Dental Embezzlement News
Issue #23 -- May 2014
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We Love to Talk!
Here are some of the places you can hear us speak in the next few months:
May 8 Denver Profitable Dentists Study Club
Jun 3 Henry Schein, London ON
Aug 22 Patterson Dental -- Birmingham, AL
Sep 19 Santa Monica Oral and Maxillofacial Study Club, Santa Monica CA
Sep 21 New Jersey Health Professionals Development Institute, River Edge NJ
Oct 5 Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, Anaheim CA
Oct 11 Southern Association of Orthodontists, Nassau Bahamas
Nov 15 Dalhousie University, Halifax NS

Look for us in 2015 at great places like the AAE, NESO and PDC!
To book a great speaker for your meeting or study club, please send an email here  or call us at 888-398-2327.
Prosperident's Mission
 “We eliminate uncertainty for dentists with embezzlement concerns and maximize financial and emotional recovery for victims.”

Prosperident in the Media
Things NOT to do if you suspect embezzlement in your office:
  • Start asking unusual questions of staff
  • Ask for reports you haven't requested before
  • Spend lots of time in your private office on the phone with your CPA
  • Allow a couple of geeky looking people with briefcases to come to your office to look at stuff
  • Implement additional security features in your software
  • Start posting articles about embezzlement in other offices on your staffroom bulletin board
  • Run around flapping your wings like a chicken

If someone is embezzling from you, they are constantly looking for signs that they are about to get caught.  When a thief observes these signs, their thoughts turn to self-preservation, which includes things like destroying evidence.  "Evidence" for this purpose usually includes your practice's financial and clinical records.

Unfortunately, many dentists have learned the hard way about the dangers from alerting a suspect prematurely.  If you have concerns about embezzlement, we recommend using our "Panic List of dos and don'ts that is available on our web store at and getting immediate professional assistance.

This Month's Offer From Our E-Store
We're offering a GREAT deal on our most popular document this month.  Our newly-updated Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire is available until the end of May at 50%.  Go to our e-store at, select the Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire, and use Offer Code HALFPRICEMAY.
This document is free to current and former Prosperident investigation clients, who can obtain it by contacting us here.
A Note From Our CEO:
Most days I truly love my job.  I get to work with bright, talented people, I get to travel to exotic places and sometimes do cool stuff -- last month I visited Phoenix, Seattle, St. Paul and New Orleans, and I got to see my first-ever arena football game and even got to see an exciting playoff NHL game.
But most of all, what makes what I do worthwhile is that I think we are doing some good.  At a macro level, we have been tremendously successful at raising awareness on the part of dentists about embezzlement.  This awareness has translated into a demand for our articles, to be interviewed, and for us as speakers beyond what I might have dared to hope for.
At the micro level, we work daily with upset, discouraged dentists who are victims and help them make financial and professional recovery and get their lives back on track.  I have huge respect for dentists, because I know that I could not handle the emotional demands of your job. At a visceral level, it bothers me when someone abuses your trust the way that embezzlers do.  So the ultimate source of my satisfaction is seeing one of our "alumni" taken away in handcuffs.

I think one of our investigators, Scott Clifford (who heads our Special Investigations Group, which looks at some of our most "interesting" embezzlements) put it best in a recent Facebook post:

Wife: who were you talking to?
Me: FBI field office in L.A.
Wife: darn, you have a cool job
Me: yes I do.
Scott sums it up nicely for all of us at Prosperident. 

David Harris, MBA CMA CFE
Chief Executive Officer
Prosperident -- The world's largest dental investigation embezzlement firm