Media Statement
Thursday May 2nd 2019

Equality advocates have asked Labor to clarify its stance on LGBT teachers in faith-based schools after Labor's deputy leader, Tania Plibersek, said Labor is against discrimination against LGBTI teachers but added that religious schools should be allowed to favour staff who “faithfully represent their value­s”.

The call from advocacy group, just.equal, comes after the group recently wrote to Labor shadow Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfuss, asking for clarification on the issue.

Just.equal spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said,

"On this issue Labor seems to be backing two horses."

"LGBTI teachers in faith-based schools need certainty that they will be protected from discrimination under a Labor Government."

"We want to know whether, for example, Labor intends to allow discrimination at the point of recruitment but not after, or if an LGBTI teacher is married, but not if they are single."

"If Labor is truly for workers, it should provide LGBTI teachers with the same level of job security as other teachers." 

"For over twenty years Tasmanian discrimination law has protected LGBTI teachers from discrimination at faith-based schools and the same standard should apply nationally."

In its letter to Mr Dreyfuss, just.equal asked

1. Will discrimination in faith-based schools be prohibited at the point teachers are recruited?

2. Will married LGBTI teachers be protected from discrimination in faith-based schools? 

3. How will Labor ensure any provision upholding "religious ethos" not allow indirect discrimination against teachers by faith-based schools?

4. Will Labor move to repeal provisions that allow LGBTI discrimination in other faith-based services such as hospitals, social services etc?

5. Will Labor commit to the anti-discrimination standards across all faith-based services that have prevailed in Tasmania for the last 21 years?   

So far, there has been no response.
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