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HollandDoor Newsletter
March 2015
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We hereby send you our first newsletter of 2015. You receive this newsletter because you are affiliated with one of the members of HollandDoor.
Last months we have organized several study trips and training programs for international agro-professionals. Programs with durations of one day to several weeks. Some of these programs are highlighted in this newsletter, besides some general information. For all our activities, please see our website
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In this newsletter
HollandDoor supports Georgian agribusiness with Tailor-Made Training
Under the title "Enhancing entrepreneurship in Georgian agribusiness, based on the value chain approach" HollandDoor has trained two Georgian organisations in October 2014 and January 2015 in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. With HollandDoor's help, now the ngo Georgian Rural Education and Entrepreneurship Network (GREEN) and the Georgian-European Higher Education Institution (GEU) have a better capacity in transferring knowledge and skills to farmers, sme's, public officers and students and are able to establishing linkages, partnerships and collaborations between actors in the supply chain(s).  Read more...

141014 09.34.38
The Dutch embassy in Cuba requested HollandDoor to organize a tailormade study trip of 1 week for 4 members of the Cuban agricultural reform committee: Mr. Roberto Ramón Pérez Pérez (delegation leader), Mrs. Marlene Maidelene Veitía Rubio, Mr. Antihus Alexander Hernández Gómez and Mr. Lázaro Peña Castellanos. The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Rodney Bustamanta Salazar, economic employee of the Dutch embassy. Mr. Fermín Quiñones Sánchez, the new Cuban ambassador in the Netherlands, joined also a few times the group during the trip in The Netherlands. Read more
141212 18.15.12
Hypor (Hendrix Genetics) requested HollandDoor to organize a study tour on Friday 21 November for a Chinese management delegation of New Hope Liuhe. The managers of New Hope Liuhe were primarily interested in various possibilities to organize the pork activities of their company. New Hope Liuhe is the largest animal husbandry company in China with more than 130 feed companies and more than 60 meat-processing plants. 
After visiting Hypor in the morning the study tour started in the afternoon at VION Food Group in Boxtel. Read more
141121 14.58.55
The Dutch agricultural expertise attracts interest of agro proffesionals from all over the world. As independent service provider of studytours, trainings and business matchmakings HollandDoor supports many of these agro professionals in their search and need for expertise and business partners.
Examples of visits we organized last period:  
Visit our website to see more of our services and activities of last period and how we can support you in your ambitions.
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As of 1 January 2015, HollandDoor Coöperatie U.A. has an increased number of members. Marcel Groen and Ronald van den Breevaart have joined HollandDoor, which was founded in 2013, to bring its membership up to 9 members. Neither Marcel nor Ronald are unknowns in the world of Dutch and international floriculture. Read more

HollandDoor is a leading independent specialist in training courses, study trips and business matchmaking for the global agricultural sector. Enquiries from businesses both at home and abroad are translated into tailor-made programmes, after which these are implemented by making a link to relevant Dutch businesses and organisations.
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HollandDoor has a result-oriented approach and we are only satisfied when we create a joint success. But the personal relations make our job so valuable, and we show, also that part, at our Facebook page. Like us, and follow your colleagues, our programs and events!
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