Linus Pauling..................Matthias Rath.......(What Part of This Mssg Doesn't Rath Understand???)
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I want to begin by thanking all of you who took IAHF's message to heart in the November 2 midterm election! By helping to vote good people like Dr.Rand Paul and other constitutionalists into power you helped set back the ruling elite's socialist plans to deconstruct America, to force us into their planned North American Union Dictatorship, and to implement their genocidal UN Codex plans to ban our access to high potency vitamins.

Despite Dr.Janda's urgent video warning that so called "Obamacare" is a genocide agenda intended to micromanage doctors and block patients from getting life saving therapies under threat of fines and imprisonment to any doctor who refuses to be micromanaged by the Gestapo, Dr. Matthias Rath (who should know better) is blindly pushing the Gestapo's genocide agenda.

Rath seems to have forgotten that Hitler was a socialist.... He can't seem to grasp that both Hitler and Obama were put into power by the same ruling elite shadow government forces who seek to impose global genocide or that the two dictators (were and are) equally committed to the elite's population control agenda...


Dr.Matthias Rath is a skilled orthomolecular physician who co-published The Solution to Human Cardiovascular Disease along with the late Linus Pauling,PhD in 1991. He has been a very outspoken leader within the global health freedom movement for years, and has held demonstrations against the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission in an effort to alert the world to the danger of the German Nazi Pharma Driven Agenda to destroy consumer access to high potency vitamins via this organization.

In a courageous effort to warn the world of this genocide agenda, he published The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU in which he documents Pharma's efforts to ban consumer access to high potency vitamins and the most effective dietary supplements via several draconian EU "Directives".

You would think you could completely trust a man with this sort of vision when it comes to anything pertaining to health freedom, but sadly, his myopic socialist world view BLOCKS him from being able to understand current events unfolding in America. Just before our November 2 midterm election here he posted this seriously misguided full page ad in the New York Times.

In this ad, Rath makes the false accusation that the TEA PARTY is a modern day equivalent to the Nazi Brownshirts, that the TEA PARTY is an "ASTROTURF" (fake grass roots) organization of "dupes" under the "direct control" of the multinational oil and pharma cartel. He would have us believe that the "Republican Party" in the US is "evil."

He would have us believe that Fox News and the Republican Party are "promulgating hatred" of non white people. He would have us believe that Obama's "Health Plan" somehow "promotes preventive medicine" when there is nothing whatsoever in it that does anything other than foster the genocidal and societal control interests of the Bilderberg Group via Big Pharma while increasing the AMA monopoly.

Its a sad thing when a man of Dr.Rath's stature becomes an unwitting dupe of the Bilderberg Group, and starts doing their bidding with so little understanding of how he is being used- but this happens sometimes when people become blind to instances where their personal political ideology is simply not in sync with the truth- and when their ego is so big that they won't communicate, theres not much anyone can do to show them otherwise.All attempts by IAHF to communicate with Dr.Rath via Paul Taylor on his staff regarding these issues has proven to be a complete waste of time. Both Taylor and Rath are socialists and blind supporters of Barack Obama.


Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis... The elite create a problem, in order to create a desired public reaction that enables them to usher in changes that they couldn't otherwise have gotten. When we remain locked into Dialectic thinking the way Dr.Rath does, we allow ourselves to be used and we're not able to think outside the box, we're locked into a mind prison that allows the New World Order to roll on....

The same ruling elite scum who control Obama also are trying to control the Republican party. The Tea Party is trying to stop the Republican party from being hijacked this way. Has there been some effort by the ruling elite to try to coopt the Tea Party? Of course there has, it would be naive to think they wouldn't make this effort- but is Rath correct to say the elite is behind its creation?
Rath's assertion is that Koch industries (the largest privately owned American energy company) created the Tea Party which he alleges is astroturf because they provide funding for Freedomworks and for Americans for Prosperity.
I pointed out that its not that simple. I pointed out that the modern day Tea Party in this country began with Ron Paul, one of the most honest people in Congress and that its roots go deep into American history. I pointed out that Dr.Rath wouldn't dare attempt to characterize this staunch health freedom fighter as a "Nazi" yet with one stroke of the brush, he's just done that to Ron and to his son Rand.

The Bilderberg Group attemps to control both political parties in the US (and political parties all over the world.) They strive to get people all divided up along (superfluous) party lines. Dr.Rath would have us believe that Obama is a "great man." He has the nerve to claim that our concerns about national sovereignty and defending the constitution are "groundless."

The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons were among the staunchest supporters of passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. ASPS was among the first groups to sue to overturn Obamacare.

Rath is correct when he says corporate interests are trying to hijack America the way did in Germany prior to WW2, but he's failing to grasp that these interests work through BOTH parties and right now they're getting one hell of a lot of mileage out of the Democrats.

He sees no connection between defending our national sovereignty against unchecked deficit spending intended to destroy the dollar, Obama's efforts to allow a flood of unchecked illegal immigration across our southern border, and our efforts to defend the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

He is totally ignoring the ruling elite's effort to deconstruct America (through Obama) in order to force us into a planned North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship modelled after the EU, even though he has tried mightily to warn the world against the EU. He is totally ignoring Obama's efforts to implement UN Agenda 21, the elite's population control/societal control agenda that is the primary force driving Codex.

He is totally ignoring the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico and the fact that through it the FDA has already created a framework for one harmonized set of food and drug regs as if a North American Union dictatorship were already in place.

In other words, in the World According to Rath- if we want health freedom, and we value world peace, and wish to be in sync with God, we must vote Democrat or Die(!!!)

 The sheer irony of this message coming from a German citizen who professes to want to protect the world from another Hitler is shocking, frightening, and indicative of a level of myopia that almost defies belief. Click on this hypertext link to learn all about John Holdren's genocide agenda, the man wants to impose forced abortion, and forced sterilization- Obama is directly in sync with the population control agenda being foisted off on us via UN Agenda 21.

BEWARE THE LAME DUCK (STARTS WHEN CONGRESS RETURNS NOVEMBER 15th til When the New Congress is Seated in January)
In this past IAHF alert , we told you they intend to try to pass:

1. Amnesty for Illegal Aliens via the DREAM Act- Part of the broader effort to erase our southern border and to break our economic backs by flooding us with illegal aliens. (Reid will try, but won't get far.)
2. The FDA Food Safety Bill S.510- which threatens to destroy small organic farmers via unecessary red tape.- (A far more dangerous threat at this point since there are so many people leaving the hill who we won't have any leverage on.)
The bill thus favors Monsanto and Cargill while doing much to block our access to organic food. It also ties us more in with Codex standards, and its blatantly unconstitutional. It must be opposed.
 3. CAP & Trade- Which would put enormous unecessary burdens on manufacturers driving up prices for everyone under false environmental pretenses. (Reid might try, but won't get far.)
4. A VAT Tax- which would crush the middle class, a goal of the socialists who only want two classes, rich and poor so the masses can be more easily controlled. (Always a dangerous threat- bears close scrutiny..
5. Lieberman's Internet Takeover Act (which would shut down the internet as we know it, blocking our access, and ushering in "Internet 2" which would block us from using the web to bypass the mainstream media. This would kill organizations like IAHF and others which are a thorn in the side of the New World Order.- - (Always a dangerous threat-- bears close scrutiny....)
We must support all legislative efforts upcoming in the next congress to de-fund Obamacare. We can expect to see many bills introduced in the House intended to block funding to different parts of it
If you have a message you want to send Dr.Rath about his NY Times ad, you can send it to him c/o Paul Taylor:   Rath is a good man, a staunch defender of Health Freedom, but he's not seeing this issue clearly at all. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. IAHF thanks those of you who voted with your feet on November 2 against the Collectivist Agenda that threatens to usher in UN Agenda 21 genocide.

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