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Dear ,

I hope you had a great summer!
I used the vacation to relax, develop some new learning activities and plan many new courses.
I will list them below, together with some useful links
to groups I created especially for you
on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Thursday evening, September 8th:
Use your Dutch Event "Paint a Dutch Landscape"
Knipogen If you can't come but like to paint, sign up for Ton's Tips, a good way to use your Dutch.
September 13th - 15th, 10:30-16:30:
Learn Dutch while doing low impact sports!
(Depending on the weather: walking, surfing, Idogo-walking, sjoelen, yoga, koersbal etc.)
You can also sign up per sport,
send me a mail for the exact schedule:
The last "Photo Workshop" (in Dutch of course) of this year, taught by my brother: September 23rd, 10 a.m. 5 p.m.
Don't miss this! If you like to follow this course for the second time, you can get a 10% discount.

Total Immersion Level 2 (September 28th - 30th)

Coaching with Horses (September 30th, morning)
Total Immersion Level 1 with hypnosis
(October 10th - 14th)
Useful Links:
Learn Dutch Fast (site, general information, method)
Learn Dutch Fast in Bussum (Facebook, pictures and videos)
Learn Dutch Fast (LinkedIn)
Language Boot Camp (find sports instructors who will speak Dutch to you ;-))

Are you missing something? ;-)
Tot ziens,
P.S. The course schedule has been updated!

And in case you were wondering:
YES, we escaped the escape room
with a few seconds to spare ;-)

Sylvia Clements, Learn Dutch Fast, www.learndutchfast.nl