Media Release
Monday January 30th 2023
Advocates have called for an urgent overhaul of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act following revelations of discrimination at Sydney religious schools.

An ABC report has revealed allegations of girls being subject to sexist sex education and LGBTQ+ students facing condemnation and bullying at Opus Dei affliated Tangara and Redfield schools in suburban Sydney.

Just.Equal Australia spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said,

"The NSW Anti-Discrimination Act is no longer fit for purpose because it has very broad exemptions allowing discrimination by faith-based schools on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, sex and even disability."
"When it comes to LGBTQ+ students and teachers, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act currently gives a blank cheque to faith-based schools, allowing them to discriminate."
"The Anti-Discrimination Act must be reformed to ensure all students enjoy the right to learn, free from discrimination, and all teachers are employed on the basis of their ability, not their sexual orientation or gender identity."

"The exemptions must be removed so that there is a way for students and families to appeal the kinds of discrimination alleged at Tangara and Redfield."

The NSW Anti-Discrimination Act is one of Australia's weakest. It fails to protect
- LGBTQ+ students and teachers in faith-based schools
- LGBTIQ+ people from vilification if it is for the purpose of religious discussion or instruction 
- LGBTIQ+ people from any intimidating, humiliating or other bullying behaviour
- bisexual, non-binary and intersex people in any setting

Only West Australia and the Commonwealth have discrimination exemptions similar to NSW and both the WA and Federal governments have committed to removing these exemptions.
Neither the NSW Government nor the NSW Labor Opposition have committed to removing the NSW exemptions ahead of the state election in March.
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