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May 2019
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Our HollandDoor services consist of three types of services: Study Tours, Training Programs and Business Matchmaking. While in the first years study tours were our most required service, nowadays we are receiving more requests for training programs. The annual number of study tours is still rising, but the number of training programs is growing faster. We are happy with this development, as we also see it as a sign of development on our clients side. While study tours are mostly aimed at getting inspired, training programs bring you and your company a step further towards a more professional operation. And if you are looking for Dutch or European partners, our business matchmaking service is available for you.
In this newsletter we present some recent training programs and study tours, which will hopefully inspire you to initiate something similar for your company or organization. The subjects covered in this newsletter include tree nursery, tomato growing, precision farming, integrated pest management, animal husbandry, irrigation and fertigation and development of horticultural training modules. However we are happy to help you with any agricultural or horticultural subject. By combining our knowledge and network, we can offer you a complete range of services and subjects.
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In this newsletter
Successful first Sino-Dutch tree nursery training
Since 2015, HollandDoor and Mr Wang Jianming, the owner of Handan City Qicaiyuanlin Landscape Engineering Co. Ltd., organized every year a two-week business tour to the Netherlands for Chinese tree nursery companies. Last year we decided to organize a tree nursery training in China as well.
In December 2018, the first Sino-Dutch Tree Nursery Training was organized in the city of Handan in the province Hebei. In the evaluation, almost all of the 58 trainees judged the training with the highest score of 5. This was no surprise after the three intensive training days with such an interested audience! After this first try-out, we already received requests for more trainings in other Chinese provinces, as well as for extra study tours to the Netherlands. We have already started preparations for both. The final aim is to develop an integrated program of trainings and study tours for the Chinese tree nursery sector. Read more.....
Precision farming study tour for Danish Farmers Abroad
Danish Farmers Abroad is an association of large international agricultural companies, suppliers of agricultural equipment and production means and private persons with a special interest for international agriculture.
A group of 29 farmers, who are farming on 200,000 ha in different locations in Eastern Europe visited the Netherlands in February 2019 on a study tour, organized by HollandDoor, entitled “Precision Farming”.
The tour started with an enthusiastic introduction by potato farmer Jacob van den Borne, who informed the group about precision farming and usage of drones within the potato production. The group then visited companies like AgrifacAgrovisionEurofins-Agro and the Dronewerkers, gaining practical information about precision spraying, crop data learning, soil analyses and working with drones.
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Training at the new greenhouse in Jordan Valley
As part of the HAED-Jordan project, a new greenhouse at Abu Sido Farms in the Jordan Valley came into operation in November 2018. The greenhouse is quite modern for the Jordan Valley: it has modern hydroponic growing installations and possibilities for ventilation, screening and fogging.
HollandDoor organized a training session at the new greenhouse, where different varieties of tomatoes are grown. The training was organized as a “crop walking excursion”. The participants learned about the technical side of the greenhouse and various aspects of growing of tomatoes. Many discussions took place about the technical features, such as the irrigating system with A+B tanks, and about crop management in the Jordan climate. For information on the HAED-project read more....
Second visit to the Netherlands for CS Lait Laval students
For the second year in a row, the French school CS Lait Laval visited the Netherlands at the end of March. This new group of students took a one-week study tour, exploring the developments on animal husbandry, getting new inspiration and strengthening their mutual relations. The study tour focused on all parts of the production chain. Dairy farmers and companies active in the milk processing industry and the animal feed industry were visited.
The companies visited include, among others, Farm Visit, ice cream farm Bonestroo, Dutch dairy farms, Arla milk processing and de Heus cattle feed. The students also visited Arnhem, Utrecht and Amsterdam. Once again it was a very successful study tour, as can be read on the Facebook page of CS Lait Laval.
Integrated pest management training in Sri Lanka
On behalf of Lentiz, HollandDoor organized, for the second year, a series of five workshops on Integrated Pest Management in Sri Lanka. The course assists the participants to improve their attitude, knowledge and skills to train or provide advice in theory as well as in practice on integrated pest management and food safety. They enhance their ability to prevent, identify and solve problems involving integrated pest management and food safety.
The workshops entail a mix of lectures, discussions, group work, excursions, fieldwork and assessment. Private companies, such as Koppert Biological Control India, are also involved in these workshops. Workshops are given between March and June 2019. Read more...
Strengthening vocational education in Indonesia
HollandDoor gave a training on irrigation and fertigation in Indonesia in April 2019. The training was meant for teachers of vocational training institutes and IPB Bogor. In Indonesia, various projects have been started to ensure better coordination between education and the professional field and to introduce new teaching methods. HollandDoor plays a coordinating and implementing role in a number of these projects. Read more...
Working towards modern horticultural practices in India
In 2018 HollandDoor started a 3-year project in India in collaboration with the Center of Excellence for Vegetable Production in Baramati. One of the components of this project is the Training-of-Trainers. In October and November 2018 and January 2019 participants of the two core trainer teams (one team on greenhouse cultivation and one team on value chain management) received extensive training on various tailored themes. In the last training period, in April 2019, the focus shifted towards the next step: preparation of trainings for farmers.
During all trainings, it was clear that clustering of farmers is absolutely necessary to create a position in the highly developing market by means of working together on greenhouse production as well as on value chain innovations. To illustrate this, the group visited BigBasket in January and during last training in April we were welcomed at Sahyadri Farms.
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