Media Release
Thursday December 2nd 2021
Just Equal Australia has slammed Scott Morrison’s sudden promise to protect LGBTIQ+ students in faith-based schools in order to win support for his Religious Discrimination Bill as meaningless and ineffective.
The national lobby group says the deal the Prime Minister has struck with some moderate Liberals is as hollow as when he last announced his plan to protect LGBTIQ+ students in 2018. The group has urged neither Labor nor the Liberal moderates to fall for it. 
Just.Equal spokesperson, Brian Greig, said the Prime Minister’s proposal is targeted only at the expulsion of LGBTIQ+ students and would leave room for continued discrimination. 
“Scott Morrison's proposal does not cover discrimination at the point of enrolment or ongoing persecution within the school system." 
"It does not cover LGBTIQ+ teachers who continue to be denied employment or live with the constant threat of being sacked."
"Neither does it address the many ways LGBTIQ+ students will be discriminated against under the Religious Discrimination Bill itself."
“In 2015, Foundation Christian College (WA), ejected a seven year old girl for having two gay dads. 
“In 2017, history teacher Craig Campbell was sacked from South Coast Baptist College (WA), when it became known during the marriage postal survey that he is gay."
“In January this year, music teacher Karen Pack was sacked from Morling College (NSW) when she married her same-sex partner. 
“Mr Morrison’s plan to ‘protect gay kids’ will do nothing to prevent these examples of discrimination against LGBTIQ+ students and teachers. 
“Any plan to protect LGBTIQ+ people from religious discrimination in schools must include coverage for both staff recruitment and student enrolment, not simply expulsion or sacking.’” 
Mr Greig said Mr Morrison’s deal to rush the Religious Discrimination Bill through parliament not only fails to assist LGBTIQ+ students and teachers, but also ignores the many ways in which the Bill allows denigration and discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people in other areas. 
“It is meaningless to claim that LGBTIQ+ students must be protected, while at the same time providing some people with the special right to say harmful things about all LGBTIQ+ people if it’s done in the name of ‘religious belief,’” Mr Greig said.
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