IAHF List: Please see my comments and fervent warning below these graphs. We now have evidence that gasoline is going to double in price in 2011, and Food prices will DOUBLE. Probability is strong we'll be going into hyperinflation and martial law before next Christmas and I am documenting these assertions with solid references. The time to organize your local community is NOW. The time to prepare for the coming storm is RIGHT NOW.
Read on to learn what you CAN do, because there is a LOT. You are NOT defenseless. I am organizing my local community, and will be doing a youtube about the meeting we're going to hold here. I'm going to invite Glenn Beck to come here to showcase Point Roberts much in the way he has with Wilmington Ohio, as a model for the rest of the country to follow in coming hard times. I'd like to hold a conference call to help several of you do the same thing in your communities. Read on below these graphs which I want you to look at again:
Gold is Expected to go Up to $4,000./ oz in 2012 As Food Prices Soar Vertical
Ignore the Graph in the Middle, its This Last One I'm Calling Attention to, (I couldn't separate the two graphs thats the only reason the one in the middle is here). This lower graph shows how FOOD PRICES have been impacted by INFLATION since 1969.
In 1971 Nixon took us off the Gold Standard. You can see the immediate impact that had as inflation worsened. In '05 we see the Spike caused by the Greenspan Put.  Then in '09 we see the Spike caused by QE1, and we see just the BEGINNING of the spike caused by QE2 which is going to CONTINUE to burn us throughout 2011 as the Fed prints $600 Billion to nearly double the amount of money in circulation. The impact QE2 and doubling gas prices will have will be to cause HYPER INFLATION and in all probability MARTIAL LAW. (Sources and a lot more evidence provided below along with WHAT YOU CAN DO:
IAHF List: Next Christmas, most families in America won't be putting ANY gifts under the tree, they'll be happy if they can just afford to pay for CHRISTMAS DINNER. Thats because most people in America won't have done ANYTHING to prepare for what is coming and they'll be caught flat footed.
None of YOU on the IAHF list will HAVE any excuse if you let this happen to you because you are being very solidly warned, RIGHT NOW!
Today I called my Congressman's office so I could make contact with the Director of his local district office. I had a conversation with her about what is unfolding and invited her to the community meeting I am organizing here in Point Roberts about the coming national disaster. I'm going to put this meeting on You Tube, and am hoping Glenn Beck will come here to witness the Miracle in Point Roberts as a sequel to the Miracle he reported on from Wilmington OH.
Tomorrow I'm going to the Seniors Lunch at our Community Center where I've been having a dialogue about all of this with several people who survived the Great Depression of the 30s and 40s. Guess what? They're not laughing at me. They agree there is a dire need to get organized here. Tomorrow I'm going back to the Seniors Lunch to make a presentation, and to enlist the aid of several of them to help organize the meeting that I'll be holding soon to which I'm hoping to get most of Point Roberts to attend.
I've had conversations with a solid cross section of my community already including the Sheriff, who is buying gold and sees it all, and many others. I've been putting flyers up on all local bulletin boards, am in communication with the editor of the local paper, and with the pastor of our only church. We have a group here called PREP (Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Group) which I'm active in, and they're helping me organize the meeting. We created PREP to help in the event of any emergency which around here includes earthquakes, tsunamis, forest fires, and floods. As a former fire fighter, lifeguard,professional sailor, and outdoorsman I have lifesaving skills that fit right into this group.
I urge ALL of you to take the bull by the horns and be LEADERS in your communities. Organize the same sort of meeting that I'm organizing here. I'll be glad to help any of you who stick your necks out to do this. If enough of you make the effort we can hold a conference call via www.freeconferencecall.com
A local ham radio operator is going to be teaching a class soon so more people here can get HAM licenses. I intend to get one in case the FCC and UN block our access to the internet which could happen also. My father was a Ham radio operator when I was growing up. Its much easier today to get licensed because you no longer have to know Morse code, but its a good skill to have anyway so I'm going to learn it.
None of us here are going to be burned by the coming disaster, because our whole rural community of 1500 people will be ready due to my efforts to alert everyone. I've got several people working closely with me now and more will be coming on board with each passing day. By the time I'm done, we'll have held several community meetings. We'll be utilizing all the greenhouses here to get our "starts" going early so we'll be able to get our gardens going under cold frames a couple weeks prior to the last frost, so we'll be able to go straight into the ground this spring at our earliest possible opportunity in order to maximize local food output.
I'm organizing people to store gasoline, to buy up a lot of gas now while its cheap at only $3.00 or so per gallon since it will be going up to $7.-$8. per gallon this year.
I'm organizing a lot of people to put up a minimum of a one year supply of Food, and am discovering more and more good online sources as well as a local restaurant supply store called "Cash and Carry" that sells cases of food at wholesale prices.
I was just there yesterday and bought some cases of sardines and canned salmon as well as other items. (I'm also recommend people stockpile supplements at this time, along with anything you can barter.)
We're going to create a Local Economy Trading System (LETS) here so we're not so tied in to the Federal Reserve's efforts to manipulate us. This is a good way to insulate any community from the coming chaos, but it does take teamwork. Many people in different parts of the US and the world have already created LETS systems, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can learn how to do this at sites like this.
After the last alert I sent out, someone in Australia alerted me to this South African site where some people have created a global LETS system. The biggest LETS system in the US is being run in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts. They created a local currency called "Berkshares".  
As you can see from THIS LIST quite a lot of businesses in their region accept their local currency, so this is quite viable in that area and they'll be a lot better off than most of the USA during the crash because they had the forsight to create this system so as to not be so damn reliant on the criminal Federal Reserve.
Now would be an excellent time to procure some junk silver coins (good to barter with) and also to safeguard your assets by buying both Gold and Silver as long as you remember that you can't EAT IT. Swiss America has a free multimedia kit with a lot of information about buying gold and silver that you can order by calling 1-800-BUY-COIN. They also have a very commercial video about crashing the dollar that you should watch. It would be easy to watch this and conclude that this is nothing but a joke and a scam. Unfortunately, its NOT. If you don't make an effort to protect your assets, you're going to wish you had. If you don't have some junk silver coins to barter with, you're going to wish you had. Swiss America is not the only seller, either. Shop around. Let me know what good deals you find so I can pass them along to the IAHF list.
Food Prices Will More than Double in the Coming Year Due to Radical Increase in Gas Prices and QE2 Driven Inflation
Most of you are in denial, and don't think what I am saying is real. A very small number of you are actively preparing. Just remember: a lot of people are going to DIE because they didn't prepare. Many will quite literally STARVE TO DEATH.
You think FEMA is gonna save you? Do you remember what happened with FEMA during Hurricane Katrina? 
I sure wouldn't count on FEMA or any other bastion of the government to save you when we go into hyperinflation because its going to be the biggest disaster in our nation's history.
There will be food riots in our inner cities because one in every 7 people in this country is on Food Stamps right now and when they can't feed their families with food stamps due to hyperinflation, they'll start looting supermarkets exactly the way people did during Katrina in New Orleans, only this time it won't be in just ONE CITY, food rioting will be going on NATIONWIDE.
They've been preparing for it for years, conducting urban warfare training drills like this one in Oakland CA all over the country. Watch Ron Paul's video warning about the fast approaching Martial Law here. There are several other videos in the side bar that you can see if you watch the one at this link that are also well worth watching on this subject.
Very few of you were wise enough to take advantage of the offer made by IAHF in our last alert. Now with this additional information showing that gas prices will be doubling in the coming year and that food prices will be going vertical along with gold which is expected to go to $4000. oz, I'm hoping more of you will grasp the sad reality of what is coming, and I hope you'll very soberly ponder the situation so you can start waking up neighbors and everyone around you.
The offer made in my last alert STILL STANDS.
While its never easy to awaken sleeping people, we have a moral obligation to try our absolute best while also getting prepared ourselves. I am writing this at 3:42 am and have been working on it for the past couple hours. Why do I care so much that I'd spend my time this way? Sounds crazy perhaps, but here is why: When I was 16 a tree fell on me in a tornado and I had an out of body experience. I was in the presence of our Creator and was given the chance to come back.
I can unequivocally tell all of you that this is not all there is. This is just a test, and when we die, we all must make a complete accounting of how we spent our time here. We can always pray for guidance. Our Creator loves us and hates evil. I would not want to be in the shoes of anyone from the Federal Reserve when they die.  My conscience won't let me sit on this information. I feel a moral compulsion to awaken as many people as I can.
Please let me know what you are doing to awaken people in your family, neighborhood, and community. I'd like to have a conference call with several of you via www.freeconferencecall.com or perhaps www.gotomeeting.com
Do not leave it up to your neighbor to do what I'm suggesting. Most people are asleep a the switch. Don't YOU be. Be a LEADER where you live! Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aide of their country which the ruling elite is trying to crush as they seek to implement UN Agenda 21 and force us into their planned North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship.
Questions? Call me at 800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time or 360-945-0352 World. If you miss me leave a mssg and I'll call back. Theres safety in numbers! Please forward this widely and repost to your sites after remembering to remove the unsub link at the bottom. Think of your local community as a LIFEBOAT. Get to know your neighbors if you don't already.
Invite them to your house to watch "Meet John Doe" the inspirational Depression Era classic about Neighbors helping Neighbors starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyk. You can watch it for free HERE.  At this youtube link you can also show them this cartoon video documentary about the Banksters and how they foisted this monetary scam off on us. You can get the DVD of this film which is called "The American Dream" for less than $6. and you can show it at a meeting in your community to help awaken sleeping people.
The offer made in my last alert STILL STANDS.  Taking me up on it could save your life and that of your family!! PLEASE ACT! Think of your local community as your lifeboat, and if its not well suited to BE a lifeboat MOVE somewhere that IS. Don't be like a deer caught in the headlights!

For Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281