Pope Francis Pushes Chemtrails as "The Final Solution"....UN Climate Treaty to Be Finalized This December
Vatican Chemtrail Coin Minted in 1985 Shows Chemtrails Being
Sprayed Across The Top of The World  (See a video about this coin at this link)
(Let us "Spray"??????????????)
IAHF List: I am Catholic, and I don't trust Pope Francis. None of us can, or should trust this Jesuit Communist Dictator because he is very openly engaging in censorship when it comes to the issue of so called "global warming"!
Watch this TV news interview with (Catholic) Mike Morano who travelled to the Vatican as part of a team from the Heartland Institute in an attempt to present a countering view to the UN's dogma of so called "Global Warming" and to Pope Francis's "Encyclical on the Environment."
(If Pope Francis actually cares about "helping the poor", he's going about it in exactly the wrong way, he's clearly in bed with the Rocekfellers and other Banksters as they seek to cull the human herd and to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs!)
Honest climate data clearly shows an 18 year cooling trend, even some NASA scientists with him agree. When Morano attempted at the Vatican to ask a question of UN Secretary General Ki Ban Moon, he was threatened with REMOVAL from the meeting!!
I just sent an email to the Pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Ladner, BC Canada where I attend mass, and I want a meeting with them because I don't want them echoing this satanic clown's lies from the pulpit when it comes to and Pope Francis "Encyclical on the Environment" and the issue of the UN's Climate Change Treaty  scheduled to be finalized this coming December! I won't allow them to lobby for genocide!
I want to educate them, and I urge my fellow Catholics world wide to assist me in educating thousands of Priests because Francis is clearly not a Christian, he is pushing the Gay Agenda of DEATH in every way especially as a proponent of the UN's "Climate Change" agenda which is to chemtrail us all to death! Rhetorically, he's sounding like a clone of the Obamination when it comes to pushing the gay eugenics agenda of DEATH!!
See my last alert about the Pentagon's Behavior Modification Vaccine that has been developed and it either being sprayed on us now, or they're planning on spraying it on us, are you PISSED YET????
1. If you're not Catholic, reach out to your Catholic friends and educate them, and urge them to educate their Pastor and Priests to the dire need to TOTALLY REJECT Pope Francis "Encyclical on the Environment" and the UN Treaty on Climate Change.  
You don't HAVE to be Catholic to attend Mass, ANYONE can! I think we all should now so these clowns don't genocide us! We need to get in there and fight back because we're running out of time! 
Please join me by confronting the Pope by educating as many Catholic Pastors, Priests and Parishioners as possible as well as EVERYONE regardless of their religion or lack thereof.... chemtrails impact everyone who BREATHES, and that obviously includes Priests who are being wrongly used, they deserve to be awakened so they won't participate in this con game, its important to know that they're not all bad, just like not all US troops have turned their backs on the Constitution, not all Priests have turned their backs on the Lord!!!
How can you do turn this around? Make copies of Michael Murphy's documentary films
"What in the World Are They Spraying?"
"Why in the World Are They Spraying?"
and the trailer for his latest effort (which I urge you to contribute to so he can complete
"An UN conventional Shade of Grey"  (which is specifically being made to try to stop the UN Climate Change Treaty.)
Also make copies of the Italian Documentary Film "Chemtrails- The Secret War"
2. Make sure you watch these yourselves and urge everyone you know, all over the world to join you in watching them, and urge everyone you know, around the world to also take steps to DETOX by reading my archived e-alerts to learn HOW using Sulfur, Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, Super Food Plus, Echinacea Plus, and Magnascent Iodine!!inacea Plus, and Magnascent Iodine!!
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3. After first deleting the unsub link at the bottom, please forward this alert massively, repost it to your website and Send the following letter to Pope Francis at the Vatican by snail Mail Via:
His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City 
Dear Pope Francis:
What is with the Vatican minting a coin in 1985 depicting a plane spraying Chemtrails down upon the populace? Is that the Catholic Church's "Final Solution" to cull the human herd? If so, and it sure APPEARS to be, I'd have to say the Church has been HIJACKED by SATAN!
I am deeply offended that the Vatican is now very openly assisting the satanic United Nations as it engages in population control and via not so subtle means! We realize efforts have been underway for decades to "dumb us down" via water fluoridation, carcinogenic food additives, toxic pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, and now via so called "geoengineering/ solar radiation management" aka "chemtrails" but many of us can still think quite clearly and see through these evil lies and efforts to deceive!
I am deeply offended that under the guise of "helping the poor" in REALITY, the Vatican is obviously working DIRECTLY with the world's most powerful satanic families as they seek to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs by spraying us with billions of tons of toxic heavy metals including aluminum, barium, strontium, cobalt, and arsenic as well as toxic chemicals including ethylene dibromide and mycoplasma. We also realize we're being sprayed with weaponized parasites that have been tweaked using nanotechnology including callembola and others, but why are YOU assisting in this genocide???
Could it be that you are not ACTUALLY a follower of Jesus Christ, but that you are SECRETLY a follower of SATAN who is attempting to lead people like lemmings en masse of a  cliff by urging everyone to back the evil UN so called "Climate Change" agenda via your highly unscientific "Encyclical on the Environment"?
I am offended that you engaged in CENSORSHIP at the Vatican's Climate Change meeting when you threatened to throw Catholic Mike Morano out of the meeting for merely attempting to ask a question of UN Secretary General Ki Ban Moon.ion of UN Secretary General Ki Ban Moon.
We do NOT arrive at the TRUTH via CENSORSHIP, Pontiff! Seems to me the Catholic Church had this same problem with Galileo when he was wrongly persecuted by the Church in 1633.
Have you really learned nothing from history, or is this "just" a reflection of a level of corruption that has pervaded the Vatican since the earliest beginnings of the Church?
I am making copies of all these documentary films to pass out to Pastors and Priests of as many Catholic Churches as possible, and I am urging as many people as possible world wide to watch these films and to totally oppose your evil agenda to cull the human herd under the guise of "protecting us" from so called "Global Warming" which is actually being CAUSED by geoengineering, the very thing that supposedly "STOPS" it!
Clearly we are being lied to by the Geoengineers who claim all the aluminum oxide particles are "reflecting the sons rays" back into space!
Clearly the toxic heavy metals being sprayed are actually acting like a blanket to trap the sun's heat and to alter the hydrological cycle causing draughts in some areas, massive floods in others, but this "playing God" by messing with the weather isn't helping poor people, Pope Francis, what its doing is that its raising hell with agriculture, its causing a massive drought in California right now thats DESTROYING all the agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley, driving all small farmers out of business so gigantic corporate Agribusinesses planting Monsanto's genetically engineered seeds can buy up that land and plant their seeds which will germinate despite the changes in Ph caused by all the aluminum being sprayed.
One of the things I'm outraged is being sprayed on us is weaponized parasites including callembola that were tweaked in a bioweapons lab at Stanford University via nanotechnology. This is causing Morgellons disease which has been patented. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASmhRL0QpD4
Who do you think you're kidding? It is sickening to me when the Catholic Church joins forces with the Banksters and such corporate killers as Monsanto! It is sickening to me when the Vatican turns its back on the Lord and does the work of SATAN!!
Watch these films and stop trying to kill us all!
"What in the World Are They Spraying?"
"Why in the World Are They Spraying?"
and the trailer for his latest effort (which I urge you to contribute to so he can complete
"An UN conventional Shade of Grey"  (which is specifically being made to try to stop the UN Climate Change Treaty. I urge Catholics especially to support the completion of this film which is being made via a global grass roots effort.)
Also watch the Italian Documentary Film "Chemtrails- The Secret War"
For Life,
(Your Name and Address)