1. The polar bear will be speared in Paris
  2.  Soon to be finished sculpture on religious fundamentalism 
At Jens Galschiøts workshop we have just finished a model of a sculpture that will be used at the COP 21-climat conference in Paris, 2015. The sculpture will be 6 meters (20 feet) tall and stages a graph that explains the last 2015 years emissions of CO2. At the end of the graphs recent dramatic and sudden rise, 5 meters (16 feet) in the air, a polar bear is speared.
The sculpture appears almost tragicomically and one cannot help but smile, until one realizes the horrifying message of the sculpture.
We are well aware that this is an obscene climate sculpture. But maybe it is an obscene sculpture such as this that will get people off their hands.
Galschiøt hopes that the sculpture will leave an everlasting impression, where the audience will see and remember the steep graph of CO2 emission, and understand that the climate catastrophe is undeniably man made.
The steel graph starts at Jesus Christ birth at year 0 and continues along the ground for 17 meters (55 feet). At this point (around year 1750) the steam machine and coal starts to make an impact on society. After that the graph rises almost explosively until it ends in the year 2015, by spearing the giant polar bear.
The polar bear is real size around 3.5 meter (11.5 feet) and the 20 (65 feet) meters long steel graph, is based on the actual numbers and calculations on our emitted greenhouse gasses. 
We hope to cooperate with environment movement, to get the sculpture erected in Paris for the climate summit. If you are connected to a relevant organization that wants to work with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.  
Best regards
Lasse Markus - Chief of communications, Gallery Galschiøt 
As mentioned in an earlier newsletter, we are in the process of creating a giant dialog/art project based on the religious texts of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It is called The Children of Abrahams and a large sculpture, named Fundamentalism, will encapsulate the debate surrounding the three religions.
The work is moving steady on, though it is a giant undertaking for the workshop. The sculpture has to be ready for the first exhibition at KunstCenter Silkeborg Bad on January 17. 2015.
We are still look for museums and exhibitions sites around Europe to exhibit the sculpture. If you have an idea please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are in the midst of casting the last of the 14 giant letters in copper. The letters has been constructed from wax replicas of religious texts from the Torah, the Bible and the Quran (no books where burned in the process). When we lowered the last letters of “Torahs” into the large electrolyte tank we ended 4 years of making and stacking well over 8000 wax books and scrolls on top of each other in order to create the huge letters.
We are not beating around the bush and have now devoted our attention to build up the sculptures circle formed base. It will consist of more than 5 tons of steel and copper and will be placed in a circular configuration with a diameter of 9 meters (29 feet). 
Our engineer Lars Bredal has made quite an astonishing feat in the calculation the construction of the sculpture. It will be able to withstand anything from hurricanes to general vandalism from art haters and religious fundamentalists.

We have used a small fortune in steel and the blacksmiths of our workshop will be kings of the workshop for the next 2 months.
We have had a meeting with Iben From, director from Art Center Silkeborg Bad and planed the first. It is shaping up to be a real exciting exhibit in which we reveal the Fundamentalism sculpture and the project in general. As a part of the exhibition there will be a number of dialogue initiatives in the Silkeborg area.
Put a mark in your calendar and remember to show up (if you can make your way to Denmark on January 17 or later Wink  
General information and the project
"The children of Abraham"
We have gathered the 600 brightest and darkest quotations from the Torah, the Bible and the Quran. They show how very similar the religions are, and that all of them have very humane, compassionate sides, as well as very inhumane, intolerant and ‘outdated’ sides.
We are finishing the monumentalA 3½ meters tall, 9 meters wide Stonehenge-like sculpture consisting of huge cobber letters which spell the word FUNAMENTALISM. Its 28 flat screens display the quotes. 

The sculpture is to have its opening exhibition at
Art Center Silkeborg Bad, Denmark, in January, after that we plan to place it in front of the EU parliament to internationalize the dialogue.
More Info can be found at:
General information about Galschiøt
Fundamentalism - books Pillar of scriptures Fundamentalism - making of I  


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