FDA Eugenicist Commissioner Hamburg......Culling Our Numbers.....Gag Order On Arrested Rawesome Foods Owner And Staff.....................
Eugenicist FDA Commissioner Hamburg's Direct Phone Number & Private Email Address- She Needs Some Major Flack NOW!!!
IAHF List: In a previous alert we exposed FDA Commissioner Magaret Hamburg as being the daughter of the President of the American Eugenics Society. Now we learn that the victims of the FDA raid on Rawesome Foods have been stripped of their First Amendment Rights via a gag order wherein they're not allowed to talk to the press as a condition pertaining to release from prison on bail. They're also not allowed to tweet, post information on websites, or send emails pertaining to this Gestapo like raid.
Watch this video of FDA terrorists removing computers and boxes of documents from Rawesome Foods. Look at all the food and raw milk they're destroying because they're trying to cull our numbers and don't want anyone to be healthy.
As Obama and his shadow government string pullers move into overdrive to collapse the dollar with the intention of ushering in martial law the better to force opponents of the New World Order into concentration camps FEMA has ready for the resisters, none of us should take anything these evil communist genocidal bastards are attempting to dish out especially when it comes to our access to the foods we choose to eat and the supplements we also choose to consume.
Here is the phone number of FDA Commissioner Hamburg's office 301-796-5000
Here is the main FDA number 888-463-6332
Here is her private email address margaretahamburg@aol.com
Here is her official email address Margaret.Hamburg@fda.hhs.gov  (send to BOTH!!)
Please copy and paste this letter (or a modified version if you don't feel comfortable being as outspoken as I am) into an email to send to both of Hamburg's email addresses  margaretahamburg@aol.com Margaret.Hamburg@fda.hhs.gov  your senators and congressmen (get their email addresses from this list )
Contact Obama via president@whitehouse.gov

Phone Script (Feel Free to Modify)
Form Letter (Feel Free to Modify)
"FDA Commissioner Hamburg: The reason I am calling your office and emailing both of your email addresses along with my Senators, my Congressman, President Obama and my local media is that I've watched this video footage of your raid against Rawesome Foods. I have listened to this interview by Mike Adams with Lela Buttery, a biologist and member of Rawesome Foods.

I am sick and tired of FDA attempting to dictate to us what foods we can and cannot eat. Your agents stole the private property of the members of the Rawesome Food Buyers Club, a private club that was not a store.

The 800 gallons of raw milk your agents destroyed, and the flatbed truck full of  $70,000.  worth of eggs and produce which your agents illegally destroyed by violating the search warrant which only allowed them to take small samples was being consumed by the members of this buyers club after they'd all signed a disclaimer much like people sign when they go skiing or bungee jumping.It was their property, they'd already paid for it and you stole it. In an effort to destroy this food buyers club you stole their computers containing membership information and other records.

The government has no right to tell us what we can and cannot grow, what we can and cannot eat, and what we can and cannot say. The gag order imposed on Victoria Bloch, James Stewart, and Sharon Palmer as a condition of their release from prison is a total violation of their first amendment right to free speech, and it is a clear indication that you are a totalitarian dictator and genocidal killer much like your father who was President of the American Eugenics Society.

This is not Nazi Germany Dr.Hamburg, this is America. We are heavily armed, both with information and with firearms and we have a proud tradition of freedom in this country which you are now attempting to urinate on. We are putting you, and your agents on notice along with the Department of Agriculture, the LAPD, the California State Franchise Tax Board, and Kelly Sakir, the Assistant DA, that this sort of terrorist act against we, the people, will not be tolerated from here on in.

A growing number of people nationwide realize what is driving this. We know the dairy industry hates raw milk the same way the pharmaceutical industry hates dietary supplements. We are aware of the corporate forces such as Monsanto that drove the so called "Food Safety Modernization Act" through Congress, and we are well aware of the magnitude of this unconstitutional genocidal scam which has absolutely nothing to do with safety.

If FDA actually cared about safety, you'd ban GMO seeds and food, you'd ban processed dead foods, homogenized milk, and most of the pharmaceutical drugs on the market. If FDA actually cared about safety, you'd be paying attention to the message of Weston A. Price, author of the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration which documented the radical decline in health of indigenous people around the world once they departed from their traditional hunter/ gatherer diets and began eating processed foods, sugar and white flour.

You made the mistake of imprisoning Victoria Bloch, a chapter leader of the Weston Price Foundation, and organization that has members all over the world, and you made the even bigger mistake of imposing a gag order on her as a condition for her release. To show my solidarity with Victoria, I am telling everyone I know about the Weston Price Foundation urging them to join like I have.

Many people who have joined the Weston Price Foundation have learned things enabling them to reverse prediabetic conditions and even to cure themselves of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other medical problems without drugs, using only foods. Many people who have joined Weston Price Foundation have learned to cure themselves of leaky gut syndrome which interferes with the proper absorbtion of nutrients from our food causing a host of serious medical problems including depression, schizophrenia, autism, ADD, ADHD and other problems. Clearly, FDA doesn't give a damn about the public health- your actions are DESTROYING our health.

We're putting you on notice that the second amendment was put into the Constitution to give us a fighting chance to protect ourselves from this sort of government tyranny and if these terrorist raids continue, we will do what we have to do to defend our lives from you genocidal killers. We know all about UN Agenda 21 and realize that this is what is really driving these raids. This is all about population control and societal control, it has nothing to do with safety.

We're putting you and all the shadow government string pullers in the Bilderberg Group who jerk your strings on notice that when you crash the dollar, as you obviously are working hard to do, any attempt by FEMA to round up those who oppose your genocide agenda will be met with armed resistance if necessary. You will immediately STOP attempting to dictate our food choices to us, and you will immediately reimburse the members of the Rawesome Food Buyers Club for every cent you just stole from them.

I have joined Gun Owners of America, and I am taking daily target practice because genocidal killers such as yourself and your friends the Rockefellers must be stopped by force if you fail to heed our verbal warning. I am contacting the communist Usurper in the White House demanding he fire you, and I'm making the same demand of my Senators and Congressman. Any Senator or Congressman who ignores my concerns as expressed herein re the sanctity of private property will be driven from office. Who the hell do you think you are, and how long do you think the American masses will be willing to put up with your genocidal actions?
I ask these same questions about your NDI guidance document for dietary supplements. You are attempting to side step will of we, the people as was very clearly expressed through passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. You are attempting to dismantle this legislation by totally ignoring the express will of the people and Congress. Do not attempt to move so much as one millimeter in the direction you're trying to go through this "Guidance document" or we will lay siege to your office until you are fired. You work for US, and don't you ever forget it. 

Phone Number_______________________
John Diving at Porteau Cove BC Canada
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