East Coast Pilot News 9th November 2016
  Dear Subscriber
  Our newsletter this time has to bring sad news - the untimely death of Colin Jarman on November 6th.
   Colin was the original inspiration behind ECP - it was he who sold the idea to Imrays, he who came up with the name, recruited Garth and me to join in the project with him, he who shaped the book and the style of its contents and saw the value of a supporting website.
   He fought his illness for several years but was unfailingly upbeat and cheerful. He could do little towards the current edition of ECP, managing only one small piece of the practical research, but chipped in with adjustment of photographs and helping with final editing.
    Garth has written and illustrated a fine tribute to Colin, which you can find on the website.
   Knowing the inevitable, these past few months have seen much discussion and, on our part, an unhesitating agreement and commitment to continue ECP into the future, exactly as Colin hoped and wished. 
   And so to business as usual...
News Items
   Just south of Ramsgate Harbour entrance, an 'old' wreck has been uncovered by shifts in the banks there. It's not so very far from our suggested track between the B2 buoy and the harbour, so just something else to be aware of.
   Heybridge Basin lock is now out of action until the end of March 2017, major works taking place on the gates which should result in improvements to the locking cycle. At the Ore entrance, the buoyage has been removed as usual for the winter, while at the Deben entrance, buoys have been shifted significantly to take account of changes on the sea bed. The chartlets to both entrances have been amended accordingly, even though new surveys have not been done.
   Details on all these, and more, can be found on the News page of our website, available directly from the home page.
Book Updates
  Book updates since the previous newsletter in September have (thankfully) been thin on the ground, with just the one. We don't normally publish much in the way of pub information, on the grounds that everything pub-related tends to change so much, but we make exceptions where there is little choice of where to go. So, an advice note to check opening times at the Ferry House Inn, on the Swale, has been included - we'd hate you to make an arduous trip ashore only to find the door locked! 
   If you notice any detail changes yourself, either when away from your home berth or even in your own harbour or marina, do let us know as it helps us to keep 'East Coast Pilot' the most up-to-date pilot book available. 
Out and About
   Garth is still beavering away on the re-fit of his lovely classic boat, while my plastic fantastic is now out of the water again and facing a long list of fettling and 'improvements'.
   In between messing about with boats, we are willing to come along and give illustrated talks about ECP at club nights or other events. If you are interested, email me or simply reply to this newsletter.
   As ever, the ECP website will continue to be updated with news and book updates throughout the winter, something we spend a little time on virtually every day, so it's worth keeping an eye on it when you're browsing the internet.    
   We also continue to use Twitter to ping out any useful bits and pieces, now up to almost 400 followers, to complement the 1100-plus audience on the newsletter mailing list.
   If you're still afloat and grabbing the occasional day's cruising, good luck and I envy you. Otherwise, good luck with the winter jobs!
 Kind regards,
 Dick Holness
 Co-author and webmaster
 East Coast Pilot. 
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Header photo taken by Garth Cooper - the late Colin Jarman, sailing his Cornish Shrimper on the Blackwater.
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