Thomas Jefferson- 1743- 1826, 3rd American President
One of the Drafters of the Declaration of Independence
Why I Believe if He Were Alive Today, He Would Utilize
This Tool To Help Avert N.W.O. Genocide & To Thwart
The Obamination's Evil Efforts to Destroy America
& To Imprison The World's Population Via Microchipping
& Such Eugenics Measures as Chemtrails, UN Agenda 21,
& The Codex Efforts to Destroy Our Access to Vitamins &
Minerals Within the Therapeutic Range & To the Most
Effective Products Sold in Health Food Stores
IAHF List: Have you ever had the pleasure to tour Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's estate near Charlottsville, Virginia? My mom used to live in Charlottsville, and one of the most enjoyable days of my life was spent touring this great thinker's home and gardens. I find it interesting to ponder the fact that while Jefferson freed his slaves, and sought to EXPAND freedom during his lifetime, in 2014, genocidal killer and closeted gay usurper Barack Hussain Obama, and the shadow government banksters who control him, seek to make any of us (of ALL races) who they don't kill through their genocidal policies, their microchipped slaves....
Jefferson had an expansive intellect, and was a true Rennaisance man, he was a great writer, orator, stateman, liguist, scholar, gardener, architect, musician and artist. As founder of the University of Virginia, he designed the Rotunda, modelled after the Pantheon in ancient Greece still standing at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and supervised it's construction by viewing it through a telescope from his estate, sending messengers by horseback to facilitate communications with the tradesmen who built it.
Sometimes this great man would ride his horse over to the campus and even swing a hammer, directly assisting the carpenters, such was his level of humility. He was the rarest of people, an honest politician and an honest, self effacing man with rock solid integrity and tremendous leadership ability, in marked contrast to the closeted gay, Marxist, illegal alien, Muslim criminal currently inhabiting the oval office alongside his closeted pre-op Transvestite so called "wife." ("Michelle")
(I want to make clear that I have no problem with an openly gay politician, because they can't be so easily controlled by the shadow government, but a closeted gay like Obama is extremely dangerous to all of our most deeply cherished liberties....Obama and his "wife" are the most dangerous criminals to ever occupy the White House. Both belong eitherin Guantanamo, or in the Electric Chair for their multiple crimes against humanity.
We sure could use a few more like Jefferson today as Washington DC has descended into a level of decadence that rivals the debauchery found in ancient Greece, and ancient Rome just before those civilizations self destructed due to rampant immorality and unbridled hedonism!
  Jefferson was one of the greatest mind's in world history and all of us in America were blessed to have this great man be alive on this planet at a time in history when we most needed him!
Things weren't so different then than they are now in 2014. Just as today all of us are witnesses to Obama's tyranny, and traitorous treachery, just as we are witnesses to Obama's efforts to commit mass genocide, during Jefferson's lifetime he and his breathren had their own Cross to bear in the form of King George's unbridled tyranny and hubris.
The more times change, the more things stay the same!
Did you know that Jefferson and Washington both grew hemp? Did you know that our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution were both written on hemp paper?
Did you know that when hemp is planted within 100 miles of a field of marijuana, the hemp hemp seeds blown by the wind will destroy the marijuana, lowering its THC content to the point where you can't get stoned off it even if you smoke the whole field in a giant bong?
Did you realize that if you vaporize, and inhale safe, non toxic hemp oil,and inhale the vapor, that it not only doesn't have any of the tar that wrecks the lungs of marijuana smokers, but that the omega 3 essential fatty acids in the vaporized hemp oil facilitate the full utilization of both hemispheres of your brain, allowing you to think a lot more clearly?
In other words, vaporizing hemp oil actually speeds your brain speed, in marked contrast to pot, which slows your brain speed. In other words, while stoned drivers sometimes exercise poor judgement and wreck cars due to impaired cognition, this would NEVER happen with someone who is vaporizing hemp oil in a device like this one, and I am sure that if Thomas Jefferson were to go through a Time Machine and come to the Year 2014, he'd probably be vaping hemp oil, via a device like this one that can be recharged by plugging it into the USB drive on any laptop computer, even on the front seat of a car (which it can openly be "smoked" in in all 50 states right now)!
The FUTURE is NOW, folks!! Don't be left behind!!! I urge you to have an open mind and try this device because your body, mind and spirit will thank you for putting all the omega 3 essential fatty acids that you'll get from the hemp vapor into your blood stream via your lungs! This can greatly assist anyone suffering from poor cognition, ADD, ADHD, bipolar illness, schizophrenia, brain fog from hypoglycemia (which I have). You can buy hemp oil in any health food store in America, but this is by far the most effective way to speed your brain, and to expand your consciousness with it!
I am utilizing this device as I write this article right now! Do I seem in any way "unlucid" in my thought process? Do I seem in any way "impaired"? Well I'm not, I'm actually cognitively much sharper than I normally am! I had a great night's sleep, due to this device, and I woke up refreshed as the first rays of the sun hit the sky, so I was up before my rooster crowed this morning. I feel strongly that if enough of us vape hemp oil, while simultaneously ingesting sulfur water twice a day, it will help us to harness our collective neurons sufficiently that we'll have the necessary level of relaxation, energy, and mind clarity necessary to outwit our would be N.W.O. overseers!
I believe it would help us have the necessary brain speed to out think, and out smart our excessively arrogant usurper in Chief, the closeted gay man who is living with a closeted pre-op transsexual who goes by the name "Michelle" Obama, all while being completely controlled by our would be overseers within the UN and Bilderberg Group.
Try this mental exercise: use this device and take a few long drags on the hemp oil vapor, and hold in your lungs for as long as you can so the omega 3 essential fatty acids will be fully absorbed via the lungs into your blood and brain, then close your eyes, and imagine you are wielding a cosmic needle to stich both hemispheres of your brain together so that you get the full benefit of your whole mind (!!)
Then visualize Obama and is so called "wife" where they belong, in Guantanamo in a cell together til they both are pushin' up daisies! Now do you have a huge SMILE on your face the way I do? GOOD! Thought so! ;-> Now, call your congress critters via the US Capital Switchboard via 1-877-SOB-U-SOB (real number that translates to I-877-702-8-702)
America is at a crossroads right now. These are the times that try men's souls. I'm sure Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave at the thought of America being hijacked by a Drag Queen (transvestite) and "her" closeted gay husband as they hold Roman Orgies in the White House while they plot martial law, and the planned annhiliation of millions of American citizens, most of whom will be like lambs lead to the slaughter unless we can wake up enough people in time, and successfully urge them to proactively take the necessary steps to prepare to survive martial law so that America can emerge from the ashes, like the Phoenix.
Friends, I would be a liar if I told you I never felt the emotion of fear. I would be a liar if I told you I didn't fear right now for the future of America. I would be a liar if I told you I never feared for my safety, or for that of every single one of you on the IAHF list. The elite intend to cull the human herd, and NASA is part of their eugenics program- see this previous IAHF alert about that!
When the goons came to kill me in Florida following the death threats that followed my making friends with the FBI goon who was sicked on me in the late 90s, the Lord was with me. By the grace of God I was not home. I was roller blading at Hollywood beach, but when I got home I found the bullets from the FN Assault rifle they'd left as the CIA's "calling card" on the front steps of my rented house in Hollywood, FL.
Inside of 5 hours I was gone, friends helped load theU Haul and I was the hell out of the State of Florida rollin' northbound up '95. I am part native american, and let my spirit carry me to safety, and fetched up at High Flowing Community, a hippy commune where I lived underground without a phone or electric bill in my name while I continued pushing for Congressional oversight on the crimes I'd witnessed at the Codex meeting in Germany that I videotaped. You can see my footage from when I nailed Yetley of FDA breaking the law here in Kevin Miller's documentary Film.
I almost got killed over this, but the Lord was with me, so i am alive, not dead. Never fear death, eh? Its an illusion. I was dead once when a tree fell on me in a tornado and was given a choice whether to come back or not, but I'd just lost my virginity to a really hot babe on the canoe trip and had to have more of that, so I was damned if I was gonna be content to be floatin' round on clouds, strummin' harps and shit,  I just had to come back to whup the FDA's ass!!! Twas my DESTINY to go forth and CONQUER, kinda like a modern day Attila the Hun, or Ghengis Khan, or mebbe like Blackbeard, or something' like that I reckon, but if ya'll wanna help me remain alive, kindly help me get off North American soil..... kindly make some large sulfur purchases, especially take advantage of my 20 POUND SPECIAL going on til the end of MARCH!!!
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You ALSO get a FREE detox soup RECIPE to really help you detox all the heavy metals, mycoplasma, nanofibers, ethylene dibromide, and other crap being sprayed on us for eugenics purposes by the Obamination and his evil Bilderberg Group string pullers.
I am sure my father must be rolling in his grave right now if he is able to see from Heaven what the Obamination has been doing to destroy our once Great Nation from the inside. My father was one of the commanders of Argus Unit OneUnit One-  one of the men who trained the original US Navy Seals when John Kennedy created that elite band of fighters way back in 1963.
I was only in the first grade in 1963, but I remember what it was like back then during the Cuban Missile Crisis because we had a bomb shelter in our basement, and Dad was a cold warrior, the world's foremost expert on the internal guidance systems of ICBM's and shipboard anti missile systems. He was a genius, dad built his first ham radio at age 11, knew Morse code by age 8, and joined the NAVY at age 17. He learned about RADAR at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where the navy sent him to learn about this technology when it was classified, and he graduated number one in his class out of more than 400 sailors because he had an idedic memory (prefect recall). He wasn't allowed to take any textbooks or course materials, not even his notes out of the class room and the marine guard on the door searched them all to insure security requirements were met, but this is a big reason why we're not speaking Japanese in America today.
Dad was a real life James Bond, he could speak several languages, and worked all over the world as a Captain in US Naval Intelligence, while simultaneously working as an electrical engineer at Bell Telephone Labs where he did Defense Contracting. I was lucky to have this man for a father.
Please, friends, buy some sulfur to help me remain alive. I am on the Red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law which isn't far off, and I really could use your help to get to a safe haven off North American soil.We've been able to throw off the NWO's timetable by several years, and we must continue to throw it off by educating everyone around us to the dire need to prepare!!
(Don't pass by this last site, it is John Wesley Rawles, one of the best survival experts I know!!)
If enough of you help me live, I promise to keep Sulfur for Health going for many years to come,even if I am not living full time on North American Soil.
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THANK YOU for your ongoing support! TOGETHER WE CAN STOP The Obamination's evil treachery, and together we can SAVE America,and Canada, and all other sovereign nations from the predations of the Bilderberg Group, the UN Codex Commission and the other elements of coersion who seek to cull the human herd... by God, we are NOT CATTLE!!! We are FREE men and women, and if you help me remain alive, I promise you I will never stop fighting til my last dying breath!
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