On the cover Tone Deaf created for Who Do You Love, what is the title of the song on the 45 used to mount the little skeleton guy? Download the high-res JPG HERE, and the first person to email the right answer to info@kicksville.com gets an actual hard copy of The Singles - Season 1 Collector's Edition
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The Singles - Season 2: Who Do You Love?
Who Do You Love?, episode #7 from The Singles - Season 2 is available today - and for FREE too! Read on to find out more about the changes going on here in Kicksville....
The Kicksville Stimulus Plan
We've got a lot of news this week, so we'll get right to it:

In light of the still-struggling economy and its effect on all of you, we've decided to implement our own musical stimulus package. Starting with this week's release, we are instituting a "pay what you want" policy. You can download the tracks for free from our website or HERE, but you do have the option of paying whatever you think they're worth through our secure Paypal link at kicksville.com. We've been pressuring our label to go this route from the beginning of Season 2 - we just want you all to hear the music, and since we're pretty much pinko commie bastards, this seems like the fairest way to go about it.

For those of you who have already bought tracks from Season 2, email us at info@kicksville.com and we'll make it up to you...we promise! For each song you paid for, you can have your pick of any track in our catalog for free, including unreleased stuff if you already have everything else.
Special - This Week Only!
Get the extended version of Who Do You Love? if you download the track directly from kicksville.com! All our other outlets (Ropeadope Digital, iTunes, etc.) have the shorter "radio edit" version without the hot drum-n-bass intro action...and the best part is, you can still get both of 'em for free!
Notes from The Commissioner
About Who Do You Love?
As some of you might remember, during The Singles - Season 1 we talked about how we had re-made a number of old blues tunes. Well, Who Do You Love? is another one.... And while previous releases like Backdoor Man and Mojo Working were at least a little similar to the original versions, the only thing in common between our version and Bo Diddley's is the lyric. There isn't much more of a story than that - it's just us screwing around and having fun with a classic song! What else can we say?

The Music
Like most of our music, we didn't have a specific agenda when we started working on Who Do You Love? - it's not like we consciously said, "Hey, let's do a cumbia/dub/techno/blues-pimp-daddy song!" We started out with programming the drum loop and insane-circus-clown synth part, and the rest just sort of grew out of that. Take a good listen to this one with headphones, and you might catch the subliminal Zappa reference (which is becoming sort of a theme around here)....

cover art: "The Hangman's Noose" by Tone Deaf
Conrad St. Clair: bass, keys, guitar, programming
Mike Stehr: keys, programming
Lou Caldarola: drum kit
Chris Huntington: backing vocals
Jay Corey: lead vocals
John Ware: guitar
More to come....
Next week: The Horror