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Singlehandedly Solo Festival
April 19th, 20th, 26th, and 27th
Doors 7 PM | Shows 8 PM | 21+
Hipbone Studio | 1847 East Burnside

$50 Festival Pass
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Every night listeners are treated to new works presented by some of the region’s most compelling storytellers. The focus is on local talent Lawrence Howard, Kriya Kaping, Brad Fortier, Lynne Duddy, Eric Stern, Annie Rosen, and Penny Walter with the addition of a special, nationally-acclaimed guest artist, Annie La Ganga,  creating an experience that celebrates storytelling as solo performance.

Advance Tickets $15

Click here for tickets to April 19 - Lawrence Howard | Kriya Kaping
Friday, April 19th
Singlehandedly! Portland Story Theater's 5th Anniversary Solo FestivalLawrence Howard, Legacy of Limericks (Stuff My Father Taught Me) This is a story about how a lifetime of love, laughter, and limericks shaped the mind and heart of a man. There are all kinds of master craftsmen in the world. But Lawrence Howard is a master at crafting stories. He weaves together facts and the stuff of real-life into passionate and poignant stories that expose profound shared memories of the human heart, making connections that are not soon forgotten.
New Voice, Kriya Kaping A Taste For The Abyss
According to family legend, Kriya (pronounced KREE-AH) was born with a passion for the “un’s”: the unconventional, the unfamiliar, the unsafe, and unpredictable. A Taste for the Abyss is the story of what can happen when you jump into the deep end of adventure and become beguiled by the unknown. Kriya comes from a long line of storytellers, with the family motto of “if it doesn’t kill you, it makes for a great story!”

 Click here for tickets to April 20 - Lynne Duddy | Brad Fortier
Saturday, April 20th
Lynne Duddy, Twice Born
This is a story of adoption with the on-going push and pull between nature and nurture, the search for self, and the embrace of the artist within. Storyteller, monologist, narrative artist ... whatever you want to call her, Lynne Duddy tells stories. She's a self-described cross between Laurie Anderson and Lynda Barry. The Oregonian describes her work as “raw, revealing, vulnerable.” 

Brad Fortier, Improv Junkie
A story of how a mild-mannered, gay, gaming geek learned how to live "out loud" after becoming addicted to improv theater and performing internationally. Brad Fortier could easily be called the King of Improv in Portland. He likes nothing better than having fun with and making an impact on groups of people through interactive play. He's excited about his newest venture, Happy Improv Fun Time.

Click here for tickets to April 26 - Eric Stern | Annie Rosen
Friday, April 26th
Eric Stern To Catch A Thief
There’s no easy way of saying this. Before Eric Stern stole hearts and minds with his dulcet accordion playing and tenor voice he stole groceries. And a vacuum cleaner. And a record-player. And a power drill. And some other stuff. After years of concealing these facts Stern finally comes clean with all his techniques and the sophomoric justifications he used to further his pickpocketing forays. What made him stop, what did he tell the judge, and what keeps him from doing it again, besides the baloney sandwiches they serve in jail? Eric Stern is a featured teller with Portland Story Theater. But besides being a great storyteller, Eric Stern leads Vagabond Opera, an original cabaret ensemble he founded in 2002.

New Voice, Annie Rosen, Cosmic Friend
This is the story of how Annie learned to hold the hall... and never take any lesson, teacher, or savior for granted. Annie is a musician, clown, yoga teacher, and absolute lover of people. She also works with vulnerable populations, especially Portalnd's houseless people; using every scattered skill gleaned on her ecletic life walk to remind folks just how strong, loving, and precious they are.

Click here for tickets to April 27 - Annie La Ganga | Penny Walter
Saturday, April 27th
Penny Walter, Con Mucho Gusto, With Pleasure
Penny Walter has been following her art and passion being a full time puppeteer for over 11 years. But what happens when you are living the dream and you get sidetracked by family matters going through life transitions? When you have to put your dreams on hold for the ones you love and become their caregiver? What gets you through the grief and when and how do you take care of yourself? Her career was interrupted by her father's unexpected death and then caring for her mother with Alzheimer's. Still trying to keep her puppet business and dream alive during this huge time of change was challenging and exhausting, and then the phone rang... Penny received a phone call from a company in South America to travel and perform for a month in Colombia. She said YES and the Pleasure was all hers.

Guest Artist from Austin, Texas, Annie La Ganga, The Major Arcana
Her story, The Major Arcana, is the story of Annie La Ganga's long and sometimes troubling relationship with tarot cards. While the symbology of the tarot has served her well as a guide to spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth, it has also been an aggravating and terrifying companion empowering the most fearful and annoying aspects of her personality. Her story is part comic meditation on magical thinking, mental illness, and sordid spiritual seeking, and part earnest investigation into the fundamental and ridiculous mysteries of being.

May the narrative be with you,

Lawrence, Penny, and Lynne
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Photo credits:
Lawrence Howard by Allyson Howard Photography
 Kriya Kaping, Eric Stern by Mike Bodine  
Brad Fortier by Arthur Smid
Lynne Duddy by Brian Lee
          Annie Rosen, Penny Walter by O'Dubhda
Annie La Ganga by Big Poppa E