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"I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter! I've subscribed to many over the years but yours is so informative and muchmore interesting. Please keep up the good work!"
Bonnie Thiem

So...it's August and that means two things are going to happen VERY SOON for us...
1) We're going on vacation... this year to ITALY.
2) We'll be releasing our new handbag pattern, The Cosmo Convertible. (more info below)
I know, that's two very exciting (yet labor-intensive) things to be happening concurrently,  so I better get back to work, but in the meantime, enjoy this month's edition of "Kat Bytes". That's right, we finally gave our newsletter a NAME! (How do you like it?)
So whatcha say? Shall we proceed?
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 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
Starting last month, we changed the way we share pictures of our monthly entries. In order to get the maximum publicity they deserve, we're sharing the additional info & pictures on our Blog. So... just click the button below to find out even MORE about this month's awesome entries!
Congratulations to Marilyn Robertshaw of Erie, PA who was the winner of our July Handbag of the Month contest! She wins a $25.00 SKD gift certificate and a permanent place of honor on our website. Click here to see her beautifully appliqued Baggalista!
So... Are you ready to see this month's entries?
Just scroll down, then cast a vote for your favorite.

(Click each individual picture for a larger view)

A beautifully pieced DittyRoo by Merilee Kennedy of Niceville, FL
 A stunning DittyRoo by Merilee Kennedy of Niceville, FL
A bold & beautiful Carolina CarryAll by Penny Oosterman of N. Ferrisburgh, VT
A pop-art Uptown Saddlebag by
Phyllis Muscolino of Newbury, MD
An feathered friend Quattro by 
Linda Boothman of Othello, WA
An "felined" Guardian by Linda Boothman of Othello, WA
A coffee-lovers Guardian by Melinda Nixon of Springport, IN

A intricately-pieced Quattro by Kimberly Olson
A softly feminine Guardian by Noreen Saukko of Tower, MN
A brush-stroked Quattro by Penny Smith of Freeport, IL
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To enter our "Handbag of the Month" or our "Purse Insert of the Month" contest, just attach your jpg or gif image to an email            and send it to: info@studiokatdesigns.com
Blog with us!-  A Work in Progress
Enjoy an insider's scoop on what's happening behind the scenes at StudioKat Designs, by signing up for our blog, "A Work In Progress". If you're new to our blog, or if you missed any of the posts from last month, don't worry, theyre all listed below. 
If you're a subscriber, then you know that we recently retired FIVE of our older patterns. But here's the deal... we've had many continuing requests for these discounted retirees, that we've decided to file them on the website on a special discount page until they are GONE! So whadaya think?
$5 each till their GONE!
Click HERE to check them out.
Bobbin Around the Web- Beach Garden Quilts
Laura and Lynnette are next door neighbors and dear friends. Years ago when the kids were small, the two women took a quilting class because they both liked sewing, the quilting passion never ended and they've been working together growing Beach Garden Quilts since 2003! They've simply got oodles of fun projects on their website and here's a few of MY favorites!
New at StudioKat Designs-Our New Design, The Cosmo Convertible
If you've been on our mailing list for any length of time, then you know that this is the time of year that we generally release a new handbag pattern, and this year is no exception! We are currently putting the finishing touches on the Cosmo Convertible, slated tentatively for a September release!
The Cosmo Convertible is actually THREE bags-in-one! You can carry it as a shoulder bag. You can reconfigure the straps to transform it into a Backpack and you can add strap extensions to carry your Cosmo cross-body style.
FYI- we've been sharing our entire design process on our Blog (in posts with the prefix PPC8). The links are provided above it you need to catch up with the rest of us! And stay tuned for more info! We'll keep you apprised of the release date on our FaceBook page!  :)
'HOT'Links-of-the-Month'- check out these GREAT offers from our sponsors
Material Girl Quilts-Check out this gorgeous African print...perfect for our new design!
TrishStuartDesigns- Beautiful patterns for quilts and wall-hangings
Oliver+S- NEW from Straight Stitch Society patterns! The Desktop Wrist Rest!
Immedia Print- We print patterns and MUCH MORE! Click here to see our various services
FaveQuilts.Com- Download the new eBook, Designer Inspired Sewing!
PursePatterns.Com- Click HERE to check out this month's pattern bargains!
Website Spotlite- Blank Slate Patterns
Melly's a mom to two boys and a former theatre teacher/costumer. She's been sewing for over 30 years and says that the seeds for Blank Slate Patterns were planted when she couldn't find the clothes she wanted for her boys.
And she's right, there's really not too many good patterns for boys out there, but here's the deal. I REALLY like the "looks" Melly creates. CONSIDERABLY different that most of what's out there right now which is all fluff & ruffles & layers!
Here's a few of my favorite "real world" patterns on her site. I love the Baja Hoody, and what little guy wouldn't love to have these board shorts? And there's girl's offerings as well, like this nifty pleated skirt. And while on her site, don't forget to check out Melly's blog, and FaceBook page.
Video of the Month- Twins with Rubber Bands
I hope you enjoy this hysterical video of two little guys entertaining themselves with a rubber band. Click HERE to get started! 
Blog of the Month- Behind the Hedgerow
Laura's a self-described thirty-something mother of three, and wife to one. She says she's striving to learn something new everyday, sewing or otherwise. She was born in London (UK), raised in Florida (USA) and currently living in Brussels (Belgium)...but most importantly she's passionate about sewing and her blog is where she shares the things she's made and lots of other stuff too!
I like Laura's collection of toys and accessories you can make for kids, like this ultra-cool utility belt for boys.

Cat Video of the Month- Piano Duet for Cats
And if you like the twin baby video (above), then I think you'll also LOVE this video of two feline buddies free-stylin' it on a keyboard. Click HERE to watch.
Quote of the Month- 
"If you don't like how things, change it! You are not a tree"  Jim Rohn
Cat Picture of the Month-
(click image to see a larger view)
Crafty Tutorial of the Month- A Chevron Embellishment
Here's a terrific little tutorial for making a chevron embellishment and I'm thinking it would be just perfect for the front pouch area of our Guardian pattern. Just click here to check it out!
Techie Tutorial of the Month- How to make a SECRET Pinterest Board
Most of the time, you're probably happy to share the great ideas you've pinned on Pinterest. BUT, there are certain situations - such as surprise party planning or gift buying - when you might want to keep things under wraps. That's the time to create a SECRET Pinterest board.
When you add pins to secret boards, they won't show up anywhere. Pinterest won't even alert another pinner if you repin their content. There are two ways to make a Pinterest secret board. Simply log into your account and follow one of the procedures below:
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your profile. You will notice that Pinterest automatically gives you three secret boards at the bottom of the page titled Create a Secret Board. These can only be seen by you (the board creator) and any contributors you choose to add. Just click on one and start pinning... OR....
  • Go to the Add tab at the top right-hand corner of your page. Choose the option Create a Board and move the slider button to secret (red) in the settings.
As 'Funnie' as Real Life-
(click image to see a larger view)
New Word of the Month-  Anxieapeek  
(ăng-zĭ'ĭ-pĕk)   (n.) The cautious opening of an envelope containing semester grades or other possibly dangerous material.
Cats in the News- Man & Cat Swim to Safety
June 21, 2013 As you may or may not know, Alberta, Canada, has been besieged with massive flooding that's already left thousands homeless as they've been ordered to evacuate. 
Kevan Yaets was one of those people. While fleeing the floods, Yaets' pickup truck was swept away by the powerful waters. Yaets may have lost his truck and possibly his home, but he's not defeated at all. Yaets still has his cat friend, Momo....           
If you still judge your body by what the guros of fashion tell you, it's time to discover sewing. You'll learn that bust, waist and hip measurements are the most powerful tools for loving your body...
Monthly Trivia-
Today is Friday, the 9th day of August. It's the 222nd day of 2013 and there's only 143 days remaining in this year. But here's the deal. I'll just bet they're eating cake over on the Project Runway TV set because today is Michael Kors' 54th birthday. And if today is also YOUR birthday, here's a great big "Happy Birthday to YOU" from StudioKat Designs, and if today is not your birthday, you can celebrate the day anyway by watching a few episodes from any of the past 11 seasons, or the current season of Project Runway. And here's another thing... if any of you out there have any connections with the Project Runway production staff, how's about letting them know that I'm available as a guest judge?  :)
Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!
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