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July 2021
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This is the last newsletter before our summer holiday begins. 
Over the past year, we have implemented more than 100 online training sessions. We are continuously making these online sessions more practical, a valuable experience for our future programs.   
Nevertheless, we are also pleased to be starting to train on location in various countries and meet our clients in person. Covid-19 still limits the travel possibilities, but less so. Consequently, we are starting up our study tour programs in the Netherlands. 
You can read more about our training programs and these study tours in this newsletter.
In this newsletter
List arrow   Thinking of planning a study tour in the coming year? 
List arrow   Ethiopia: Superb online training interaction in BFA Project 
List arrow   China: Shanghai teachers respond enthusiatically to webinars
List arrow   Jordan: Better job opportunities by linking education and industry
List arrow   Liberia: supporting the Farmers Union Network  
List arrow   Indonesia: Win-win partnerships for vocational schools and the agro-industry
Thinking of planning a study tour in the coming year?
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Do you remember the days when you could visit other countries to learn about new developments in agriculture or horticulture? The days before Covid-19 turned our lives upside down?
Well, in the Netherlands we’re preparing to return to a more normal situation again, and at HollandDoor we’re ready to share our knowledge, experience, and business network with you again.
We’re hoping to organize new study tours from October 2021 onwards. As many of you will be eager to travel abroad again, certainly next year, we expect end of this year and 2022 to be a very busy year for our study tour consultants.
So, if you’re planning to visit the Netherlands this fall or next year, we advise you to contact us well in advance so you can book your study tour at your preferred time of the year.
Let’s start connecting the agro-world again! See video.
For more information on past study tours visit the HollandDoor website
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Ethiopia: Superb online training interaction in BFA project
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Bright Future in Agriculture (BFA) is a three-year project providing support to the Ethiopian agricultural vocational education sector.
Because it’s not possible to travel to Ethiopia currently, the Dairy project team decided to train the dairy teachers of the seven beneficiary colleges online from the Netherlands. The training sessions took place in May (hygienic milking training) and June (health management training) at the dairy farm EMDIDI in Debre Zeit. In addition to the virtual sessions of the Dutch trainers, we work with a local team of experts. They supervise the practical training courses, which are carried out on the Ethiopian dairy farm. 
The next online training event is scheduled for September (Fertility). Until then, the participants will be following an online CowSignal© e-learning course supervised by the Dutch trainers. 
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China: Shanghai teachers respond enthusiastically to webinars
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Teachers at the Shanghai Vocational School in China are responsible for educating their students based on the latest insights of modern and sustainable horticultural production. To update these teachers on the latest developments, HollandDoor is conducting ten appealing webinars on various subjects throughout the summer and fall. 
On average, 50 teachers have attended each of these online lessons from a classroom in Shanghai. According to Lentiz, so far the teachers have responded enthusiastically to the webinars.
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Jordan: Better job opportunities by linking education and industry

In July, two vocational schools from Jordan and companies from the private agricultural sector met to discuss how they could create partnerships to benefit the industry, students, and schools. This meeting was organized by the Jordanian Agricultural Engineering’s Association (JAEA) in collaboration with HollandDoor, as part of a 2-year Nuffic-funded Orange Knowledge program. The aim is to strengthen the expertise and capacity of Jordan's agro-food sector.
Linking education and industry is needed to understand the rapidly moving developments and enhance the appeal of vocational education. The first partnerships have already been sealed and some of the planned activities include guest lectures, trials, internships, and joint projects.The participating schools in this innovative initiative are investing a great deal of time and effort to strengthen their teaching programs. 
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Liberia: Supporting the Farmers Union Network

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Within the framework of a training and coaching program by BE Link Academy on strategic and organizational development, HollandDoor trained representatives of the Farmers Union Network of Liberia (FUN) in agribusiness management.
FUN offers training and exposes Liberian farmers to international best practices and new technologies. However, FUN staff lacks the required knowledge and skills to perform its tasks effectively. Experts from BE Link Academy have already trained FUN staff on organizational development. In this HollandDoor activity, the FUN participants learned about the functioning of agro-food systems and supply chains, marketing and sales development, business planning, and methods of training farmers.
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Indonesia: Win-win partnerships for vocational schools
and the agro-industry

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An Indonesian-Dutch consortium consisting of Wageningen UniversityIPBVEDCA, HollandDoor, Zone College, and Van Hall Larenstein have joined forces and set up a program that will empower Indonesian vocational schools. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to meet the (future) needs of the labor market. 
In the coming 10 months, we’ll conduct an intensive program for teachers and principals from 10 selected vocational schools. The Indonesia Ministry of Education, Directorate Vocational Education, selected these schools, with the objective that they become centers of excellence in their regions. It goes without saying that private sector companies will be invited to play a large role in these programs.
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