Religious Fundamentalism-art is a crowd-puller in Denmark
1.       Prescript about the terrorist attack in Denmark.
2.       Popular Fundamentalism exhibition.
3.       See 4 days sculpture build-up in short time lapse-video.
4.       ­Schools use project and dialogue tools for including dialgue about religion.
5.       Christian Democrats want to exhibit Fundamentalism-sculpture at EU parliament.
6.       Planning of International Exhibition Tour.
7.       About The Children of Abraham/Fundamentalism.

When I inaugurated my new project ’Fundamentalism’, a terror-attack had just occurred in Paris. And in the midst of writing this letter, Denmark was hit by a religiously based terror-attack in Copenhagen causing two civilian casualties and five injured police officers.
There are no excuses for violent and deadly attacks on a satire editorial, a synagogue or a debate meeting. The freedom of speech, debate and religion is the foundation of our society and the values we all must stand together to defend.
I support Lars Vilks, Charlie Hebdo and every other artist’s right to draw, what they want. But that does not mean that I as an artist feel obligated to make the same statements.
I do not believe that one starts a dialogue and tolerance by bullying and teasing people with art that reviles something, others consider holy. If you bring war, you often get war. A war I don’t want to take part in.
It is not because I myself do not use provocation as a part of my art, you can be certain of that by looking my happenings up. I have been expelled from both Hong Kong and Mexico for making art that defends the freedom of speech. But I believe that provocation is an artistic agent to be used drop wise and not in buckets. If you want a dialogue with someone, it is a bad idea to kick them in the crotch.
My exhibition at ArtCentre Silkeborg Bad in Denmark is a dialogue project about religious fundamentalism. It works as a creator of dialogue –  because the project doesn’t intend to bring war but to initiates dialogue.
Best regards Jens Galschiøt - and now back to the newsletter about the exhibition.  
700 happy and interested inauguration guests gave a formidable opening and reception of Galschiøts Fundamentalism sculpture (see earlier newsletters) and the dialogue project The Children of Abraham. Until now, over 4,000 have been visiting, and they have been unusually interested in both the message and the artwork. It is twice as many as the usual number of visitors at ArtCentre Silkeborg Bad. The exhibition is open until April 19th 2015.
The inauguration lasted for 7 hours. The Danish Bishop Henrik Stubkjær held the opening speech. The police guided the many cars to avoid traffic chaos, Galschiøt spoke about the project twice, and the day ended with the jewish-christian-muslim band HUDNA, who gave a beautifully intense concert with a kaleidoscopean presentation of their versatile music cultures.
For you, who didn’t attend, there is still a chance to get a sensation of the opening day. Photographer Jens Schlosser has made an exciting time-lapse film (with English subtitles). With the bishop’s moving speech as background and awesome editing skills, he describes the huge amount of work of setting up the sculpture together with mood pictures from the inauguration.
But most importantly: That the dialogue works.  Apart from the exhibition of the sculpture, museum director Iben From has built exiting dialogue rooms with quiz,  quote search, reading room, post-it’s for comments. And she has established a cooperation with a Danish school service regarding tours. It has become really exciting. Never have so many people had such a peaceful dialogue about the monotheistic religions in Denmark.
Maybe art can achieve something other forms of communications can’t.
When is the last time, you’ve heard about thousands of people visiting an exhibition and initiate a dialogue with each other about a topic as heavy as the dogmas of the monotheistic religions in relation to ours and others’ civilization?
And even more impressive: We have succeeded in engaging and interesting hundreds of pupils in a comparative analysis of the three religious books, the Torah, the Bible and the Quran.
If you are a teacher or a student, maybe you should get some free material and start a dialogue at your own school, we have made a small collection of teaching possibilities .
Best regards
Lasse Markus – international secretary
Contact the Secretariat at or at +45 6618 4058 (or +45 6170 3083)
Fundamentalism skulpture at EU parliament 
The European Parliament: Bendt Bendtsen (MEP Christian Democrats) attended a debate meeting with Galschiøt at Silkeborg Bad. He told that he is working on a petition from 25 EU-parliamentarians from seven different countries, who will support an exhibition of the giant sculpture in front of the European Parliament.
At the same time the 10 Pillars of Scripture-sculptures will be exhibited inside the Parliament building. The exhibition is expected to be realised this summer!
Fundamentalism on International Museum Tour
Museum tour: We are planning an international museum tour. Therefore we have made a special invitation for a number of specially selected foreign museums. Together with the director of Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, Iben From, we present the sculpture and the dialogue project along with practical details for exhibitions etc.
If you wish to have the sculpture
If you wish to have the sculpture come to your city or country, you might want to urge your favorite museum to contact Galschiøt and make an arrangement to exhibit the project  :-)   (see address below)
Info about Fundamentalism & The Children of Abraham 
See introduction-mail about the art- and dialogue project The Children of Abraham
Introduction movie about the sculpture and project. 16 minutes
Photos from putting up the sculpture at Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.
Concept about the sculpture project in different languages: Danish, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, PolishItalian and Arabic.
Contact to The Children of Abraham.
Chief of communication Lasse Markus 6618 4058/mobil 6170 3083
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