IAHF List- This is Part Two of what I began in the first alert sent out today (Christmas Newsflash! UN Removes Everything About UN Agenda 21 From their Site, From Google, and From the Waybackmachine which you can read here

I will furnish Kim Hartke with both links to my uneditted response to voicers who commented on a Guest Blog that I have on her Website where I encourage all of you to make comments, you can see that blog here.http://hartkeisonline.com/activism-2/chemtrails-conspiracy-educate-yourself 

Kim wanted me to edit this down to just 600 words, but I'm too busy shipping sulfur to have time, so I'm hoping that if she does that that she'll at least include both links so her readers can see my uneditted response.

This was a great PR Victory over the UN that we all successfully pressured them into removing all mention of UN Agenda 21 from their website, from Google, and even from The Wayback Machine, something the CIA only goes to the trouble of doing if our side has one hell of a lot of momentum, which we do! Kim thinks the huge surge of traffic to my guest blog and to what she posted on Facebook might have gotten the CIA's attention since they have ways to measure traffic to information in cyberspace and to act accordingly.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year DESPITE the New World Odor!!

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The UN intends to force people living in rural areas off their land via changes in zoning laws that are already being implemented all over the US and the world, and to cluster us in hive like cities where human beings are to be "allowed" to live, but thanks to activists like Rosa Koire of Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates, and Tom De Weese of American Policy Center, a grass roots rebellion against UN Agenda 21 is now in full swing, and it must grow larger if we are to survive the genocidal killers who are running the UN!
If you live in a rural area, as I do, and you don't wish to be forced off your land without due process of law via UN Agenda 21 as a huge number of Americans already have been under false pretenses by criminal entites such as State Departments of Environment, I urge you to ponder the information in this website about the hive like "cities of the future" that are already being built, that the globalists intend to force us into after they've forced us off our land: http://occupycorporatism.com/agenda-21-dense-megacities-of-the-future-already-underway/

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, the growing bipartisan movement against UN Agenda 21 has plenty of room for you within our ranks!  Since learning the truth about UN Agenda 21, more than 138 cities and counties across the USA have removed themselves from membership in ICLEI, the highly deceptive UN NGO organization that is pushing this collectivist scam on the people of America, and the Alabama State legislature was the first to lead the charge against UN Globlization by BANNING UN Agenda 21 from their state.
This trend of protecting American sovereignty and the freedoms enshrined in the US Constitution must continue, or the future existence of the Weston Price Foundation will be in jeopardy because Agenda 21 threatens to drive all small farmers and ranchers off their land and into hive like cities like the ones discussed here where human beings are to be "allowed to live" as the collectivist New World Order pushes this genocide agenda upon us.
To learn more about weather modification as caused by chemtrails (which are causing global warming), please see this interesting website by meterologist Scott Stevens who has documented that Hurricane Sandy was steered to an intended landfall via a combination of chemtrails and an array of microwave antennas in Alaska called HAARP.  Interestingly, the National Hurricane Center in Miami computer modelled the 1938 Hurricane that followed the same track Sandy took, and guess what name they gave to their computer modelled hurricane? Thats right, it was "Sandy". This storm was no ordinary hurricane, the disaster was partly man made.
Conspiracy "theory"? Nope- conspiracy FACT. In 2012, weather is being used as a weapon. Why are we the targets of our own military and the CIA? They're taking their orders not from Congress, but from the UN and the Bilderberg Group which is trying to destroy the sovereignty of every nation on earth. As our dollar is being deliberately tanked, the ruling elite seek to force us into the CFR's long planned North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship which is modelled after the EU, which is a collectivist dictatorship. In the EU, the unelected European Commission actually makes the laws which the (so called) European Parliament merely rubberstamps. The people of Europe have been effectively disenfranchised. They have almost no say over their destiny any more and the ruling elite like it that way.
They're attemping right now, via Obama, to create a carbon copy of the scam called the EU, right here in North America, and towards that end they're deliberately collapsing the dollar via intentional deficit spending. In the not too distant future, American cities will be hell on earth. When the dollar crashes, there is going to be massive civil unrest and millions will die.
The Department of Homeland Security has been very actively preparing for expected martial law by purchasing millions of rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition, and millions of rounds of .223, the same round NATO troops fire.  Obama has concentration camps ready to stuff opponents of the New World Order into, and the Army has put want ads on the web to recruit the guards for these FEMA concentration camps which are being given the same exact name they had during WW2 when Roosevelt violated the rights of thousands of Americans of Japanese heritage by rounding them up and forcing them into what were called "internment" camps.
So, if anyone ever tries to tell you that this could "never happen" in America, tell them it already has, and that history is repeating itself.
 Obama is a eugenicist, an enemy of the American people, and errand boy for the Bilderberg Group. Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership have published this well documented article Death by Gun Control which documents the fact that any time in history whenever a grovernment has disarmed its people, genocide has always followed. Obama, and his NWO string pullers are trying very hard to disarm us right now, and when the dollar crashes, and it will, they'll attempt to ban firearm ownership just the way FEMA did during Hurricane Katrina when they even stomped little old ladies for owning a firearm.
Birds of a feather, fly together, Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, has openly pushed for forced sterilizations and forced abortions., and his FDA Commissioner, Margaret Hamburg, who routinely uses FDA and Police SWAT raids against peaceful Amish farmers because they are supplying us with raw milk which has live enzymes that weren't destroyed via pasteurization so its much healthier for us than pasteurized milk, because raw milk plays hob with the UN's genocide agenda and with the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. It shouldn't surprise anyone that Hamburg is the daughter of the former President of the American Eugenics Association. This sad fact is well documented.
Sadly, Obama has even recreated the Nazi Youth Corps via the FEMA Youth Corps.
Members of the Weston Price Foundation should have no illusions about what is actually going on in this country, a move is afoot via ICLEI instigated zoning changes to force all people living in rural areas off their land to cluster us in hive like cities of the future that are already being built. 
To better understand the insidiousness of UN Agenda 21, watch this excellent lecture by Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask: Agenda 21 Rosa is the founder of Democrats Against UN Agenda 21
As the bipartisan movement to remove the USA from the United Nations and to totally destroy the UN's forward motion on their plans to foist off their eugenics Agenda 21 on America grinds to a sudden halt, we can expect far more than just 138 member cities and counties to quit as this anti Agenda 21 movement continues to gain momentum! Along with the information at Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, also see the information at Freedom Advocates  and American Policy Center.  This latter group has a particularly solid anti Agenda 21 Action Kit that you can use to educate your entire community!
This Christmas, lets celebrate the coming removal of America from the satanic United Nations, and the totally successful defense of American sovereignty against the globalist forces of darkness that seek to trample our Constitution and our way of life.
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