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Dear hearttime masters and disciples...
... in this time quality where tecniques and masters outside of you won't resolve your life anymore. Wow! We had many talks with friends from Europa, Latin America and Asia... we all agree that many "seekers" are stuck. The don't see that the path is very easy and "direct", because they are not ready to look in the mirror of themselves or the life around them. That's all. So let's experience directly and take total responsability. Are you ready?
It has been a long time since you have received the last newsletter in English. I am so sorry but also happy, because we have been working and serving so much during the last years in German speaking countries in Europa and in Spanish in Mexico. We are working on finding an English editor for my book LATTICE SURFING - the cosmic network, dragonpower and the coming heartime and on partners or coordinators in English speaking countries. If you have any idea where the "HearTime-Network" could flow, please let us know!
However, the Mother Goddess-Journey to the Ancient Olmec culture is held in English too, and it starts in about a month! I don't want you to miss the last seats in our magic bus, that will bring us to places that you wouldn't have imagined in your best dreams. The energy on this sites you cannot compare to any other ancient site. It is zero point energy, one of the child cultures from Lemuria, it is so old like Stonehenge as I understand. I garantee that it will transform your life and redirect it on your path of LOVE, FEMININE ENERGY AND ONENESS. The contact to the more than 5000 year old Olmec culture has changed my life. I would be pleased to open the doors for you which I have found during all these years here in Mexico.
I hope to know you soon in person, with a rainbow hug and a big bow, Pascal K'in
Who were the Olmecs?
The Olmecs chose the fertile region in the southeast of Mexico, between the states of Veracruz and Tabasco, a country that is also called "Olman". On this trip we'll heal our collective unconscious through sacred ceremonies unravelling their secrets, which are not yet in the textbooks: of a peaceful civilization, led by priest-kings and their superior knowledge, probably navigators of the oceans, skull deformers as a symbol of beauty and intelligence. Read more:

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Europe Tour 2017    
The charity tour for next year is already confirmed. We follow the invitation to speak at the Worldcongress for Holistic Medicine in May in Munich, and are building the tour around that date. Like in previous years, all the net profit will go to the charitable Association Tiempo del Corazon / Hearttime which is uprising the healing centre at the Sierra Norte de Puebla in Mexico. Tour will soon be published in the German Eventcalendar.
The first building of the Healing Centre in San Lorenzo, thank you for all your blessings, donations and the volunteers!

Spiritual Journeys   
19.11.-2.12.14 The Medicine-Path to the Mother Goddess - wholy places of the Olmecs (ceremony with Grandmother Julieta of the famous indigenous counc4of Grandmothers) only 4 seats left - reserve today!
planned for summer 2017 or 2018: MYSTIC EUROPA (from celtic Bretagne to Alpine- power and Peace
in East-Europe)
Online Sessions
"Distance does not matter"!
Regressions, Master contacts, Maya-Healing.
We work using Skype Video-Conferencing.
Some days more: 30% reduction...
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