IAHF List: To achieve MAXIMUM good health, in the SIMPLEST way possible despite the massive toxic assault we're all undergoing via the nanoparticles being sprayed on us via chemtrails, what can we do? How can we achieve the best possible health, at the least price?
We're all undergoing personal journeys in search of good health. My own journey really began with my orthomolecular medical recovery from a life threatening illness. This journey was my first introduction to the healing power of micronutrients, and it led me to using a slew of expensive dietary supplements that I have found ways to move away from in a quest for minimalism.
This quest led me to becoming a Chapter leader in the Weston A. Price Foundation which teaches people about nutrient dense foods, and how to prepare them. I make homemade bone broth, homemade saurkraut, raise chickens and grow a garden.
I've learned that in the 40s and 50s Big Pharma deliberately broke the sulfur cycle in order to make us all sick, and I've learned that due to chemtrails, we can't get all the sulfur we need from food alone, even if we eat nothing but organic food grown in really good soil where manure has been used as a fertilizer.
We simply need a lot more sulfur than we can get from eggs, and cruciferous veges alone, so I personally take a TABLESPOON of organic sulfur twice a day to maximize the detoxification of the nanoparticles being sprayed on us by chemtrails and to pump my cells full of healing oxygen!
Since there is no unsafe amount of sulfur to take, I take the amounts normally recommended for someone with an autoimmune disease even though I don't have one, just as a precaution given the toxic assault we're undergoing due to chemtrails!
In my last alert I introduced you to some new products that I started selling along with sulfur because they work well synergistically with it, and along with it, help me to NO LONGER NEED a slew of expensive supplements I USED to take due to learning some basic things I hadn't learned before about fine tuning my health!
I discussed the importance of cleansing the bowel by using Intestinal Formula Number One and Number Two which work synergistically to keep your blood from becoming acidic due to a massive buildup of toxins caused by the foods we eat, medication, nanofibers in the air, and other chemical exposures.
From personal experience, I have learned that Intestinal Formulas 1 & 2 must be used together for maximum effectiveness as they work synergistically, and they work MUCH BETTER than colonics- which I no longer waste money on.
The first time I did Schulze's bowel cleanse, I couldn't believe what came out of me! I will provide you with a complete info sheet on how to do his cleanse because there are dietary recommendations and fluid intake recommendations that go with it, but I was pulling stuff out of my colon that had been in there my whole life!
Residue from Rx drugs from 30 years ago and God only knows what else given the nano fibers in the chemtrails! This cleanse caused me to have the most odiferous bowel movements I've ever had, and my energy level shot up by 70%! I only need 4 hours of sleep as a result- the N.W.O. and their eugenics goals be damned!
I also introduced you to SUPER FOOD PLUS  I save money by using this product which has replaced a slew of expensive supplements that I no longer use because this product is far more bioavailable and far more cost effective!!!
It is a powder derived from carefully selected organic superfoods that blasts your cells with the blood and cell building nutrition that we MUST HAVE to avoid disease being deliberately caused by nanoparticles being sprayed on us in chemtrails.
Every morning before breakfast I have a glass of sulfur water, then a glass containing two heaping teaspoons of SUPER FOOD PLUS. I add 7 drops of Magnascent iodine to help my thyroid manufacture the hormones necessary for my metabolism to not be sluggish!
90% of Americans have an underactive thyroid, a major cause of illness and weight gain. Iodine reduces inflammation, a cause of numerous health problems including depression and allergies.
Sulfur helps your body produce glutathione and without glutathione your thyroid won't work in the mitochondrial power station where your cell voltages are kept healthy. Read Healing is Voltage, by Jerry Tenant, MD. Poor health is a reflection of low cellular voltage which corresponds to an improper ph which you can avoid by taking sulfur. There is a synergistic combo between sulfur and iodine in maintaining a properly functioning thyroid gland.
Magnascent iodine is the most effective on the market due to being passed through a magnetic field which enhances its ability to fight infections. It has been used succesfully against malaria and dengue fever.
I also add a dropper full of Echinacea Plus to my glass. Dr.Schulze has formulated the most effective Echinacea product available on the market and I swear by his his products or I wouldn't use them. I won't be getting any colds or flus this winter and you won't either if you use it!
Echinacea Plus (ECH+) works in two main ways. First, Echinacea has been scientifically proven to measurably increase the number of immune cells in your body, like macrophages, killer T-cells, granulocytes and important immune chemicals that combat infection and disease. Secondly, Echinacea Plus (ECH+) stimulates these immune cells into heightened activity levels.
Echinacea also significantly increases phagocytosis, your white blood cells’ ability to destroy harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, virus and fungus. These actions will help you combat infection and disease more effectively and also protect you from future invasion and illness.
(Given the nanofibers being sprayed on us by chemtrails, I am not taking any chances, I want the ability to wipe out the harmful microorganisms that we take in with every breath we take, and Echinacea and also Magnascent iodine helps kill them!)
So..... don't HIBERNATE all winter! Stay active! Go for walks, get outside or into a gym!

Using the suggestions above will help you have the ENERGY to not be a couch potato this winter, and to really fine tune your health going forward DESPITE the Machiavellin efforts of the N.W.O. to destroy it as they pursue their evil population control goals!