You can see high-res photos of the Season 2 cover art HERE - Tone Deaf's art has amazing depth and complexity, but the details are hard to see in these tiny little thumbnail photos. The materials Tone Deaf used include gaff tape, doll parts, drum heads, barbed wire, old CDs, and/or pretty much anything else he can dig out of the trash. There's a whole lot more of Tone's stuff HERE and HERE, and of course, you can buy his custom covers for Kicksville LIVE and Enter the Flavor Hut HERE....
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The Singles - Season 2:
Introspekt (Looking Through the Blind Eye)
Introspekt (Looking Through the Blind Eye), episode #10 from The Singles - Season 2 is available today! Download Introspekt for FREE HERE!
Read on for this week's liner notes....
Notes from The Commissioner
About Introspekt
Written around one of Tone Deaf's poems, Introspekt is about getting old and the eventual understanding that there's no point getting upset about it. It's also an oblique reference to the Buddhist idea that everything is transitory, never fixed. Existence is perceived as a series of phase changes, like liquid water turning into ice or gas and back again. There's no reason to struggle against these changes - they are and will be, and all the crying in the world won't stop them. And if reality and our place in it are temporary illusions created by our preconceptions, then as Aya sings in the melody/mantra, "Looking through the blind eye / We are not here / We are nowhere at all." Therefore, following the idea through to its logical conclusion, Introspekt is really about nothing!
So...... MU!

The Music
As many of you know, Kicksville is a collective with almost 60 contributing members, presided over by myself and Mayor Mike Stehr. Because of that, it means much of our writing/recording happens in bits and pieces, with contributions from whoever is available and wants to play along. However, Introspekt marks one of the first times the City Council, the seven Kicksvillians that make up our live show and who are the heart of our creative process, had time during rehearsals to write as a unit instead of flying in one by one or a few at a time.
Anyway, here's the deal: We were taking a break during production rehearsals last fall, and Beaker started noodling around with this cool, filter-y guitar sound.... We immediately started playing along, and this song basically just popped out, almost fully formed! Afterwards, we did go back to smooth-ify the arrangement and re-track some things to get the proper sounds, but we used the initial recording made on the spot as the framework for what you hear in the final version.

cover art: "The Uncertainty Principle" by Tone Deaf
Conrad St. Clair: percussion, keys, programming
Mike Stehr: bass
Lou Caldarola: drum kit, percussion
Tone Deaf: spoken word
Chris Huntington: guitar
Beaker: guitar
Aya Peard: vocals
Only One More Episode Left!
The Singles - Season 2 is drawing to a close, so don't miss next week's season finale! Then on August 17, we will release the The Singles - Season 2 Collector's Edition, a CD and booklet containing all the songs, artwork and liner notes along with (at least) one bonus track. The CDs will be for sale exclusively through our web store HERE - MP3s are cool and all that, but to get the full hot aural action of Season 2, you really need to hear the CD versions! The artwork is right purty, too....
More to come....
Next week: Bestride the Narrow World