Media Release
Thursday July 1st 2021
Equality advocates have called on Labor and moderate Liberals to follow the lead of Government MP, Warren Entsch, and vow to vote down the so-called Religious Discrimination Bill.
Mr Entsch has told Melbourne radio station JoyFM that he will vote against the Bill, crossing the floor if necessary.
In the interview Mr Entsch condemned the Bill as a "Christian Bill of Rights".
Mr Entsch's comments come after a recent report in the Australian newspaper about moderate Liberals expressing scepticism about the Bill.
Just.Equal Australia spokesperson, Brian Greig, said,
"Now that Warren Entsch has vowed to vote against the Bill it's time for Labor and other moderate Liberals to do the same."
"If they follow Mr Entsch, the Bill will have no chance of passing in either house of parliament and will effectively be dead on arrival."
"It's in the hands of Labor and moderate Liberals to defend Australia's discrimination laws from the unprecedented attack being planned under cover of 'religious freedom'."
"We call on Labor and other moderate Liberals to save the nation from more of corrosive debate about allowing discrimination in the name of religion against women, LGBTIQA+ people, people with disability, and people of minority faiths."
A screenshot of Mr Entsch's comments is attached.
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