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December 2017
(Aangezien ons netwerk een steeds internationaler karakter krijgt, verschijnen onze nieuwsbrieven vanaf nu alleen nog in het Engels)
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December is the month of reflection. We hope that you, like us, are looking back with satisfaction on what you have achieved this year. 
Increasingly we are a partner in long-term projects. In this newsletter you will find some examples hereof. These projects are often the outcome of an initial study tour or business matchmaking organized by HollandDoor. This demonstrates how these activities can be the beginning of ongoing cooperation between you and the Dutch agriculture and horticulture.
Do you also see new opportunities and want to know how the HollandDoor team can support your ambitions and your organization? Then you could have a look at our all new website, where you will find our portfolio of projects, subdivided in type of service, client, region or sector.
Feel free to send an e-mail, requesting more information, to info@hollanddoor.nl or click here.
We wish you and your family happy holidays.
In this newsletter
Activities in India
HollandDoor is very active in India. Early November, the “Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Vegetable Production” in Baramati, Maharashtra was opened. HollandDoor took part in a consortium which developed and built the CoE and has coordinated all connected staff training. In a special newsletter edition, which you will receive in January, we will inform you about this project and all our other projects in India.
Reconstructing the Jordanian horticulture sector
Due to the political tension in the area, the horticultural industry in Jordan experienced a downfall after losing access to important export markets. Therefore a three-year program was initiated to improve the Jordanian horticulture sector. Together with Wageningen University and Bureau Leeters, HollandDoor is one of the three Dutch partners in this project that is managed by the Jordan company Eco-Consult.
The program is designed with the aim to improve the domestic economy, provide jobs for the refugees and develop an adaptive horticultural production system that can cope with the water scarcity and other challenges in the country. 
Lately a group consisting of growers, entrepreneurs and trainers have been participating in an intensive course program to scoop up new ideas, knowledge and inspiration. Production and post harvest techniques, marketing and greenhouse design and control were some of the items covered in this course.
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Chinese tree nursery business tour

The management of Handan city Qicaiyuanlin landscape engineering Co., Ltd again requested HollandDoor - like in 2015 and 2016 - to organize a 2 week business tour to tree nursery companies.
From June 8 to June 22 the tour led the Chinese tree growers to a range of tree nursery regions all through The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The Chinese delegation was impressed by the serious working attitude and the passion and entrepreneurship of the growers. 
The main goal of the business tour was on the one hand to learn, but on the other hand to lay a foundation for future business cooperation between Dutch and Chinese companies in the tree nursery sector. Over the years the moments of interaction and sharing from both sides have grown in number and it is on this foundation that HollandDoor will try to build towards a more structural relationship between the Chinese and Dutch tree nursery sector.
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Zespri delegation visits fruit growers in the Netherlands
Zespri International Limited is a consumer-driven, grower-owned company dedicated to the global marketing of kiwifruit.
In August 2017, a delegation of 2 people from Zespri visited the Netherlands. They were interested to learn the reasons why greenhouse growing is much more successful in the Netherlands compared to other regions. What are the arguments for the potentials of greenhouse growing and when will it become successful? What kind of fruit and vegetable crops are grown in greenhouses and what are the business advantages?
With those questions in mind, different types of strawberry growing facilities were visited: indoor, outdoor, high-tech and low-tech. Differences between strawberry varieties were discussed as well. Also other fruit growers were visited, among them a starting kiwi grower in the Netherlands. This visit resulted into an interesting conversation about the growing of kiwifruits.
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Georgian farmers acquaint with Dutch horticultural value chains
CARE International in the Caucasus, supports farmers from the western part of Georgia by introducing modern agricultural practices. Within this program, in September a delegation of several farmers, one advisor and two project managers, visited farmers and supply companies in the Westland, Brabant, Limburg and Utrecht. Most attention was paid to the strawberry (open field and greenhouses) and vegetables cultivation (conventional and organic). Nautilus Cooperative and the Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization ZLTO appeared to be extremely inspiring examples of how individual farmers join forces and create power.
Since 2014 HollandDoor has been involved in the agricultural sector in Georgia. This study tour fits in the long term effort of HollandDoor to support the agricultural development in Georgia by means of knowledge exchange.

Innovations in plant factory practices
Developments in plant factory practices have a lot of interest. Whether this is embedded in urban farming or in industrial applications, many people are interested in the potentials of this phenomenon. In September HollandDoor welcomed potential investors, who would like to learn about the innovations in plant factory systems. This includes new techniques in hydroponics, LED lighting and climate control.
The group visited different companies that are involved in developing and realising plant factory projects. The tour started with an interesting meeting with a researcher who has been involved in this subject for over 10 years. After two days our guests had a good view of the innovations and good matches with suppliers were made. 

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Support Yezin Agricultural University in Myanmar

With financial support from Nuffic, the Dutch organization for internationalization in education, HollandDoor helps Yezin Agricultural University (YAU) in Myanmar to modernize its training and teaching methods as well as creating closer linkages with the agribusiness sector in the country. HollandDoor, together with Fresh Studio Myanmar, conducted a first training week in Yezin in October 2017, which will be followed up by a second training week in the beginning of 2018.
The training was highly appreciated by the YAU teachers and researchers. One of the participants: "I learned a lot about teaching competencies and I will keep challenging myself to use the acquired knowledge and skills in practice during my daily teaching tasks." Another trainee addressed the relationship between the Netherlands and Myanmar, being eager to seek student and staff exchange and developing joint business in agriculture and horticulture.
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European Nitrate Directive in the Netherlands
HollandDoor welcomed a group of civil servants from the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture, who were guests of Sweco in the Netherlands. The group followed a study tour through the agricultural sector with their focus on the effects of the European Nitrate Directive on farm level in the Netherlands. HollandDoor presented the horticultural sector.
HollandDoor explained the innovations that have taken place in order to reduce the emissions of nitrate and phosphate and to reach the targets set by the EU for clean and healthy water.
It became clear that the pressure on the Netherlands, on the horticultural sector and on the growers can be high and that the government, water boards, research institutes and growers have to work together to reach the goals.
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