IAHF List: Do you suffer from food and inhalant allergies? How about from frequent colds, flues, inner ear infections, bronchitis? Vaginal itching? Arthritis? Migraine Headaches? How about from severe depression, bipolar illness, ADD, ADHD, or schizophrenia? Do you know anyonw who has autism?
If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, you, (or someone you know) could be one of the growing number of people who suffers from gut dysbiosis, (leaky gut syndrome), a problem that I didn't even realize I had until a few years ago when I cured myself of it, eliminating the ROOT CAUSE of several very debilitating illnesses that almost killed me and which severely disrupted my life!
This was the biggest missing piece in my personal health jigsaw puzzle, and it could be the biggest missing piece in yours or perhaps a family member's or a friend's or coworkers! In this alert I will teach you how to use sulfur and other methods of healing and sealing a leaky gut!
We inherit the gut flora of both of our parents, but especially our mother's as we pass through the birth canal. If your mother overate sugar, and or fast acting carbs, if she ate a lot of processed foods when you were born,odds are strong that you may have been born with an overproliferation of candida albicans!
Candida is an opportunistic yeast that feeds on sugar that creates a maladaptive chemical factory in your gut by crowding out a lot of the good bacteria such as sacromycees boulardii, lactobacillus and others that you need to maintain proper digestive health and to have a strong immune system!
When candida takes over, it tears microscopic holes in the walls of your small intestine, allowing undigested food particles, some of which are neurotoxic, to escape into your blood and brain causing inflammation, allergies, headaches, depression, ADD, ADHD, Schizophrenia, even autism and a bad health destroing vicious circle is created that you must learn to UNDO because this can KILL you, and seriously disrupt your life!
(Skip past my history to see what to do if you don't have time to read it!)
In my own case, due to a compromised immune system stemming from a leaky gut from birth, I first got pneumonia when I was only a few months old, and the high fever nearly killed me! My parents put me on ice in a bathtub and a doctor came and put me on antibiotics which exacerbated the problem by further wrecking my gut flora making it even more out of balance!

As a kid growing up in New Jersey I set a record for the most missed school during elementary school and Junior High suffering from very frequent colds, flus, inner ear infections, bronchitis, and especially from horrible food and inhalant allergies, especially when the perennial weeds started growing in the spring! I was overeating sugar, fast acting carbs and processed foods as a kid, having no idea what I was doing to myself, and no one around me did either least of all the allergy doctor I ended up going to!

As I got into high school I started suffering from severe depression caused by oversecretion of hystamine in response to all the allergens in my body! I experienced horrible brain fog and cognitive problems that I couldn't account for, and neither could my doctors! These problems drove me out of college, and almost drove me to suicide.

I wish I had a time machine and could go back  when I was a kid, knowing what I know now! I could have been spared so much unecessary suffering! If I could go back in time, I could have spared myself all the cognitive problems that forced me out of college. I could have been spared spending 4 years mired in psychiatric hospitals where they almost killed me with toxic medication having zero understanding of what was causing my severe depression and other debilitating symptoms!
1.Drink sulfur water twice a day to maintain the proper pH balance within the gut with help from alakalinizing sulfur improves the likelihood of creating the protective mucosal lining that creates a powerful environment for your gut flora to flourish and balance any opportunistic, harmful microorganisms (such as candida)that lead to illness or compromised immunity.
Drinking sulfur also helps the body to produce its own B Vitamins by restoring the balance between the gut flora and the enterrocyte cells. Drinking sulfur also helps to reduce inflammation and pain caused by leaky gut syndrome.
As a major antioxidant, sulfur allows for the formation of glutathione by acting as a sulfur donor to methionine and cystein. It amplifes the effects of other antioxidants like Vitamin C, E, Coenzyme Q-10 and selenium!
2. Stop eating sugar and fast acting carbs such as rice and pasta- these foods feed candida albicans which you must starve and get back into balance as you must also strive to rebalance your gut flora using a good probiotic such as Garden of Life's Primal Defense Ultra (which contains sacromycees boulardii, one of the most important strains of bacteria for healing and sealing a leaky gut!)
3. Start making your own homemade saurkraut, kimchi, bone broth, and kombucha! These fermented foods are natural probiotics and can help to heal and seal your leaky gut! I teach people how to make these foods as a Chapter leader in the Weston A. Price Foundation which I encourage you to join, it costs nothing to join your local chapter!
4. Stop eating fast foods and processed foods! Develop an increased awareness of health by reading Weston A. Price's classic book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, a free download here! Dr. Price was a dentist, and back in the 1930s and '40s he was curious to know why people who still ate a traditional hunter/gatherer diet with no white sugar, no white flour and no processed foods had PERFECT TEETH and PERFECT HEALTH (until they began eating these bad foods whereupon their health went completely to hell!)
He and his wife travelled around the world visitng places (which were more common back then) where people still ate this way and he documented his findings via photos and a written record. He noticed certain pronounced physical characteristics such as uncrowded dental arches, wider faces, perfect skin, hair, nails and tremendous vitality that went with the healthy diet.
Then when these same groups started eating sugar, white flour and processed foods for the first time, they began experiencing all of the illnesses that we are so familiar with: heart disease, cancer, arthritis, mental illness, etc.
So he wrote this book to steer us all back to perfect health, and my friend Sally Fallon started  
The Weston A. Price Foundation to showcase his findings and to make his information more accessable in order to improve the public health!
5. To learn more about healing and sealing a leaky gut, read Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell McBride,MD! She cured her son of autism by helping him heal and seal his leaky gut and in the process discovered an answer for numerous additional serious health problems!  See this video lecture by Dr. McBride discussing how to heal and seal a leaky gut here!
6. Along with taking sulfur, you can help your small intestine to function optimally by doing a Bowel Detox! You need to do this to jettison the thick mucoid plaque that has been building up on the walls of your bowel during your entire life!
This plaque build up has been robbing you of nutrients from the food you eat and the supplements you take including sulfur! Let THIS be the summer that you really TAKE CHARGE of your health by BLASTING LOOSE the mucoid plaque! Your energy level will shoot up by 70% if you do, just like mine did when I did this!
Heres what to do:
1) Get one or more bottles of Intestinal Formula #1
2) Get one or more bottles of Intestinal Formula #2
3) Get one or more bottles of Super Food Plus

To blast loose your mucoid plaque by using these products you will need to read "The 5 Day Bowel Detox" (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!) and
You will need to read "The Quickstart Guide". (I'll send you a laminated quick start guide when you buy the three products listed above necessary to do this detox!
You will also need to get some specific fruits, garlic, ginger, and olive oil needed to make the smoothies recommended for this detox, and you'll need a high speed blender!
Trust me, its WORTH IT to make the effort to do this detox!
Think about it like this: you take your CAR to Jiffy Lube on a planned basis to change the oil, transmission fluid and to top off your brake fluid, windshield washer fluid,  and to change your air filter and wiper blades--- but WHEN is the LAST TIME you did anything COMPARABLE to TUNE UP your INTERNAL ORGANS?????
Did you ever think about the number of cows you've eaten in your lifetime in the form of burgers? How about the number of beers or sodas or candy bars or the shear quantity of JUNK FOOD you've eaten! How about the number of OTC and Rx drugs you've eaten, or the toxic chemicals you've come into contact with in the course of your life?

This crap builds up on the wall of your colon, robbing you of energy, robbing you of vitality, robbing you of LIFE!
It BLOCKS the proper absorption of all those expensive supplements you've been wasting money on including my sulfur! Shouldn't you make the effort to REMOVE it so you don't get cancer or other degenerative disease???
If you have NEVER blasted loose the THICK, CEMENT LIKE Mucoid plaque thats lining the walls of your small intestine, BLOCKING the proper absorption of NUTRIENTS then you are WASTING MONEY every time you buy my sulfur, every time you buy ANY supplements, and ANY TIME you buy any FOOD that you eat!

To BOOST your immune system so you DON'T get sick, and to AVOID getting CANCER from that PUTRIFYING mucoid plaque that is rotting away inside you making you TOXIC, robbing you of ENERGY you BADLY NEED to take a health vacation by taking the STEPS to loosen up and JETTISON your mucoid plaque!