Fetish" CD
PZU01              OCULTAN "Profanation" CD
HDR027            ODRADEK ROOM "Bardo. Relative Reality." CD
SIN02               OF HUMAN BONDAGE "The Ghost Sessions Volume 1" CD
TUP002            OHTAR / DARK FURY "Necrohate / Auri Sacra Fames" Split CD
HDR021            OLD FORGOTTEN LANDS "Primal" CD
GGR008            OMINOUS GRIM "Gaze Into the Mirror of Dark" CD
WFP005            OMITIR "Old Temple Of Depression" CD
LF001               OMNIUM GATHERUM "Rectifying Human Rejection" CD
DBR029            ON HORNS IMPALED "Total World Domination" CD
NP016              ONIRIK "Spectre" CD
MHP555            OPVS LEVIATHAN "I:O:I" Digi CD
MR054              ORTH "Feed The Flames" CD
VS01                OXIDISED RAZOR "Rise Of The Worms" CD
IFP004              P.H.T.O. "Affliction" CD
LDRF007          PANDEMIA "Spreading the Message" CD
OAP009            PARIA "Vermin Race" Digi CD
CRUDE001       PATOLOGICUM "Hecatomb Of Aberration" CD **
PRG44041        PERMANENT MIDNIGHT "Under The Blood Moon" CD
PRG44051        PERMANENT MIDNIGHT "Under The Blood Moon" CD
Death061          PERSECUTOR "Bestial Overkill" CD
OCR04              PERVERSE MONASTYR "Perverse Monastyr/ Religious Remorses " CD
PP018              PESSIMIST "Evolution Unto Evil" CD
HWP024           PESTIFERUM "Dechus du Fleau" CD
OP2155            PHAZM "Hate At First Seed" CD
BSR012            PIT, THE "Disrupted Human Symmetry" CD w/ Slipcase
IPR008.2           POCCOLUS "Ragana" CD
OLD005            POGROM "Black Metal Complete" A4 flat sleeve Digi CD **
SOM090           POLTERCHRIST "Engulfed by the Swarm" CD
MR044              POSTMORTEM "Screams Of Blackness" CD
MR058              POSTMORTEM "Stormforce" MCD
ER11                PRIMATIVE SUPREMACY "Melody and Madness" CD
SEED020          PRIMIGENIUM "Faith Through Anguish" CD
GIM030             PROCER VENEFICUS "Convoy (Pt. 2)" Digi CD
D-HELL001       PROFUNDIS "Nokturn" CD
TDR004           PROSATANOS / SMOKE "In Hate And Blasphemy" CD
CURSED2010   PSYCHOMANCER "(si-ko-man-sur)" CD
FEYE002          PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR "Fucker" digi CD
REG040            PSYKOTISK / VREDGAD "Split" CD
DTB009            PUREST "Renascence" CD
SHR005            PURGATION "Exterminated Malfeasance" MCD
NE012              PUTRESCENCE "Mangled, Hollowed Out, and Vomit Filled" CD
MRI2429           QUINTA ESSENTIA "Archetypal Transformation" CD
OR085              RAPE PILLAGE AND BURN "Songs Of Death... Songs Of Hell" MCD
LA121               RAPTURE "Infernal Manifest" CD
HWP021           REIN "La Cocaïne des Seigneurs" CD
UER021            REMASCULATE "Perversemonger" CD
FBP033            RESUSCITATOR 'Warrior's Death" CD
GR008              REX SATANACHIA "First Legion Of Hell" CD
SHR028            RHYMES OF DESTRUCTION "A Sun Revolution" CD
RSR0208          RITUAL COMBAT "Occultus Requiem" CD
SMR009x          ROBED IN EXILE "The Rape Of Purity" CDr (limited 300)
SAGA008          RUTONKANTAJA "Nature Mysticism" CD
BEH03              SACRADIS "Darkness of our Souls" CD
DR01                SACRIFICIAL MASSACRE "Dry Spells & Serpent Gods" CD
M7173              SADUS "Out for Blood" CD
SEED018          SALVATION 666 "Anima Pestifera" CD
RSR0211          SAMMATH NAUR "Limits Were To Be Broken" 2xCD
DM017              SANCTIFIER "Awaked By Impurity Rites" CD
REG041            SANCTUS DAEMONEON "Grey Metropolis" CD
NE013              SANCTUS DAEMONEON "The unaVOIDable" CD
HELLS069         SANGUIS IMPEREM "In Glory We March Towards Our Doom" CD
BPR009            SAPHIER "Trollskogen" CD
FIRE037            SARALEE "Darkness Between" CD
PTCD1              SATANIC HOLOCAUST "Raw Black Metal Holocaust" CD
IAYEP001         SATANIC HONOR "Destroying For Satan's Glories" MCD
HELLS098         SATANIC THREAT "In To Hell" CD
MBD001           SATAN'S ALMIGHTY PENIS "Into The Cunt of Chaos" CD
NAGA013          SATOR MARTE "Za Zdmi" CD
DTD004            SATURNIAN MIST "Repellings" MCD
W3.71279          SCARVE "Luminiferous" CD
FIRE017            SCENT OF FLESH "Valor of Hatred" CD
DYN010            SEAR "Begin the Celebrations of Sin" CD
PRG35040        SECTIONED "Purulent Reality" CD
OAP074            SEELENGREIF "...Zum Tode Betrubt" CD
WRAITH011       SEJTANE "The Burning Cold" CD
IPR011              SEKTARISM "L'Offrande" MCD
DG043              SEMARGL "Manifest" CD
DSR012            SERIAL BUTCHER "Genocide Landscape" CD
MB013              SEROTONAL "The Futility Of Trying To Avoid The Unavoidable" MCD
FIRE023            SHADOW CUT "Pictures Of Death" CD
SRP20              SHADOW SEASON "The Frozen" MCD
GOTH004          SHADOWSREIGN "Bloodcity" Digi CD
SCP055            SHAMBLESS "Menra Eneidalen" CD
FIRE036            SHAMRAIN "Deeper Into the Night" MCD
BMP009            SHEMHAMPHORASH "Dementia" CD
ERZ003            SHEMHAMPHORASH "Sulphur" CD
Trust024           shEver "Rituals" CD
LEP044             SHINING OF KLIFFOTH "Twilight Of Sehemeah" CD
SOLCD004        SHROUD OF SATAN "Litany to the Moon" MCD
FR002               SICKNESS "Verbrannte Erde" CD
MWR005           SIG:AR:TYR "Sailing the Seas of Fate" CD
BUP04              SIGILLUM DIABOLI "Sigillum Diaboli" CD
HWP027           SIGILLUM DIABOLICUM "Monotheisme : Le Grand Culte Mortifere" CD
NB001              SIGMA DRACONIS "De Rervum Natura" CD
NC14                SIN OF ANGELS "From The Ashes" CD
PRC10              SIN OF GOD "Limbus" CD
HAWK013         SINOATH "Under The Ashes" CD
SK4482             SKITZO "Vomitorium" DVD **
AngeL012         SKOLL "Grisera" CD
AAP1109          SLAVE'S MASK "Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry" Digi CD
REG058            SLUNOVRAT "Sword And Iron Cross" CD
AXTR005          SOL EVIL "Sanctus Satanas" CD
LWP001            SOL NEGRO "Hellish Furnace" MCD
LWP002            SOL NEGRO "Of Darkness and Flames" MCD
LWP002LP        SOL NEGRO "Of Darkness and Flames" MLP
EMF021            SON OF EARTH "Son Of Earth" CD
BR01                SONS OF CHAOS "Redwork" CD
REG044            SORTS "Made In Nightonia" MCD
BAPH117          SOUL FORSAKEN "Tales of the Macabre" CD
BTOD0523        SPELL FOREST "Lucifer Rex" CD
BGR005            SPICULUM IRATUS "Summa Anti-Theologica" CD
OAP074            SPIRE "Metamorph" Digi MCD
VMR001            SPIRIT DISEASE "Redemption Denied" MCD
PRO5552          SPIRIT OF THE FOREST "Kingdom Of Despair" CD
DHR032            SPIRITUAL DECAY "Closer To The Grave" CD
OR084              SPLATTER WHORE "City Of The Sleazehounds" CD
BT29                 STAAR "Staar" CD
SAGA007          STARLIT "Ataraxis" CD
IFP013              STERBENZEIT "L'oltrenotte" CD
NAGA012          STINY PLAMENU "Mrtva Komora" CD
PRG42048        STORM BREEDER "The Knave" CD
MHPCD014       STORM OF DARKNESS/LUCIFERIAN "From Underground To The Black Mass" CD
GIM032             STROSZEK "Life Failures Made Music" CD
GIM025             STROSZEK "Songs Of Remorse" Digi CD
MHPCD031       STRYNN "Decadence" Digifile CD
BAPH137          STYGGELSE "Bland Andlosa Falt Av Snusk Och Hor" MCD
HDR025            SUBTERRANEAN DISPOSITION "Subterranean Disposition" CD
TE042               SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE "Temporary Psychotic State" MCD
SAW004           SUICIDAL INC. "Leave This World Behind" CD
SDP002            SUN DESCENDS "Kanun-Law + Exhumer Demo" CD
HELLS081         SUPERCHRIST "Holy Shit" CD
BEER004          SUPPOSITORY/GROT "Split" CD
BSR2002          SUPREMACIA SATANICA "La Victoria Del Imperio Satanico" CD
HH86                SVARTHYMN "Svarthymn" MCD
SAGA009          SVARTKRAFT "IV - Ruin" CD
BAPH115          SVARTPEST "Ved Den Dravelige Inngang Til Helvete" CD
IPR004              SVARTTHRON "Bearer of the Crimson Flame" CD
IPR010              SVARTTHRON "Kraujo Estetika" CD
Grey011            TAPHEPHOBIA "Taphephobia" CD
REG043            TARM "Nad Tulevad Kaapaist" CD
DG040              TENEBROUS "Arias Toward the Black Sun" CD
PP07                TERATISM "Service for the Damned" CD
HWP023           TERDOR "Levi II" CD
DES02              TERROR OF THE TREES "Devil Worship" MCD
NYKTA13          TETRAKTYS "Voreion Sellas" CD
AV220              THAW "Thaw" Digi CD
FINSTER17       THE BLACK DEATH "S/T" CD  (STRIBORG side project!)
HDR016            THE FOETAL MIND "The Grand Contraction" CD
MHP032            THERM.EYE.FLAME "To Evolution?!" CD
NEPH002          THEUDHO "Treachery" CD
AAR006            THEUDHO "When Ice Crowns the Earth" CD
TE045               THINE EYES BLEED "In The Wake of Seperation" CD
SAGA003          THIRST "Blacklight" Digi CD
BLKFLM007       THOM MATHEWS "Mindcraft" CD
SOL029            THROMDAR "NorthStorm Arrives" CD
BTOD0320        THRONED "...There Where the Moon Rises" MCD
BTOD0422        THY WINTER KINGDOM "Opus II - InnerSpectrum" CD
SHR006            TIER INSTINCT "Volume III- R.I.P." A4 Digi CD + Bonus MCD
SM042              TIWAZ "The Rune of Victory" MCD
SM048              TIWAZ "T-Stamped Spear" CD
BAPH140          TJOLGTJAR "Holnijimnjok" CD
BAPH134          TJOLGTJAR "The Tjolgtjarian Mass" CD
AAP507            TODESSTOSS "Selbstentleibung - Der Annaberung Erster Teil" MCD
AKR019            TORCH OF WAR "The Principle of Cosmic Instability" CD
FIRE018            TOTAL DEVASTATION "Reclusion" CD
FIRE005            TOTAL DEVASTATION "Roadmap of Pain" CD
STTW001          TOWARDS GLOBAL HOLOCAUST "Ever Onwards..." Digi MCD
NAGA007          TROLLECH VS HEIDEN "Split" Digi CD
AP017b             TRUE ENDLESS, THE "Buried By Time and Dust" CD
AP054              TRUE ENDLESS, THE "In The Swamp" MCD
AP047              TRUE ENDLESS, THE / MEPHISTO "Too Heavy for Hell" Split CD
EXR025            TU CARNE/EL MUERMO "Split" MCD **
AOP025            TUMULUS ANMATUS "Ave Casus Mundi" CD
LAR011             TUNDRA "Primordial" CD
DC012              TUNRIDA "Era 2001" CDr (limited 300)
DARK19           TWELFTH OF NEVER "Things that were" CD
SSP035            TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA "Sign Of Moloch" MCD
DH018              ULFHETHNAR "Reawakening The Wrath Of Yore" CD
NSP033            ULVHEDNER / GALDRER "Ferdasyn / Trolldomsanger" CD
GSR004            UNCHRIST "... On Leather Wings" CD
CDBA003          UNGODLY "Hate Celebration" CD
NMB001            UNHOLY TRINITY "Omnimalevolence" CD
MWR009           UR FALC'H "Ur Falc'h" CD
MWR007           UR FALC'H / HERETIC BLOOD "Sur le Chemin de la Noirceur" Split CD
URUK01            URUK HAI "The Battle" CD
HA009              UTUK XUL / MEPHIZTOPHEL "Ancient Aethyrs Of The Southern Abyss" CD
DCLXVI11         UVALL "Obsidian Torment" CD
DMP044           V.E.G.A. "Alienforest - A Sick Minds Hologram" A4 Super Jewel CD
DMP008           V.E.G.A. "Cocaine" CD
AMR009            VALHOM "Despair" CD
PRC03              VALKNACHT "Chants de Guerre" CD
SPIN017           VARGR "Northern Black Supremacy" Digi CD
CBS003            VARHHORN "Labyrinths Of Darkness" CD
CA004              VEILED ALLUSIONS “Visions Of The World” CD
BM.C55515       VELONNIC SIN "Ritual" CD
FIRE034            VELVETCUT "Thirteen" CD
DR190              VEMOTH "The Upcoming End" Digi CD
NEP19              VENEROR "Percussimus Foedus cum Morte" CD
PEST040          VERGISSMEINNIGHT "His Own Strange Songs" Digi CD
WAR041           VERZIVATAR "Transcendent Infection" CD
VET01              VETCHE "Vetche" CD
AOP029            VEX "Vex" Digi CD
DMP043           VI "De Praestigiis Daemonum" Digipack MCD
HLVTR5            VIDHARR "Eclipse" CD
BAPH101          VIKING CROWN "Unorthodox Steps of Ritual" MCD
SOLCD003        VINDORN "Hrana" MCD
CBS013            VINTERKRIG "Ashes Of Non-Existence" Digi CD
AP017              VINTERTHRON "Reign Ov Opposites" CD
OLD33              VOCIFEROUS "Vociferous" CD
Trust025            VOID PARADIGM "Void Paradigm" CD
BOP001            VOKODLOK "Mass Murder Genesis" CD
THUN02            VOLFENKREUZ "Vulfhymnen" CD
HELLS096         VOMITOR "The Escalation" CD
OAP094            VREDEHAMMER "4.September" Digi MCD
BPR027            VREDEHAMMER "Mintaka" MCD
OAP93              VREDEHAMMER "Pans Skygge" MCD
IBDC005           VUOHIVASARA "The Sigil" CD
OLP025            WACKHANALIJA "Where Death Dies" CD
Abyss010         WAN "Wolves Of The North" CD
NAGA008          WAR FOR WAR "Kovy Odjinud" CD
OCR18              WAR HAMMER COMMAND "Hellish Wrath" CD
SAW002           WARFIELD "Conquering The Black Horde" CD in DVD Case
MIP024             WARGOATCULT "Hatecatomb" CD
REG080            WARGRINDER "Erased Seeds Of Ignorance" CD
NYKTA038        WARGRINDER "The Seal Of Genocide" CD
DISS008           WARMARCH "The Declaration" CD
MSR003            WARPESTILENCE "Godfuck Black Attack" CD
FIRE007            WASARA "Kaiken Kauniin Loppu" CD
OAP108            WAVELENGHTH:SATAN "Time Blood Theory" CD
IBDC025           WEAPONIZER "Weaponizer" CD
Dusk013           WELTER IN THY BLOOD "Todestrieb" Digi CD
KWR1               WHISPERING GALLERY "Poems of a Forgotten Dream" MCD
W15                  WINTERBLOOD "IncantazionLucifer" CD
BEH09              WINTERDEMONS "The Darkest Hour" CD
W19                  WINTERMOON "Moonthrone Lucifer" CD
HHR05              WITCHES MARK "A Grim Apparition" MCD
HHR024            WITCHES MARK "Witching Metal Ritual" CD
FIRE014            WITHERING "Gospell of Madness" CD
GIM039             WOLF MANGLER "They Call Us Naughty Wolves" CD
MACD018         WOLFTHORN "10 Years In His Name" MCD
AOP024            WOLFTHORN "Towards Ipsissimus" CD
CCP286            WOODLAND "Dreamality" CD
LSS07              WSCHOD "About Pride, Strength and Fire" CD
RSR0160          WURDULAK/GORELORD "Creature Feature 2" Split MCD
OAP109            XAOS OBLIVION "Nature's Ancient Wisdom" CD
BAPH139          YCOSAHATERON "La Nuit" CD
REG057            YSKELGROTH "Unholy Primitive Nihilism" CD
PS43                ZAKLON "Following The Frozen Sun" CD
AP022              ZERSTORER "Declaration Of War" CD
SOM088           V/A "APOCALYPSE: Live 55 Chapitre Premier"  CD
KZ003               V/A "As Night Devours the Sun" Comp CD
KZ002               V/A "AS THE SUN BURNS" Comp CD
FOTCP001        V/A "FACIAL HUMILIATION" 4 Way Split CD **
SOUL001          V/A "Orchestrated Chaos" Comp CD
LA057               V/A "Tribute to Gut" CD

A-Z LIST 3 OF 3            ( ONLY $2.00 EACH! )
BTP002            APOLION "Death Grows Into Sperm" CD
SDP99104         BURNING INSIDE "The Eve Of The Entities" CD
LM081              CONSORTIUM PROJECT II "Continuum In Extremis" CD w/ Slipcase
DOOM001         CORONATION "Ready To Feast" MCD
TEP003             DEAD INSIDE "S/T" CD
AV047              DEVIATE DAMAEN "Propedeutika Ad Costritionem" CD
Bleed001          ELDEREON "Blood Of The Dying" CD
BAPH114          ETERNAL SILENCE "Between The Unseen" MCD + Rom
BP008.2            FLAGELLUM DEI "Under The Might" CD
NPR077            FORLORN "Ad Caelestis Res" CD
MHP010            FROZEN DAWN "The Old Prophecy Of Winterland" CD w/ Slipcase
NPR176            HURT LOCKER "Fear In A Handful Of Dust" CD
NPR089            LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE "Burning: A Wish" CD
SP024              MALAS "Conquest" CD
CRS04              MILITIA CHRISTI "Non Timor Domini, Non Timor Malus" CD
DTB029            MIND ASYLUM "L'Asile De L'Esprit" CD
NPR095            NIGHTMARE "Cosmovision" CD
REG019            OPEN GRAVE "The Heavens Cry Black Tears" MCD
REG039            ORNIAS "Death Bringer" CD
ESCD028          PERUNWIT "Wszystkie Odcienie Szarosci" CD
LA140               PIRAÑA "Corruption" CD
IND001             REQUIEM AETERNAM "Eternally Dying" CD
BMP005            SACRED SIN "Mastery of Holy Imperial Art" CD
TX1048             SADISM "A Dwelling Of Gods" CD
LA081               SEMEN "An Intense Experience Molesting Corpses Fetid Stench" CD
SIND01             SINDIOS "Modern Plagues" Digi CD
LWP001            SOL NEGRO "Hellish Furnace" MCD
LWP002LP         SOL NEGRO "Of Darkness and Flames" MLP
BEY0432           SOSTRAH TINNITUS "L'odore del ramo spezzato" CD
SOM047           SOUL DEMISE "In Vain" CD
KDM010           SOULLESS "Agony's Lament" CD
DEAD94            SPEKTR "Mescalyne" MCD
NAGA006          STINY PLAMENU "Odpadni Galerie" CD
SP024              TERROR THRONE "Death is the Cleanser" CD
BEY0534          THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE "Remixed - 23 Miles Back On The..." CD
SCR001            THORNAFIRE "Mortus Tenebrae Surrectus" CD
BEY0433          TVMVLVS SERAPHIM "Fortress Ermetica" CD
UNW01             UNTERWALD " Nos Ancient Rituals" CD
AXE033            VINLAND ANTI CHRISTIAN COMMAND "L'Ombre De La Solitude" CD
MCR008            VIRGIN SIN "Brotherhood Of Freaks" CD
BEH14              VOBISCUM "Berchfrit" CD
VAP005            VOMITOMA "Coagulated Dialysis Of Partially Disintegrated..." Digi CD
RDP001            VUKODLAK "Blackest Autumn" MCD
REG045            WARLUST/ PESTIS "The Final War / Plagueridden" Split MCD
GGR005            ZEBULON KOSTED / TOMHET "Northern Horizon" Split CD
LM054              V/A "Estacion 3" Comp CD
PSDL9039        V/A "Panggilan Pulau Puaka II" Comp CD
ROE003            V/A "Roots II" Comp CD
HP01                V/A "Seattle Metal Fest Vol. 2 2003 Compilation" 2xCD
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- ABBATH "Abbath" CD
- ABORTED "The Necrotic Manifesto" CD
- AZAGHAL "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (Nine Circles of Hell)" CD Re-issue
- BATHORY "Bathory" CD
- CARACH ANGREN "This Is No Fairytale" CD
- CREMATORY "Antiserum" CD 
- DODSFERD "Wastes of Life" Digi CD
- FJORSVARTNIR "Legions Of The North" CD
- HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS "Tria Prima Diabolica" Enhanced MCD
- HELLHAMMER "Satanic Rites" Demo CD
- HIEMS "Cold Void Journey (The Forsaken Crimes)" 2xCD Deluxe Reissue
- LUCIFERIAN RITES "When The Light Dies" CD
- MARDUK "Frontschwein" CD
- MAYHEM "Esoteric Warfare" CD
- MORBID "December Moon" CD
- MORBUS 666 "Ignis Divine Imperium" CD
- MORTUALIA "Wild,Wild Misery" CD
- NARGAROTH "Kriegsnebel" CD
- NECROPHOBIC "Womb Of Lilithu" CD
- NEKRO DRUNKZ "Lavatory Carnage" CD
- NERGAL "The Wizard of Nerath" CD
- NOCTURNAL BREED "Whiskey Tape – Colombia" CD (Covers, Demo, Unreleased)
- NOCTURNAL BREED "Aggressor + 3 Bonus tracks" CD
- NOCTURNAL BREED "No Retreat... No Surrender + 3 Bonus tracks" CD
- NOCTURNAL BREED "Tools of the Trade + 3 Bonus tracks" CD (Import, 2016 Version)
- PROFEZIA "Black Misanthropic Elite Moon Anthem" A5 Digi CD Lim. Ed. 1,000
- QUINTESSENZ "To the Gallows" CD
- ROTTING CHRIST "Non Serviam" CD Re-issue
- ROTTING CHRIST "Passage To Arcturo" CD Re-Issue 
- SHINING "IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends" CD
-SLAUGHTERED PRIEST "Iron Chains and Metal Blades" CD
- TAAKE "Helnorsk Svartmetall" CD
- THRONEUM "Organic Death Temple MMXVI" CD
- UNHUMAN DISEASE "De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis" CD
- VARATHRON "Walpurgisnacht" CD
- VINTERSORG "Jordpuls" CD
- WAXEN "Weihung Auf Satan" CD
- WYRD "Death Of The Sun" CD
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- ADVERSARIAL "Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism" CD
- AZAGHAL "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (Nine Circles of Hell)" CD Re-issue
- BEGRIME EXEMIOUS "The Enslavement Conquest" CD
- BLACK TOWER "The Secret Fire" CD
- DODSFERD "Wastes of Life" Digi CD
- ENTRAILS "Tales from the Morgue" CD
- GHOULGOTHA "To Starve the Cross" CD
- HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS "Tria Prima Diabolica" Enhanced MCD
- HIEMS "Cold Void Journey (The Forsaken Crimes)" 2xCD Deluxe Reissue
- INTERMENT "Scent of the Buried" CD
- LUCIFERIAN RITES "When The Light Dies" CD
- MORBUS 666 "Ignis Divine Imperium" CD
- MORTAL SCEPTER "As Time Sharpens The Sentence" CD
- MORTUALIA "Wild,Wild Misery" CD
- NEKRO DRUNKZ "Lavatory Carnage" CD
- NOX FORMULAE "The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy" Digipak CD
- NUCLEUS "Sentient" CD
- OBSCURE EVIL "Midnight Forces" MCD
- PHOBOCOSM "Bringer of Drought" CD
- RIPPER "Experiment of Existence" CD
- SCORCHED "Echoes of Dismemberment" CD
- SEWERCIDE "Immortalized In Suffering" CD 
- SHEIDIM "Shrines of the Void" CD 
- SOLSTICE "Death’s Crown is Victory" CD 
- SPECTRAL VOICE "Necrotic Doom" MCD 
- UNHUMAN DISEASE "De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis" CD
- VANHELGD "Temple of Phobos" CD 
- VOIDSPAWN "Pyrrhic" MCD 
- WAXEN "Weihung Auf Satan" CD
- WOMBBATH "Downfall Rising" CD 
- WYRD "Death Of The Sun" CD
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- AKOMAN "Devouring The Divine Light" Digi CD
- ANAL VOLCANO "¡No Puedo Vivir Sin Eso!" MCD
- AVULSED "Ritual Zombi" CD
- AZAGHAL "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (Nine Circles of Hell)" CD Re-issue
- BEYOND YE GRAVE "Ester Panim" CD
- BEYOND YE GRAVE "Total Fucking Decadence" CD
- BLESTEMA “Los Elogios Noctambulares” CD
- DEATHMOOR "Actus Sacrophagia Mortem" CD
- DODSFERD "Wastes of Life" Digi CD
- FETID ZOMBIE "Vomiting in the Baptismal Pool" CD+Zine
- GOATTHROAT “Rites of Blasphemy” CD
- HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS "Tria Prima Diabolica" Enhanced MCD
- HIEMS "Cold Void Journey (The Forsaken Crimes)" 2xCD Deluxe Reissue
- IMPALER OF PEST "The Warlords of Death " CD
- INFERNAL "Whipping The Sacred Law" CD
- KULD "Beyond The Black Spell" CD
- KULT OV AZAZEL / IDOLATRY "Luciferian Vengeance" Split CD
- LUCIFERIAN RITES "When The Light Dies" CD
- MEAT SPREADER "Excessive Consumption Of Human Flesh" CD
- MOLOCH "Gebrechlichkeit" CD
- MORBUS 666 "Ignis Divine Imperium" CD
- MORTUALIA "Wild,Wild Misery" CD
- NEKRO DRUNKZ "Lavatory Carnage" CD
- NOCTURNAL FEELINGS "Nocturnal Attack" CD
- OBSCURE "Obscure" CD
- OPHICVS "Azrever Ne Alemamam" CD
- OXIDISED RAZOR " ...Carne ... Sangre..." CD
- SABBAT "Sabbatical Malaysiaaarghh!!! (Live in Malaysia)" CD
- UNHUMAN DISEASE "De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis" CD
- VISCERA INFEST "Sarcoidosis" CD
- VISCERA INFEST "Verrucous Carcinoma" CD
- WAXEN "Weihung Auf Satan" CD
- WHIPSTRIKER / OPHICVS "Satanic Metal Army" CD
- WORTHLESS LAMENT "Worthless Lament" CD
- WYRD "Death Of The Sun" CD
- Y "De Occulta Philosophia" 2xCD
- BASARABIAN HILLS "In The Stillnes of The Codrii" Digi CD
- BEYOND THE GRAVE "Devil's Venom" CD
- DESTRUCTION "Mad Butcher + Eternal Devastation" CD
- DARK THRONE "Plaguewielder" CD
- DEICIDE "The Stench Of Redemption" CD
- EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT "Fear Of Reality Exceeds Fantasy" CD
- EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT "Vivid Interpretations Of The Void" Digi CD
- GORGOROTH "Destroyer + Incipit Satan" CD
- METALUCIFER "Metaluciferian Nightmares 1995-2013" CD
- MELANKOLI "Wind" Digi CD
- NIGHT "Night" CD
- ORDO EQUILIBRIO "Conquest, love & self - perseverance" Digi CD
- ORDO EQUILIBRIO "The triumph of light and the thirteens shadows of love" Digi CD
- SAD "A Curse In Disguise" CD
- SAD "Total Nothingness" CD
- SATYRICON "Rebel Extravaganza" Deluxe CD
- SATYRICON "The Shadowthrone" CD
- SODOM “In The Sign of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty” CD
- WATAIN "Lawless Dakness" CD
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- ARCKANUM "Sviga Lae Reinforced" CD
- ATEL "Seeking Morbid Silence" CD
- AZAGHAL "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (Nine Circles of Hell)" CD Re-issue
- DODSFERD "Wastes of Life" Digi CD
- FUNERAL MOURNING "Inertia of Dissonance (A Sermon In Finality)" CD
- HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS "Tria Prima Diabolica" Enhanced MCD
- HARVEST "Behold...the Death of God" CD
- HIEMS "Cold Void Journey (The Forsaken Crimes)" 2xCD Deluxe Reissue
- LUCIFERIAN RITES "When The Light Dies" CD
- MORBUS 666 "Ignis Divine Imperium" CD
- MORTUALIA "Wild,Wild Misery" CD
- NEBRUS "Exta Malorvm" Digipack CD
- NEKRO DRUNKZ "Lavatory Carnage" CD
- POSSESSION RITUAL "Incense Of Opened Gates" CD
- SABBAT / NOMINON / BLASPHERIAN "Trident of the Macabre" CD
- SHIBALBA / EMME YA "Witchblood Emanations" CD
- UNHUMAN DISEASE "De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis" CD
- WAXEN "Weihung Auf Satan" CD
- WHIPSTRIKER / OPHICVS "Satanic Metal Army" LP
- WYRD "Death Of The Sun" CD
NEW IN STOCK 12/16/2016:
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- AZAGHAL "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (Nine Circles of Hell)" CD Re-issue
- DODSFERD "Wastes of Life" Digi CD
- HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS "Tria Prima Diabolica" Enhanced MCD
- HIEMS "Cold Void Journey (The Forsaken Crimes)" 2xCD Deluxe Reissue
- HIRAX "Not Dead Yet (Raging Violence & Hate, Fear and Power)" CD
- METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Hunting 95-05" CD Lim. Ed. 500
- LUCIFERIAN RITES "When The Light Dies" CD
- MORBUS 666 "Ignis Divine Imperium" CD
- MORTUALIA "Wild,Wild Misery" CD
- NEKRO DRUNKZ "Lavatory Carnage" CD
- SABBAT "Karisma / Charisma" CD Lim. Ed. 500
- SABBAT "Sabbatical Malaysiaaarghh!!! (Live in Malaysia)" CD
- SARDONIC WITCHERY "Kult Of The Underground Warrior" CD
- SURRENDER OF DIVINITY "Manifest Blasphemy..." CD w/ Slipcase
- SURRENDER OF DIVINITY "Oriental Hell Rhythmics" CD w/ Slipcase
- UNHUMAN DISEASE "De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis" CD
- WAXEN "Weihung Auf Satan" CD
- WYRD "Death Of The Sun" CD
Official re-issue of AZAGHAL’s legendary second album out of print for over a decade!!!
AZAGHAL, Finland's top-selling black metal act, unleashes an official re-issue of their legendary second album "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä". Out of print world-wide for over a decade, the band's milestone album finally receives a long-overdue re-release, featuring re-vamped layout and liner notes by band founder Narqath. "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä", Finish for "Nine Circles of Hell", was originally released in 1999 and quickly sold through its first several pressings…
   One of Finland's oldest black metal bands with a vast catalog, including 10 full-length albums, countless ep's and splits, AZAGHAL require no introduction to metal fans world-wide. Performing a more bestial form of black metal in their early years, AZAGHAL's "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä" exemplifies this approach, which alongside Impaled Nazarene's "Tol Cormpt Norz, Norz, Norz" and Horna’s "Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua", cemented the corner-stone of the now hugely popular and infamous Finish black metal sound.
   17 years after its original release "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä" is as ground breaking and relevant today as it was upon its initial release.
 “From the first track you can tell it is something special”
Also Available on Moribund Records by Azaghal:
AZAGHAL "Nemesis" CD
AZAGHAL "Teraphim" CD
WYRD "Death Of The Sun" CD (Azaghal Side Project)
Free Audio Stream at
Highly anticipated 3rd album from Horna and Sargeist Mastermind Shatraug’s MORTUALIA !!!
Finland’s leading DSBM act MORTUALIA returns with their highly anticipated third full length album, "Wild, Wild Misery". Six years in the making, "Wild, Wild Misery" meets all expectations and delivers much more than promised, melding torturous doom and black metal in a way that only MORTUALIA can. While musically never straying from the sound created on “Mortualia” (2007) and the massive “Blood of the Hermit“ (2010), MORTUALIA has set a new standard by perfecting their song writing and arrangements into classic (black-doom) metal anthems. The prime solo project of the bountiful black metal genius behind Horna and Sargeist, Mortualia is arguably Shatraug’s most commanding project. Returning to his roots, mastermind Shatraug recorded "Wild, Wild Misery" at The Ruins of Cachtice Studio where he self-produced some of Sargeist and Horna’s most vital and successful albums to date. These eight melodic, slow-bleeding funeral dirges packed with memorable hook-laden heavy metal qualities are certain to induce throws of wild, wild misery!
“Perfect” – Absolute Zero Media webzine
“Something truly amazing” –
“Highly recommended” – [4/5 rating] 
“An album not to be missed” – From the Dust Returned webzine [9.5/10 rating]
* from “Blood Of The Hermit”
Also Available on Moribund Records by Mortualia:
MORTUALIA "Blood Of The Hermit" CD
MORTUALIA "Mortualia" CD w/ Bonus Track
Free Audio Stream at
Listen to "Lavatory Carnage" CD in it’s entirety! Featured Artist Page
The New Death-Thrash, Sleaze-Rock, Filth-Grind Ungods !!!
Oregon's purveyors of filthy Death-Thrash-Grind, the NEKRO DRUNKZ, return to sleaze it up again with their anticipated fourth album, "Lavatory Carnage". This time around, the window peepin' freaks serve-up a puss blood buffet of 18 tracks of total Grinding Death Thrash sure to force your tongue into the toilet! Out doing themselves once again, the dastardly duo of Disgustor and Crystal Seth have recorded the heaviest Grind album in over 2 decades, since the scene's glory days of Gut, Impetigo and the Meat Shits! The memorably disgusting guitar riffs and vocals straight from the sewer are barely contained within! So it's time to get out of the bathroom, unless you are prepared for the "Lavatory Carnage"!
Featuring the Smash-Hits: Asshole Cassarole, Lavatory Carnage, Violent Eruption of Assorted Excrement & Treacherous Anal Warts!
Also Available on Moribund Records by Nekro Drunkz:
NEKRO DRUNKZ "Absolute Filth" CD
Free Audio Stream at
Listen to "Tria Prima Diabolica" CD in it’s entirety! Featured Artist Page
Special Limited Enhanced MCD release of Rare material including 3 bonus Video’s !!!
Dissonant and orchestral US Black Metal ground-breaker HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS return following their critically acclaimed and monumental fifth album "Thirty-Eighth Sermon Of The Unborn" with a special limited edition MCD release of rare and unreleased material to tide fans over until 2017's impending full-length, "Adumbratus"! Featuring a cult cover of the Mercyful Fate classic "Nightmare" and two unreleased tracks, the release is completed with the addition of 3 bonus Video Tracks!  As always, HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS deliver a bold new vision of black metal!
“Nothing less than a meisterwerk !” – Zero Tolerance 
“Not since the fall of EMPEROR has a band produced a truly symphonic black metal record and avoided comparison to the legends…brilliant” – 
“Hands down one of the more advanced and creatively twisted albums that I have heard” – Worm Gear
* from "Thirty-Eighth Sermon Of The Unborn"
Also Available on Moribund Records by Hæresiarchs Of Dis:
HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS "Thirty-Eighth Sermon Of The Unborn" CD
HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS "Thirty-Eighth Sermon Of The Unborn" CD in Bound Linen Book
HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS "In Obsecration Of The Seven Darks" Digi CD
HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS "Denuntiatus Cinis" CD
Free Audio Stream at
What if Ritchie Blackmore or Yngwie Malmsteen recorded a Black Metal album? The answer is “Weihung Auf Satan”! Guitar Virtuoso and scene legend Toby Knapp (Onward, Where Evil Follows, Toby Knapp band, Godless Rising) returns with his cult project WAXEN’s third album, “Weihung Auf Satan”. With “Weihung Auf Satan” (German for Dedication to Satan) the masterful Knapp creates an entirely new Metal sub-genre -Shred Black Metal. Grimly layered guitar rhythms with malicious vocals are eclipsed by ripping solo’s that never overtake the songs as a whole. Knapp takes both Shred guitar and Black Metal to new heights, invoking another Masterpiece of Metal! Show your “Weihung Auf Satan” and prepare to be shredded!
Also Available on Moribund Records by Waxen:
WAXEN "Agios Holokauston" CD
Free Audio Stream at
Epic Finish Pagan Metal leaders WYRD return with their most expansive and exhilarating album to date “Death Of The Sun”! Seven years in the making, the bands 9th album continues their exploration into Doom, Folk and Rock territories without sacrificing their Metal origins. From Doom rock verses to melodic acoustic passages filled with pagan sorrow to monstrously catchy choruses the band achieves an excellence rarely heard in the metal scene. Further WYRD utilizes a myriad of vocal styles to accentuate their vast and diverse musical sound-scape. All of which culminates in 9 esoteric heathen hymns of the Wyrding way !
Also Available on Moribund Records by Azaghal (Related Artist):
AZAGHAL "Teraphim" CD
AZAGHAL "Nemesis" CD
Free Audio Stream at
Texas based USBM Maniacs MORBUS 666 return with their highly anticipated second album "Ignis Divine Imperium". Boasting members of Death Metal icons Imprecation and cult Black Metal act Bahimiron in their ranks, you can be certain that MORBUS 666 deliver true hymns from the fiery abyss. With a perfect black-death production MORBUS 666 have crafted a morbidly memorable masterpiece destined to destroy thy holy existence and certain to become a legendary USBM release. Eight razor-sharp bestial black metal attacks ascend through the darkness to evoke the majesty of Lucifer! Infinite darkness calls… The Ignis Divine Imperium !!
Also Available on Moribund Records by Bahimiron (Related Artist):
BAHIMIRON "Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror" CD
BAHIMIRON "Southern Nihilizm" CD
Free Audio Stream at
Three years in the making, cult US Black Metal icon UNHUMAN DISEASE invoke their long-awaited 7th full length album “De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis”. Unhumanly grim vocals, catchy ceremonial rhythms and pulse pounding drums overlaid with maleficently eerie guitar solos, all endeared with true Satanic lyrics that are so lacking in today’s black metal scene evoke the liturgy of Satan. A devilish attack of total Satanic black devotion culminating in 8 fanatical rituals of diabolical devoutness to the horned one! Through holy flames of perdition “De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis” Rises! Enter the Temple of the Serpent and behold the Magnificence of Satan !
Free Audio Stream at
Free Audio Streams and Downloads at
Comming Soon:
HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS "Tria Prima Diabolica" Enhanced MCD
NEKRO DRUNKZ "Lavatory Carnage" CD
AZAGHAL "Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (Nine Circles of Hell)" CD Re-issue
MORTUALIA "Wild Wild Misery" CD
VARDAN "Nostalgia - Archives of Failure Part 1-3" 3-CD Box
AYAT "Carry on, Carrion" CD
INFERNAL LEGION “Under The Cloven Hoof” CD
PROVOCATOR "Satan, Chaos, Blood and Terror" CD
DODSFERD complete new MORIBUND album, reveal cover and track listing !!!
Greek black 'n' roll machine Dodsferd have just completed recordings for their tenth full-length to date, Wastes of Life. The album will be released later this year by longtime label Moribund Records, and follows the band's critically acclaimed 2013 album The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race. Mixing and mastering of Dodsferd's Wastes of Life will soon be started at the same studio where it was recorded, at D Studio in Athens, Greece, by Michael Karpathiou.
Founding Dodsferd vocalist/guitarist Wrath reports the following: "My new album is one of my most soul-destroying albums. It has nothing to do with religious trends and worships of all kind. It’s an ode to the fall of man and the end of this world. I would like to thank and pay my respect to Michael Karpathiou (acoustic guitars, lead guitars, solos, and extra bass lines) and Chris Tzortzis (contrabass, cello, and violin) for their contributions, with their excellent musical skills, on my new album. They don’t have any relation with the black metal scene, in order to help my band gain any popularity with their contribution. Dodsferd need no one to do
that. I don’t follow any kind of trends, and I hate the things that the masses follow and tend to do."
The cover art, created by S.D. from Vision Black and Razorbleed Productions, and tracklisting are as follows:
Tracklisting for Dodsferd's Wastes of Life 

1. Wastes of Life
2. Sterile Death, Without Mourning
3. The Dead Have No Speech For
4. To the Fall of Man
5. Graves of Your Creator 
Dead224.Dodsferd.Wastes of Life

UNHUMAN DISEASE sign with MORIBUND RECORDS, prepare first album for the label !!!

Today, Moribund Records is proud to announce the signing of American black metal cult Unhuman Disease. As longtime fans of the Oklahoma natives, particularly the Dalla Benedizione del Diavolo and Glorification of Satanas full-lengths, Moribund feels that Unhuman Disease is a perfect fit for the label and its commitment to pure, uncompromising black metal. Having released now-legendary records by Judas Iscariot, Horna, and Sargeist, Moribund Records is prepared to unleash Unhuman Disease on an unsuspecting populace, with the first evil fruit being the band's seventh full-length, entitled De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis and set to be recorded soon. Unhuman Disease's brand of staunchly Satanic black metal is not unlike the aforementioned paradigm-shaping bands, but with a filth 'n' fury all their own, and Moribund couldn't be more devilishly pleased to have the band among its elite roster.
Unhuman Disease was manifested under the Black Moon of 2001 by Nocturnus Dominus on all instruments, vocals, and lyrics, with the goal of the band to release actual Satanic black metal. No gimmicks, no compromise - just traditional Satanist black metal that believes in the Lord. The first expression of Satanic chaos, the Awakening of the Horned Beast demo was recorded in 2001 and limited to 20 copies. In the winter of 2003, the second expression of Satanic chaos became the As My Blood Spills Upon Thy Altar demo, which was limited to 50 copies. With a brief silence in 2006, the third expression of Satanic chaos and first full-length desecration, Evil Reigns Supreme, was released on Unholy Vision Records and limited to 100 copies. With yet another brief silence in 2008, the fourth expression of Satanic chaos and the second full-length desecration, Perpetuus agonia, was unleashed upon this pathetic earth by Unholy Vision Records. Limited to 666 copies, a majority of them were ruined while in storage due to leaking on the roof.
During the autumn of 2009, Unhuman Disease made a pact written in blood with Black Hate Productions of Germany, and the fifth expression of Satanic chaos and third full-length desecration, Black Creations of Satan, was released in an edition of 1000 copies. That same year in December, the sixth expression of Satanic chaos and fourth full-length desecration, Into Satan’s Kingdom, was also released in an edition of 1000 copies. In 2011, a pact is written in blood with Swiss brothers Freitod, and the seventh expression of Satanic chaos, the To the Eternal Kingdom of Darkness/The Serpent’s Eyes split 7" EP, was released on Swiss label BergStolz. In 2012, the eighth expression of Satanic chaos and fifth full-length desecration, Dalla Benedizione del Diavolo, was released on Black Hate Productions and limited to 1000 copies, with guest vocals on the track “Ruins of Bone and Ash" by brother Lugubrum Acerbus of Mordskog.
The year 2013 marked 13 years of unending Satanic black metal for Unhuman Disease, and the ninth expression of Satanic chaos and sixth full-length desecration, Glorification of Satanas, was released by Embrace My Funeral Records of Mexico. Limited to 500 copies, this album consists of a recording session from 2008. In early 2014, a pact was written in blood with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of the split album Those Who Preach Perdition with the German band Sarkrista. Now, in 2015, a pact of Satanic alliance has been written in blood and wrapped in human flesh with the Moribund Records cult. The tenth expression of Satanic chaos and seventh full-length, De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis, is in the recording process and will be released by Moribund before year's end. The label will release two further albums in the future: the never-ending plague known as Unhuman Disease continues…
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