Get ready to dance the day away at the annual Dance Parade, New York City's largest dance event! Over 10,000 dancers will salsa, shimmy, tango down the Avenue of the Americas from 17th Street, turn east across 8th Street, pass our Grand Stand in Astor Place and cap of the day with a 5 stage festival in Tompkins Square Park!

Our 2023 theme, ‘Beyond the Zone’ reflects a ‘flow state' to remind us that we can tap into movement to help get through difficult times. It also acknowledges New York City Mayor Eric Adam’s ‘City of Yes’ campaign to reform antiquated Zoning laws. Updating zoning follows the 2017 repeal of the NYC Cabaret License Law that restricted dance to a limited number of locations in commercial and manufacturing districts. (Read today's Press Release)



Ronald K. Brown is a choreographer and the artistic director of the Evidence, A Dance Company. He is known for incorporating African diaspora movement and spirituality into his work, and has received numerous awards and accolades for his choreography and leadership in the dance community.

Natasha Diggs is a DJ and music producer based in New York City. She is known for her versatile style, blending classic hip hop, soul, funk, and R&B. Diggs has played in venues around the world, and has been involved in several music projects and collaborations with other artists and musicians.

Elizabeth Streb is a choreographer, dancer, and founder of the dance company STREB Extreme Action. She is known for her use of high-flying acrobatic and athletic movement in her work, and has been recognized for her contributions to the field of dance with numerous awards and accolades.

In January, a cadre of Dance Parade donors, dancers and choreographers went to see Ronald K. Brown's Evidence and 16 stayed for a stimulating post-performance discussion after the show!

Are you interesting to join our Book Club for Dance? Our next outing will be Friday February 24th. Up to 20 tickets are available for Dean Moss's new contemporary work, "Your marks and surface" presented at Danspace Project in the beautiful Saint Marks Church in the East Village.

This sly, delicate performance by choreographer and video artist, Dean Moss, was created in collaboration with dancer Sawami Fukuoka, composer Stephen Vitiello, and painter Angela Dufresne. Through it, Moss invites the audience to “join in something worn, physical, and reflective; something incomplete and unabled, perhaps unsafe, but still sweet: a warm lonesome concoction mulled by more than the pandemic’s long embrace.


Dance Parade's Community Engagement Programs bring the joy of dance to schools and senior living centers across New York City.  We are grateful for all the generous donors who have helped enable to the dreams of hundreds to end their programs with participation in the 17th Annual Dance Parade and Festival this May. If your are a site and would like to host a class, contact our Community Engaement Director Carlye Eckert at Carlye@danceparade

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