Bergoglio = Hitler on Steroids
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                                   & WARN YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY & NEIGHBORS About
                  The Weaponized Parasites That You Can See in this Lecture/Slide Show
                                That Are Being Sprayed on Us by Vatican/UN/Club of Rome
                              Teach Yourself & Your Friends Everything about Detoxification!
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IAHF List: This document "Future Strategic Issues/ Future Warfare"  was originally leaked by a disgruntled NASA employee to the front page of the NASA website just prior to 911 but it only remained on that site for about 45 minutes before some higher up noticed and it was pulled.

That was long enough for our side to grab it, analyze it, and preserve it in cyberspace for the world to see. The document references on p.43 to
" MICRODUST WEAPONRY: A mechanical analog to Bio, Micron Sized dust which is distributed as an aerosol and is inhaled into the lungs. Dust mechanically bores into the lung tissue and executes various pathological missions. A wholly new class of weaponry which is legal". THIS is what the UN/Vatican are laying on us right now via chemtrails!!
(We are not powerless to stop these biological weapons from executing their "pathological missions" and we MUST counter this attack via detoxification or else the only homo sapiens that will continue to exist will be the 13 Satanic families who are attempting to do this to us as they seek to turn us into non reproducing androids- total robotic slaves!
If you watched German Biologist Harald Kautz Vella's brilliant lecture and slideshow at this link in my last alert you would be fully aware of the danger we're all in from weaponized parasites that were tweaked using nanotechnology and which we have all breathed into our lungs! (If you read my last alert you would have learned how to protect yourself using specific nutritional strategies for detoxifcation, but read on because I provide that information and MORE below!)
Tip: We are now the OFFICIAL ENEMY of the UN/Club of Rome/Vatican.
(Study THIS about the Club of Rome to be fully aware of who is controlling Pope Francis and to be fully aware of their evil agenda to kill off us allegedly "useless eaters"!
They have the ability to insulate themselves from the effects of what they're doing to the rest of us because they can own homes in regions that aren't being sprayed such as South Africa, and Argentina, and they have the awareness to do all that I'm suggesting for detoxification plus they own their own hyperbaric chambers and have MDs who inject them with ozone.
Tip: If you want to survive, you better learn all you can about detoxification because David Rockefeller and his pals are very serious about turning us all into non reproducing androids after killing most of us off, and Bergoglio ("Pope" Francis) (False Prophet Jorge Bergoglio) is directly aiding and abetting this satanic SCAM- here is HOW this whole scam has been unfolding- knowledge= power, you must know this history!!:
In 2009 "Climategate" erupted when currupt scientists at East Anglia University in the UK were nailed publicly for "cooking the data" to "prove" that the "earth is warming" at "warp speed". These corrupt scientists were caught "peer reviewing" each other's unscientific articles, while SUPPRESSING the views of all climatologists who disagreed with them. Notice how its become "terribly politically incorrect" to be a "Climate Change Deniar" as they refer to shrewd people like me who can see through their lies. (Better to be terribly Politically "incorrect" and ALIVE and HEALTHY than to be made sick and CULLED the way the Rockefellers want!!)
(Their grant money was at risk, so East Anglia University scumbags were not above lying, cheating, and other dastardly deeds to fabricate data.) When they were caught, they never stopped, they just changed the TERM from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" but the Big Hitlerian LIE remains unchanged, and now, as the UN, the Vatican and David Rockefellers "Club of Rome" team up to foist this scam off on the people of the world, this LIE threatens to get us all sprayed like cockroaches from aircraft which are supposedly "solving the problem" (which, as I will demonstrate below, never existed in the first place until they began causing it by spraying a blanket of toxic heavy metals which acts like a blanket to TRAP the sun's heat close to the surface thus CAUSING the very thing the spraying is SUPPOSEDLY "Stopping")!!
(See this evidence that the UN's IPCC and Vatican have totally embraced geoengineering/solar radiation management, aka "Chemtrails" as their alleged "solution".
(See this evidence that in 1985 the Vatican minted a coin depicting a plane spraying chemtrails across the planet.)
See this evidence that the earth is actually in the midst of a 17 year COOLING TREND! (The Heartland Institute, whose respected climatologists produced this data were not allowed to participate in the Vatican's conference on Climate Change, they were allowed to attend, but not to present their data or to ask questions!! (We can't arrive at ANY scientific truth with this sort of censorship! So much for either science justice OR "social justice." A LIE is a LIE!!!)
Today, in 2015, we have the same corrupt so called "scientists" influencing the UN's IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and also influencing the Vatican.
David Rockefeller's "Club of Rome" was created in 1968 for the sole purpose of reducing world population via eugenics, and they are directly endorsing Pope Francis and the Vatican because they are clearly on board with their evil plan to utilize geoengineering/solar radiation management as a means of mass culling the human herd and to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs.
This excellent Activist Post article does a GREAT JOB of summarizing what we're up against


#1 If you are a Catholic, and wish to worship the LORD and NOT SATAN'S FALSE PROPHET (Jorge Bergoglio aka "Pope" Francis) quit the church after forwarding this article above into your local Arch Diocese and after forwarding this alert out to everyone in the church you attend!
Also show your Pastor and Arch Diocese and more importantly YOUR FELLOW CATHOLICS this well researched article from the Catholic website "From Rome" about "Team Bergoglio" which exposes the 7 corrupt heretic Cardinals who were instrumental in voting this evil imposter into power.
Never put another DIME into a Catholic collection plate, or into the collection plate of any other church that shows signs of kowtowing towards Bergoglio who has been attempting to build bridges for his evil purposes to ALL faiths, even to the Muslims because he worships Satan, not the Lord.
The Pope is pushing Agenda 21 as "Goals 2030" he seeks to assist in a satanic hijacking of the planet for the world's most powerful families (which PRETENDING to "help the masses.") See:
#2 Place a bulk order of 10 or 20 lbs of the world's best organic sulfur  by joining forces with friends to get bulk buying power. (Go to  I might not be able to sell it indefinitely going forward because at some point we'll be in the midst of hyper inflation and martial law.
My Sulfur has an unlimited shelf life and will be good for barter purposes because once the UN finishes foisting their bogus "Climate Change" treaty off on the people of the world, they will also radically increase the volume of chemtrailing as they seek to accelerate Agenda 21 and their global takeover.
#3 Follow the information in my last alert  to also utilize my OTHER detoxification products to FULLY protect yourself so you will NEVER get full blown Morgellons disease (and thus be biologically microchipped as well.)
#4 Be fully mindful of the fact that there is only ONE DISEASE: Cellular Malfunction, and it is being caused by multiple vectors of ruling elite attack againt us:
1. GMO Foods
2. Water Fluoridation
3. Mercury toxicity from vaccines and from mercury amalgam fillings.
4. Carcinogenic food additives
5. Toxic Rx and OTC Drugs
6. Spraying of Toxic Pesticides especially Rounup which contains Glyphosate which robs us of sulfur.
7. Geoengineering/ Solar Radiation Management/ "Chemtrails" containing toxic heavy metals, molds, funguses, and weaponized parasites that are intended to "execute pathological missions inside our bodies" for the purpose of altering our DNA and turning us into non reproducing cyborgs, total microchipped SLAVES!!
To avoid being destroyed, and sickened by these evil tyrants you MUST turn your BODY into a TEMPLE, you must truly WORSHIP your CREATOR by doing all in your power to DETOX, to raise the ph and cellular voltage of your cells in order to keep your immune system strong!!
Please read my last alert very carefully here: 
Please Delete the unsub link that follows this alert before forwarding to everyone within your sphere of influence! After you forward it, and post it to your own website where more people can see it, please CALL the people you forwarded it to in order to STRONGLY URGE them to READ IT and to TAKE ACTION to protect themselves including signing up to receive these e-alerts at!
If you don't warn your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers NO ONE ELSE WILL because we will NEVER see ANY  OF THIS information in the controlled mainstream media! Remember- its both fun and rewarding to become your own doctor, so each one teach 10, each 10 teach 100, each 100 teach 1000, each 1000 teach a million, each million teach a Billion!
Together, we can drive Big Pharma out of business! We're already doing it and they're runnin' scared!! We can all become their worst nightmare by drinking sulfur water twice a day and by doing all the other things I'm recommending  here  for detoxification! Our best DEFENSE is a DAMN GOOD OFFENSE!!
Go forth and multiply!! Drinking sulfur water and systematically detoxing our bowel and other organs of elimination makes people healthy and horny as hell and thats as our Creator intended- Pope so called "Francis" can go straight to HELL, listen to this great song: "The Vatican Rag" by Tom Lehrer from 1967