IAHF List:: Please see info at https://ymlp.com/zlhij0q which outlines 6 strategies that flowed from information of Clifford Carnicom, but my own solutions to the biological problems being caused by Morgellons that he’d identified up to that point.
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Please watch this  interview on youtube that Dana Ashlie did withTerral Croft foirmally of the Carnicom Institute 
Solutions They Don’t Want You To Know (this is about how Boron blocks formation of Nanobots inside our bodies that are causing full blown Morgellons disease and via which the ruling elite seek to hijack our natural biology in order to turn our natural biology synthetic for genocide purposes and for societal control purpose. )
HAARP maintains the carrier wave around the planet that A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) uses to maintain communications with the nanobots inside our bodies creating input feeds for hosts populating SIMs for real world simulations. Everybody has the H1N1 virus in them right now. The goal of the ruling elite is to take the feed from us into the real world simulation, and to put back the two missing amino acids that turn the H1N1 Virus into the super deadly killer. 
Components of BOTS are ingested (the weaponized parasites we're breathing in from the chemtrails). The body wants to expel them via the mucous. Crystalization begins in the stomach, they grow filiments, arms, antenae for communications. Nano compounds hit the stomach acid in the digestive tract , antennae interract with HAARP Frequencies, then NANOBOTS can build whatever they want in the body.
Morgellons = uncontrolled cellular division of silicon bond life forms, a replication accident. Silicon replication in uncontrolled overdrive causing the horrible itching, and open skin lesions as silicon life forms burst through the skin, causing flu like symptoms and fluid in the lungs.
We can disable Morgellons in our bodies by ingesting Boron. In March and April of 2012 researchers with the Carnicom Research Group began going down with convulsions, and hearts giving out as they were under attack via Morgellons. They had nodes inside capillaries of the heart and had to have stents put in. 
Boron is the INHIBITOR that stops the replication of silicon life forms in the body. Take 5 or 6 pinches of boron per day. Other benefits of Boron: Decalcifies the Pineal Gland, improved cell function, helps absorption of minerals, improves wound healing.
Candida (fungii) is the always present fungus of the human body. It helps decompose the body after death. Many suffer from its overgrowth. Take two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and add three pinches of boron in the am. Drink throughout the day. (1/3d glass with Breakfast, 1/3rd glass with lunch, 1/3rd glass with dinner.) This increases the Ph, reduces pathogens (Bad Bacteria) reduces belly fat, helps bone health and calcium absorption. Sulfur also increases the Ph balance.
Borax detoxes Flouride from your body and brain so you can think better. Candida causes brain fog.
Be sure to follow the informtion in this newsletter to prevent or treat Morgellons.