Issue #9                                                         September 2016
eNews for our Wholesale Customers
Hello & welcome!
So... by way of this newsletter, we are formally announcing to the wholesale world that our new pattern for Fall 2016, the Everyday Attache is officially and finally released!
The Everyday Attache is a modern-day take on the old-fashioned briefcase of the past. It includes a partitioned interior with a built-in wallet, 2 zippered compartments as well as a Card Caddy, & pen holders. The exterior features a fleece-lined pouch pocket large enough to accommodate ALL smart phones as well as many small tablets!
The Everyday Attache pattern is available thru our usual distribution channels (Checker, Brewer & United Notions) as is the new hardware designed to accompany this design. You've been asking us for 1/2" wide D-rings and we finally listened! (See below in our Product Spotlight section.) But as usual, we are always happy to sell direct to our wholesale customers if that is your preference!
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And here's some links I thought were
worth clicking on this month!
From the Personnel Department
  •  How to Communicate with Customers Without Sounding like a Jerk!- Let's face it, some customers make it almost impossible to be nice, but here's a helpful article that might give you some alternative responses to consider! Click HERE to get started!
From the World of Business
  • The Difference Between Chain Store Fabrics and Quilter’s Grade Fabrics-        I recently ran across this article and thought it was one of the best explanations I had heard and though you might enjoy it as well.
From the World of Social Media
  • Updated Controls for Your FaceBook Newsfeed -  Maybe it's just me, but it seems like just about the time I think I have FaceBook "figured out", they change something and I feel like I'm starting over again. Click HERE for a good article that might help you with the most recent of changes.
From Where I Sit
  • How to Turn a Bad Day Around-  Just because your day starts off bad, is no reason it has to stay that way! Click HERE for some helpful tips on how to "turn it around"!
From Our Website
  • How to Cover Your Bag Strap- A covered bag strap can elevate a bag project to a whole 'nother level, and we recently publlished a quick and easy tutorial explaining how to do it! 
StudioKat Designs Product Spotlight
By way of this newsletter we're also officially releasing our newest addition to our bag hardware line, 1/2" wide D-rings. Yeah, we had trouble finding them too, so we finally just had them made for ourselves. Just like the rest of our line, they're available in a brass or a nickel finish and you can find out more about them and our other metal findings here-
And as usual, our hardware is available through Checker, Brewer, United Notions or if you prefer, we are always happy to work directly with our wholesale customers!
And don't forget-- It's a GREAT day to be sewing!  Laughing
I hope you found some of these links useful and if you'd like to give us feedback about what you liked or didn't like about this newsletter, we're all ears!
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