IAHF List: Unless each of us proactively moves to block the bioappi from growing inside our brains, we will be biologically microchipped by the nanofibers being sprayed on us right now via geoengineering, this is not hype- I am deadly serious.
I am going to a conference in Brussels, Belgium in November thats been organized by T.I.s, (targetted individuals) who created this organization, who are trying to warn the world about mind control. Russia Today (RT) will be covering this unique conference where I will be one of the speakers and I need all of your help to pay for the airfare so I can report back what I will learn there.
You can best help me to avoid being turned into a grease spot by mass forwarding this email to everyone within your sphere of influence, and by purchasing large quantities of sulfur which you will unquivocally need to monkeywrench the bioappi since sulfur helps increase cellular voltage as you will fully learn from reading this alert. I need your help to get out of North America where I am not safe.
Goons tried to kill me when I used to live in Florida due to my unwillingness to stop pushing for oversight on Codex, and now I'm on the red list to be executed just prior to martial law so I won't be around to provide leadership. We're not far off from martial law as the Obamination accelerates his efforts to crash the US Dollar. Donations help!  So do 10 lb sulfur purchases and you get FREE shipping!
If you haven't yet started target practice in preparation for martial law, I strongly recommend you do so as I am. Where I live, the sheriff looks the other way if you do target practice with "real" guns down at the gravel pit, but he doesn't care at all if we practice with a high powered pellet gun such as the one I have right in our yards in resedential neighborhoods.
My good buddy Jerry Tenant, MD tells us in his book Healing Is Voltage  that "Every cell in the body is designed to run at -20 to -25 millivolts. To heal, we must make new cells. To make a new cell requires -50 millivolts. Chronic disease occurs when voltage drops below -20 and/or you cannot achieve -50 millivolts to make new cells. Thus chronic disease is always defined by having low voltage. This book tells you how to measure your voltage in each organ, how to correct it, and how to determine why your voltage dropped enough to allow you to get sick."
Anyone who has low voltage in their cells is in jeapordy of being biologically microchipped via the nanofibers being sprayed on us via chemtrails. I have read Tenant's book, and urge more of you to read it also! I am using Tenant's Biomodulator to increase my cell voltage, and it also serves as a means of gauging whether or not the dietary measures I'm using (along with ingesting sulfur) are working!
Did you realize that if you eat that awful processed cheese in a McDonald's hamburger that it contains transfats, and did you realize that transfats are made from a type of plastic? Did you realize that when you ingest this plastic cheese that it "plasticizes" (insulates) your cells such that your cellular voltage DROPS making you more susceptible to disease states and to being biologically microchipped via the nanofibers being sprayed on us via chemtrails? Transfats are made via hydrogenation, the processed food industry loves them because they give these fake "foods" indefinite shelf life, but they make it impossible for cells to communicate with each other, and they are a huge cause of obesity, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, cancer, so we all need to avoid them like the plague!
Think twice next time you consider ordering a burger with processed cheese in a fast food joint and at least tell them "no" on the cheese. Better yet, avoid fast food joints like the plague and get active in a Weston A Price Foundation chapter where you can learn about nutrient dense foods and how to prepare them because this is another way to increase cellular voltage so the bioappi can't take over your brain and morph you into the Borg, the array of cloud super computers inside the NSA Fusion centers like this one in Utah.
What exactly am I saying, and am I serious? I bet this is what you're asking yourself right now as you read this, am I right?
Let me explain, my goal here is to assist all of you so you can in turn educate others including family members, coworkers, and neighbors because all of us are in the midst of a pitched battle between forces of good, and forces of evil, yet far too many people in our midst have been so dumbed down by the fluoride in the water, by the cognitive impairing effects of alcohol and drugs (both street drugs and pharmaceuticals), and by the cognitive impairing effects of tons of aluminum oxide and other toxic heavy metals currently raining down on us every day causing early onset Alzheimers, cancer, Morgellons disease, etc, that most people are literally asleep at the switch, utterly oblivious to the fact that a massive covert effort is underway to merge our minds into what I call "the Borg".
I am in communication with Magnus Olssen in Sweden. He has a microchip in his brain that was inserted during surgery a few years ago, and his life has been a living hell since that time, but he is fighting back courageously none the less and we must all learn from what he can teach us.
Please read his story here, and pay attention to the organization called "European Coalition Against Covert Harrassment" that he and other "T.I.s" have created.
(A T.I. is a "targetted individual", which is to say, they are people who have been microchipped as part of truly chilling human experimentation that our would be overseers are in a process of laying on literally anyone via the nanofibers being sprayed on us that recombine inside our bodies to microchip us biologically.
This will happen to anyone who fails to proactively detox by taking sulfur, and by utilizing other methods that I've also been striving to tell you about such as herbalist Richard Schulze's 30 day detox and the methods discussed in this article on my website.
Are you a Christian? We are admonished NOT to allow ourselves to be microchipped, yet this is going to happen to most Christians, and most PEOPLE (regardless of their belief system or lack thereof) unless they have the intelligence, wisdom and knowhow to monkeywrench the bioappi.
There is a section in the Obamacare legislation that, while vague, sets the stage to require us all to be microchipped.
Between you and me, Obama is most likely the Antichrist, and I don't make this accusation lightly either. Everything about the man is a lie! He was groomed since birth to destroy America, his grandfather was a communist, so was his mother, and he's pulling out all the stops in his zeal to crash the dollar.
Multiple attempts have already been made on my life due to being the first whistleblower in the world against Codex via which the UN seeks to ban our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range, and to the most effective products sold in health food stores world wide. As the son of a US Navy SEAL who gave me SEAL training growing up, I fear no one, but I am prudent and I will need all of your help to survive going forward as I zero in on destroying the elite's efforts to chip us all.
The FBI has had a file on my brothers and I since we were born due to our father being the world's foremost expert on the internal guidance systems of ICBMs and shipborn anti missile systems. I am certain my father was under government mind control due to his "Q" clearance (above top secret).
He was a cold warrior, and a real life James Bond who could speak 8 languages and who built his first ham radio from Navy surplus scrap when he was only 8 years old. He was a Captain in US Naval Intelligence, and he hated the CIA because they are not part of our government, they're run by the RIIA, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the same limey bastards who run British Intelligence who he also hated.
The apple didn't fall far from the tree. I am studying for my "Novice license" because I want to become a ham radio operator like dad was. He was a peaceful man who hated war because he suffered so much from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from jungle fighting in the Pacific during WW2 where he lost over half his men due to relentless bombing by Japanese planes when he was behind enemy lines.
He quit doing intelligence work at one point because it bothered his conscience that he was involved in the development of weapons of mass destruction as a defense contractor at Bell Labs. His IQ was considered unmeasurable when he was studying radar at M.I.T when it was a secret weapon where he was number one in his class. 
With your help, I will be able to build a healing clinic in a third world nation far out in the Pacific ocean where I will be much safer than I am here! I have clinical experience from working in an alternative cancer hospital in Mexico, and my fiance is working on a doctorate in holistic nutrition.
I hope to divide my time between this third world Pacific nation and Point Roberts where I live now, because a moving target is much harder for the ruling elite to take out.
As a consultant to the Life Extension Foundation in Florida, I have decided to try to live to 186. I figure thats a worthy goal, regardless of whether I make it that far! I encourage more of you to join the Foundation and when you do, be sure to mention me, John Hammell, as the person who inspired you to join! That way, I'll get a piece of whatever supplements you might buy from them, and that will also help me get outa Dodge before the shit hits the fan!
Regardless of where I'm living in the world, I promise to keep Sulfur for Health going even if I'm living offshore most of the year! So thanks for buying mass quantities, and for encouraging everyone within your sphere of influence to buy also because it will help me stay alive, and it will help you to monkeywrench the bioapi and to detox all the heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails!
Michael Murphy, the film maker who made "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" is now one of my wholesalers. Here is his wholesale sulfur website! 
If you would rather buy from Michael than from me, thats fine! That would help him make his third film which will be called "Who is Spraying"!! He will name the sons of bitches responsible with our help!
Please mass forward this alert, and please repost it to more websites! By doing this, you will help myself and Michael stay alive. Powerful people want us both dead, but we are fighting back with every ounce of strength we have! I encourage all of you to tell 10 friends about this e-alert newsletter so more people will sign up via the menu at this site! 
The more people who sign up to receive my e-alerts, and the more people who buy my sulfur to protect from chemtrails, the bioapi, and from Fukushima radiation which is now killing the Pacific ocean, the greater chance I have to stay alive so I will be around for many years to come fighting hard against these evil scoundrels who seek to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs!