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  October 2013
Dear VRAN Members and Friends,
Here we go again.  Flu season is upon us with the usual media barrage urging the public to get their “flu shots”. Meanwhile, the pressure on healthcare workers to submit to influenza vaccination is intensifying.

For years, health officials have gotten away with the bald faced lie that influenza vaccines provide protection from “the flu”.  What they don’t tell you is that “the flu” is a ‘catch-all’ syndrome associated with over 200 respiratory viruses which can cause the same symptoms and can only be differentiated by lab tests.  The influenza vaccine cannot prevent the majority of these viruses and can only marginally affect the influenza virus which on average comprises 7-10% of all circulating viruses during “flu” season.

This trickery has enabled the government and vaccine industry to deceive the public into believing that “the flu” and influenza are interchangeable which they are not. The vaccine establishment has created this confusion intentionally to blur the distinction between true influenza (a minority virus) and the hundreds of other viruses that cause identical "flu-like" symptoms which cannot be prevented by the vaccine.  As influenza vaccine research analyst Dr. Tom Jefferson says, “Great public health bodies, such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are very good at doing this as their abuse of this f-word shows.”

Across Canada and the U.S. healthcare workers are under the gun to submit to influenza vaccination or wear a mask for months at a time. Last year, British Columbia was the first province to attempt forcing all healthcare workers to submit to vaccination. But workers fought back and the momentum increased when Dr. Jefferson challenged officials’ claims that influenza vaccines prevent person-to-person spread of the disease.  B.C.’s Health Sciences Association which represents about 16,000 health care workers is fighting the mandatory flu shot policy and has taken the case to a provincial arbitrator who is being asked to strike down the mandatory influenza vaccination policy.
VRAN receives hundreds of inquiries each year from nurses and other healthcare workers facing forced vaccination, threatened layoffs and job loss. We have created a new in depth section on our website in support of healthcare workers and students facing vaccine mandates. We hope that this important resource will serve healthcare workers and the public to resist forced vaccination.

Another new resource we are proud to present is the Science Supporting Vaccine Risk section where you will find many pages of peer reviewed scientific studies linking vaccination to multiple categories of health risks and injuries. Please share these important resources with others in your community and help us further the basic human right to make independent and informed health care choices. 
B.C. arbitrator upholds mandatory flu shot policy for health-care workers
Today, healthcare workers in British Columbia lost their grievance against a policy that requires them to either get the influenza vaccine or wear a mask for months at a time during flu season.  Exhaustive reviews of the scientific literature by independent research analysts have shown that vaccination of healthcare workers does NOT reduce transmission of influenza to patients. There is “no evidence that only vaccinating healthcare workers prevents laboratory-proven influenza, pneumonia and death from pneumonia in elderly residents in long-term care facilities.”  More detailed analysis can be found here.
From Acrodynia to Autism: Mercury Across Generations, More Evidence of Harm
A new film by SafeMinds.  Mercury containing teething drugs given to babies in the first half of the 20th century caused babies to develop Acrodynia or ‘Pink Disease’. Symptoms included pink hands and feet, social withdrawal, lack of eye contact; loss of language; repetitive and self-injurious behaviors; body-rocking; toe-walking; sensitivity to light, noise and touch; low muscle tone; immune disorders and respiratory problems.  Read more and view here.
Video – How Mercury Triggered the Age of Autism
View video here
The Unfortunate Story of 37 Deaths From a Good Vaccine
by Jacob Puliyel, MD: “300 children would die each year from the vaccine when the birth cohort is vaccinated”, compared to 175 deaths over 5 years from Hib meningitis disease.  Read more here.
Facts about Flu: Potions and Key Opinion Leaders
by Tom Jefferson, MD: “The flu comes around every year but only a small proportion of flu episodes can actually be ascribed to influenza viruses. Around 7% to 10% of flu episodes are influenza ‘on average’”.  Read more here.
FDA approves first GMO Flu Vaccine containing Reprogrammed Insect Virus
Read more here.
Influenza: Marketing Vaccine by Marketing Disease
by Peter Doshi, PhD.  BMJ press release and overview of the article here.  Access to full article here.
CDC’s Paul Thorsen Lying in Plain Sight
Age of Autism reports on a new Danish study in which the data “clearly shows that children who got an MMR vaccine had a 45% higher rate of full-syndrome autism than children who were not vaccinated….”  Read more here.
Dr. Suzanne Humphries discusses the oral polio vaccine campaign in Israel
and how parents can protect their children.  Read more here.
HPV Vaccines: A Human Rights Violation?
By K. Paul Stoller, MD – “The HPV vaccine was never necessary and the true interventions available for those who are concerned about preventing cervical cancer have been suppressed”.  Read more here.
Gardasil Provides No Benefit – CDC study
by Heidi Stevenson – “The study that promotes the claim that Gardasil has reduced HPV infections has done nothing of the sort. In fact, it may provide better evidence for a contention that it has increased infection rates”.   Read more here.  
The Dark Side of Gardasil
Read more here.
HPV Vaccines: Japan Requires Disclosure of Side Effects
“Are acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) and Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) adverse reactions to HPV vaccines? Health authorities in Japan are not sure at this point, but they have chosen to apply the precautionary principle and inform medical consumers just in case.”  Read more here.
Dr. Mercola – Attacks on Health Reporters and their Readers are Escalating
“Truth becomes treason in an empire of lies. Attacks against health web sites like yours truly and others, and our readers—yes, that would be you—are rapidly escalating.”  Read more here.
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Responds to UNICEF Attack on Vaccine Risk Groups
Vaccines drive pharmaceutical sales – “pro-vax community knows that the vaccines are a driver of illness and a propagator for the use of medication.”  View video here.
The Canary Party’s new Video: Do Vaccines Cause Autism?
“For many years now, families of vaccine injured children have had difficult time trying to explain to the uninitiated why the vaccine program is so problematic.  Vaccine interests constantly push the sound bite, "vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives," but the harsh reality of the damage being done is a much more complicated story.”  View video here.
The Truth About The Autism Epidemic in 15 Minutes or Less
by Dan Olmsted – “In 1999, the Feds briefly woke up from their half-century asleep at the switch, and realizing the giant doses of organic mercury going into babies, phased it out of "all but" the flu shot, which they then increased coverage for, leaving the total age- dose exposure roughly the same. Parents who noticed the soaring autism rate beginning in the mid 1990s blamed the vaccine and mercury explosion, but the powers that be buried the evidence.”  Read more here.
CBC Marketplace reveals that, despite evidence, some vets continue to over vaccinate pets
Read more here.
Sanofi Pasteur - hunting for “Flugitivies”
“Campaign harnesses positive peer influence and power of social media to help drive flu vaccination among “Flugitives”.
The pharma industry perpetuates the hungry lie that “the single most important thing adults can do to help prevent spreading the flu is to get their annual flu vaccination, these #FLUgitives should not wait.”  It seems big pharma hasn’t heard that “the flu” is a constellation of syndromes driven by a myriad of respiratory viruses that are unaffected by influenza vaccines. The influenza virus accounts for a mere 10-12% of “the flu”.  Read more here.
Meningitis B vaccine rejected by UK
"Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation says there is not enough evidence to justify routine jabs with Bexsero" ... read more here.
CMAJ study looks into waning immunity induced by infant meningitis B vaccination... “The U.K., where this study was conducted, recently considered and rejected a recommendation for routine use of 4MenB in infants based on the limited vaccine preventable disease burden and the unfavorable cost-effectiveness.”  Read more here.
Sheri Nakken’s Vaccine Awareness Classes
Sheri is one of the best informed vaccine awareness activists on the internet. She is a former Registered Nurse and classically trained homeopath who teaches online classes on the dangers of vaccination, the reality of childhood diseases, care and treatment when children are ill and holistic baby and toddler care.  In an age when parents are rethinking approaches to disease prevention, Sheri’s vast knowledge base is a welcome alternative.  Find out more here.
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