Hillary Clinton at $100,000 a Plate Fundraiser Held By           If You Value Your Freedom, Including Your Freedom to Buy
Rothschild Banking Family (Goldman Sachs Also Held           Sulfur, other supps and to Use Alternative Medicine, if you don't
a $100,000 a Plate Fundraiser for This Bankster/Corporate       Want to be Microchipped, and don't want to lose all your freedoms
Whore Who Could Soon Be Installed on Us Via Rigged            as enshrined in the Constitution, Trump is your Only Choice.
Voting Machines Manufactured By Dominion Voting Systems,    I Will Prove This Below, and Will Also Tell You How You Can
and by H.G.I International (aka Hart Intercivic)                           Best OPPOSE the Planned INSTALLATION of Hitlary!!        Both Voting Machine Companies Were Major Donors to
The Clinton Foundation.
See Unimpeachable Evidence In This Alert, and See Hard Evidence That These Machines Don't Count All Votes The Same Way, Some Are Counted as Fractions, using Decimals- but this SCAM Has been BLOWNWIDE OPEN by Bev Harris of www.blackboxvoting.org (See short video at this link) These machines are being programmed in advance to spit out a predetermined fraudulent "percentage" for each candidate!!
Rigged vote-counting is the Holy Grail of collectivism
The mantra of collectivism is: “The greater good for the greater number.” The idea is that anything can be justified as proper and moral, even deception, theft, denial of rights, and killing innocent people, if it is claimed that these things are done for the good of society or the nation.
That is the moral code that allows national leaders to lie about anything and commit horrendous crimes against their own countrymen under the excuse of ‘national security’.
This week’s news is loaded with evidence that the outcome of next week’s US election will be determined, not by popular vote, but by rigged vote-counting machines. The technology for this dates back to at least 2002 when I produced the documentary, Invisible Ballots. The technology was crude but functional then. Now it is sophisticated and ready for prime time.
The thing about institutionalized vote fraud that causes many people to think it could never happen is that it requires a large cadre of designers, engineers, manufacturers, and programmers, and it seems unlikely that so many people would conspire to carry out such an irreprehensible task as rigging elections.
In truth, however, most people in the vote-rigging industry endorse the concept of the greater good for the greater number. They see themselves as social engineers entrusted with the grave responsibility of protecting ignorant voters from electing the ‘wrong’ candidate. They see vote rigging as a duty to the nation.
They are proud of themselves and their high-minded task. 
Whether or not these ‘social engineers’ dare to override the true vote on Monday may depend on how one-sided it is and on how successful alternative media is in bypassing mainstream media. If the margin is huge and the exposure is great, even collectivists may have to sound the retreat.
G. Edward Griffin 
2016 November 4
IAHF List: In the 20 years since I first created International Advocates for Health Freedom in 1996, this is by FAR the most important newsletter I've ever sent out! The reason its the most important is because we stand at a CROSSROADS, RIGHT NOW and how we act in the next few months could determine whether we maintain our FREEDOM or end up as Microchipped SLAVES of Hitlaries and Soros New World Order!
My Scots ancestors must be rolling in their graves right now! They split from Scotland REFUSING to be made SLAVES by their English Overlords who ATTEMPTED to make them indentured servants on their OWN LAND!! The were proud people. They split for Amsterdam, but didn't want their kids growin' up speakin' Dutch, so in the early 1600s they risked their lives to sail on a small wooden square rigged ship, similar in size to the Mayflower, to what today is the State of Rhode Island. Upon arrival, more than half their number had died en route from scurvy, starvation, accidents, falls from aloft, and from drowning from being swept of the deck by huge waves.
When the survivors first made it to Rhode Island, they ALL would have died if not for the kindness of the aborignal people, the Narragansett tribe, which gave them the clothes off their backs, housed and fed them and taught them their agricultural and fishing techniques. I am proud to be part Narragansett, and am proud to be an American and to live in this great mixing pot of people, cultures, ideas and FREEDOM!
I will not TOLERATE the Oligarchies evil efforts to DESTROY AMERICA via the satanic blood drinkin' closeted gay carpet munchin' blackmailed pro pharma WHORE and Communist Bankster STOOGE depicted on the left, above. She is a DOMESTIC COMMUNIST PRO N.W.O. ENEMY, and if we don't all BAND TOGETHER from ALL SIDES of the POLITICAL SPECTRUM to rally around the Constitution, and to OPPOSE the FRAUD being perpetrated on us via the RASCIST KKKLINTONS, we could soon be NUKED by PUTIN who HATES the ROTHSCHILD OWNED WHORE as much as I do, and as much as ANY OTHER honest discerning person does anywhere in the world does who REALIZES whats really happening in America right now!
History is being made as I type this, and we are fighting to defend the heart and soul of America, a country which will be wiped off the face of the Earth if the corporate WHORE depicted on the left, above is INSTALLED on us via the controlled media, rigged polls, and especially via the rigged voting machines manufactured by two companies: Dominion Voting Services, and H.I.G. International (aka Hart Intercivic).
FACT #1: Both voting machine companies were NAILED by Hacker Guccifer 2.0 as MAJOR DONORS to the Clinton Foundation. (Dominion Voting Systems can be seen as #215 in the Excel Spreadsheet provided to us via Guccifer 2.0)
(Many former Sanders supporters who have seen evidence that these SAME RIGGED MACHINE were used to ROB Bernie Sanders in the primary are now switching to TRUMP so HE won't be robbed TOO by the WHORE!)
(Early Voting in Texas Showed a Ton of Criminal Vote Switching on Touch Screen Voting Machines When People TRIED to Vote for Trump, they SAW Their Votes SWITCHED TO KKKLINTON on the SCREEN!!!)
(R.U. PISSED YET???? If you aren't yet ARMED and aren't yet PREPARED for the Coming Revolution, GET ARMED!! Gotta have God, Guns, Gold, Junk Silver coins for barter,GROCERIES and SULFUR and my OTHER DETOX Supplements (which work synergistically with sulfur to ENHANCE and OPTIMIZE its effects in the body) because we can expect MASSIVE INCREASED CHEMTRAILING SOON courtesy of the BANKSTER WHORES who are trying to alter our natural biology to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs so THEY and their PROGENY can have this whole PLANET for THEMSELVES with as their SLAVES!! We can ALSO expect a Global Economic COLLAPSE soon, and this is all PLANNED for Population Control!
This ALONE should be a reason for Secretaries of State nationwide in all 50 States to DECERTIFY ALL VOTING MACHINES and to REQUIRE a HAND COUNT only, but the corrupt politicians won't do it,(including Republican Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman, I know, I've been TRYING to GET HER TO by providing all info shown here to her staff in the Secretary of States office which oversees our state election!!) and so far NONE of the State Attorney Generals who oversee election in each of the 50 states have ALSO paid proper attention to:
FACT #2: This VIDEO EXPOSE by electrion fraud/ voting machine fraud experts Bev Harris and Benny Smith who have ripped the LID of the whole SCAM by proving that these machines don't count votes properly, they've discovered the MASTER KEY via which ANY election can be rigged by just ONE PERSON who can preassign a percentage of the vote to ANY CANDIDATE before ANY votes are even COUNTED!!
The way this scam is being perpetrated is breathtakingly EVIL much like HITLARY and her Bankster/Multinational Corporate Stringpullers themselves...... BUT THEY'VE ALL BEEN NAILED!!!
The basic GIST of the SCAM is that not all votes are counted EVENLY!! Every vote is counted as a FRACTION, as a DECIMAL due to the fact that the PERCENTAGES for the OUTCOMES for Hitlary, Trump, and the third party candidates is DETERMINED in ADVANCE by the person rigging the election who is most likely currency speculator George Soros, Hitlary's primary "handler."
I am friends with Bev Harris of Black Box Voting, the woman who knows more about election fraud and rigged voting machines than anyone in the country, and I had a half hour conversation with her on Friday about what I witnessed on Thursday when I and others witnessed the "L&A" test of the Dominion ballot counting machine which will process all paper ballots submitted by voters here in Whatcom County Washington.
Stuart Holmes, the guy at Republican Secretary of State Kim Wyman's office refuses to decertify all of the Dominion Voting Services, and Hart Intercivic Voting machines being used here in Washington even though Guccifer 2.0 hacked the donor list of the Clinton Foundation and found both conspicuously listed among Clinton's Major Donors. Moreover, Holmes sent me a very deceptive email claiming that the GEMS vote counting application that Harris and Smith found inside these macines "is not in any of the machines".
When asked for comment, Harris said "it may not be, but the decimilized vote counting features IS in these machines regardless of whether or not the GEMS counting application is, so he'ts still lying!"
Harris also told me that "the outcome of the election is NOT a foregone conclusion because the Oligarchy can't afford to be CAUGHT rigging an election, so SOMETIMES they throw the candidate they were TRYING to help STEAL the election UNDER THE BUS! She told me "Trump can STILL WIN if he has voter turnout that OVERWHELMS even all the rigging via the corporately controlled media, the corporately rigged polls, Hillary being given the answers to the debate questions ahead of the debates by the left wing media, Hillary wearing an earpiece during the debate allowing information to be fed directly into her during the debates, and the rigged voting machines."
So Harris still feels Trump CAN WIN, but ONLY if he gets overwhelming voter turnout in his favor, especially in Battle Ground States, and if we do Exit Polling, and also other things to "Stop the Steal" such as demanding to have access to the paper ballot images they're supposed to keep on file when using Counting machines such as the Dominion Machine here in Whatcom County WA so that we can measure the official vote count numbers against the actual ballots submitted.
(In case my County Auditor might not allow me to have access to these paper ballot images, I have contacted www.rcfp.org to ask them if they have a form I can download to facilitate filing a Freedom of Information Act request for the purpose of getting these ballot images. (RCFP.ORG = Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press) They can be called at (800) 336-4243 or (202) 795-9300 and I will follow up my email to them with a phone call.
Illustrating how crooked Demoncrats are, Roger Stone of www.stopthesteal.com is being sued in four states where he wants to conduct exit polls. His opponents are mindlessly alleging that he's trying "suppress Democrat voting turnout" which is bull, he's just trying to counteract the rigged voting machines! How can he be "supressing voter turnout" by asking people who have ALREADY VOTED who they voted for?
Jim Stone has information about Newsweek Magazine having "already printed a special issue of their magazine showing that Hillary has won the election" but it is ALSO possible that they have printed one that says "Trump has won" so WHATEVER HAPPENS they will be ready to ship these special editions out to purchasers.
I am donating some extra money to help Trump in North Carolina and in Florida where  the races are very tight. If you would like to help safeguard your access to dietary supplements which Hillary Clinton threatens due to being for the Trans Pacifici Partnership as a total Whore of Big Pharma,
please join me in donating some extra money to Trump HERE!
Please either join the exit polling effort via Roger Stones organization Stop the Steal
or if your county uses counting machines to count paper ballots like ours does, lets work together to monitor the vote by getting copies of the ballot images, which they have to save, and which if they don't give them to us we can get via the Freedom of Information Act! Call me at 1-800-333-2553 or email me at jham@iahf.com to learn more as I expect to know more about how to do this by Monday!
If Hillary and the Oligarchy steal this election despite our best efforts to stop them, I strongly recommend you prepare for a Second American Revolution. She is a communist, a globalist, and an enemy of Freedom, including Health Freedom. She gets donations from every pharmaceutical company on the planet, and that includes Monsanto. She gets major donations from Dominion Voting Systems and from Hart Intercivic voting machine companies- a serious conflict of interest forcing us to conduct exit polls especially in light of Bev Harris info about "Fraction Magic" (see video) (Also 6 part article) that shows how the machines are rigged!  She also gets money from Goldman Sachs, and the Rothschild Banking family and they want to disarm us all and make us literal microchipped slaves on their desired Global Totalitarian State!
Everyone into the battle! Its not til the fat lady sings, and even THEN its not over! When hell freezes over we will fight ON ICE! Remember- regardless of the outcome of this rigged election, we can expect massive increased chemtrailing as the Oligarchy continues their efforts to cull the human herd, and to biologically microchip us all via the Morgellons microorganisms we're breathing in that are being sprayed on us via Chemtrails.
Please re-read this article and stockpile Sulfur as well as my OTHER detox products because REGARDLESS of who is "elected" .....
we can expect an economic crash similar to what they've been experiencing in Venezuela where you can't even buy food in the super markets and where they're suffering from Hyperinflation. (A dozen eggs costs $150. in Venezuela today and this same hyperinflation will come here.
Chemtrails will be increasing!! GOT SULFUR?? Buy in Bulk to save and in case I get driven under, because in today's economy anything could happen!
Also get my OTHER products which work synergistically with sulfur to enhance its detox effects!
At this time of year, I strongly recommend Echinacea Plus- a tincture that includes GARLIC! This is great during cold season because it boosts killer T cells and macrophage cells, and it also helps kill the weaponized parasites being sprayed on us via chemtrails which can cause Morgellons disease in people who have compromised immune systems! I seriously recommend you get the Intestinal Formula #1 and #2 and the Super Food Plus so you can jettison the thick layer of mucoid Plaque that blocks proper absorption of all nutrients including sulfur in your small intestine!  Please see this article!!
Questions? 1-800-333-2553 H&W or jham@iahf.com